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Remtv - 2839901089

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Remtv Warner Music


1. Half A World Away (Live Unplugged 1991) 2. Disturbance At The Heron House (Live Unplugged 199 3. Radio Song (Live Unplugged 1991) 4. Low (Live Unplugged 1991) 5. Perfect Circle (Live Unplugged 1991) 6. Fall On Me (Live Unplugged 1991) 7. Belong (Live Unplugged 1991) 8. Love Is All Around (Live Unplugged 1991) 9. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Fee 10. Losing My Religion (Live Unplugged 1991) 11. Pop Song 89 (Live Unplugged 1991) 12. Endgame (Live Unplugged 1991) 13. Fretless (Live Unplugged 1991-outtakes) 14. Swan Swan H (Live Unplugged 1991-outtakes) 15. Rotary 11 (Live Unplugged 1991-outtakes) 16. Get Up (Live Unplugged 1991-outtakes) 17. World Leader Pretend (Live Unplugged 1991-outtakes 18. All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) (Live 19. Electrolite (Live Unplugged 2001) 20. At My Most Beautiful (Live Unplugged 2001) 21. Daysleeper (Live Unplugged 2001) 22. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) (Live Unplugged 2001) 23. Losing My Religion (Live Unplugged 2001) 24. Country Feedback (Live Unplugged 2001) 25. Cuyahoga (Live Unplugged 2001) 26. Imitation Of Life (Live Unplugged 2001) 27. Find The River (Live Unplugged 2001) 28. The One I Love (Live Unplugged 2001-outtakes) 29. Disappear (Live Unplugged 2001-outtakes) 30. Beat A Drum (Live Unplugged 2001-outtakes) 31. I've Been High (Live Unplugged 2001-outtakes) 32. I'll Take The Rain (Live Unplugged 2001-outtakes) 33. Sad Professor (Live Unplugged 2001-outtakes) 34. The Great Beyond (Live Unplugged 2001-outtakes) 101. Electrolite (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 102. Daysleeper (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 103. Losing My Religion (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 104. Perfect Circle (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 105. Sad Professor (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 106. Fall On Me (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 107. I'm Not Over You (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 108. The Apologist (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 109. Man On The Moon (Vh1 Storytellers Live) 110. New Test Leper (Vh1 Storytellers Live-outtakes) 111. Parakeet (Vh1 Storytellers Live-outtakes) 112. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (Vh1 Storytellers Liv 113. Suspicion (Vh1 Storytellers Live-outtakes) 114. Walk Unafraid (Vh1 Storytellers Live-outtakes) 115. At My Most Beautiful (Vh1 Storytellers Live-outtak 116. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (Live From The Cuttin 117. Driver 8 (Live From The Cutting Edge) 118. Wendell Gee (Live From The Cutting Edge) 119. Smokin' In The Boys Room (Live From The Cutting Ed 120. Time After Time (Annelise) (Live From The Cutting 121. Louie Louie (Live From The Cutting Edge) 122. Driver 8 (Live From The Cutting Edge) 123. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) (Live From Livewire) 124. Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars) (Live From Livewire) 125. Losing My Religion (Live From Mtv 10th Anniversary 126. Everybody Hurts (Live From Video Music Awards 1993 127. Drive (Live From Video Music Awards 1993) 128. The Wake Up Bomb (Live From Video Music Awards 199 129. Daysleeper (Live From European Music Awards 1998) 130. Imitation Of Life (Live From European Music Awards 131. Begin The Begin (Live From Rock & Roll Hall Of F 132. Gardening At Night (Live From Rock & Roll Hall O 133. Man On The Moon (Live From Rock & Roll Hall Of F 134. Supernatural Superserious (Live From The Colbert R 201. I Took Your Name (R.e.m. Live In Dallas) 202. What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (R.e.m. Live In Dal 203. Crush With Eyeliner (R.e.m. Live In Dallas) 204. Losing My Religion (R.e.m. Uplink Live At Bowery B 205. Lotus (R.e.m. Uplink Live At Bowery Ballroom) 206. Daysleeper (R.e.m. Uplink Live At Bowery Ballroom) 207. E-bow The Letter (R.e.m. Uplink Live At Bowery Bal 208. The Apologist (R.e.m. Uplink Live At Bowery Ballro 209. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) (R.e.m. Uplink Live A 210. Walk Unafraid (R.e.m. Uplink Live At Bowery Ballro 211. Man On The Moon (R.e.m. Uplink Live At Bowery Ball 212. Radio Free Europe (R.e.m. Uplink Live At Bowery Ba 213. All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) (Live 214. The Lifting (Live In Cologne) 215. Imitation Of Life (Live In Cologne) 216. The One I Love (Live In Cologne) 217. She Just Wants To Be (Live In Cologne) 218. Walk Unafraid (Live In Cologne) 219. Losing My Religion (Live In Cologne) 220. Man On The Moon (Live In Cologne) 221. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Fee 222. What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (Live In Cologne-ou 223. Cuyahoga (Live In Cologne-outtakes) 224. Electrolite (Live In Cologne-outtakes) 225. I've Been High (Live In Cologne-outtakes) 226. Find The River (Live In Cologne-outtakes) 227. Imitation Of Life (Live In Cologne-outtakes) 228. I'll Take The Rain (Live In Cologne-outtakes) 229. At My Most Beautiful (Live In Cologne-outtakes) 230. So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) (Live In Cologne-outt 301. Losing My Religion (R.e.m. Live At The Losing My R 302. Daysleeper (R.e.m. Live At The Tabernacle, London) 303. Walk Unafraid (R.e.m. Live At The Tabernacle, Lond 304. Man On The Moon (R.e.m. Live At The Tabernacle, Lo 305. What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (R.e.m. Live At The 306. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Fee 307. Losing My Religion (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 308. The Great Beyond (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 309. What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (Live At Mtv Sonic 310. Daysleeper (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 311. All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star) (Live 312. The Lifting (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 313. I'll Take The Rain (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 314. I've Been High (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 315. Man On The Moon (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 316. She Just Wants To Be (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 317. Imitation Of Life (Live At Mtv Sonic, Milan) 318. I Took Your Name (Live At Rock Am Ring) 319. Bad Day (Live At Rock Am Ring) 320. Drive (Live At Rock Am Ring) 321. The Outsiders (Live At Rock Am Ring) 322. Leave (Live At Rock Am Ring) 323. Me In Honey (Live At Rock Am Ring) 324. Wanderlust (Live At Rock Am Ring) 325. Everybody Hurts (Live At Rock Am Ring) 326. Electrolite (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 327. Orange Crush (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 328. The One I Love (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 329. Walk Unafraid (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 330. Losing My Religion (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 331. Imitation Of Life (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 332. The Great Beyond (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 333. Animal (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 334. I'm Gonna Dj (Live At Rock Am Ring-outtakes) 401. Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Live At Rolling S 402. Drive (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 403. Accelerate (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 404. Hollow Man (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 405. Electrolite (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 406. Houston (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 407. Supernatural Superserious (Live At Rolling Stone 408. Bad Day (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 409. Losing My Religion (Live At Live At Rolling Stone 410. I'm Gonna Dj (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 411. Horse To Water (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 412. Imitation Of Life (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 413. Until The Day Is Done (Live At Rolling Stone, Mila 414. Man On The Moon (Live At Rolling Stone, Milan) 415. What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (Live At Oxegen Fes 416. Drive (Live At Oxegen Festival) 417. It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Fee 418. Man-sized Wreath (Live At Oxegen Festival) 419. I'm Gonna Dj (Live At Oxegen Festival) 420. Supernatural Superserious (Live At Oxegen Festival 421. Man On The Moon (Live At Oxegen Festival) 422. Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. 423. What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. I 424. Drive (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 425. Man-sized Wreath (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 426. Bad Day (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 427. Electrolite (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 428. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In 429. The Great Beyond (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 430. The One I Love (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 431. Losing My Religion (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 432. Let Me In (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 433. Orange Crush (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 434. Imitation Of Life (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece) 435. Supernatural Superserious (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Gre 436. Man On The Moon (Vh1 Live: R.e.m. In Greece)


Dead Girl Walking - 2826717201

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Dead Girl Walking Little, Brown

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Life is dangerous when you have everything to lose. Famous, beautiful and talented, Heike Gunn has the world at her feet. Then, one day, she simply vanishes. Jack Parlabane has lost everything: his journalism career, his marriage, his self-respect. A call for help from an old friend offers a chance for redemption - but only if he can find out what happened to Heike. Pursued by those who would punish him for past crimes, Parlabane enters the world of Heike's band, Savage Earth Heart, a group at breaking point. Each of its members seems to be hiding something, not least its newest recruit Monica Halcrow, whose possible relationship with Heike has become a public obsession. Monica's own story, however, reveals a far darker truth. Fixated on Heike from day one, she has been engulfed by paranoia, jealousy and fear, as she discovers the hidden price of fame. From Berlin to Barcelona, from the streets of Milan to remote Scottish islands, Parlabane must find out what happened before it's too late, all while the walls are closing in on him...


Monuments - 2826872714

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Monuments Bloomsbury Publishing PLC

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Tour de France may provide the most obvious fame and glory, but it is cycling's one-day tests that the professional riders really prize. Toughest, longest and dirtiest of all are the so-called "Monuments," the five legendary races that are the sport's equivalent of golf's majors or the grand slams in tennis. Milan-Sanremo, the Tour of Flanders, Paris--Roubaix, Liege-Bastogne-Liege and the Tour of Lombardy date back more than a century, and each of them is an anomaly in modern-day sport, the cycling equivalent of the Monaco Grand Prix. Time has changed them to a degree, but they remain as brutally testing as they ever have been. They provide the sport's outstanding one-day performers--the likes of Philippe Gilbert, Fabian Cancellara, Mark Cavendish, Tom Boonen, Peter Sagan and Thor Hushovd--with a chance to measure themselves against each other and their predecessors in the most challenging tests in world cycling. From the bone-shattering bowler-hat cobbles of the Paris-Roubaix to the insanely steep "hellingen "in the Tour of Flanders, each race is as unique as the riders who push themselves through extreme exhaustion to win them and enter their epic history. Over the course of a century, only Rik Van Looy and Eddy Merckx have won all five races. Yet victory in a single edition of a Monument guarantees a rider lasting fame. For some, that one victory has even more cachet than success in a grand tour. Each of the Monuments has a fascinating history, featuring tales of the finest and largest characters in the sport. In "The Monuments "Peter Cossins tells the tumultuous history of these extraordinary races and the riders they have immortalised.


Monuments - 2844162813

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Monuments Bloomsbury

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Tour de France may provide the most obvious fame and glory, but it is cycling's one-day tests that the professional riders really prize. Toughest, longest and dirtiest of all are the so-called 'Monuments', the five legendary races that are the sport's equivalent of golf's majors or the grand slams in tennis. Milan-Sanremo, the Tour of Flanders, Paris -Roubaix, Li ge-Bastogne-Li ge and the Tour of Lombardy date back more than a century, and each of them is an anomaly in modern-day sport, the cycling equivalent of the Monaco Grand Prix. Time has changed them to a degree, but they remain as brutally testing as they ever have been. They provide the sport's outstanding one-day performers - the likes of Philippe Gilbert, Fabian Cancellara, Mark Cavendish, Tom Boonen, Peter Sagan and Thor Hushovd - with a chance to measure themselves against each other and their predecessors in the most challenging tests in world cycling. From the bone-shattering bowler-hat cobbles of the Paris-Roubaix to the insanely steep hellingen in the Tour of Flanders, each race is as unique as the riders who push themselves through extreme exhaustion to win them and enter their epic history. Over the course of a century, only Rik Van Looy, Eddy Merckx and Roger De Vlaeminck have won all five races. Yet victory in a single edition of a Monument guarantees a rider lasting fame. For some, that one victory has even more cachet than success in a grand tour. Each of the Monuments has a fascinating history, featuring tales of the finest and largest characters in the sport. In The Monuments Peter Cossins tells the tumultuous history of these extraordinary races and the riders they have immortalised.


Mafia Princess - 2826683173

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Mafia Princess Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Marisa Merico, the daughter of one of Italy's most notorious Mafia Godfathers, was dazzled by her father, Emilio DiGiovine. To her he was all powerful, sophisticated and loving; to the rest of the world he was staggeringly ruthless. Marisa knew her father would do anything for her, but she hadn't expected just how much he would ask in return. Born to an English mother, Marisa turned her back on her quiet life in Blackpool to join her charming father, Emilio DiGiovine, who had spent years trying to tempt her back to Italy. Arriving in Milan, Marisa had no idea she was returning to the heart of one of the most notorious drugs, arms and money laundering empires in the world. At first her father shielded her from the family operations and Marisa was overwhelmed by the attention and gifts he lavished on her. But soon the temptation of a new recruit was too great and Marisa was drawn ever deeper into the family's sinister and brutal regime, witnessing things she was too scared to believe. The day she eloped with her father's chief henchman was the day her father decided she was ready to be initiated into the true nature of the family business. Suddenly Marisa saw there was no limit to what he would expect her to do for him. She knew it was wrong, she knew she had to get out, but she had no idea how she could break the sacred Coda Nostra - and survive. Marisa's extraordinarily story is the most powerful portrayal of a Mafia family to emerge in recent years. It's the perfect balance of shocking violence, dangerous betrayals and enduring love.


What a Girl Wants - 2826778829

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What a Girl Wants Harper Collins

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A summer bestseller from the immensely popular Lindsey Kelk Being arrested in your own bedroom is never a good start to the day. Tess Brookes really needs to sort out her back-stabbing flatmate - and her life. Should she gamble all on the new photography job she's landed, or snap up the offer from long-time crush and best friend Charlie to start up on their own - in more ways than one? There's just one small thing she hasn't mentioned. Or rather, one tall thing. He's handsome, infuriating and called Nick...For the first time, Tess has to choose between the life she always dreamed of and a future she never imagined possible. From London to Milan, with high fashion and low behaviour thrown in, she's going to have to make up her mind what a girl really wants...


Czech expatriates - 2844572750

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Czech expatriates Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 74. Chapters: Tom Stoppard, MiloS Forman, Milan Kundera, Anton Cermak, Ferdinand Peroutka, Bohuslav Martinu, MaSín, Mila Rechcigl, Rafael Kubelík, Jan Hammer, Hugo Bezdek, Karel Husa, Salo Flohr, Jan Matulka, Max Brod, Jirí Brezina, Zdenek Zeman, Peter Glaser, Stanislav Grof, Janet Malcolm, Jirí Tancibudek, Lubomir Kavalek, Hans Kelsen, David Zeisberger, Vilém Flusser, Jan sejna, Emil Wolf, Jan BeneS, Petr Zenkl, Johann Stamitz, Karel Kryl, Jaroslav Jezek, Wenceslaus Hollar, Karel Reisz, Cestmír Vycpálek, Yehuda Bacon, Karel Krautgartner, Miloslav Rechcigl, Sr., Vera Ralston, Karl Stefan, AleS Hrdlicka, Miroslava Stern, Chaviva HoSek, Isaiah Horowitz, Ernst Tugendhat, Maria Jelinek, Rudolph Ruzicka, Jan Kresadlo, Anny Ondra, Albin Polasek, Jirí Mucha, Václav Nedomanský, Václav Nelhýbel, Antonín Kubálek, Avigdor Dagan, Jan Tríska, Eduard Ingris, Antonín Tucapský, Frank Plicka, George Brady, Lea Vivot, Pavel Tigrid, Ota Ulc, Jana Sterbak, Olga Schoberová, Jirí Vanek, Ludvík ASkenazy, Jirí Horák, Ivan Passer, Alfréd Radok, Josef Stejskal, Emanuel Viktor Voska, Josef Dessauer, Zdenek Kopal, Karel Soucek, Jaromír Krejcar, Marianne Kinzel, TomáS Krystlík, Jan Hajek, Vaclav Zizler, Richard Konkolski, Ludek Frýbort. Excerpt: Sir Tom Stoppard OM, CBE, FRSL (born TomáS Straussler 3 July 1937) is a British playwright, knighted in 1997. He has written prolifically for TV, radio, film and stage, finding prominence with plays such as Arcadia, The Coast of Utopia, Every Good Boy Deserves Favour, Professional Foul, The Real Thing, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. He co-wrote the screenplays for Brazil and Shakespeare in Love and has won one Academy Award and four Tony Awards. Themes of human rights, censorship and political freedom pervade his work along with exploration of linguistics and philosophy. Stoppard has been a key playwright of the National Theatre and is one of the most internationally performed dramatists of his generation. In 1939, Stoppard left Czechoslovakia as a child refugee, fleeing imminent Nazi occupation. He settled with his family in Britain after the war, in 1946. After being educated by schools in Nottingham and Yorkshire, Stoppard became a journalist, a drama critic and then, in 1960, a playwright. He has been married twice, to Josie Ingle (1965-1972) and Miriam Stoppard (1972-1992), and has two sons, one from each marriage, including actor Ed Stoppard. Stoppard was born TomáS Straussler, in Zlín, a "Shoe Town", in the Moravia region of Czechoslovakia. He was the son of Martha Beckova and Eugen Straüssler, a doctor with the Bata shoe company. Both parents were Jewish, though neither practising. Just before the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, the town's patron, TomáS Bata, helped re-post his Jewish employees, mostly physicians, to various branches of his firm all over the world. On 15 March 1939, the day that the Nazis invaded Czechoslovakia, the Straussler family fled to Singapore, one of the places Bata had a company. Before the Japanese occupation of Singapore, the two sons and their mother were sent on to Australia. Stoppard's father remained in Singapore as a British army volunteer, knowing that, as a doctor, he would be needed in its defence. From t


Motorworld - 2212824613

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Motorworld Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

In a revamped, refreshed and expanded edition, Motorworld appears in paperback for the first time. From Iceland to Australia, Clarkson travels the world exploring car culture. This is comic travel writing at its laugh-out-loud funniest. Jeremy Clarkson, tells what makes him angry, what puts a smile on his face, his greatest fear and his greatest (unsurprising) vice. Who or what always puts a smile on your face? Coming home after a week in London and finding the kids still up. What are you reading at the moment? The Sun. Which author do you most admire? For spinning a yarn, Tom Clancy in his early days; for breathtaking writing, Sebastian Faulks. What


Female Soldier - 2845101785

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Female Soldier Leonaur Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Female Soldier; or, the Surprising Life and Adventures of Hannah Snell Frances Scanagatti or, the Female Soldier by Anonymous The women who marched to war Female soldiers are always something of a curiosity and these two brief accounts, one British the other Italian, might not have seen individual re-publication in modern times so this special Leonaur edition brings them together. The accounts-both originally published anonymously-tell of two women who joined the ranks of the army in disguised as men and fought undiscovered. The most famous of the two is Hannah Snell. Born in 1723 she married a James Summ who subsequently deserted her, so she adopted male clothes to search for him only to discover that he had been executed for murder. Her claims regarding her participation, as a soldier of Guises regiment, in the Jacobite Rising of 1745, led by Charles Stewart, have been questioned, but she certainly joined the Royal Marines and sailed to India where she took part in the capture of Pondicherry from the French and in the Battle of Devicotta. She was wounded no less than twelve times and despite eventually revealing her gender was awarded a pension for her services. Frances Scanagatti was born in Milan, Italy in 1781 and her interest in military life was evident from an early age. The account of her progress under arms is not as specific in its detail as present day readers might like, but it seems clear that she served in the Austrian Army at the time of the wars with Revolutionary France. The life of another female soldier, of the British Army of the Marlborough period, the renowned Mother Ross, is also available as a Leonaur edition. Leonaur editions are newly typeset and are not facsimiles; each title is available in softcover and hardback with dustjacket; our hardbacks are cloth bound and feature gold foil lettering on their spines and fabric head and tail bands.


Mascagni: Messa Di Gloria - 2825855119

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Mascagni: Messa Di Gloria Brilliant Classics

Nagrania muzyczneMuzyka poważna

Today Mascagni is best remembered for his verismo opera Cavalleria rusticana, a work which firmly belongs in many of the greatest opera houses? core repertory, but his Messa di Gloria ? which predates this composition by a matter of months and from which many of Cavalleria?s themes in fact derive ? was also greatly lauded in its day. Mascagni?s interest in church music can be traced back to the days of his gifted adolescence: by the age of 13 he has written a Kyrie; at the age of 16 he refers in a letter to his involvement in composing a Mass (together with his friend Barbini); and during his student days in Milan he composed a motet as well as a great deal of music for the Messa per la festa di Maria SS. del Rosario. First performed in the Apulian town of Cerginola and conducted by the composer himself, a contemporary account of the Messa di Gloria described it as ?a very powerful and original work, full of beauty, inspired by the requirements of modern taste?. In 1891 Mascagni repeated the peformance to an audience of 6000, as part of the celebrations marking the sixth centenary of Orvieto?s famous cathedral; such was the reception that the magazine Teatro illustrato declared the occasion ?an event for the art of music in Italy?. Anyone expecting to hear a chorale, a fugue or even a simple fugato anywhere in the piece would have been disappointed, however, and doubts were raised regarding the religious nature of the work.Instead, as the composer himself wrote, the Messa di Gloria can be described as a ?prayer. The Mass is a prayer, all love and all passion!? Here it is performed with aplomb by Ensemble Seicentonovento, an internationally renowned vocal-instrumental group that has recorded widely and appeared with such notable singers as José Carreras and Patrizia Pace. Iorio Zennaro and Pietro Spagnoli contribute well-executed arias to the mix as the respective tenor and bass soloists.Other information:- Recorded in Rome in June 1991.- Pietro Mascagni went into musical history as a one-composition-composer, the famous opera Cavalleria Rusticana. However, he wrote an extensive oeuvre of fine works, both instrumental and vocal.- The Messa di Gloria was written in the same period as Cavalleria Rusticana. It was very popular in its time, and one wonders why it is not performed more widely nowadays. It is an unashamedly romantic and popular work, devoid of the usual religious features, such as fugues, chorales or chant. It sounds like grand opera in its jubilant arias and ariosos, orchestral pomp and circumstance, and feeling for atmosphere and drama: hugely enjoyable!- Excellent performance by leading Italian soloists, and the Ensembel Seicentonovecento conducted by Flavio Colusso, a specialist in Early Music, but with a soft spot for this gem in the sacred repertoire.- Booklet contains detailed notes on the composer?s sacred music journey.


Afterhour 3 - 2839755754

114,99 zł



1. Farben, Alle Feat. Graham Candy - She Moves (Far A 2. Bakermat - One Day (Vandaag) - Radio Edit 3. Dumont, Duke Feat. Jax Jones - I Got U - Radio Edi 4. Juun Feat. Sam Smith - When It's Alright - Tomcraf 5. Milky Chance - Down By The River - Flic Flac Edit 6. Stelar, Parov - Clap Your Hands 7. Pusch, Nico - You - Original Mix 8. Lizot - Nostalgia 9. Nora En Pure - You Are My Pride - Original Mix 10. Linck, Steffen - Sticks & Stones - Sascha Kloeber 11. Klangkuenstler - Hand In Hand 12. Finn, Sean - Cold As Ice - Marcapasos Remix 13. Arron, Sean - You Are The One - Radio Edit 14. Bovie, Daniel - Way Too Long - Radio Mix 15. Tchami - Untrue - Extended Mix 101. Andhim - Hausch - Radio Edit 102. Bontan - Move On Out 103. Umami - Sunny - Egokind Remix 104. Route 94 - Tell You Why 105. Monkey Safari - Watching The Stars - Super Flu's W 106. Euringer, Milan & Tube & Berger - Lovebreak - Simo 107. San, Shiba - Okay 108. Paji - Lacerta - Original Mix 109. Audiowhores Feat. Stee Downes - Facts - Noir's Row 110. Roma, Andrea Feat. Leusin - Still Loving - Radio E 111. Latour, David - Back & Forth - Township Rebellion 112. Chasing Kurt - From The Inside - Henrik Scharz Rem 113. Larse - So Long - Nice7 Remix


Festival of Insignificance - 2826839250

64,89 zł

Festival of Insignificance FABER & FABER

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the new novel from Milan Kundera. " explores all aspects of a declining civilisation without taking any of them too seriously...In this novel of Flaubertian seduction, free of blame and guilt, insignificance is the very essence of life." (La Repubblica). Casting light on the most serious of problems and at the same time saying not one serious sentence; being fascinated by the reality of the contemporary world and at the same time completely avoiding realism - that's The Festival of Insignificance. Readers who know Kundera's earlier books know that the wish to incorporate an element of the "unserious" in a novel is not at all unexpected of him. In Immortality, Goethe and Hemingway stroll through several chapters together talking and laughing. And in Slowness, Vera, the author's wife, says to her husband: "you've often told me you meant to write a book one day that would have not a single serious word in it...I warn you: watch out. Your enemies are lying in wait." Now, far from watching out, Kundera is finally and fully realizing his old aesthetic dream in this novel that we could easily view as a summation of his whole work. A strange sort of summation. Strange sort of epilogue. Strange sort of laughter, inspired by our time, which is comical because it has lost all sense of humor. What more can we say? Nothing. Just read.


Political drama films (Film Guide) - 2842083144

125,64 zł

Political drama films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 111. Chapters: Reds, When Father Was Away on Business, El Norte, Salt of the Earth, Return of the Secaucus 7, In the Name of the Father, The Queen, The Deal, The Special Relationship, The Wind That Shakes the Barley, The Grapes of Wrath, Berlin Alexanderplatz, The Battle of Algiers, The Candidate, Drum, The Official Story, The Conformist, 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days, Matewan, Iruvar, A Face in the Crowd, Hitler: The Rise of Evil, Bordertown, Paradise Now, The Killing Fields, La terra trema, Hunger, Chronicle of an Escape, Amazing Grace, The Milagro Beanfield War, Il Divo, The City, Olympic Garage, Verónico Cruz, Men with Guns, Whisky Romeo Zulu, G.I. Jane, Medium Cool, Danton, Tea with Mussolini, The Blue Kite, Kamchatka, Cama Adentro, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Miracle in Milan, Closing the Ring, 18-J, Ashes and Diamonds, Hermanas, Night of the Pencils, The Tin Drum, The Man, The Best Man, Buenos Aires Vice Versa, Angel Face, State of the Union, Lost Command, Oglinda, City of Hope, City Hall, Eva Perón: The True Story, Salvatore Giuliano, Love and Anarchy, The Stars Look Down, Last Stand at Saber River, First Among Equals, Mad City, Cal, A Wall of Silence, A Brighter Summer Day, Mephisto, Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion, The Ernest Green Story, Man of Marble, New Delhi Times, Furrows, Good, Across the Line, The Last Hurrah, Invasión, Les Ordres, The Seduction of Joe Tynan, Hugo Santiago, Marat/Sade, The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum, Salvador, Asesinato en el Senado de la Nación, On Expenses, Strip Search, The Working Class Goes to Heaven, Dawson Isla 10, Tout Va Bien, Captive, Deadline, Marcia o Crepa, No Place to Hide, The Pentagon Papers, The Spider's Stratagem, Forgiveness, El diputado, The World Gone Mad, Hands Over the City, The Devil Came at Night, The Turning Point, Eleni, Carla's Song, Man with a Plan, The Assassination of Trotsky, Number One. Excerpt: The Queen is a 2006 British-French-Italian drama film directed by Stephen Frears, written by Peter Morgan, and starring Helen Mirren as the title role, Queen Elizabeth II. Released almost a decade after the event, the film depicts a fictional account of the immediate events following the death of Diana, Princess of Wales on 31 August 1997. The main plot focuses on the differing views in how to deal with the death of Diana. The Royal Family, while on their summer residence at Balmoral Castle, sees her death as a private affair, not to be treated as an official Royal death, in contrast with newly-appointed Prime Minister Tony Blair and Diana's ex-husband Prince Charles, who attempt to reflect the public wish for an official expression of grief. Matters are further complicated by the media, royal protocol regarding Diana's official status, and wider issues about republicanism. The views of Diana's sons throughout the film are only portrayed through other characters. The film's release coincided with a revival of favourable public sentiment with respect to the monarchy and a downturn in fortunes for Blair, whose resignation came less than a year after the film's premiere. Actor Michael Sheen reprised his role as Blair from the Channel 4 television film The Deal, and did so again in The Special Relationship. The film has also earned critical and popular acclaim for Mirren, and some controversy as she had previously refused appointment into the Order of the British Empire in 1996, only to accept the offer i...


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Kontor 51 - Top Of The Club KONTOR


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Bhoy Called Bertie B&W PUBLISHING

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Celtic legend Bertie Auld is one of the most controversial and colourful characters in Scottish football history. Over the passing decades, he has steadfastly refused to discuss his remarkable lifetime in the game - until now! Auld will lift the lid and reveal the secrets that will astonish supporters everywhere. He will tell of: his rise to the pinnacle of European soccer from the abject poverty of a childhood in war-torn Glasgow; the truth behind his return to Celtic and the man who really signed him; his unique and often-stormy relationship with Jock Stein; and how he got sent off in his international debut for Scotland.It includes: how the Lisbon Lions beat Inter Milan in the European Cup Final in 1967 - without kicking a ball; the day he was sent off in the biggest game in Celtic's history - and refused to go; what really went wrong when favourites Celtic flopped in the 1970 European Final; the men he rated - and hated - in football; the Old Firm battles and what really happened during and after these confrontations; and his amazing times as a manager at Hibs, Partick Thistle, Hamilton and Dumbarton and his feuds with the chairmen.Bertie Auld's autobiography is every bit as explosive and volatile as the man himself. He never shirked a tackle as a player and there are still no holds barred long after the boots have been put away.It's the book everyone wanted and it's a sensational read.


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