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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

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Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

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Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


Mississippi Blues 1926-59 - 2840295881

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Mississippi Blues 1926-59


1. Bo Weavil Jackson - Some Scream High Yellow 2. Rube Lacey - Ham Hound Crave 3. Bobby Grant - Lonesome Atlanta Blues 4. Ramblin' Thomas - No Job Blues 5. William Harris - Kitchen Range Blues 6. Freddie Spruell - Muddy Water Blues 7. Jenny Pope - Mr Postman Blues 8. Son House - Walkin' Blues 9. J.d. Short - Telephone Arguin' Blues 10. Joe Mccoy - Preachers Blues 11. King Solomon Hill - Whoopee Blues Tk 2 12. Poor Boy Lofton - Poor Boy Blues 13. Robert Wilkins - Old Jim Canan's 14. Memphis Minnie - Reachin' Pete 15. Bukka White - Po' Boy 16. Walter Vincson - Can't Get A Word In Edgeways 17. Muddy Waters - I Be Bound To Write To You 18. Johnny Shines - Evil Hearted Woman Blues 19. Charlie Booker - Charlie's Boogie Woogie 20. Boyd Gilmore - Ramblin' On My Mind 21. Tommy Lee Thompson - Highway 80 Blues 22. Boy Blue - Joe Lee's Rock 23. Rose Hemphill - Rolled And Tumbled 24. Forrest City Joe - She Lived Her Life Too Fast 25. John Dudley - Po' Boy 101. Furry Lewis - Why Don't You Come Home Blues 102. Freddie Spruell - Low-down Mississippi Bottom Ma 103. Tom Dickson - Death Bell Blues 104. Uncle Bud Walker - Look Here Mama Blues 105. Walter Vincson - Overtime Blues 106. Willie Harris - Never Drive A Stranger From Your 107. Joe Mccoy - Pile Drivin' Blues 108. Arthur Petties - Good Boy Blues 109. Geeshie Wiley - Eagles On A Half 110. Ramblin' Thomas - Ground Hog Blues No. 2 111. Joe Stone - Back Door Blues 112. Freddie Spruell/washboard Sam - Ocean Blues 113. Poor Boy Lofton - Jake Leg Blues 114. The Mississippi Moaner - Mississippi Moan 115. Chasey Collins - Walking Blues 116. Tommy Mcclennan - Cotton Patch Blues 117. Tony Hollins - Cross Cut Saw Blues 118. Honeyboy Edwards - Wind Howlin' Blues 119. Lucius Curtis - Times Is Gittin' Hard 120. Boyd Gilmore - Just An Army Boy 121. Houston Boines - Relation Blues 122. Drifting Slim - Good Morning Baby 123. Little Milton Anderson - Little Milton's Boogie 124. Lonnie & Ed Young - Chevrolet 125. Boy Blue - Boogie Children 201. Bo Weavil Jackson - You Cant Keep No Brown 202. Buddy Boy Hawkins - Yellow Woman Blues 203. Ramblin' Thomas - Sawmill Moan 204. Uncle Bud Walker - Stand Up Suitcase Blues 205. William Harris - Hot Time Blues 206. J.d. Short - Lonesome Swamp Rattlesnake 207. Arthur Petties - Revenue Man Blues 208. Geeshie Wiley - Pick Poor Robin Clean 209. Sam Collins - Slow Mama Slow 210. Ben Curry - The Laffing Rag 211. Kansas Joe - Dresser Drawer Blues 212. King Solomon Hill - Down On My Bended Knee Tk 2 213. Poor Boy Lofton - It's Killin' Me 214. Bill Wilber - Greyhound Blues 215. Sam Montgomery - Where The Sweet Old Oranges Gro 216. Mose Andrews - Ten Pound Hammer 217. Tony Hollins - Crawlin' King Snake 218. Willie '61' Blackwell - Four O'clock Flower Blue 219. Muddy Waters - You Got To Take Sick And Die 220. Johnny Shines - Delta Pine Blues 221. Sunny Blair - Step Back Baby 222. Willie Nix - Baker Shop Boogie 223. Charley Booker - Rabbit Bues 224. Tommy Lee Thompson - Packin' Up Blues 225. Willie Jones - You Got Dimples In Your Jaw 301. Buddy Boy Hawkins - Raggin' The Blues 302. Rube Lacy - Mississippi Jail House Groan 303. Tom Dickson - Worry Blues 304. Furry Lewis - Dry Land Blues 305. Blind Joe Reynolds - Nehi Mama Blues 306. Jenny Pope - Rent Man Blues 307. Sam Collins - Signifying Blues 308. Ben Curry - Hot Dog 309. Ramblin' Thomas - Little Old Mamma Blues 310. Georgia Boyd - Never Mind Blues 311. Kansas Joe - Meat Cutter Blues 312. Poor Boy Lofton - Dirty Mistreater 313. Sam Montgomery - Low In Mind Blues 314. Chasey Collins - Atlanta Town 315. Mose Andrews - Young Heifer Blues 316. Robert Lee Mccoy - Friar's Point Blues 317. Honeyboy Edwards - Roamin' And Ramblin' Blues 318. Willie Nix - Lonesome Bedroom Blues 319. Houston Boines - Going Home 320. Charley Booker - No Ridin' Blues 321. Driftin' Slim - My Sweet Woman 322. Little Milton Anderson - Mistreated Baby Blues 323. Rosalie Hill - Bullyin' Well 324. Forrest City Joe - You Gotta Cut That Out


Flush Fiction - 2849847441

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Flush Fiction Advantage Publishers Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Quick fiction for readers on the go! "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader Presents Flush Fiction" is a tantalizing collection of 88 short-short stories custom-picked for the "Bathroom Reader" aficionado. We scoured the nation for talented writers and asked them to send us their best quick reads. The result: mysteries, horror, sci-fi, adventure, plenty of laughs--and a few gasps--in these startling short stories. They're like little movies for your mind! Some titles to entice you: "Nothing""Mr. Agreeable""Dead Man's Float""The Unseeing Eye""Checking out a Geezer""My First Foreign Woman and the Sea""Rusty the Pirate (A Historical Feghoot)""The Loom of Doom Galls Mainly in the Tomb" What are these stories about? Check out "Flush Fiction" and you won't be disappointed!


Flock of Blackbirds - 2844168147

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Flock of Blackbirds AESOP Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A Flock of Blackbirds is a selection of short stories and novellas written by Susan Noble, who died in 1974 at the age of 31. Susan's output of fiction and poetry in the final ten years of her life was prolific and to mark the fortieth anniversary of her death, the stories in this volume are being published in hardback, paperback and Kindle for the first time, along with two volumes of her poetry, The Dream of Stairs and Inside the Stretch of My Heart, and her novel, Between Empty Tramlines. Susan's exceptional sensitivity was reflected not only in the prolific outpouring of poems that make up The Dream of Stairs and Inside the Stretch of My Heart, but in the short stories that make up this collection. In these intense, haunting stories, she chronicles her personal response to the world around her, while vividly portraying the inner landscape of her mental and emotional struggle. Many of the stories are triggered by the quotidian experience of living and working in central London in the late 1960s and early 1970s, yet beneath the fragile surface of acute observations of city life, intensely spiritual insights are played out, sometimes delicately, sometimes shockingly. but always movingly. Profits from the sales of all four volumes are being donated to three charities: Mind, the Samaritans and Sane. Facsimiles of the original typescripts and manuscripts are available online at: About the author Brought up in South London, Susan Noble was the second of three children. Her childhood was enriched by being part of a large and closely-knit Jewish family. Unfortunately stricken by polio (then known as infantile paralysis) in her early years, Susan went through life with a degree of physical handicap which she was to overcome with courage and determination. Educated at Croydon High School, Susan studied English at Somerville College, Oxford. After graduating, Susan worked in London, first at the Royal National Institute for the Blind, dictating books for transcription into Braille, and later at the National Central Library in London, where she qualified as a Chartered Librarian.


Rotten Jellybeans - 2826899928

62,41 zł

Rotten Jellybeans Chipmunka Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Key Themes: bi-polar disorder, manic depression, schi-affective disorder, electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), medication, addiction WARNING: CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE "I would sit up all night and sometimes first thing in the morning just banging away at the keyboard hoping to loosen the chains of a mind that had condemned itself. I was in hell and all I could do was stay in that agonizing position and keep writing, so I knew I was still alive." - Michele Koh Description 'Rotten Jellybeans' is a comical and surreal adventure into the madcap world of teenage girlhood. Michele Koh looks at her rapid and frightening descent into drug addiction and manic depression with raw and punchy honesty. This collection of 22 short stories and poems about drugs, love, sex and insanity is perhaps a tale that every single young girl making that transition into womanhood can understand. Dark, funny and delightful. About the Author Michele Koh is a journalist who has written for publications like Psychologies and Harper's Bazaar. She is also a scriptwriter and a children's book illustrator. Michele was editor of the LCC News at the London College of Communication, where she graduated in journalism in 2007. Born in Singapore in 1978, she attended an all girls' convent school and began working in television as a children's show host when she was 11. In her late teens, Michele was diagnosed with bipolar schizo-affective disorder and underwent 7 treatments of electro-convulsive therapy. In the following years she grappled with behavioral addictions, and dependency on prescription drugs. It was during the nadir of her illness that Michele began to write. Book Extract Stereo Guy Says These days are pretty normal. I have a routine to them. I look forward to dinner, to the wine that accompanies dinner, then accompanies me upstairs to what I call 'flagrant delicto' time. Flagrant delicto means caught red handed. I checked it up in the dictionary after reading 'The Magus'. I decided after Geoff left that my room was too teenage with all the movie posters and mad magazines. I removed all the posters, but they left cracks and chips in my wall where the plaster fell off, so I spent three days plastering the cracks with blue-tack, and mixing my water colour paint till it was the same colour as the walls and painted over the blue-tack. I threw out my comics and picture books and bought novels instead. Authors with exotic sounding names like Milan Kundera, Haruki Mirakumi, Vikram Seth, Ben Okri, David Malouf, Patrick Suskind and John Fowles. I also bought language tapes. French, German, Japanese, Italian and Spanish, and I was going to learn them all in half a year. I started listening to classical music. I was going to make myself a lady. The hero in 'The Magus' is having a meal in a greek villa - wine, meat and cheese - and I have fixed myself a meal of gorgonzola, pear and cold cuts, feeling like I am in the book. I feel a little restless because it's that time of day, when the sky changes from violet to mauve that I lose myself a little again. I go upstairs with my wine and I feel a twinge of guilt, like I have something to hide. The guilt I feel comes from being aware that locked in my room I'm in that plac


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