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Willing Migrants - 2826925221

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Willing Migrants Ohio University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Eighty-five percent of Black African migrants to France come from a single ethnic group in a single region of West Africa. The Soninke have the oldest tradition of labor migration within Africa and were also probably the first itinerant traders of West Africa; an important proportion continue to be merchants today. The first major study of the Soninke labor migration within Africa and to France, Willing Migrants is based upon critical analysis of French precolonial and colonial records and oral interviews with Soninke migrants. Francois Manchuelle shows that these migrations were driven by a search for improved economic conditions and that these labor movements have a great deal in common with European and American migrations. The empirical evidence runs sharply contrary to the theoretical arguments common in the Africanist literature that have stressed the role of the colonial state in forcing migration through coercive violence and taxation. Providing a vital link between African Studies and the study of labor migrations around the world, Willing Migrants marks a major advance in Africanist labor migration literature and should initiate new lines of historical inquiry and set off wide-ranging debate.


Jubilee as a folk novel - 2827079611

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Jubilee as a folk novel GRIN Verlag

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Seminar paper from the year 2007 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, printed single-sided, grade: 1,5, University of Cologne, course: Einführungsseminar Literaturwissenschaft Teil B: The Neo-Slave Narrative, 13 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: On nearly 500 pages Margaret Walker tells the story of her great-grandmother. Jubilee is the story about Vyry, a black female slave who longs for freedom and finally gains it, at least officially, after the Civil War years. Besides this individual destiny, the novel contains historical sections and information about political developments during that time, several complex characters in addition to Vyry and inside views even of white characters, detailed descriptions of the slaves everyday life, their family structures, their language and their hierarchies. My term paper will deal with those elements which turn Jubilee into a folk novel, i.e. an account of African American traditions which were passed from generation to generation orally. It was clear to me that Walker had intended to write a kind of folk novel when I readher dedication: She dedicated her first and only novel to her family, especially to herfour children so that they may know something of their heritage . Apparently, familyboundaries and traditions do not only play a major role in the novel but also did inWalker s own life. After reading Walker s essay How I wrote Jubilee there wasfurther evidence found for my initial intuition. There she mentions: I always intendedJubilee to be a folk novel based on folk material: folk sayings, folk belief, folkways. (Walker 1973: 62). Furthermore, the origin of Jubilee is a piece of oral tradition itself.According to the same essay, her grandmother had told her stories about slave life inGeorgia ever since she was a child (Walker 1973: 51). As an adult she carried out along-lasting research because she was determined to authenticate the story I hadheard from my grandmother s lips (Walker 1973: 56). The task of this term paper will be to find instances where its characteristics as afolk novel become obvious. To fulfil this task I will begin with a summary of the noveland I will provide a working definition of the term folklore . Afterwards there will be acloser investigation of some folkloric categories which are represented in Jubilee.


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