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Sports trophies and awards - 2837118114

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Sports trophies and awards Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 57. Chapters: America's Cup, List of Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards, Star, Laureus World Sports Awards, ESPY Award, General classification in the Tour de France, List of Luge World Cup champions, Blue, NBA Rookie of the Month Award, List of Bobsleigh World Cup champions, World Series of Poker bracelet, List of recipients of the Paralympic Order, Holmenkollen Medal, Combativity award, Associated Press Athlete of the Year, Franjo Bucar State Award for Sport, Sportsman of the Year, Flo Hyman Award, German Sports Badge, Points classification in the Giro d'Italia, List of Skeleton World Cup champions, Mussabini Medal, Olympic Cup, Egebergs Ćrespris, United Press International Athlete of the Year Award, List of recipients of the Olympic Order, USOC Athlete of the Year, America's Polo Cup, Rookie of the Year, List of Soviet Union top ten athletes of the year, Most Valuable Player, Sportswoman of the Year Award, Olympic Medal Nobre Guedes, Hickok Belt, Segrave Trophy, List of World All-Around Rodeo Champions, Golden Goggle Awards, Sports Emmy Award, Radiosportens Jerringpris, Island Sports Media, Oscar Mathisen Award, Vélo d'Or, Corbett Award, Rotterdam Sportsman of the year, Amsterdam Sportsman of the year, Player of the year award, Ard Schenk Award, Austrian Sports Badge, Littlejohn Vase, ISAF World Sailor of the Year Awards, European Police Achievement Badge, Glasgow Celtic Society Cup, Green jersey, Macaulay Cup, AE-COPSD Sports badge, National road cycling championships, World Poker Tour bracelet, Mod Cup, Valerie Fraser Trophy, MacTavish Cup, General classification in the Giro d'Italia, RTÉ Team of the Year Award, Presidential Champions Award, Asian Sportsman of the year, Wimbledon Cup, Premios Juventud, Coach of the Year, Mug Race, Belgian Sports Personality of the Year, German track and field badge, Newron Cup, List of German Sports Badges, Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award, The Leo, Elcho Shield, Jim Thorpe Lifetime Achievement Award, David Dixon Award, Gunnar Cup, Victor Ludorum, Comeback Player of the Year Award, LKL Champions, Boston Teapot Trophy. Excerpt: This is a list of both active and inactive Wrestling Observer Newsletter awards created by professional wrestling journalist, Dave Meltzer. The first fourteen awards were created in 1980 as an informal poll between Meltzer and his friends and others he corresponded with on the subject of professional wrestling at the time. After starting the Wrestling Observer in 1983, the awards took on a greater life, with an increasing number of awards given out every year. The awards were created to recognize the individual achievements of a select few wrestlers who exemplified in a specified criterion. The awards are given on a yearly basis in various categories such as Best Overall Wrestler, Most Outstanding Wrestler, Best Tag Team, Most Improved, Match of the Year, etc.; there are also a handful of awards to recognize the dubious distinctions in the business during that year such as Most Overrated and Worst Worked Match. Currently, there are thirty-seven categories that are actively assessed every year and ten that are no longer active. The awards are voted for by the readership of the newsletter, which includes various insiders of the industry, such as promoters, agents, and performers, as well as journalists, historians, and fans. The awards are organized into two classes. For class A awards, voters indicate their top three choices. First choices are awarde...


Women for Hire - 2853798921

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Depicts prostitution in 19th-century France not as a vice, crime, or disease, but as a well-organized business. This text reveals how the brothel served the sex industry in the same way that the factory served manufacturing: it provided an institution for the profitable sale of services.


E-Commerce and Web Technologies - 2845523683

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E-Commerce and Web Technologies Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Electronic Commerce and Web Technologies (EC-Web) held in Toulouse, France, in August/September 2011.§The 25 papers accepted for EC-Web, selected from 60 submissions, are organized into eight topical sections on semantic services, business processes and services, context-aware recommender systems, intelligent agents and e-negotiation systems, collaborative filtering and preference learning, social recommender systems, agent interaction and trust management, and innovative strategies for preference elicitation and profiling.


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