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How the Idea of Religious Toleration Came to the West - 2212825662

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How the Idea of Religious Toleration Came to the West Princeton University Press

Inne 1

Religious intolerance, so terrible and deadly in its recent manifestations, is nothing new. In fact, until after the eighteenth century, Christianity was perhaps the most intolerant of all the great world religions. "How Christian Europe and the West" went from this extreme to their present universal belief in religious toleration is the momentous story fully told for the first time in this timely and important book by a leading historian of early modern Europe. Perez Zagorin takes readers to a time when both the Catholic Church and the main new Protestant denominations embraced a policy of endorsing religious persecution, coercing unity, and, with the state's help, mercilessly crushing dissent and heresy. This position had its roots in certain intellectual and religious traditions, which Zagorin traces before showing how out of the same traditions came the beginnings of pluralism in the West. Here we see how sixteenth- and seventeenth-century thinkers - writing from religious, theological, and philosophical perspectives - contributed far more than did political expediency or the growth of religious skepticism to advance the cause of toleration. Reading these thinkers - from Erasmus and Sir Thomas More to John Milton and John Locke, among others - Zagorin brings to light a common, if unexpected, thread: concern for the spiritual welfare of religion itself weighed more in the defense of toleration than did any secular or pragmatic arguments. His book - which ranges from England through the Netherlands, the post-1685 Huguenot Diaspora, and the American Colonies - also exposes a close connection between toleration and religious freedom. A far-reaching and incisive discussion of the major writers, thinkers, and controversies responsible for the emergence of religious tolerance in Western society - from the Enlightenment through the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights - this original and richly nuanced work constitutes an essential chapter in the intellectual history of the modern world.


West Coast Doo Wop '94-61 - 2840088240

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West Coast Doo Wop '94-61

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul

1. My Baby Done Told Me - The Four Bluebirds 2. Around About Midnight 3. You Sure Look Good To Me 4. Don't Like The Way You're Doing 5. Come Back Baby 6. Found Me A Sugar Daddy - Mickey Champio 7. Gonna Have A Merry Christmas - Mickey Champion 8. You Didn't Want My Love - The Nic Nacs 9. If I Didn't Love You So 10. If It's So Baby 11. Double Crossing Blues 12. The Turkey Hop (Part ) 13. Our Romance Is Gone 14. There Ain't No Use Beggin' 15. I'm Living Ok 16. There's Rain In My Eyes 17. I'm Through 18. You're Fine But Not My Kind 19. Rockin' 20. That's What The Good Book Says 21. A Falling Star - Maggie Hathaway & The Robins 22. When Gabriel Blows His Horn 23. Schoolgirl Blues 24. Early Morning Blues 25. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I 26. My Hearts The Biggest Fool 27. All Night Baby 28. Oh Why 101. Let's Go To The Dance 102. How Would You Know 103. My Baby Done Told Me 104. I'll Do It 105. Ten Days In Jail 106. Empty Bottles 107. Don't Stop Now 108. Get It Off Your Mind 109. I Made A Vow 110. Double Crossin' Baby 111. All I Do Is Rock 112. Key To My Heart 113. Framed 114. The Hatchet Man 115. Cherry Lips 116. Out Of The Picture 117. Hurt Me 118. Since I First Met You 119. A Fool In Love 120. All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings 121. Every Night 122. Where's The Fire 123. A Little Bird Told Me 124. Just Like That 125. Whole Lot Of Imagination 126. Live Wire Suzie 127. Oh No 128. How Many More Times 129. White Cliffs Of Dover 130. Magic Of A Dream


Live At Campus West (Uk) - 2847646367

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Live At Campus West (Uk) IMPORTS


1. Les 2. Epistrophy 3. Fables Of Faubus 4. Open Book 5. The Man Who Never Sleeps 6. Something Sweet, Something Tender 7. Out To Lunch 8. Potsa Lotsa


Russian Architecture And The West - 2840043400

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Russian Architecture And The West

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>The arts>Architecture

Shows The Development Of Russian Architecture As A Part Of The History Of Western Architecture. This Book Analyses Russian Buildings In Relation To Developments In European Art, Pointing Out Where Familiar European Features Are Expressed In Russian Projects. It Pays Attention Toward Decorations Based On Byzantine Models.


The Cyclist Who Went Out In The Cold - 2842839525

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The Cyclist Who Went Out In The Cold

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Travel & holiday>Travel writingKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle,...

Scaling A New Peak Of Rash Over-ambition, The Author Tackles The 9,000 Km Route Of The Old Iron Curtain On A Tiny-wheeled, Two-geared East German Shopping Bike. In This Book, He Reflects On The Curdling Of The Communist Dream, And The Memories Of A Cold War Generation Reared On The Fear Of Apocalypse - At A Time Of Ratcheting East-West Tension.


Motorcity Scrap Book:.. - 2840185808

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Motorcity Scrap Book:..

Muzyka>Rhythm & Blues / Soul>Soul

1. The Van Dellos - I Need You 2. The O'jays - Miracles 3. Lee Rogers - Troubles 4. David Ruffin - One Of These Days 5. Barrett Strong - You Knows What To Do 6. The Four Holidays - Hurricane Of Love 7. Melvin Davis - Playboy (Don't You Play In School) 8. The Distants - All Right 9. Saundra Mallett & The Vandellas - It's Gonna Be Ha 10. The Barons - While The Cat's Away 11. Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls - Mr. Fine 12. Richard Wylie & His Band - Money (That's What I Wa 13. Gino Parks - That's No Lie 14. Singin Sammy Ward & Sherri Taylor - Oh Lover 15. Ty Hunter - Envy Of Every Man 16. Willie Jones & The Royal Jokers - Fast Choo Choo 17. Benny Mccain & The Ohio Untouchables - She's My He 18. Loe & Joe - Little Ole Boy-little Ole Girl 19. Shorty Long - Too Smart 20. Ruben Fort - I Feel It 21. Timmy Shaw - Thunder In My Heart 22. The Temptations - Oh Mother Of Mine 23. The Spinners W Bobby Smith - She Don't Love Me 24. Martha & The Vandellas - My Baby Won't Come Back 25. Calvin Williams - It Don't Mean A Thing 26. Mary Wells - I'm So Sorry 27. The Ohio Untouchables - Your Love Is Amazing 28. Richard Street & The Distants - Save Me From This 101. Betty Lavett - You Killed The Love (Extended) 102. Harvey - Any Way You Wanta 103. Wilson Pickett - Let Me Be Your Boy 104. The Merced Bluenotes - Midnight Session (Pt 1) 105. Johnny West - It Ain't Love 106. Bobbie Smith & The Dream Girls - Now He's Gone 107. The Contours - So Grateful 108. The Falcons - Let's Kiss & Make Up 109. Johnny Rodgers & The Nu-tones - Make A Change 110. Yvonne Vernee - It's Been A Long Time 111. The Technics - A Man's Confession 112. Timmy Shaw - I'm A Lonely Guy 113. Joe Stubbs - What's My Destiny 114. Geraldine Hunt - I Let Myself Go 115. Sherri Taylor - He's The One That Rings My Bell 116. The Seminoles - It Takes A Lot 117. The Sty-letts - Too Far To Turn Around 118. Bobby Williams - I'm Depending On You 119. Gino Washington - I'm A Coward 120. Lamont Dozier - Fortune Teller Tell Me 121. Roger Wade - Little Girl 122. Willie Kendricks - Let Me Know 123. The Sonnettes - I've Gotten Over You 124. The Taylor Tones - Poor Little Girl 125. Mack Rice - My Baby 126. Gail Noble - Be Good To Your Baby 127. Nolan Strong - Mind Over Matter 128. Benny Mccain - (I Don't Want No) Part Time Love


Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias - 2848491204

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Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Książka, posiadająca istotne walory praktyczne, jest pierwszą pozycją polskiej autorki w tak kompleksowy sposób analizującą nie tylko istotę funkcjonowania kredytowych instrumentów pochodnych, ale również modele ich wyceny, doskonalenie których autorka słusznie uznaje za kluczowe dla rozwoju tego rynku. Niewątpliwą zaletą opracowania jest mnogość przykładów, przeprowadzających Czytelnika przez kolejne etapy szacowania wartości omawianych struktur i tworzących idealną bazę dla zrozumienia konstrukcji tych złożonych produktów. Prof. zw. dr hab. Janusz Soboń Publikacja stanowi cenne kompendium wiedzy zarówno dla praktyków rynku finansowego, jak i studentów oraz słuchaczy studiów podyplomowych i doktoranckich, jak również dla pracowników nauki zainteresowanych wdrażaniem metod kwantyfikacji ryzyka kredytowego w praktykę. Prof. nadzw. SGH dr hab. Paweł Niedziółka Nazwa - Pochodne instrumenty kredytowe Autor - Izabela Pruchnicka-Grabias Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - CeDeWu Kod ISBN - 9788375563733 Kod EAN - 9788375563733 Wydanie - 1 Rok wydania - 2011 Język - polski Format - 16.5x23.0cm Ilość stron - 280 Podatek VAT - 5%


Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls - 2847039140

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Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - Szesnasty studyjny album jednej z największych legend heavy metalu, grupy Iron Maiden. Podwójne wydawnictwo będzie nosić tytuł "The Book Of Souls". Jedenaście kompozycji Iron Maiden nagrywali w Guillame Tell Studios w Paryżu. Za konsoletą siedział sprawdzony od lat współpracownik Anglików, Kevin `Caveman` Shirley. Nagrania zakończyły się pod koniec 2014 roku. Szlifów produkcyjnych dokonano już na początku roku 2015, ale premierę postanowiono odroczyć z uwagi na to, że u Bruce`a Dickinsona zdiagnozowano nowotwór języka. Na szczęście walka wokalisty z chorobą, zakończyła się jego sukcesem. Okładka albumu jest dziełem Marka Wilkinsona ( Fish). Piosenki podzielono na dwie płyty i trwają one łącznie aż 92 minuty. To pierwsza podwójna studyjna płyta w historii Iron Maiden. W komponowaniu piosenek brali udział wszyscy muzycy poza perkusistą Nicko McBrainem. Dwa utwory to samodzielne kompozycje Bruce`a Dickinsona. Taka sytuacja poprzednim razem miała miejsce 31 lat temu, na legendarnym albumie `Powerslave`. O procesie powstawania płyty Steve Harris mówił tak: `Tym razem podeszliśmy do tego nieco inaczej. Wiele piosenek zostało napisanych w studiu i od razu graliśmy je na próbach, a zaraz potem rejestrowaliśmy. Mam wrażenie, że ta natychmiastowość naszego działania będzie słyszalna. Numery brzmią tak, jakbyśmy je nagrali podczas koncertu. Wszyscy jesteśmy niezmiernie dumni z płyty


Say Hello Level 2 Teacher's Book - 2841670141

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Say Hello Level 2 Teacher's Book DELTA PUBLISHING

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Say Hello Level 2 is the second level in a new two-level Kindergarten English course for four- to five-year-olds. The course is written by Judy West, who has extensive experience in both teaching and writing materials for young learners. Say Hello Level 2 is based around two engaging characters Tom and Polly together with their friends Ben the Bear and Mimi the Monkey. At the heart of the methodology lies an emphasis on child-centred activities, and the puppet of Ben the Bear plays a key part in these. Learning is introduced through a range of short and lively activities, these include listening and speaking, listening and pointing, singing and chanting, and playing games involving simple responses in English. The songs, chants and games that feature throughout the course provide opportunities for repetition, enable pupils to try out the language in a fun and secure way, and encourage interaction and movement. Each unit also offers opportunities for colouring, tracing and a craft activity, encouraging participation and manual dexterity. In Level 2 the alphabet A-Z and the numbers 1-20 are introduced throughout, while vocabulary learning is aided by a picture dictionary and board games. Say Hello Level 2 Teacher's Book offers a comprehensive guide to teaching the course and provides excellent support for less experienced teachers of English. There are detailed lesson by lesson guides including lesson aims, warm ups, games, extension ideas, home activity suggestions and teaching tips. The Teacher's Book is also packaged with the Multi-ROM of Audio materials and Interactive Whiteboard software including animated versions of songs and a variety of interactive activities to reinforce and extend learning in a fun way. Components: Pupil's Book Level 2 (ISBN 9781905085767) consists of 10 units, each unit containing eight lessons. Also feature a picture dictionary and board games; Playbook Level 2 (ISBN 9781905085774) ISBN includes twenty pages of fun games, puzzles, drawing and colouring activities, plus a 10 page insert in thicker card with craft objects to cut and make; Teacher's Book Level 2 (ISBN 9781905085781) with Multi-Rom of Audio materials and Interactive Whiteboard software; and Level 2 Pack of 63 A5 full-colour, double-sided flashcards. (ISBN 9781905085835).


Voice In Time 1939 - 1952 (W / Book) (Rmst) (Dlx) - 2839688175

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Voice In Time 1939 - 1952 (W / Book) (Rmst) (Dlx) Sony Music


1. All Or Nothing At All 2. From The Bottom Of My Heart 3. If I Didn't Care 4. Moon Love 5. East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon) 6. I'll Be Seeing You 7. Say It 8. Blue Skies 9. I'll Never Smile Again 10. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) 11. This Love Of Mine 12. Oh Look At Me Now 13. Just As Though You Were Here 14. How About You 15. Imagination 16. Ferensi 17. Blue Moon 18. Be Careful It's My Heart 19. Night And Day 20. Song Is You 101. No Love No Nothin' 102. Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night In The Week) 103. Oh What It Seemed To Be 104. You'll Never Know 105. I've Got A Crush On You 106. Brooklyn Bridge 107. Five Minutes More 108. It Seems To Me I've Heard That Song Before 109. Trolley Song 110. Time After Time 111. Dream (When You're Feeling Blue) 112. I Fall In Love Too Easily 113. I Got A Woman Crazy For Me She's Funny That Way 114. It's Been A Long Long Time 115. Dancing In The Dark 116. Medley 117. Nancy 118. Lover Come Back To Me 119. Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day) 120. Again 201. All Of Me 202. Sweet Lorraine 203. Body And Soul 204. All The Things You Are 205. Embraceable You 206. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) 207. Stormy Weather 208. Begin The Beguine 209. There Will Never Be Another You 210. As Time Goes By 211. Nearness Of You 212. Stella By Starlight 213. I Get A Kick Out Of You 214. That Old Black Magic 215. One For My Baby (And One More For The Road) 216. It Had To Be You 217. What'll I Do 218. Laura 219. September Song 220. Ol' Man River 301. Birth Of The Blues 302. April In Paris 303. American Beauty Rose 304. Lover 305. Continental 306. Should I (Reveal) 307. When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) 308. It All Depends On You 309. Bye Bye Baby 310. I Could Write A Book 311. Autumn In New York 312. If Only She'd Look My Way 313. Hello Young Lovers 314. We Kiss In A Shadow 315. My Girl 316. Love Me 317. Farewell, Farewell To Love 318. Walking In The Sunshine 319. Why Try To Change Me Now 320. I'm A Fool To Want You


Say Hello, Pupils Book - 2840001982

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Say Hello, Pupils Book

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>English language teaching (ELT)>Learning material & coursework

Suitable For Four- To Five-year-olds, This Book Includes Songs, Chants And Games That Feature Throughout The Course Provide Opportunities For Repetition, Enable Pupils To Try Out The Language In A Fun And Secure Way, And Encourage Interaction And Movement.


Say Hello, Play Book - 2840001981

51,99 zł

Say Hello, Play Book

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>English language teaching (ELT)>Learning material & coursework

Offers A Two-level Kindergarten English Course For Four- To Five-year-olds. This Book Includes Songs, Chants And Games That Feature Throughout The Course Provide Opportunities For Repetition, Enable Pupils To Try Out The Language In A Fun And Secure Way, And Encourage Interaction And Movement.


Kołonotatnik A4/90# Oxford my colours 100101864 - 2846487232

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Kołonotatnik A4/90# Oxford my colours 100101864

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - Kołonotatnik w energetycznych kolorach.



48,99 zł


Muzyka > Płyty kompaktowe > Jazz, Swing > Klasyczny

JAZZ CAFE.9 X CD.180 TRACK. NOWE  ORYGINALNE  FOLIA   PLYTA 1 Art Tatum - I Would Do Anything For You  Art Tatum - Moonglow  Coleman Hawkins - Make Believe  Django Reinhardt - Blues  Thelonious Monk - Round Midnight  Wody Herman And His Orchestra - Early Autumn  Peggy Le - Goody Goody  Art Tatum - Somebody Loves Me  Oscar Peterson - (I Don't Stand A) Ghost Of A Chance With You  Erroll Garner - I Don't Know Why  Oscar Preterson - For You  Coleman Hawkins - If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight)  Billie Holiday - Stormy Weather  Dinah Washington - My Song  Art Tatum - Louise Ben Webster - Danny Boy  Dinah Washington - Am I Blue?  Herbie Mann - Autumn Nocturne  Dinah Washington - Our Love Is Here To Stay  PLYTA 2 Coleman Hawkins - Blues Evermore  Count Basie Orchestra - Harvard Blues  Billie Holiday - That Old Devil Called Love  Art Tatum - Dark Eyes  Coleman Hawkins - Someone To Watch Over Me  Billie Holiday - I'll Look Around  Dexter Gordon - I Can't Escape From You  Coleman Hawkins - Angel Face  Peggy Lee - Imagination  Art Blakey and James Moody - Out Of Nowhere  Charlie Parker - East Of The Sun (West Of The Moon)  Stan Kenton - Street Of Dreams  Les Brown - Azure  Dinah Washington - Make Believe Dreams  Peggy Lee - Forgive Me  Stan Getz - Moonlight In Vermont  Barney Kessel - Just Squeeze Me  Stan Getz - Love And The Weather  Coleman Hawkins - Ruby  Art Tatum - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You  PLYTA 3   Art Tatum - Cocktails For Two  Don Byas  - Annie Laurie  Coleman Hawkins - Indian Summer  Peggy Lee - Keep In My Mind  Dinah Shore - Dear Hearts And Gentle People  The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus - I'll Remember April  Coleman Hawkins - My Blue Heaven  Charlie Parker - Easy To Love  Oscar Peterson - Night And Day  Art Pepper - Over The Rainbow  Oscar Peterson - Body And Soul  Nat King Cole - Funny (Not Much)  Billie Holiday - I Can't Face The Music  Nat King Cole - Summer Is A Comin'in  Billie Holiday - Love For Sale  Art Tatum - Have You Met Miss Jones  Gerry Muligan Quartet with Chet Baker - Makin' Whoopee  Coleman Hawkins - Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?)  Herbie Mann - A Spring Morning  Chet Baker - I Get Along Without You    PLYTA 4 Anita O'day - Deep In The Blues  Billie Holiday 0 Gloomy Sunday  Ben Webster - Memories Of You  Oscar Peterson - I Got Rhytmm  Coleman Hawkins - April In Paris  Ella Fitzgerald - Sentinental Journey  Charlie Parker - Embraceable Yo  Pearl Bailey - Here You Come With Love  Peggy Lee - But Beatiful  Oscar Peterson - Sweet Georgia Brown  Modern Jazz Quartet - Love Me Pretty Baby  Dinah Washington - Cold Cold Heart  Coleman Hawkins - I Can't Get Started With You  Art Tatum - Indiana  Dinah Washington - My Devotion  Gerry Muligan Quartet with Chet Baker - Nights At The Tuntable  Peggy Lee - A Woman Alone With The Blues  Gerry Mulligan - Speak Low  Art Tatum - I'll See You In My Dreams  Billie Holiday - P.S. I Love You  PLYTA 5 Art Tatum - I Know That You Know  Nat King Cole - After You Get What You Want, You Don't Want It  Billie Holiday - Lover Man  Art Tatum - Deep Purple  Don Byas - Laura  Billie Holiday - No Good Man  Erroll Garner - I Can't Give You Anything But Love  Gene Ammons - My Foolish Heart  The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus - September Song  Dizzy Gillespie - Birk's Works  Coleman Hawkins - Midnight Sun  Billy Eckstine - Coquette  Coleman Hawkins - Spellbound  Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Baker - Aren't You Glad You're You  Stan Kenton - How High The Moon  Gerry Mulligan - Taking A Chance Of Love  Art Farmer - I'll Take Romance  Art Farmer - Evening In Paris  PLYTA 6 Art Tatum - Tea For Two  Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Please Be Kind  Fats Waller 0 Ain't Misbevavin'  Art Tatum - Corinne, Corinna  Peggy Lee - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart  Coleman Hawkins - How Strange  Claude Thornhill - Let's Call It A Day  Peggy Lee - As Long As I'm Dreaming  Coleman Hawkins - Sih-Sah  Joe Williams and Count Basie - Detour Ahead  Erroll Garner - I Cover The Waterfront  Stan Getz - It Might As Well Be Spring  Dizzy Gillespie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street  Stan Getz - Spring Is Here  Erroll Garner - Misty  Ben Webster - My Funny Valentine  Art Farmer - I'll Walk Alone  Art Tatum - Tea For Two  Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Please Be Kind  Fats Waller 0 Ain't Misbevavin'  Art Tatum - Corinne, Corinna  Peggy Lee - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart  Coleman Hawkins - How Strange  Claude Thornhill - Let's Call It A Day  Peggy Lee - As Long As I'm Dreaming  Coleman Hawkins - Sih-Sah  Joe Williams and Count Basie - Detour Ahead  Erroll Garner - I Cover The Waterfront  Stan Getz - It Might As Well Be Spring  Dizzy Gillespie - On The Sunny Side Of The Street  Stan Getz - Spring Is Here  Erroll Garner - Misty  Ben Webster - My Funny Valentine  Art Farmer - I'll Walk Alone      PLYTA 7 Ella Fitzgerald - Once Is Enough For Me     Dinah Shore - Mood Indigo     Coleman Hawkins - My Ideal     Duke Ellington - Creole Love     Art Tatum - Poor Butterfly     Eddie Heywood - I Didn't Know About You     Helen Humes - Blue And Sentimental     Don Byas - Humoresque     Dinah Washington - Since I Fell For You     Coleman Hawkins - It's Only A Paper Moon     Modern Jazz Quartet - Autumn Breeze     Stan Getz - Gone With The Wind     Zoot Sims - Don't Worry 'Bout Me     Modern Jazz Quartet - All The Things You Are     Gerry Mulligan Quartet With Chet Baker - Lullaby Of The Leaves     Coleman Hawkins - Carioca     Gene Ammons - Stairway To The Stars     Dinah Washington - Feel Like I Wanna Cry     Art Tatum - I'm In The Mood For Love     Benny Goodman And His Orchestra - Let's Dance  PLYTA 8 Ella Fitzgerald - My Last Affair     Artie Shaw And His Orchestra - Chantez Les Bas (Sing Em Low)     Count Basie Orchestra - Draftin' Blues     Ink Spots, The - Ring Telephone, Ring     Billie Holiday - Jim     Coleman Hawkins - I'm Through With Love     Coleman Hawkins - Stardust     Peggy Lee - Linger In My Arms A Little Longer     Art Tatum - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes     Coleman Hawkins - I Surrender Dear     Nat King Cole - Lush Life     Art Blakey And James Moody - Moody And Soul     George Shearing - I Didn't Know What Time It Was     Gene Ammons - Good-Bye     Zoot Sims - Crystals (Linger Awhile)     Nat King Cole - Orange Colored Sky     Billie Holiday - Autumn In New York     Dinah Washington - I Ain't Goin' To Cry No More     Art Tatum - Fine And Dandy    



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Muzyka > Płyty kompaktowe > Jazz, Swing > Klasyczny

TELEFON: +48 665 659 086 E-MAIL: W razie wszelkich pytań zapraszamy do kontaktu. Jesteśmy do Państwa dyspozycji. Przez PayU lub zwykły przelew bankowy na konto NORDEA BANK POLSKA S.A. 32 1440 1387 0000 0000 1304 6457 PRZESYŁKI WYSYŁAMY CODZIENNIE OD PONIEDZIALKU DO PIĄTKU POCZTĄ POLSKĄ ZAMÓW WIĘCEJ - ZA PRZESYŁKĘ PŁACISZ TYLKO 1 RAZ BEZPIECZNE OPAKOWANIA - 100% OCHRONY Bardzo prosimy o podawanie w tytule wpłaty swojego nicka i nr aukcji co przyspieszy wysyłkę towaru. Sprzedając wystawiam komentarz jako drugi i bardzo proszę po otrzymaniu zakupionych u mnie przedmiotów o wystawienie komentarza, będzie to dla mnie informacja, że przesyłka dotarła do Państwa. W związku z faktem uruchomienia przez Allegro nowego systemu naliczania kosztów dostawy oraz faktem, iż nie jest możliwe wyliczenie właściwych kosztów przesłania poprzez automatyczny system, w przypadku zakupu więcej niż jednego przedmiotu proszę o kontakt w sprawie ustalenia wspólnego kosztu wysyłki. JAZZ CELLAR 3 X CD 60 UTWORÓW  FOLIA     CD 1: (Artie Shaw And His Orchestra) Chantez Les Bas, Sing Em Low (Billie Holiday) I'll Be Seeing You (Art Tatum) I Know That You Know (Don Byas) Blue And Sentimental (Billie Holiday) Weep No More (Coleman Hawkins) Sih - Sah (Art Blakey And James Moody) Curly Top Blues (Peggy Lee) Goody Goody (Modern Jazz Quartet) Autumn Breeze (Dizzy Gillespie) On The Sunny Side Of The Street (Zoot Sims) Swingin' The Blues (Billy Eckstine) Here Comes The Blues (Art Pepper) Brown Gold (Ray Charles) Jumpin' In The Morning (Art Tatum) Louise (Dinah Washington) Feel Like I Wanna Cry (Art Farmer) Alone Together (Erroll Garner) Misty (Benny Goodman And His Orchestra) Air Mail Special (Ben Webster) Chelsea Bridge CD 2: (Benny Goodman And His Orchestra) Blue Moon (Django Reinhardt) Chasing Shadows (Benny Goodman And His Orchestra) Always And Always (Ella Fitzgerald) Once Is Enough For Me (Artie Shaw) What Is There To Say (Art Tatum) Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Woody Herman And His Orchestra) Early Autumn (Billie Holiday) Girls Were Made To Take Care Of Boys (Art Blakey And James Moody) Moody And Soul (Peggy Lee) Fine And Dandy (The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus) I've Got You Under My Skin (Stan Kenton) Viva Prado (The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus) I Get A Kick Out Of You (Thelonious Monk) Ask Me Now (Billie Holiday) Autumn In New York (Ben Webster) Danny Boy (Barney Kessel) I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart (Stan Getz) Love And The Weather (Dinah Washington) I Ain't Goin' To Cry No More (Tal Farlow) I Like To Recognize The Tune CD 3: (Django Reinhardt) Clouds (Anita O' Day) Just A Little Bit South Of North Carolina (Ben Webster) Blue Serge (Count Basie Orchestra) Harvard Blues (Art Tatum) Somebody Loves Me (Peggy Lee) I Ain't Got Nobody, And Nobody Cares For Me (Stan Getz) Hershey Bar (Sarah Vaughan) It Might As Well Be Spring (George Shearing) East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon (The Red Norvo Trio With Tal Farlow And Charles Mingus) I'll Remember April (Shorty Rogers) Sam And The Lady (Oscar Peterson) The Man I Love (Art Pepper) Over The Rainbow (Stan Getz) Autumn Leaves (Coleman Hawkins) If I Could Be With You, One Hour Tonight (Billie Holiday) Moonglow (Stan Getz) Where Or When (Ray Charles) The Sun's Gonna Shine Again (Dinah Washington) Am I Blue? (Sonny Rollins) Airegin   Strona "o mnie"Wszystkie aukcje


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