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Butterfly In A Glass Bottle - 2846347019

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Butterfly In A Glass Bottle Eloquent Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Barely keeping one step ahead of the law, Ila Jabiru survives by her wits, perpetrating one scam after another. Her current ruse: arranging for terminally ill patients to carry messages to the "other side" for well-heeled, grief-stricken survivors. Haunted from childhood by a recurring nightmare and the desire to unlock its message, she is facing fraud charges and a possible gaol sentence. Jonathan Mark Claymore-Whitford is a handsome, athletic, Oxford-educated criminal profiler with an impressive track record of solving cold cases. He's also a gifted psychic. But his arrogance has clashed once too often with his supervisor at New Scotland Yard, so he's now on loan to the Western Australian Police Force. The unlikely meeting of Ila and Jonathan sets the stage for strange and portentous events. The fun and games begin when Jonathan hires Ila to decorate his office - an old, unused boiler room in the police station. Set in today's Perth, Western Australia, Butterfly in a Glass Bottle showcases the psychic world in a way you won't forget! The first one hundred lucky purchasers will automatically win a psychic reading. Visit the authors website and click on Butterfly in a Glass Bottle for details Author Bio: Thomas H. Green wanted to be a writer at age 5. He also works as a medium, drawing upon his knowledge of the psychic world to enhance his novels. Born in England, he now lives in Perth, Western Australia, with Christine, his wife and soul mate.


Lost Time In A Bottle - 2840051876

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Lost Time In A Bottle


1. Next Time, This Time (Harper College 2/5/73) 2. New York's Not My Home (Harper College 2/5/73) 3. You Don't Mess Around With Jim (Harper College 2 4. Careful Man (Harper College 2/5/73) 5. A Good Time Man Like Me (Demo) 6. Tractor Trailer Story Intro (Harper College 2/5/ 7. Speedball Tucker (Demo) 8. Operator (Demo) 9. Hard Time Losin' Man (Demo) 10. Seems Like Such A Long Time Ago (Demo) 11. It Doesn't Have To Be That Way (Harper College 2 12. Bar Story Intro (Harper College 2/5/73) 13. Roller Derby Queen (Harper College 2/5/73) 101. One Less Set Of Footsteps (Harper College 2/5/73 102. Dreamin' Again (Harper College 2/5/73) 103. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown (Demo) 104. Time In A Bottle (Demo) 105. I Got A Name (Live 1973) 106. Charley Green, Play That Slide Trombone (Cazenov 107. San Francisco Bay Blues (Cazenovia College 1964) 108. Washington At Valley Forge (Cazenovia College 19 109. La Bamba (Cazenovia College 1964) 110. Seek And You Shall Find (Cazenovia College 1964) 111. Woke Up This Morning (Cazenovia College 1964)


Lost Time In A Bottle - 2839779428

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Lost Time In A Bottle Cleopatra


1. Next Time, This Time 2. New York's Not My Home 3. You Don't Mess Around With Jim 4. Careful Man 5. A Good Time Man Like Me 6. Tractor Trailer Story Intro 7. Speedball Tucker 8. Operator 9. Hard Time Losin' Man 10. Seems Like Such A Long Time Ago 11. It Doesn't Have To Be That Way 12. Bar Story Intro 13. Roller Derby Queen 14. One Less Set Of Footsteps 15. Dreamin' Again 16. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 17. Time In A Bottle 18. I Got A Name 19. Charley Green, Play That Slide Trombone 20. San Francisco Bay Blues 21. Washington At Valley Forge 22. La Bamba 23. Seek And You Shall Find 24. Woke Up This Morning


Kołonotatnik A4/90# Oxford my colours 100101864 - 2846487232

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Kołonotatnik A4/90# Oxford my colours 100101864

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Kołonotatnik w energetycznych kolorach.


Vanguard BIIN 47 GREEN - 1157847107

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Vanguard BIIN 47 GREEN Vanguard

Foto>Torby i plecaki

BIIN Series Daypack is an organizer by nature, holding an exceptional amount of gear securely and organized. Tote along small gear and other essentials in the separate upper compartment. Other features include small pockets for accessories, a water bottle and an organized strap system. Large gear capacity Upper space for toting small accessories and other gear Zippered front pocket organizes accessories Front lens cap pocket Water bottle pocket Inside Dimensions(LxWxH mm):190 x 130 x 250 Outside Dimensions(LxWxH mm):230 x 210 x 380 Weight(g):560 Inside Dimensions(LxWxH inches): 7 1/2" x 5 1/8" x 9 7/8" Outside Dimensions(LxWxH inches): 9" x 8 1/4" x 15" Weight(lbs):1.23 Exterior Fabric: 150D polyester ripstop + 600*600D Polyester Interior Fabric: 100*150D Polyester + Velvet Capacity: One DSLR with standard lens, 2-3 extra lenses, a flash unit and accessories (memory cards, cables, battery and charger) ...


Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse - 2826849658

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Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse Race Point Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Are you craving junk foods? Feel sluggish and tired all the time? Fueling yourself on caffeine and sugar on a daily basis? Then it's time reset your mind and body with the "Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse."Jump start your body and give yourself a "spring cleaning" during the week so you're refreshed and looking amazing for the weekend. The book features four key cleanses: one for each season of the year (Spring, Summer, Fall, and New Year). The vegetables and fruits in each cleanse are selected to coincide with fresh, delicious seasonal produce so that you can juice right in your own home. Try the 4-day cleanse or if it's right for your lifestyle, try the 7- or 10-day cleanse. The best part? You don't have to eliminate food on the Daily Greens cleanse. Founder Shauna Martin recommends a raw diet while you juice, so you're not just limited to just liquid, and you'll still be able to refresh, rejuvenate, and reset as you would with other cleanses. So you get the same benefits of a cleanse without starving yourself! No more cleanse headaches or irritability, and you'll feel the results almost instantly. You can make these yummy green recipes right in your own kitchen, anytime you want. Daily Greens juices contain easy to follow recipes that include up to 6 pounds of raw produce cold-pressed into each bottle. Each juice is the equivalent of 9 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits. They are naturally low-calorie because less than 10% fruit is used so you don't spike sugar levels. No water, sugar, or preservatives are added. The juices are naturally vegan, naturally gluten-free, naturally dairy- and soy-free, non-GMO project certified, and absolutely delicious. So if you're ready to reset your body, lose weight, or just give yourself a much-needed energy boost, the "Daily Greens 4-Day Cleanse" has exactly what you need.


ARTandamp;FUN Bajkowe Malowanie po numerkach - 2846488769

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ARTandamp;FUN Bajkowe Malowanie po numerkach

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Duża drewniana kostka, gdzie każda ściana ma inną funkcję.Rozmiar: 20x20x36 cmWiek: od 18 miesięcy Nazwa - ARTandamp;FUN Bajkowe Malowanie po numerkach Marka - Simba Kod EAN - 4006592678449 Wydawca - SIMBA Kod producenta - 106337844 Podatek VAT - 23%


The Cold Hard Facts Of Li - 2839413747

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The Cold Hard Facts Of Li Bear Family Records


1. Men With Broken Hearts 2. I Just Came To Smell The Flowers 3. May You Never Be Alone 4. Skid Row Joe 5. Take Me Back & Try Me One More Time 6. How Far Can I Go? 7. I'm A Long Way From Home 8. Confessions Of A Broken Man 9. My Tears Are Overdue 10. I've Been Down That Road Before 11. Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine 12. My Last Two Tens 13. Boston Jail 14. The Convict & The Rose 15. I Relived My Life Today 16. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail 17. Let Me In 18. The Big River Train 19. The Snakes Crawl At Night 20. They're All Going Home But One 21. Folsom Prison 22. Soul Of A Convict 23. Green Green Grass Of Home 24. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle 101. The First Mrs. Jones 102. Words & Music 103. The Cold, Hard Facts Of Life 104. Sleep 105. Hundred Dollar Funeral 106. If I Could Only Start Over 107. Tragic Romance 108. Try Being Lonely 109. I'll Get Ahead Some Day 110. I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye 111. Shopworn 112. Julie 113. Wino 114. Daddy & The Wine 115. Swinging Doors 116. The Bottom Of The Bottle 117. In The Shadows Of The Wine 118. She Burnt The Little Roadside Tavern Down 119. The Bottle Let Me Down 120. One Dime For The Wine 121. Wine 122. Turn The Juke Box Up Louder 123. I Threw Away The Rose 124. Bottle, Bottle 201. The World Needs A Washin' 202. Banks Of The Ohio 203. Sing Me Back Home 204. Barefoot Nellie 205. Sorrow Overtakes The Wine 206. Black Jack's Bar 207. The Carroll County Accident 208. Rocky Top 209. Your Mother's Eyes 210. King Of The Cannon County Hills 211. I Lived So Fast & Hard 212. Fallen Leaves 213. Here's A Toast To Mama 214. Sidewalks Of Chicago 215. The Silent Kind 216. The Alley 217. The Town Drunk 218. Mama 219. Bottle Of Wine 220. One More Dime 221. I Judged A Man 222. When I Drink My Wine


Różni Wykonawcy - RMF FM Najlepsza muzyka na imprezę Vol. 2 - 2842025856

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Różni Wykonawcy - RMF FM Najlepsza muzyka na imprezę Vol. 2

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Lista utworów - Płyta CD 1 1. Melanie Fiona - Monday Morning 2. The black eyed peas - Gotta Feeling 3. The Pussycat Dolls - A.R. Rahman - Jai Ho 4. Abba - Gimme Gimme Gimme 5. Ace Of Base - Beautiful Life 6. Wilki - Urke 7. Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 8. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance 9. Cascada - Evacuate The Dancefloor 10. Katerine - Ayo Technology 11. Reni Jusis - Kiedyś Cię Znajdę 12. Edyta Górniak - One And One 13. The Rasmus - In The Shadows 14. Liquido - Narcotic 15. Resource - Hymn 16. Kombii - Awinion 17. Sugababes - Push The Button 18. Chris Cornell - Part Of Me 19. Nelly Furtado - Maneater 20. Amy Winehouse - Rehab Płyta CD 2 1. Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music 2. Lady Gaga - Poker Face 3. Agnes - Release Me 4. Underdog Project - Summer Jam 5. Michael Gray - The Weekend 6. Daniel Bovie - Roy Rox - Love Me 7. Tinchy Stryder - Number 1 8. ATB - You're Not Alone 9. Lady Pank - Zostawcie Titanica 10. Filterfunk - S.O.S (Message In The Bottle) 11. Shaggy - Feel the rush 12. Rio - Shine On 13. Morandi - Angels 14. Akon - Right Now (na na na) 15. NE-YO - Closer 16. U2 - LMC - Take Me To The Clouds Above 17. John Green - Skreatch - Roxanne's Lullaby 18. Yugoton - Malcziki 19. Two Face - Fire In Your Eyes 20. Zucchero - Baila (Sexy Thing) Płyta CD 3 1. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive 2. Kombi - Black And White 3. The Waves - Katrina - Walking On Sunshine 4. Danzel - You Spin Me Round 5. Bluelagoon - Heartbreaker 6. Ace Of Base - All That She Wants 7. T. Love - Chlopaki Nie Placza 8. Sonic Palms - On The Beach 9. Eddy Wata - I Love My People 10. Jay Sean - Tonight 11. Lionel Richie - Angel 12. Jeanette - Rock My Life 13. Elektryczne Gitary - Co ty tutaj robisz 14. iiO - Rapture 15. Delano & Crockett - Missing 16. Fragma - Toca's Miracle 2008 17. Lutricia McNeal - Perfect Love 18. Jay Delano - Here Comes The Sun 19. September - Because I Love You 20. Kate Ryan - Ella Elle L'a Płyta CD 4 1. Shaun Baker - Maloy - Hey Hi Hello 2. Morandi - Colors 3. Stromae - Alors On Danse 4. Pitbull - I Know You Want Me 5. Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart 6. Edward Maya - Stereo Love 7. Andrea - Time 2 Pray 8. Spiller - Groove Jet 9. Armin Van Buuren - Sharon Den Adel - In & Out Of Love 10. Ian Carey - Red Light 11. Inna - Amazing 12. Velvet - Chemistry 13. Verona - Do You Really Wanna Know 14. Booty Luv - Boogie 2nite 15. Stonebridge - Put Em High 16. Schiller mit Heppner - I Feel You 17. Lady Gaga - Colby O'Donis - Just Dance 18. Jay Sean - Ride it 19. The Pussycat Dolls - Nicole Scherzinge - Hush Hush 20. Sugababes - About A Girl Opis - RMF FM Najlepsza Muzyka na Imprezę vol. 2 to druga część wydawnictwa Magic Records z Radiem RMF FM, zawierająca największe imprezowe hity ostatnich kilkunastu lat. 80 utworów znanych z anteny Radia, bez których nie może się obyć żadna impreza - hity, które do dnia dzisiejszego królują na wszystkich prywatkach, dyskotekach i imprezach. Nazwa - RMF FM Najlepsza muzyka na imprezę Vol. 2 Autor - Różni Wykonawcy Wydawca - Universal Music Kod EAN - 0600753280577 Rok wydania - 2010 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 4 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2010-05-10


Pathway Of My Life - 2839386218

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Pathway Of My Life Bear Family Records


1. If I Lose You Tomorrow 2. I'll Set My Teardrops To Music 3. Number One On The Hurt Parade 4. I've Got A Date With A Teardrop 5. Clubs, Spades, Diamonds And Hearts 6. The Great Society 7. On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle 8. Let The Four Winds Choose 9. New Blackboard Of My Heart 10. Smoky The Bar 11. The Big One Got Away 12. Lend Me A Dollar 13. Where Is The Circus 14. Love Walked Out Long Before She Did 15. He's Got A Way With Women 16. I See Them Everywhere 17. Green Light 18. Most Of All 19. Whoa Sailor 20. Humpty Dumpty Heart 21. Squaws Along The Yukon 22. Today 23. Breaking The Rules 24. Tomorrow Night 25. Wildwood Flower 26. John Henry 27. Take The A Train 28. Brazos Valley Blues 29. La Golondrina 30. Steel Guitar Rag 31. Turkey On The Strings 32. Chihuahua 33. Polka 34. Ja-da 101. When The Saints Go Marching In 102. Fiddleitis 103. Maiden's Prayer / Faded Love 104. Salute To Bob 105. Cold Cold Heart 106. I'm Movin' On 107. Six Days On The Road 108. Walking The Floor Over You 109. She Thinks I Still Care 110. Together Again 111. Slipping Around 112. Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette 113. He'll Have To Go 114. Sixteen Tons 115. Pop A Top 116. New Records On The Jukebox 117. Cocaine Blues 118. Bright Lights And Blonde Haired Women 119. What's Made Milwaukee Famous 120. Ace In The Hole 121. Let's Get Drunk And Be Somebody 122. My Rough And Rowdy Ways 123. Drunkard's Blues (Take 14) 124. Girl In The Night (Take 19) 125. The Pathway Of My Life 126. At Certain Times 127. Mutiny On The Monotony 128. Drunkard's Blues (Take 9) 129. Girl In The Night (Take 18) 201. Oklahoma Hills 202. Dusty Skies 203. Dear Okie 204. Oklahoma Home Brew 205. The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma 206. Take Me Back To Tulsa 207. Guthrie (With Strings) 208. Happy Oklahoma 209. O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a 210. Homesick, Lonesome, Hillbilly Okie 211. Big Boat Across Oklahoma 212. Oklahoma Stomp 213. Guthrie (W/o Strings) 214. I'm Afraid I Lied 215. But That's All Right (With Strings) 216. One Of The Fortunate Few (With Strings) 217. Take It All Away 218. Cozy Inn 219. Everybody Loves A Pretty Baby 220. Where My Sweet Baby Used To Walk 221. Next Time I Fall In Love (I Won't) 222. I'd Do It Again 223. Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love 224. Waiting In The Lobby Of Your Heart 225. We've Gone Too Far 226. The Wild Side Of Life 227. Yesterday's Girl 228. It's Better To Have Loved A Little 229. But That's All Right (W/o Strings) 230. One Of The Fortunate Few (W/o Strings) 301. I'll Be Around 302. Gloria 303. Glow Worm 304. Be My Life's Companion 305. Paper Doll 306. Till Then 307. You Always Hurt The One You Love 308. Cab Driver 309. Lazy River 310. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You 311. Across The Alley From The Alamo 312. Promise Her Anything 313. The Mark Of A Heel 314. I've Come Awful Close 315. That's Why I Sing In A Honky Tonk 316. Fifteen Dollar Draw 317. Roses In The Wine 318. Teardrops On The Rocks 319. The Older The Violin, The Sweeter The Music 320. Kindly Keep It Country 321. Jill's Jack In The Box 322. The Lord Knows I'm Drinking 323. Loving On Back Streets 324. Southern Loving 325. It's Four In The Morning 326. Behind Closed Doors 327. I Ain't Never 328. A Six Pack To Go 329. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 330. Whatever's Left 331. The Corner Of My Life 332. I Recall A Gypsy Woman 401. Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon 402. Who Left The Door To Heaven Open 403. The Same Old Way (Take 4) 404. Let It Burn 405. Red Necks, White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer 406. Country Bumpkin 407. There's A Honky Tonk Angel 408. Wait A Little Longer Baby 409. Mama Don't Allow No Music 410. Fair Weather Love 411. After You Have Made Me Over 412. That's Just My Truckin' Luck 413. Mississippi Sam 414. Answer Me, My Love 415. Ramblin' Rose 416. Mona Lisa 417. A Blossom Fell 418. It's Only A Paper Moon 419. If I May - Too Young 420. The Gypsy 421. Pretend 422. That's All There Is, There Isn't Any More 423. Oh Mary Don't You Weep 424. Annie Over 425. Hangover Tavern 426. She's Just A Whole Lot Like You 427. The Same Old Way (Take 6) 501. Modine 502. Golden Turnpike In The Sky 503. I Lost My Love To A Truck Drivin' Man 504. Movin' On 505. Trucker's Lullaby 506. Fifteen Miles To Clarksville 507. Asphalt Cowboy 508. Truck Drivers Turn Them On 509. Fifteen Gears 510. Truck It On Down To My House Baby 511. Honky Tonk Girl 512. I'll Sign My Heart Away 513. Yesterday's Girl 514. Another Shot Of Toddy 515. Forgive Me 516. Play For Me One Polka 517. Big Band Days 518. Bring Back The Waltzes 519. Three Little Swigs 520. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 521. Bummin' Around 522. Just One Step Away 523. Absent Minded Me 524. Comin' In For Rye 525. Johnny On The Spot 526. Simple Simon, Simple Heart 527. It Gets More Like Monday Everyday 528. When You've Seen One Broken Heart 529. Just An Old Flame 530. Tell Me When The Flag Is Passing By 531. Time Wounds All Heels 532. It's Five O'clock Somewhere 601. Ages And Ages Ago 602. She Loves The One She's With 603. If Worst Come To Worst 604. Window In My Heart 605. If I Had An Ounce Of Sense 606. We Don't Love There Anymore 607. Cheaters Never Win 608. Dance With Me Molly 609. Point Of No Return 610. Signs Of Love 611. That Want You, Need You, Got To Have You Feelin' 612. Through The Bottom Of The Glass 613. I Hear The South Callin' Me 614. Tony's Tank-up, Drive-in Cafe 615. Money Trouble And Love 616. I'm Just Gettin' By 617. Have A Good Time 618. World's Greatest Feelin' 619. Take Me Back To Tulsa 620. Gettin' Down, Gettin' Together, Gettin' In Love 621. Texans And Okies 622. Rollin' In Your Sweet Sunshine 623. One Hell Of A Weekend 624. You're Poppin' Tops 625. Star Of The Starlight Saloon 626. The King Of Western Swing 627. A Little More Country 628. If I Were In Your Shoes 629. Pistol Packing Mama 630. Driving Nails In My Coffin 631. Whatever Happened To Mary 632. The Convict And The Rose 701. All That Goes Up 702. Big Boat Across Oklahoma 703. Cocaine Blues 704. Drop Me Gently (So My Heart Won't Break) 705. Shame On You 706. Rockin' In The Congo 707. Stars And Stripes On Iwo Jima 708. Take The A Train 709. Hello Request Line 710. Let's Stop What We Started 711. Honey's Mobile Love Repair 712. Always A Lady 713. I Woke Up With A Few 714. Rainy Days And Whiskey Nights 715. Once In A Blue Moon 716. A Six Pack To Go 717. The Wild Side Of Life 718. Oklahoma Hills 719. Breakin' The Rules 720. Blondes With No Last Name 721. Walkin' On New Grass 722. Pick Pocket 723. Honky Tonk Good Ole Gals And Hillbilly Bands 724. I Let Me Heart Do The Talking For Me 725. Swingin' Side Of Them Swingin' Doors 726. I Woke Up With A Few (Alternate Take) 727. Oklahoma Hills 728. Wild Side Of Life 729. Green Light 730. Old Time Fiddle Medley 731. A Six Pack To Go


Untamed Hawk - 2839413323

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Untamed Hawk Bear Family Records


1. Sing A Sad Song 2. You Don't Even Try 3. Life In Prison (False Start) 4. Life In Prison 5. You Don't Have Far To Go 6. Sam Hill 7. Sam Hill 8. Please Mr. Dj 9. I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows 10. (My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers 11. Slowly But Surely (& Bonnie Owens) 12. Just Between The Two Of Us (& Bonnie Owens) 13. Falling For You 14. I Wanta Live Again 15. A House Without Love Is Not A Home 16. Walking The Floor Over You 17. The Worst Is Yet To Come 18. Piedras Negras (Go Home) 19. Singin' My Heart Out 20. Skid Row 21. Falling For You (Without String Overdub) 22. I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows (W/o String Od) 23. If I Had Left It Up To You 24. I'm Gonna Break Every Heart I Can 25. Stranger In My Arms (& Bonnie Owens) 26. If I Could Be Him 27. Shade Tree (Fix-it-man) 28. This Town's Not Big Enough 101. I'll Take A Chance (& Bonnie Owens) 102. Our Hearts Are Holding Hands (& Bonnie Owens) 103. Too Used To Being With You (& Bonnie Owens) 104. That Makes Two Of Us (& Bonnie Owens) 105. Forever & Ever (& Bonnie Owens) 106. Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus (& B.owens) 107. Swinging Doors 108. Swinging Doors (Alt.) 109. The Girl Turned Ripe 110. I Threw Away The Rose 111. The Fugitive 112. Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive 113. Someone Told My Story 114. I Threw Away The Rose 115. Hang Up My Gloves 116. The Longer You Wait 117. The Bottle Let Me Down 118. I Can't Stand Me 119. Someone Else You've Known 120. High On A Hilltop 121. I'll Look Over You 122. No More You & Me 123. Mixed Up Mess Of A Heart 124. I'm A Lonesome Fugitive 125. Life In Prison 126. House Of Memories 127. All Of Me Belongs To You 201. Mary's Mine 202. If You Want To Be My Woman 203. Someone Told My Story 204. Piedras Negras (Go Home) 205. Whatever Happened To Me 206. Loneliness Is Eating Me Alive 207. Skid Row 208. Drink Up & Be Somebody 209. Gone Crazy 210. I Threw Away The Rose 211. Some Of Us Never Learn 212. Branded Man 213. You Don't Have Very Far To Go 214. Wine Take Me Away 215. If You See My Baby 216. Somewhere Between 217. Don't Get Married 218. My Hands Are Tied 219. I Made The Prison Band 220. Look Over Me 221. Long Black Limousine 222. I'll Leave The Bottle On The Bar 223. Sing Me Back Home 224. The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp 225. Seeing Eye Dog 226. Will You Visit Me On Sundays 227. Home Is Where A Kid Grows Up 301. Where Does The Good Times Go 302. Good Times 303. News Break 304. My Past Is Present 305. Mom & Dad's Waltz 306. My Ramona 307. Because You Can't Be Mine 308. The Train Never Stops 309. You Still Have A Place In My Heart 310. Money Tree 311. A Picture From Two Sides Of Life 312. The Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde 313. I Started Loving You Again 314. Love Has A Mind Of Its Own 315. Fool's Castle 316. Is This The Beginning Of The End? 317. The Sunny Side Of My Life 318. Run Em Off 319. I'll Always Know 320. You'll Never Love Me Now 321. Mama Tried 322. In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) 323. Little Old Wine Drinker Me 324. Teach Me To Forget 325. Lookin' For My Mind (Takes 1-2) 326. Lookin' For My Mind (Takes 3-5) 327. Lookin' For My Mind (Take 6) 401. Green Green Grass Of Home 402. I Could Have Gone Right 403. The Day The Rains Came 404. I Think We're Livin' In The Good Old Days 405. Somewhere On Skid Row 406. Who Do I Know In Dallas 407. Folsom Prison Blues 408. Too Many Bridges To Cross Over 409. You're Not Home Yet 410. I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am 411. I Just Want To Look At You One More Time 412. I'm Bringin' Home Good News 413. Keep Me From Cryin' Today 414. I Can't Hold Myself In Line 415. I'm Free 416. It Meant Goodbye To Me When You Said Hello... 417. Who'll Buy The Wine 418. She Thinks I Still Care 419. What's Wrong With Stayin' Home 420. When No Flowers Grow 421. Every Fool Has A Rainbow 422. Hungry Eyes 423. Silver Wings


The marketing mix of "Coca-Cola Life" - 2836773610

97,45 zł

The marketing mix of "Coca-Cola Life" GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2015 in the subject Business economics - Marketing, Corporate Communication, CRM, Market Research, Social Media, University of the Sunshine Coast Queensland, language: English, abstract: This report examines the marketing of "Coca-Cola Life" which is distributed by the Coca-Cola Company. The research draws attention to the company's background and evaluates the background of Coca-Cola Life. Further, it follows an analysis of the product in relation to the marketing mix theory and concepts. Thereby the focus is on the product, price and promotion. Finally, two innovative recommendations will be given, relating to the improvement of the sustainable aspects of Coca-Cola Life's marketing.§§In conducting this report only secondary research methodologies were used implementing resources such as using books and websites. In relation to the product life cycle it is evident that Coca-Cola Life is currently in the growth stage as it continues to increase sales. It is obvious that the product is within the category of non-durable goods. The 'core' product is a refreshing soft drink with a unique taste and 35% less sugar and kilojoules, sweetened with stevia as a natural source.§§The 'actual' product is a glass bottle with a brown liquid inside and a green label with a small leaf logo. The 'augmented' product is the actual product plus contact details of the company, a help line and a complaint phone service. Usually the price of a 600ml bottle of Coca-Cola Life is around $3.50 which is positioned above the price of the direct competitor Pepsi True. Compared to indirect competitors the price is set in the upper margin. With regard to the promotion of Coca-Cola Life the Coca-Cola Company uses different ways to communicate the product whereby campaigns that wake emotions are currently at a premium.§§Evaluation of this product lead to the following recommendations: A weakness was identified in the ingredients. It is recommended that the ingredients should be mostly organic and the sugar should be completely removed in order to satisfy customer needs and wants. Special attention should be paid to the recycling system. It is recommended that the company target itself on reusable packaging instead of one-way drink packaging. Recommendations have been made to suggest that a more sustainable view of Coca-Cola Life and its environment could potentially increase market share and future profits.


Studio Albums Collection - 2840103874

189,99 zł

Studio Albums Collection


1. Steel Rail Blues 2. Coal Tattoo 3. Texas Rodeo 4. Charley Green, Play That Slide Trombone 5. The Ballad Of Gunga Din 6. Hard Hearted Hannah (The Vamp From Savannah) 7. Sun Come Up 8. The Blizzard 9. Running Maggie 10. Until It's Time For Me To Go 11. Big Fat Woman 101. Child Of Midnight 102. Marianne 103. Railroads And Riverboats 104. Hard Times Are Over 105. The Railroad Song 106. Maybe Tomorrow 107. Pa (Song For A Grandfather) 201. Age 202. Spin, Spin, Spin 203. I Am Who I Am 204. What Do People Do 205. Another Day, Another Town 206. Vespers 207. Big Wheel 208. Just Another Day 209. The Next Man That I Marry 210. What The Hell 211. The Man That Is Me 301. You Don't Mess Around With Jim 302. Tomorrow's Gonna Be A Brighter Day 303. New York's Not My Home 304. Hard Time Losin' Man 305. Photographs And Memories 306. Walkin' Back To Georgia 307. Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels) 308. Time In A Bottle 309. Rapid Roy (The Stock Car Boy) 310. Box #10 311. A Long Time Ago 312. Hey Tomorrow 401. I Got A Name 402. Lover's Cross 403. Five Short Minutes 404. Age 405. Workin' At The Car Wash Blues 406. I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song 407. Salon And Saloon 408. Thursday 409. Top Hat Bar And Grill 410. Recently 411. The Hard Way Every Time 501. One Less Set Of Footsteps 502. Roller Derby Queen 503. Dreamin' Again 504. Careful Man 505. Alabama Rain 506. A Good Time Man Like Me Ain't Got No Business (Singin' The Blues) 507. Next Time, This Time 508. Bad, Bad Leroy Brown 509. These Dreams 510. Speedball Tucker 511. It Doesn't Have To Be That Way 601. You Don't Mess Around With Jim 602. New York's Not My Home 603. Tomorrow's Gonna Be A Brighter Day 604. Walkin' Back To Georgia 605. Hard Time Losin' Man 606. Operator 607. Time In A Bottle 608. Seems Like Such A Long Time Ago 609. Mississippi Lady 610. These Dreams 611. A Good Time Man Like Me Ain't Got No Business (Singin' The Blues) 612. Lover's Cross


Sex, Drugs & Alcohol - 2840120900

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Sex, Drugs & Alcohol


1. Sixty Minute Man 2. Sweet Marijuana Brown 3. When I Get Drunk 4. Shake, Rattle And Roll 5. Work With Me Annie 6. Annie Had A Baby 7. The Wallflower (Dance With Me Henry) 8. Drinkin' Wine Spo-dee-o-dee 9. You Go To My Head 10. My Ding-a-ling 11. Lead Me Daddy Straight To The Bar 12. I Want A Man 13. That Cat Is High 14. Reefer Man 15. Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well 16. I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well 17. Bar Fly Blues 18. Gas Man Blues 19. Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine? 20. I Got Loaded 101. Stinkin' Drunk 102. Here Comes The Man With The Jive 103. I'm Gonna Tell You In Front, So You Won't Feel Hurt Behind 104. One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer 105. One Night Of Sin 106. She Shook Her Gin 107. Such A Night 108. Poon-tang 109. Clink, Clink, Another Drink 110. My Butcher Man 111. Sexy Ways 112. Daddy Rollin' Stone 113. My Baby Keeps Rollin' 114. Juice Head Baby 115. Let's Turn 'Em On Tonight 116. Poor Grinder Blues 117. So Good To My Baby 118. Don't Mash My Digger So Deep 119. My Baby Takes All Of Me 120. Stoned 201. I Wanna Make Love To You 202. What's That I Smell 203. When I'm In My Tea 204. Ain't Nothin' Shakin' 205. Bicycle Tilly 206. Your Daddy's Doggin' Around 207. She's Got Jordan River In Her Hips 208. I Know How To Do It 209. Wailin' Daddy 210. Mother Fuyer 211. Squeeze Me 212. Real Gone Lover 213. Mister Low Love 214. Hootie's Ignorant Oil 215. How About Rocking With Me 216. Lollipop Mama 217. Steady Grinding Blues 218. She Lost Her Re-bop 219. Kissin' Boogie 220. Reefer Head Woman 301. Dresser With The Drawers 302. Buy Me Some Juice 303. Rockin' All Day 304. Long John Blues 305. Keep On Churnin' 306. Sweet Petunia 307. I Ain't Mad At You 308. Wine-o 309. He's The Best In The Business 310. Work Daddy, Work 311. The Walkin' Blues 312. I Like It Like That 313. I Want A Bow-legged Woman 314. Struttin' My Stuff 315. I Love To Ride 316. Snuff Dippin' Mama 317. I Love My Baby 318. Rock With It Baby 319. Vaccinate Me, Baby 320. Too Much Boogie 401. I Like My Baby's Pudding 402. Can't Do Sixty No More 403. Serve Another Round 404. All Shook Out 405. Little Red Dress 406. Good Rockin' Man 407. Lemon Squeezing Daddy 408. Red, Red Wine 409. Mercy, Mr. Percy 410. One Hour Mama 411. All She Wants To Do Is Rock 412. Do You Want It 413. I Got Love For Sale 414. Big Ten Inch Record 415. New Way Of Lovin' 416. Hard Lead Pencil 417. Big Fat Mama 418. Drinking Blues 419. Hidin' In The Sticks 420. I Got Loaded 501. Let Me Play With Your Poodle 502. Rock Me, Daddy 503. Goofy Dust Blues 504. Working With My Baby 505. Chocolate Pork Chop Man 506. Laundromat Blues 507. Ride, Jockey, Ride 508. Bed Springs Blues 509. My Country Man 510. Rock And Rye 511. Slow Down, Baby 512. Don't Come Over 513. Chee Koo Baby 514. Let Me Bang Your Box 515. I Got Your Boogie 516. Whiskey Blues 517. Lovin' Machine 518. One More Greasing 519. She Sets My Soul On Fire 520. Whiskey, Gin And Wine 601. I'm A Doctor For Women 602. Auto Mechanic Blues 603. Sneaky Pete 604. So Many Ways 605. Fat Meat 606. Big Long Slidin' Thing 607. Mercenary Papa 608. I Got What My Daddy Likes 609. Ridin' In The Moonlight 610. I Should O' Been Thinkin' Instead Of Drinkin' 611. My Baby Likes To Shuffle 612. Boar Hog Blues 613. Daddy, Daddy 614. Mighty, Mighty Man 615. Don't Fuck Around With Love 616. We're Gonna Rock 617. Jelly Roll Baker 618. My Gal's A Jockey 619. Port Wine Blues 620. Rocket '69 701. My Good Pott 702. Green Gin 703. Daddy On My Mind 704. I Knew He Would 705. Hey Miss Bertha 706. No Wine, No Women 707. Move Your Hand Baby 708. Annie's Aunt Fannie 709. Mister Fine 710. Stinkin' From Drinkin' 711. The Deacon Moves In 712. I Can't Stop It 713. Joy Juice 714. Ooh Rocking Daddy 715. You're So Fine 716. Don't Come Too Soon 717. Long Lean Daddy 718. Butcher Pete 719. We're Gonna Ball This Mornin' 720. Sloppy Drunk 801. Juice Head Man Of Mine 802. Who Drank My Beer While I Was In The Rear 803. Drill, Daddy, Drill 804. Something's Wrong With My Little Machine 805. Drunk, Broke And Hungry 806. Sloppy Drunk Again 807. I Need It Bad 808. Hangover Blues 809. Coffee Daddy Blues 810. Drinkin' By Myself 811. Jive I Like 812. Drinking Tequila 813. Ride, Daddy, Ride 814. Scotchin' With The Soda 815. Work With Me Annie 816. Beer Bottle Mama 817. A Six Pack To Go 818. I'm Gonna Let Him Ride 819. Shut Up And Drink Your Beer 820. Beer Drinkin' Baby 901. Thirsty Mama Blues 902. Pool Playing Blues 903. Waiting And Drinking 904. Weddin' Day Blues 905. Bloodshot Eyes 906. Too Many Drivers 907. No More Alcohol 908. Lush Head Woman 909. The G Man Got The T Man 910. Too Much Jelly Roll 911. Whiskey Do Your Stuff 912. Let's Get Drunk Again 913. Gonna Play With Your Woman 914. Fishin' Pole 915. Bad Bad Whiskey 916. I'm A Hi-ballin' Daddy 917. Liquor Drinkin' Woman 918. Whiskey Is The Devil 919. Killin' Jive 920. I'm A Boogie Man


Really The Blues? / A Blues History 1893 - 1959 Vol. 1 - 2839276464

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Really The Blues? / A Blues History 1893 - 1959 Vol. 1 West Hill Radio Archive


1. Mama's Black Baby Boy 2. Keep Movin' 3. Poor Mourner 4. You Been A Good Old Wagon 5. Poor Mourner 6. Nobody 7. What A Time 8. The Camp Meeting Jubilee 9. Poor Mourner 10. Down Home Rag 11. The Rain Song 12. Memphis Blues 13. Memphis Blues 14. Blame It On The Blues 15. St. Louis Blues 16. N Blues 17. Libery Stable Blues 18. Moonlight Blues 19. Death Where Is Thy Sting? 20. Beale Street Blues 21. Memphis Blues 22. Kansas City Blues 23. Swanee Blues 24. Lovin' Sam From Alabam 25. Frankie Blues 26. Chain Gang Blues 27. My Soul Is A Witness 101. Society Blues 102. Teasin' The Frets 103. I Ain't Got Nobody 104. Midnight Blues 105. Aggravatin' Papa 106. New Orleans Joys 107. Guitar Blues 108. London Blues 109. Waitin' For The Evening Mail 110. Bleeding Hearted Blues 111. London Cafe Blues 112. The Gospel Train Am Comin' 113. Any Woman's Blues 114. God's Gonna Set This World On Fire 115. If You Do What You Do 116. Hatchet Head Blues 117. Time Ain't Gonna Make Me Stay 118. Waffle Man's Call 119. Rhapsody In Blue 120. I've Got A Cross Eyed Papa 121. Barrael House Blues 122. Mississippi Shivers 123. Kiss Me Sweet 124. Toddlin' Blues 125. Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning 126. Steppin On The Blues 201. All Night Long Blues 202. Meddlin' With The Blues 203. Frank Du Pree 204. Steel String Blues 205. Hersal Blues 206. Street Cries Of New Orleans 207. The Wagon 208. A Married Man's Blues 209. She's Cryin' For Me 210. Put Me In The Alley 211. All I Want Is A Little Spoonful 212. Red Man Blues 213. South Street Blues 214. No Home Blues 215. Sugar Babe 216. Careless Love 217. Don't Fish In My Sea 218. I'll Be Rested 219. I Want My Life To Testify 220. Can't Sleep Blues 221. String Band Blues 222. Black Cat Blues 223. Mama's Angel Child 224. Jack O' Diamond Blues 225. Memphis Shake 226. Crucifixion 227. Royal Palm Special 301. Lamb's Blood Has Washed Me Clean 302. I Shall Wear A Crown 303. High Fever 304. I Want Jesus To Walk With Me 305. Blackville 306. Bridewell Blues 307. Fat Meat & Greens 308. Christians Fight On Your Time Ain't Long 309. Got The Blues 310. Chock House Blues 311. Birth Of The Blues 312. Knoxville Blues 313. My Soul Is A Witness 314. Smoke House Blues 315. Boneyard Shuffle 316. Motherless Child 317. The Bumps 318. Tin Roof Blues 319. Bamalong Blues 320. Hanna Won't You Open The Door 321. Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance 322. James Alley Blues 323. Franklin Street Blues 324. Fight That Thing 325. Vlarinet Wobble 326. Mr. Johnson Turn Me Loose 401. My Old Daddy's Got A Brand New Way To Love 402. Honey In The Rock 403. Georgia Crawl 404. Blessed Are The Poor 405. A Good Man Is Hard To Find 406. I Am Resolved 407. Curley Headed Woman 408. Down South Blues 409. Black Snake Blues 410. Weary Way Blues 411. Honky Tonk Train Blues 412. The Lord Is My Shepherd 413. Penn Beach Blues 414. Black Hearse Blues 415. Cold Penitentiary Blues 416. Shaking The Blues Away 417. The Crowing Rooster 418. Creole Love Call 419. Gods Gonna Separate The Wheat From The Tares 420. Jazz Me Blues 421. Royal Garden Blues 422. Chattanooga Blues 423. New Orleans Lowdown 424. Barrelhouse Man 425. I Am Born To Preach The Gospel 501. Death Is Only A Dream 502. Neckbones & Beans 503. She's In The Graveyard Now 504. Yellow Dog Blues 505. Mamlish Blues 506. Starvation Blues 507. Wild Man Blues 508. Can You Blame The Colored Man? 509. Mama You Don't Know How Long 510. A Woman Gets Tired Of The Same Man All The Time 511. Second-hand Blues 512. Awful Fix 513. Train 45 514. Hesitation Blues 515. Section Gang Blues 516. Lonesome Ghost Blues 517. Lord I Can' Stay Away 518. Deep River 519. Doan Let Satan Git You 520. Every Time I Feel The Spirit 521. Man Trouble 522. Big Road Blues 523. Deep River 524. Blues In The Bottle 525. Stealin' 526. I'm Wild About My Lovin' 601. Viola Lee Blues 602. Take Me Back 603. Three Preludes (2nd Prelude) 604. I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say 605. Away Down In The Alley Blues 606. Going Across The Sea 607. Chocolate To The Bone 608. Pinetop's Blues 609. 99 Year Blues 610. Touch Me Light Mama 611. Mississippi Jail House Groan 612. Sawmill Moan 613. Johnson City Blues 614. Wayward Girl Blues 615. I Must Have That Man 616. Slow Motion 617. Molly Man 618. If The Light Has Gone Out In Your Soul 619. Mon Cherie 620. Four Or Five Times 621. Avalon Blues 622. I Ain't Got Nobody 623. G Burns Is Gonna Rise Again 624. Can't Help Lovin' That Man 625. Ciolin Blues 626. Good Old Turnip Greens 701. Every Day Of The Week Blues 702. Alley Rat 703. I'm On My Journey Home 704. One Way Gal 705. Stack O'lee Pt. 2 706. Worried Blues 707. Can't Help Lovin' That Man 708. Jungle Blues 709. Old Man River 710. Old Time Batism Pt 2 711. Blue Piano Stomp 712. Sunshine Special 713. Midnight Mama 714. Lord Lord He Sure Is Good 715. Wang Wang Blues 716. Tight Like That 717. A Blues Serenade 718. I Truly Understand You Love Another Man 719. I Found A New Baby 720. Hard Hustling Blues 721. The Boy In The Boat 722. School Girl Blues 723. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate 724. Ham Beats All Meat 725. In The Mornin' 726. The Preacher Got Drunk & Laid His Bible Down 801. Home Town Blues 802. Judge Harsh Blues 803. Caution Blues 804. Blue Harmony 805. Cannon Ball Blues 806. Brown Skin Blues 807. Leake County Blues 808. Bathe In That Beautiful Pool 809. Easy Rider Blues 810. Operation Blues 811. I'm A Mighty Tight Woman 812. That's No Way To Get Along 813. Walking Blues 814. Don't Mistreat Your Good Boyfriend 815. St. Louis Blues / Weary Yodelin' Blues 816. Fresno Blues 817. Mean Low Blues 818. Georgia Bound 819. If I Call You Mama 820. Just Blues 821. Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues 822. New York Blues 823. Guitar Blues 824. Avenue Strut 825. Slum Guillion Stomp


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