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One of the Boys - 2826883614

144,69 zł

One of the Boys McGill-Queen's University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Homosexuality and military service have made strange bedfellows over the last hundred years. Military leaders have generally seen homosexuals as unmanly, immoral, and - according to the U.S. military - a threat to unit cohesion, a claim that continues to prop up the controversial 'don't ask, don't tell' policy. Struggles for equal rights have not been limited to the United States: during the Second World War, the Canadian military was acutely concerned with homosexuality and, as the war progressed, senior military brass became increasingly determined to rid the services of those engaged in 'disgraceful conduct of an indecent kind.' Using a wide array of sources - including long-closed court martial records, psychiatric and personnel files, unit war diaries, films, and oral histories - Paul Jackson relates the struggle of queer servicemen of all ranks and branches of the Canadian military to fit in to avoid losing their careers and reputations. He argues that even though homosexual men were often accepted and popular within their units, if they were accused of homosexual behaviour, they were subjected to psychiatric assessments, courts-martial proceedings, prison terms, and dishonourable discharges. An influential and eye-opening study, the author has updated this critically acclaimed work with a new preface that considers depictions of soldiers serving in the war in Afghanistan and the continued silence about homosexual servicemen and women.


Zane Grey - 2826860033

179,12 zł

Zane Grey University of Illinois Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Zane Grey was a disappointed aspirant to major league baseball and an unhappy dentist when he belatedly decided to take up writing at the age of thirty. He went on to become the most successful American author of the 1920s, a significant figure in the early development of the film industry, and central to the early popularity of the Western. Grey's personal life was as colourful as his best novels. Two backcountry trips into the Grand Canyon inspired his first Westerns, and he returned to Arizona annually for many years. His matching passion for sport fishing carried him to Mexico, Nova Scotia, the Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Tahiti, and Australia.These trips were a canvas for the striking contradictions in Grey's life. Though he celebrated chastity and romantic love in his novels and his marriage was crucial to his success, these ideals were sorely tested by his long separations, deep depressions, and multiple involvements with women. Likewise his popularization of hunting, fishing, and the latest equipment threatened the wilderness that he revered and campaigned to protect. Thomas H. Pauly's work is the first full-length biography of Zane Grey to appear in over thirty years. Using a hitherto unknown trove of letters and journals, including never-before-seen photographs of his adventures - both natural and amorous - "Zane Grey" will greatly enlarge and radically alter the current understanding of the superstar author, whose fifty-seven novels and one hundred and thirty movies heavily influenced the world's perception of the Old West.


Daughters of the West Mesa - 2846571963

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Daughters of the West Mesa ABQ Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This novel is based on a true story. In 2009 eleven female remains and an unborn fetus were discovered on the West Mesa outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Irene Blea has synthesized what she experienced while living in the region and introduces us to Dora, a single mother, and her two daughters, Luna and Andrea. Luna has been missing for several months. The police, Dora, Andrea and members of the community have searched for Luna with no success. Dora struggles to endure not knowing about her missing daughter, Andrea's emotional distance, and adjusting to the recent purchase of a new house next to a one hundred acre field when a human bone is found in the field. She watches the investigation of the bone and the discovery of many more bones on television. Dora's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being decline while she awaits notice that Luna is, or is not, buried in the field. Irene Blea has personal experience with the dark side of the city and women like Dora, whose daughters frequent nightclubs and bars among drug addicts and prostitutes. She also draws from Mexican American culture. Blea developed and taught Mexican American Studies for twenty-seven years and has written several articles, poetry, and textbooks for university classroom use. The author retired from California State University-Los Angles as a tenured, Full Professor and Chairperson of Mexican American Studies in 1998.


Aborigines' Protection Society - 2826765522

173,73 zł

Aborigines' Protection Society HURST C & CO PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For more than seventy years, a select group of the great and the good fought for the natives of the British Empire. Anti-Slavery campaigner Thomas Fowell Buxton, medical pioneer Thomas Hodgkin, London Mayor Robert Fowler, the 'Zulu' Harriette Colenso, Joseph Chamberlain and Lord Shaftesbury were just some of the men and women who campaigned on behalf of the Aborigines' Protection Society. The Society shaped the British Empire, and fought against the tide of white supremacy to defend the interests of aboriginal peoples everywhere. Active on four continents, the Aborigines' Protection Society brought the Zulu King Cetshwayo to meet Queen Victoria, and Maori rebels to the Lord Mayor's banqueting hall. The Society's supporters were denounced by senior British Army officers and white settlers as Zulu-lovers, 'so-called friends of the Aborigines', and even traitors. The book tells the story of the three-cornered fight among the Colonial Office, the settlers and the natives that shaped the Empire and the pivotal role that the Society played, persuading the authorities to limit settlers' claims in the name of native interests. Against expectations, the policy of native protection turns out to be one of the most important reasons for the growth of Imperial rule. James Heartfield's comparative study of native protection policies in Southern Africa, the Congo, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, and Canada - and how those with the best of intentions ended up championing colonisation. Pointing to the wreckage of humanitarian imperialism today, Heartfield sets out to understand its roots in the beliefs and practices of its nineteenth-century equivalents.


Too Late to Say Goodbye - 2826890601

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Too Late to Say Goodbye Simon & Schuster

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Written within a cloistered environment to protect sources that have yet to be identified, TOO LATE TO SAY GOODBYE is a chilling portrait of two beautiful, successful women whose murders were made to look like suicides. Jenn Corbin appeared to have it all: two little boys, a posh home in the suburbs of Atlanta, and a husband - Dr Bart Corbin, a successful dentist - who was handsome and brilliant. Then, in December 2004, Jenn was found dead with a bullet in her head, apparently by suicide. Only later would detectives learn that another woman in Dr Corbin's past had been found years earlier with nearly the exact same wound to the head, also ruled a suicide. In TOO LATE TO SAY GOODBYE, Ann Rule - working in cooperation with victims' families, police investigators, and sources from Georgia to Australia - unravels the now-sensational deaths. What emerges is an incredible tale of jealous rage; of stunning evidence that runs from the steamy to the macabre; and of a fateful, mind-boggling coincidence that appears to have motivated the killings. The definitive unravelling of one of the strangest murder investigations of our time, this is the greatest achievement of a truly great writing career.


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