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Passing Through - 2839827603

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Passing Through BLIX STREET

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Brigid's Shield 2. The Woodthrush's Song 3. Bridget O'malley 4. Nature Boy 5. Loud Are The Bells Of Norwich 6. Cup Of Kindness 7. The Leaves Of Autumn 8. Down By The Salley Gardens 9. Deep In The Darkest Night 10. Bright May Morning 11. Way Of The World 12. I Wish My Love Was A Red Rose 13. Water, Fire And Smoke


Natasha's Dance - 2212836413

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Natasha's Dance Penguin

Powieści i opowiadania

Orlando Figes


America's Political.. - 2840113437

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America's Political..

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Where Have All The Flowers Gone 2. Frog Went A-courtin' 3. Don't You Weep After Me 4. Eight Hour Day 5. Come All You Hardy Miners 6. Banks Are Made Of Marble 7. Barbara Allen 8. Ground Hog 9. Delia's Gone 10. Foggy Dew 11. Ida Red 12. Ballad Of Barney Graham 13. Gypsy Davy 14. Fare Ye Well Old Ely Branch 15. Farther Along 16. Sioux Indians 17. Pittsburgh Town 18. Lolly Too Dun 19. Talking Blues 20. The Farmer Is The Man 21. The Wagoner's Lad 101. Old Riley 102. I've Been Working On The Railroad 103. Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues 104. Cotton Mill Colic 105. Hard Times In The Mill 106. Mill Mother's Lament 107. Peg And Awl 108. Fair Margaret And Sweet William 109. Buffalo Gals 110. The Three Butchers 111. Hayseed Like Mine 112. The Dove 113. The Blind Fiddler 114. Down In Carlisle 115. Riflemen Of Bennington 116. Sixty Per Cent 117. Beans, Bacon & Gravy 118. Pretty Polly 119. The Golden Vanity 120. He Lies In The American Land 201. Down In The Valley 202. My Children Are Seven In Number 203. The Titanic Disaster 204. The Farmer's Curst Wife 205. The Wreck Of The Old 97 206. Wabash Cannonball 207. Texian Boys 208. St. James Hospital 209. Oh Mary Don't You Weep 210. We Are Moving On To Victory 211. The Death Of Harry Simms 212. Yankee Doodle 213. Seven Cent Cotton And Forty Cent Meat 214. Blue Tail Fly 215. Oh Had I A Golden Thread 216. To Everyone In All The World 217. Five Fingers 218. Roll Down The Line 219. John Hardy 220. Molly Malone 301. Frankie And Johnny 302. Skip To My Lou 303. Raggedy 304. Old Dan Tucker 305. John Riley 306. T.b. Blues 307. Roslyn Castle 308. Les Raftsmen 309. I'll Sing You A Love Song 310. Jay Gould's Daughter 311. The Trip We Took Over The Mountain 312. Canadien Errant, Un 313. She Moves Trough The Fair 314. Big Rock Candy Mountain 315. Lily Of The Lake 316. Boyne Water 317. Vive La Canadienne 318. Cielito Lindo 319. The Banks Of Champlain 320. Red River Valley 401. John Henry 402. No Sir, No 403. Isabeau S'y Promeneau 404. Down By The Riverside 405. Fly Through My Window 406. How're You On For Stamps Today 407. Old Grey Mule 408. River Of My People 409. Alligator, Hedgehog 410. Elder Bordee 411. Stranger's Blues 412. Autherine 413. Black And White 414. Come All You Bold Sailormen 415. Streets Of Glory 416. I Had A Rooster 417. The Happy Whistler 418. The Valliant Soldier 419. Sally My Dear 420. Seneca Canoe Song 501. Home On The Range 502. I Know An Old Lady (Who Swallowed A Fly) 503. Listen Mister Bilbo 504. Teency Weency Spider 505. Blow The Man Down 506. Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream 507. Mister Rabbit 508. Vigndig A Fremd Kind 509. The Darby Ram 510. The Shantyman's Life 511. The Keeper And The Doe 512. Wood-chopping Song 513. Shenandoah 514. Grey Goose 515. Little Girl See Through My Window 516. Clementine 517. The Old Hen 518. Weave Room Blues 519. Racoon's Got A Bushy Tail 520. Once More A-lumbering Go 601. Jesse James 602. Way Down Yonder In The Cornfield 603. My Little Kitty 604. Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho 605. Midnight Special 606. Old Blue 607. House Of The Rising Sun 608. Mole In The Ground 609. Black Is The Colour Of My True Love's Hair 610. Camptown Races 611. Little Dogies 612. Sally Ann 613. Putting On The Style 614. The Foolish Frog 615. Poor Boy 616. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 617. The Fox 618. Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn 619. Bear Hunt 620. So Long, It's Been Good To Know You 701. If I Had A Hammer 702. John Brown's Body 703. Over The Hills 704. The Elephant 705. Oh Worrycare 706. Dayenu 707. Leather Wing Bat 708. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 709. Turtle Dove 710. Swing Low Sweet Chariot 711. The Little Black Bull 712. Oh Susanna 713. Old Paint 714. Passing Through 715. Casey Jones 716. Talking Atom 717. The Preacher And The Slave 718. Hold The Fort 719. A Dollar Ain't A Dollar Anymore 720. Voting Union 801. The Golden Vanity 802. Ballad Of October 16 803. Plow Under 804. The Strange Death Of John Doe 805. The Sinking Of The Reuben James 806. Liza Jane 807. Which Side Are You On 808. Deliver The Goods 809. Washington Breakdown 810. C For Conscription 811. Union Maid 812. State Of Arkansas 813. Dear Mister President 814. Billy Boy 815. Talking Union 816. All I Want 817. Round And Round Hitler's Grave 818. The Coast Of High Barbary 819. Ground Hog 820. Blow Ye Winds, Heigh Ho 901. If I Had A Hammer (The Hammer Song) 902. Tzena, Tzena, Tzena 903. Around The World 904. Wasn't That A Time? 905. Rock Island Line 906. Oh My Darlin' Clementine 907. So Long, Its Been Good To Know Yuh 908. The Wreck Of The Sloop John B 909. Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 910. The Roving Kind 911. On Top Of Old Smoky 912. Darling Cory 913. When The Saints Go Marching In 914. Easy Rider Blues 915. Lonesome Traveller 916. Wimoweh 917. The Midnight Special 918. Bay Of Mexico 919. Bring Me Li'l Water, Sylvie 920. Goodnight Irene


The Complete Operas - 2839385545

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The Complete Operas Decca


1. Paul Bunyan, Op.17 2. Britten, Benjamin - Introduction (Paul Bunyan, Op. 3. Paul Bunyan, Op.17 (Paul Bunyan, Op.17) 4. Britten, Benjamin - Since The Birth Of The Earth 5. Britten, Benjamin - No. No. We Do Not Want Life T 6. Britten, Benjamin - Ooh! Ooh! O How Terrible To B 7. Britten, Benjamin - You Are All To Leave Here (P 8. Britten, Benjamin - It Isn't Very Often The Conse 9. Britten, Benjamin - First Ballad Interlude: The C 10. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Greeting (Act 1) 11. Britten, Benjamin - Call Of Lumberjacks (Act 1) 12. Britten, Benjamin - Lumberjacks' Chorus: My Birth 13. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Welcome (Act 1) 14. Britten, Benjamin - Quartet Of Swedes: Swedish Bo 15. Britten, Benjamin - Western Union Boy's Song: A T 16. Britten, Benjamin - Cooks' Duet: Sam For Soups. B 17. Britten, Benjamin - Animal Trio: Ah! Miaou! The S 18. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Goodnight 1 (Act 1) 19. Britten, Benjamin - Exit Of Lumberjacks: Down The 20. Britten, Benjamin - The Blues: Gold In The North 21. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Goodnight 2 (Act 1) 22. Britten, Benjamin - Second Ballad Interlude: The 23. Britten, Benjamin - Food Chorus: Do I Look The So 24. Britten, Benjamin - Chorus Accusation: There Now 25. Britten, Benjamin - Slim's Song: In Fair Days & F 26. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Return: Look, The Ch 27. Britten, Benjamin - Inkslinger's Song: It Was Out 28. Britten, Benjamin - Entrance Of Chorus (Act 1) 29. Britten, Benjamin - Tiny's Entrance (Act 1) 30. Britten, Benjamin - Tiny's Song: Ah!...whether Th 31. Britten, Benjamin - Inkslinger's Regret: All The 32. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Goodnight 3 (Act 1) 101. Paul Bunyan, Op.17 (Paul Bunyan, Op.17) 102. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Good Morning (Act 2) 103. Britten, Benjamin - Shears' Song: It Has Always B 104. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Warning (Act 2) 105. Britten, Benjamin - Farmers' Song: The Shanty-boy 106. Britten, Benjamin - Farmers' Exit (Act 2) 107. Britten, Benjamin - The Mocking Of Hel Helson: He 108. Britten, Benjamin - Fido's Sympathy: Won't You Te 109. Britten, Benjamin - Cats' Creed: Let Man The Roma 110. Britten, Benjamin - The Fight: What Is It? What's 111. Britten, Benjamin - Love Duet: Move, Move From Th 112. Britten, Benjamin - Mock Funeral March: Take Away 113. Britten, Benjamin - Hymn: O Great Day Of Discover 114. Britten, Benjamin - Third Ballad Interlude: So He 115. Britten, Benjamin - The Christmas Party: Rah! Ano 116. Britten, Benjamin - Dear Friends, With Your Leave 117. Britten, Benjamin - Carry Her Over The Water (Ac 118. Britten, Benjamin - Where We Are Is Not Very Far 119. Britten, Benjamin - A Telegram From Hollywood (A 120. Britten, Benjamin - We Always Knew That One Day Y 121. Britten, Benjamin - Bunyan's Farewell (Act 2) 122. Britten, Benjamin - Litany: The Campfire Embers A 123. Britten, Benjamin - Overture (Appendix) 124. Britten, Benjamin - Inkslinger's Love Song (Append 125. Britten, Benjamin - Lullaby Of Dream Shadows (Appe 201. Peter Grimes, Op.33 (Original Version) 202. Britten, Benjamin - Peter Grimes! (Prologue) 203. Britten, Benjamin - You Sailed Your Boat (Prolog 204. Britten, Benjamin - Peter Grimes, I Here Advise Y 205. Britten, Benjamin - The Truth...the Pity... (Pro 206. Montagu Slater - Interlude I: On The Beach (Prolog 207. Britten, Benjamin - Oh, Hang At Open Doors (Act 208. Britten, Benjamin - Hi! Give Us A Hand (Act 1) 209. Britten, Benjamin - I Have To Go From Pub To Pub 210. Britten, Benjamin - Let Her Among You (Act 1) 211. Britten, Benjamin - Look, The Storm Cone! (Act 1 212. Britten, Benjamin - And Do You Prefer The Storm 213. Britten, Benjamin - What Harbour Shelters Peace 214. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude Ii: The Storm (Act 1 215. Britten, Benjamin - Past Time To Close! (Act 1) 216. Britten, Benjamin - We Live & Let Live (Act 1) 217. Britten, Benjamin - Have You Heard? (Act 1) 218. Britten, Benjamin - Now The Great Bear & Pleiades 219. Britten, Benjamin - Old Joe Has Gone Fishing (Ac 220. Britten, Benjamin - The Bridge Is Down, We Half S 221. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude Iii: Sunday Morning 222. Britten, Benjamin - Glitter Of Waves (Act 2) 223. Britten, Benjamin - Let This Be A Holiday (Act 2 224. Britten, Benjamin - This Unrelenting Work (Act 2 225. Britten, Benjamin - Fool To Let It Come To This! 226. Britten, Benjamin - What Is It? (Act 2) 227. Britten, Benjamin - People!! I Will Speak! 301. Peter Grimes, Op.33 (Original Version) 302. Britten, Benjamin - We Planned That Their Lives 303. Britten, Benjamin - Swallow! Shall We Go (Act 2) 304. Britten, Benjamin - Now Is Gossip Put On Trial ( 305. Britten, Benjamin - From The Gutter (Act 2) 306. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude Iv: Passacaglia (Act 307. Britten, Benjamin - Go There! (Act 2) 308. Britten, Benjamin - Now!! (Act 2) 309. Britten, Benjamin - Peter Grimes! Nobody Here? ( 310. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude V: Evening (Act 3) 311. Britten, Benjamin - Assign Your Prettiness To Me 312. Britten, Benjamin - Pah! (Act 3) 313. Britten, Benjamin - Come Along, Doctor! (Act 3) 314. Britten, Benjamin - Embroidery In Childhood (Act 315. Britten, Benjamin - Mr.swallow! (Act 3) 316. Britten, Benjamin - Who Holds Himself Apart (Act 317. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude Vi: Fog (Act 3) 318. Britten, Benjamin - Grimes! Grimes! (Act 3) 319. Britten, Benjamin - Peter, We've Come To Take You 320. Britten, Benjamin - To Those Who Pass The Borough 401. The Rape Of Lucretia, Op.37 (Lib. Ronald Duncan) 402. Britten, Benjamin - Rome Is Now Ruled By The Etrus 403. Britten, Benjamin - It Is An Axiom Among Kings (Ac 404. Britten, Benjamin - Here The Thirsty Evening (Act 405. Britten, Benjamin - Who Reaches Heaven First (Act 406. Britten, Benjamin - Maria Was Unmasked At A Masked 407. Britten, Benjamin - Collatinus Is Politically Astu 408. Britten, Benjamin - There Goes A Happy Man! (Act 1 409. Ronald Duncan - Tarquinius Does Not Dare (Act 1) 410. Britten, Benjamin - My Horse! My Horse! Tarquinius 411. Britten, Benjamin - Their Spinning-wheel Unwinds ( 412. Britten, Benjamin - Listen! I Heard A Knock (Act 1 413. Britten, Benjamin - Time Treads Upon The Hands Of 414. Britten, Benjamin - The Oatmeal Slippers Of Sleep 501. The Rape Of Lucretia, Op.37 (Lib. Ronald Duncan) 502. Britten, Benjamin - The Prosperity Of The Etruscan 503. Britten, Benjamin - She Sleeps As A Rose (Act 2) 504. Britten, Benjamin - Within This Frail Crucible Of 505. Britten, Benjamin - Lucretia!...what Do You Want? 506. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Here In This Scene 507. Britten, Benjamin - Oh! What A Lovely Day! (Act 2) 508. Britten, Benjamin - We'll Leave The Orchids For Lu 509. Britten, Benjamin - Flowers Bring To Every Year (A 510. Britten, Benjamin - You Were Right (Act 2) 511. Britten, Benjamin - Lucretia! Lucretia! (Act 2) 512. Britten, Benjamin - Last Night Tarquinius Ravished 513. Britten, Benjamin - This Dead Hand Lets Fall (Act 514. Britten, Benjamin - Epilogue: Is It All? (Act 2) 601. Albert Herring, Opera In 3 Acts Op.39 (Original Ve 602. Britten, Benjamin - Flor-ence! Tell The Midwife! ( 603. Britten, Benjamin - Doctor Jessop's Midwife (Act 1 604. Britten, Benjamin - I Hope We're Not Too Early, Fl 605. Britten, Benjamin - Stuffy! (Act 1) 606. Britten, Benjamin - Now Then! Notebook, Florence! 607. Britten, Benjamin - The First Suggestion On My Lis 608. Britten, Benjamin - Is This All You Can Bring? (Ac 609. Britten, Benjamin - Beggin' Your Pardon (Act 1) 610. Britten, Benjamin - Right! We'll Have Him! (Act 1) 611. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude (Act 1) 612. Britten, Benjamin - Bounce Me High (Act 1) 613. Britten, Benjamin - Shop! Hi! Albert! (Act 1) 614. Britten, Benjamin - Tickling A Trout (Act 1) 615. Britten, Benjamin - Meet Me At A Quarter Past Eigh 616. Britten, Benjamin - He's Much Too Busy (Act 1) 617. Britten, Benjamin - Good Morning, Young Man (Act 1 618. Britten, Benjamin - We Bring Great News To You (Ac 619. Britten, Benjamin - Isn't He Here? (Act 2) 620. Britten, Benjamin - For Three Precious Weeks (Act 621. Britten, Benjamin - Quickly! Quickly, Come Along! 622. Britten, Benjamin - Here They Are, Dears! (Act 2) 623. Britten, Benjamin - My Flowers Are Few (Act 2) 701. Albert Herring, Opera In 3 Acts Op.39 (Original Ve 702. Britten, Benjamin - I'm Full Of Happiness (Act 2) 703. Britten, Benjamin - As Representing The Local Coun 704. Britten, Benjamin - My Heart Leaps Up With Joy (Ac 705. Britten, Benjamin - Er-humph! Er-humph! I'm No Gre 706. Britten, Benjamin - Well Tried, Albert! (Act 2) 707. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude (Act 2) 708. Britten, Benjamin - Albert The Good! (Act 2) 709. Britten, Benjamin - You Oughtn't To Whistle! (Act 710. Britten, Benjamin - Heaven Helps Those Who Help Th 711. Britten, Benjamin - Introduction (Act 3) 712. Britten, Benjamin - Is She Asleep? (Act 3) 713. Britten, Benjamin - I'm Hungry, I'm Tired (Act 3) 714. Britten, Benjamin - Give Me A Decent Murder With A 715. Britten, Benjamin - Have You Found Him? (Act 3) 716. Britten, Benjamin - Fools! Fools! Blundering Fools 717. Britten, Benjamin - In The Midst Of Life Is Death 718. Britten, Benjamin - Albert! (Act 3) 719. Britten, Benjamin - I'm Sorry About That (Act 3) 720. Britten, Benjamin - I Can't Remember Everything (A 721. Britten, Benjamin - Albert's Come Back To Stay (Ac 801. Billy Budd - Opera In 2 Acts, Op.50 (Original Vers 802. Britten, Benjamin - I Am An Old Man (Act 1) 803. Britten, Benjamin - Pull, My Bantams! (Act 1) 804. Britten, Benjamin - Guard Boat! Indomitable! (Act 805. E.m. Forster - First Man Forward! (Act 1) 806. Britten, Benjamin - Your Name? Billy Budd, Sir (Ac 807. Britten, Benjamin - Billy Budd, King Of The Birds! 808. Britten, Benjamin - I Heard, Your Honour! (Act 1) 809. Britten, Benjamin - Come Along Kid! Come Along! (A 810. Britten, Benjamin - Christ, The Poor Chap! (Act 1) 811. Britten, Benjamin - What's That? What's Those Whis 812. Britten, Benjamin - Starry Vere We Call Him (Act 1 813. Britten, Benjamin - Boy! My Compliments To Mr. Red 814. Britten, Benjamin - Gentlemen, The King! (Act 1) 815. Britten, Benjamin - Ay, At Spithead The Men May Ha 816. Britten, Benjamin - We Are, Sir. Claggart Is An Ab 817. Britten, Benjamin - Blow, Blow, Blow (Act 1) 818. Britten, Benjamin - We're Off To Samoa By Way Of G 819. Britten, Benjamin - Hi! You A... A... A... (Act 1) 820. E.m. Forster - Over The Water...handsomely Done (A 821. Britten, Benjamin - Come Here. Remember Your Promi 822. Britten, Benjamin - Billy! Hist! Billy Budd! (Act 823. Britten, Benjamin - Dansker, Old Friend, Glad To S 901. Billy Budd - Opera In 2 Acts, Op.50 (Original Vers 902. Britten, Benjamin - I Don't Like The Look Of The M 903. Britten, Benjamin - With Great Regret I Must Distu 904. Britten, Benjamin - Deck Ahoy! Enemy Sail On Starb 905. Britten, Benjamin - Who'll Volunteer To Board 'Em 906. Britten, Benjamin - There You Are Again, Master-at 907. Britten, Benjamin - O This Cursed Mist (Act 2) 908. Britten, Benjamin - Claggart, John Claggart, Bewar 909. Britten, Benjamin - Master-at-arms & Foretopman (A 910. Britten, Benjamin - God O' Mercy! Here, Help Me! ( 911. E.m. Forster - Gentlemen, William Budd Here Has Ki 912. Britten, Benjamin - William Budd, You Are Accused 913. Britten, Benjamin - Poor Fellow, Who Could Save Hi 914. Britten, Benjamin - I Accept Their Verdict (Act 2) 915. Britten, Benjamin - Look! Through The Port (Act 2) 916. Britten, Benjamin - Here! Baby! Dansker, Old Frien 917. Britten, Benjamin - & Farewell To Ye (Act 2) 918. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude (Act 2) 919. Britten, Benjamin - According To The Articles Of W 920. Britten, Benjamin - Down All Hands! & See That The 921. Britten, Benjamin - We Committed His Body To The D 1001. Gloriana, Op.53 (Original Version) 1002. Britten, Benjamin - 1. Prelude (Act 1 Scene 1) 1003. Britten, Benjamin - 2. The Tornament (Act 1 Scene 1004. Britten, Benjamin - 3. Recitative & Fight (Act 1 S 1005. Britten, Benjamin - 4. Entrance Of The Queen (Act 1006. Britten, Benjamin - 5. Recitative (Act 1 Scene 1) 1007. Britten, Benjamin - 6. The Two Lords' Explanation 1008. Britten, Benjamin - 7. Raleigh's Song (Act 1 Scene 1009. William Plomer - 8. Ensemble Of Reconciliation (Ac 1010. Britten, Benjamin - 9. Recitative & Final March (A 1011. Britten, Benjamin - 10. Prelude & Dialogue (Act 1 1012. Britten, Benjamin - 11. The Queen's Song (Act 1 Sc 1013. Britten, Benjamin - 12. Cecil's Song Of Government 1014. Britten, Benjamin - 13. Recitative & Essex's Entry 1015. Britten, Benjamin - 14. First Lute Song (Act 1 Sce 1016. Britten, Benjamin - 15. Second Lute Song (Act 1 Sc 1017. Britten, Benjamin - 16. The First Duet For The Que 1018. Britten, Benjamin - 17. Soliloquy & Prayer (Act 1 1019. Britten, Benjamin - 18. Prelude & Welcome (Act 2 S 1020. Britten, Benjamin - 19. The Masque (Act 2 Scene 1) 1021. Britten, Benjamin - 20. Finale (Act 2 Scene 1) 1022. Britten, Benjamin - 21. Prelude & Song (Act 2 Scen 1023. Britten, Benjamin - 22. Duet (Act 2 Scene 2) 1024. Britten, Benjamin - 23. Double Duet (Act 2 Scene 2 1025. Britten, Benjamin - 24. Quartet (Act 2 Scene 2) 1101. Gloriana, Op.53 (Original Version) 1102. Britten, Benjamin - 25. Pavane (Act 2 Scene 3) 1103. Britten, Benjamin - 26. Conversation (Act 2 Scene 1104. Britten, Benjamin - 27. Galliard (Act 2 Scene 3) 1105. Britten, Benjamin - 28. Conversation & The Queen's 1106. Britten, Benjamin - 29. Lavolta (Act 2 Scene 3) 1107. Britten, Benjamin - 30. Conversation (Act 2 Scene 1108. Britten, Benjamin - 31. Morris Dance (Act 2 Scene 1109. Britten, Benjamin - 32. Recitative (Act 2 Scene 3) 1110. Britten, Benjamin - 33. The Queen's Burlesque (Act 1111. Britten, Benjamin - 34. Quartet (Act 2 Scene 3) 1112. Britten, Benjamin - 35. March (Act 2 Scene 3) 1113. Britten, Benjamin - 36. The Queen's Announcement ( 1114. Britten, Benjamin - 37. Ensemble (Act 2 Scene 3) 1115. Britten, Benjamin - 38. Coranto (Act 2 Scene 3) 1116. Britten, Benjamin - 39. Prelude & Chatter (Act 3 S 1117. Britten, Benjamin - 40. Essex's Intrusion (Act 3 S 1118. Britten, Benjamin - 41. The Second Duet Of The Que 1119. Britten, Benjamin - 42. The Dressing-table Song (A 1120. Britten, Benjamin - 43. The Entrance Of Cecil (Act 1121. Britten, Benjamin - 44. Cecil's Report (Act 3 Scen 1122. Britten, Benjamin - 45. Discussion (Act 3 Scene 1) 1123. Britten, Benjamin - 46. The Queen's Decision (Act 1124. Britten, Benjamin - 47. Ballad - Rondo (Act 3 Scen 1125. Britten, Benjamin - 48. Prelude & Verdict (Act 3 S 1126. Britten, Benjamin - 49. Cecil's Warning (Act 3 Sce 1127. Britten, Benjamin - 50. The Queen's Dilemma (Act 3 1128. Britten, Benjamin - 51. Trio (Act 3 Scene 3) 1129. Britten, Benjamin - 52. Lady Essex's Pleading (Act 1130. Britten, Benjamin - 53. Penepole Rich's Pleading ( 1131. Britten, Benjamin - 54. Epilogue (Act 3 Scene 3) 1201. The Turn Of The Screw, Op.54 (Original Version) 1202. Britten, Benjamin - Prologue (Act One) 1203. Britten, Benjamin - Theme - Scene 1: The Journey ( 1204. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation I - Scene 1205. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation II - Scen 1206. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation III - Sce 1207. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation IV - Scen 1208. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation V - Scene 1209. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation VI - Scen 1210. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation VII - Sce 1301. The Turn Of The Screw, Op.54 (Original Version) 1302. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation VIII - Sc 1303. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation IX - Scen 1304. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation X - Scene 1305. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation XI - Scen 1306. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation XII - Sce 1307. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation XIII - Sc 1308. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation XIV - Sce 1309. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Variation XV - Scen 1401. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Opera In Three Acts, Op 1402. Britten, Benjamin - Over Hill, Over Dale (Act 1) 1403. Britten, Benjamin - Oberon Is Passing Fell & Wrat 1404. Britten, Benjamin - Well, Go Thy Way (Act 1) 1405. Britten, Benjamin - How Now My Love? (Act 1) 1406. Britten, Benjamin - Be It On Lion, Bear, Or Wolf, 1407. Britten, Benjamin - Welcome Wanderer! (Act 1) 1408. Britten, Benjamin - Is All Our Company Her? (Act 1409. Britten, Benjamin - Fair Love, You Faint With Wan 1410. Britten, Benjamin - Through The Forest Have I Gon 1411. Britten, Benjamin - Stay, Though Thou Kill Me, Sw 1412. Britten, Benjamin - Come, Now A Roundel & A Fairy 1413. Britten, Benjamin - You Spotted Snakes With Doubl 1414. Britten, Benjamin - What Thou Seest When Thou Dos 1415. Britten, Benjamin - Introduction: The Wood (Act 2) 1416. Britten, Benjamin - Are We All Met? (Act 2) 1417. Britten, Benjamin - I See Their Knavery (Act 2) 1418. Britten, Benjamin - Be Kind & Courteous To This G 1419. Britten, Benjamin - Hail, Mortal, Hail! (Act 2) 1420. Britten, Benjamin - I Have A Reas'nable Good Ear 1421. Britten, Benjamin - How Now, Mad Spirit? (Act 2) 1501. A Midsummer Night's Dream. Opera In Three Acts, Op 1502. Britten, Benjamin - Flower Of This Purple Dye (A 1503. Britten, Benjamin - Puppet? Why So? (Act 2) 1504. Britten, Benjamin - This Is Thy Negligence (Act 1505. Britten, Benjamin - Up & Down, Up & Down (Act 2) 1506. Britten, Benjamin - On The Ground, Sleep Sound ( 1507. Britten, Benjamin - My Gentle Robin, See'st Thou 1508. Britten, Benjamin - Helena! Hermi! Demetrius! Lys 1509. Britten, Benjamin - When My Cue Comes, Call Me ( 1510. Britten, Benjamin - Have You Sent To Bottom's Hou 1511. Britten, Benjamin - Now, Fair Hippolyta (Act 3) 1512. Britten, Benjamin - Iff We Offend, It Is With Our 1513. Britten, Benjamin - Gentles, Perchange You Wonder 1514. Britten, Benjamin - In This Same Interlude It Dot 1515. Britten, Benjamin - O Grim-look'd Night, O Night 1516. Britten, Benjamin - O Wall, Fur Often Hast Thou H 1517. Britten, Benjamin - You Ladies, You Whose Gentle 1518. Britten, Benjamin - This Lanthorn Doth The Horned 1519. Britten, Benjamin - Sweet Moon, I Thank Thee For 1520. Britten, Benjamin - Asleep, My Love? (Act 3) 1521. Britten, Benjamin - Come, Your Bergomask (Act 3) 1522. Britten, Benjamin - Now The Hungry Lion Roars (A 1601. Owen Wingrave, An Opera In 2 Acts, Op.85 (Original 1602. Britten, Benjamin - Prelude (Act 1) 1603. Britten, Benjamin - You've Got Your Maps There? (A 1604. Britten, Benjamin - At Last It's Out (Act 1) 1605. Britten, Benjamin - Your Sherry, Mrs. Coyle (Act 1 1606. Britten, Benjamin - Oh, How Unforeseen (Act 1) 1607. Britten, Benjamin - Sirrah! How Dare You! (Act 1) 1608. Britten, Benjamin - Coyle, I Wish I Had Not Come ( 1609. Britten, Benjamin - May God Bless The Queen (Act 1 1701. Owen Wingrave, An Opera In 2 Acts, Op.85 (Original 1702. Britten, Benjamin - There Was A Boy, A Wingrave Bo 1703. Britten, Benjamin - I Envy You, This Fine Old Hous 1704. Britten, Benjamin - Paramore Shall Welcome Woe! (A 1705. Britten, Benjamin - & With His Friend Young Lechme 1706. Britten, Benjamin - Now You May Save Your Scornful 1707. Britten, Benjamin - Ah, Owen, What Shall I Do? (Ac 1708. Britten, Benjamin - Is That You, Coyle? (Act 2) 1709. Britten, Benjamin - Come's Me, Lechmere (A 1801. Death In Venice, Op.88 (Lib. Myfanwy Piper 1911-19 1802. Britten, Benjamin - My Mind Beats On (Act 1) 1803. Britten, Benjamin - Who's That? A Foreigner, A Tra 1804. Britten, Benjamin - Hey There, Hey There, You! (Ac 1805. Britten, Benjamin - Serenissima...low-lying Clouds 1806. Britten, Benjamin - Overture: Venice (Act 1) 1807. Britten, Benjamin - Ah, Serenissima! (Act 1) 1808. Britten, Benjamin - Mysterious Gondola (Act 1) 1809. Britten, Benjamin - We Are Delighted To Greet The 1810. Britten, Benjamin - Was I Wrong To Come? (Act 1) 1811. Britten, Benjamin - There Is Indeed In Every Artis 1812. Myfanwy Piper - Children's Games: Adziu, Adziu (Ac 1813. Britten, Benjamin - Aou'! Stagando, Aou' (Act 1) 1814. Britten, Benjamin - Naturally, Signore, I Understa 1815. Myfanwy Piper - Here Will I Stay, Here Dedicate My 1816. Britten, Benjamin - First, The Race! (Act 1) 1817. Britten, Benjamin - The Boy, Tadzio, Shall Inspire 1901. Death In Venice, Op.88 (Lib. Myfanwy Piper 1911-19 1902. Britten, Benjamin - So, It Has Come To This (Act 2 1903. Britten, Benjamin - Guardate, Signore! (Act 2) 1904. Britten, Benjamin - Do I Detect A Scent? (Act 2) 1905. Britten, Benjamin - Careful Search Now Leads Me To 1906. Britten, Benjamin - This Way For The Players, Sign 1907. Britten, Benjamin - Fiorir Rose In Mezo Al Giasso 1908. Britten, Benjamin - One Moment, If You Please (Act 1909. Britten, Benjamin - In These Last Years (Act 2) 1910. Britten, Benjamin - So It Is True (Act 2) 1911. Britten, Benjamin - Receive The Stranger God (Act 1912. Britten, Benjamin - The Empty Beach: Do What You W 1913. Britten, Benjamin - Yes! A Very Wise Decision (Act 1914. Britten, Benjamin - Hurrah For The Piazza (Act 2) 1915. Britten, Benjamin - Chaos, Chaos & Sickness (Act 2 1916. Britten, Benjamin - The Wind Still Blows From The 1917. Britten, Benjamin - Interlude: Ah, No! (Act 2)


Practical Elemental Magick - 2826775327

118,56 zł

Practical Elemental Magick BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"The four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth exist as spiritual essences, as philosophical concepts, as energy states and as a tangible physical reality. " Working magick with the elements helps to connect us to the tangibly present natural powers in our physical world, whilst at the same time we are returning to the building blocks of magick by rooting our feet in the material world. Since Empedocles formalized the system in ancient Greece in the 5th century BCE, the four elements have become an integral part of the Western Esoteric Tradition - passing from ancient Greek magick, through the Qabalah, & Grimoire Traditions into modern derivative traditions of ceremonial magick and paganism. In Practical Elemental Magick the authors provide an unprecedented combination of research and techniques for working the magick of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, as well as the spiritual creatures associated with each. The Elemental Gods, Archangels, rulers and other types of elemental beings (including Sylphs, Salamanders, Undines & Gnomes) are discussed and explored. Both the spiritual and physical aspects of the four elements are considered, together with how they interact with each other and their appropriate use for magickal work. The creation and use of Elementaries (Elemental Thought Forms); Elemental Tools, the Elemental Tides and correspondences are all considered in detail, together with previously unavailable original ritual & meditative material including the Unification Rite, the Inner Talisman, the Elemental Pyramids, the Elemental Magick Circle & the Elemental Temples. In mastering the four elements within & without we master ourselves, bringing the external forces of the natural world & the internal forces of our existence into harmony.


Complete Emi Sessions 192 - 2839653915

319,99 zł

Complete Emi Sessions 192 EMI


1. Ol' Man River (Show Boat) 2. Seem Lak' To Me 3. Down De Lover's Lane 4. Scandalize My Name 5. Sinner, Please Doan' Let Dis Harves' Pass 6. Weepin' Mary 7. I Want To Be Ready 8. My Lord, What A Mornin' 9. De Li'l Pickaninny's Gone To Sleep 10. Git On Board Li'l Children 11. Dere's No Hidin' Place 12. Plantation Songs (Part 1) 13. Plantation Songs (Part 2) 14. Oh! Rock Me, Julie 15. Oh, Didn't It Rain 16. Mammy 17. Roll Away, Clouds 18. Sonny Boy 19. Little Pal (From The Film Say It With Songs) 20. The Lonesome Road 21. Just Keepin' On 22. Mighty Lak' A Rose 23. Mammy Is Gone 101. Hail De Crown 102. Exhortation 103. I Stood On The Ribber Jordan /+ 104. Go Down, Moses 105. High Water 106. Old Folks At Home (Swanee River) 107. Poor Old Joe 108. My Old Kentucky Home 109. Ol' Man River (Show Boat) 110. River Stay 'Way From My Door 111. Rockin' Chair 112. Medley Of Spirituals 113. My Heart Is Where The Mohawk Flows Tonight 114. The Folks I Used To Know 115. Mary Had A Baby (Yes, Lord) 116. Li'l Gal 117. Bear De Burden / All God's Chillun Got Wings 118. That's Why Darkies Were Born 119. When It's Sleepy Time Down South 120. Seekin' 201. Nearer My God To Thee 202. There Is A Green Hill 203. Ma Lindy Lou 204. Ma Curly Headed Baby 205. Pilgrim's Song 206. Roll De Ole Chariot Along 207. Since You Went Away 208. Wid De Moon, Moon, Moon 209. Got The South In My Soul 210. Hush-a-bye Lullaby 211. Round The Bend Of The Road 212. Take Me Away From The River 213. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 214. On Ma Journey 215. Bye & Bye 216. Were You There? 217. Swing Along 218. Piccaninny Shoes 219. In A Narrow Street 220. Carry Me Back To Green Pastures 221. Lazy Bones 222. Blue Prelude 223. Paul Robeson Medley (Part 1) 224. Paul Robeson Medley (Part 2) 301. Fat Li'l Fella Wid His Mammy's Eyes 302. Shortnin' Bread 303. Snowball 304. Water Boy 305. Doan' You Cry, Ma Honey 306. Steal Away 307. Scarecrow 308. Wagon Wheels 309. So Shy 310. Piccaninny's Slumber Song 311. St. Louis Blues 312. Mammy's Little Kinky-headed Boy 313. Little Man, You've Had A Busy Day 314. I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreaming 315. The Banjo Song 316. Paul Robeson Medley No.2 317. Love Song (From The Film Sanders Of The River) 318. Congo Lullaby (From The Film Sanders Of The River) 319. Canoe Song (From The Film Sanders Of The River) 320. Killing Song (From The Film Sanders Of The River) 321. Shenandoah 322. Jes' Mah Song 323. De Ole Ark's A-movering 324. Ezekiel Saw De Wheel 325. Joshua Fit De Battle Ob Jericho 401. Honey (Dat's All) 402. Gloomy Sunday 403. Ol' Man River (From The Film Show Boat) 404. I Still Suits Me (From The Film Show Boat) 405. Sleepy River (From The Film Song Of Freedom) 406. Lonely Road (From The Film Song Of Freedom) 407. Song Of Freedom (From The Film Song Of Freedom) 408. The Black Emperor (From The Film Song Of Freedom) 409. Mam'selle Marie (Creole Song) 410. Dere's No Hidin' Place 411. Oh! No John 412. Passing By 413. Hammer Song 414. Li'l David 415. My Way (From The Film Jericho) 416. Golden River (From The Film Jericho) 417. Ho! Ho! (Wagon Song/from Film King Solomon's Mine) 418. Climbing Up (Mountain Song/from Film King Solomon) 419. Lazin' (From The Film Big Fella) 420. I Don't Know What's Wrong 421. Roll Up, Sailorman (From The Film Big Fella) 422. You Didn't Oughta Do Such Things (From Film Big..) 423. Deep Desert (From The Film Jericho) 424. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 425. Minstrel Man 426. The Wanderer 501. Dere's A Man Goin' Round' Takin' Names 502. No More 503. Work All De Summer 504. Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel? 505. Silent Night, Holy Night 506. All Through The Night 507. Solitude 508. Mood Indigo 509. Summertime (Lullaby) (Porgy & Bess) 510. It Take A Long Pull To Get There (Porgy & Bess) 511. It Ain't Necessarily So (Porgy & Bess) 512. A Woman Is A Sometime Thing (Porgy & Bess) 513. Just A-wearyin' For You 514. At Dawning 515. Song Of The Volga Boatmen 516. An Eriskay Love-lilt 517. Encantadora Maria 518. Goin' To Ride Up In De Chariot 519. Every Time I Feel De Spirit 520. Lay Down Late 521. After The Battle 522. David Of The White Rock 523. Trees 524. Songs My Mother Taught Me, Op.55 No.4 525. Loch Lomond 526. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes 601. Down De Lovers' Lane 602. Lullaby (The Moor Of Peter The Great) 603. Night (Russian Folk Song) 604. The Little Black Boy (Songs Of Innocence) 605. Dear Old Southland 606. Jerusalem 607. The Blind Ploughman 608. The Cobbler's Song (Chu Chin Chow) 609. Oh, Could I But Express In Song 610. Love At My Heart 611. Nothin' 612. The Rosary 613. A Perfect Day 614. Absent 615. Black Eyes 616. Oh, Promise Me (Robin Hood) 617. Plaisir D'amour 618. Sylvia 619. She Is Far From The Land 620. Thora 621. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal 622. Sea Fever 623. Ebenezer (From The Film The Proud Valley) 624. Land Of My Fathers (From The Film The Proud Valley 625. Deep River 626. Lord God Of Abraham / Baal Chorus (Elijah)


10 f, Latarnia morska Muanda - moneta fluorescenyjna, 2006 - 1373091461

249,00 zł

10 f, Latarnia morska Muanda - moneta fluorescenyjna, 2006 B.H. Mayer

Kategorie > Srebrne i złote monety świata

Kolekcja: Srebrne monety o tematyce marynistycznej Kraj: Republika Kongo Stan zachowania monety: I (menniczy) Nominał: 10 franków Srebro: Ag 925 Stempel: lustrzany Techniki dodatkowe: tampodruk, farba fluorescencyjna Waga: 25 g Nakład limitowany: 2.500 szt. ! Rok emisji: 2006 r. W zestawie: srebrna moneta kolekcjonerska w kapsule ochronnej, certyfikat autentyczności Srebrna moneta kolekcjonerska o ciekawej tematyce marynistycznej i niskim nakładzie 2.500 sztuk. Moneta częściowo pokryta jest farbą fluorescencyjną. Dzięki temu po naświetleniu - promień latarni świeci w ciemności. The Lighthouse of Muanda with fluorescent color In 1482 the Portuguese Diego C


If You Go Away - 2839424396

1599,99 zł

If You Go Away Bear Family Records


1. The Summer's Long 2. Channing Way 3. Each Of Us Alone 4. I've Been To Town 5. Yes 6. The Hunters 7. One Day Soon 8. Summer In My Eye 9. Times Gone By 10. Looking Back At 30 11. So Many Others (Remake) 12. The Lovers 13. Rusting In The Rain 14. The Plains Of My Country Ballet Suite In 3... 15. Alamo Junction 16. The Summer's Long (Alt. Take) 17. The House Upon The Hill 18. Stanyan Street Revisited 19. We Have Only Love (Demo) 20. On My Own (Demo) 21. The Tamarack Tree 22. Take Me Home Again 23. Sleep Now Love 24. Trashy 25. So Many Others (Alt. Take) 101. Some Trust In Chariots 102. People Change 103. How Deep Is Down? 104. When Flora Was Mine 105. If You Go Away (Ne Me Quites Pas) 106. So Long San Francisco 107. The Loner 108. Solo 109. The Lonely Things 110. She 111. The Good Times Is All Done Now 112. Truck Stop 113. Thank You 114. I Turn To You 115. Church Windows (Instr.) 116. Flowers 117. Me & The Cat 118. For Silence Is Golden (Demo) 119. Watching You Sleep/thank You 120. My Old Man 121. Darlin' Don't You Know (& Glenn Yarbrough) 122. The Girls Of The Summer (Glenn Yarbrough) 123. Happy Birthday Ernie (Bon Anniversary Ernie) 124. Flowers 125. My Mother's Eyes 126. The World I Used To Know (Rejected Vers.) 127. Gee It's Nice To Be Alone (Demo) 128. If You Go Away (Alt. Vers.) 129. So Long San Francisco (Alt. Lyrics) 201. The Hurtin' 202. You 203. Before The Monkeys Came 204. The Summertime Of Days 205. The Women 206. Zangra 207. Down At Mary's Old Time Bar 208. Meantime 209. Open The Windows & See All The Clowns 210. I'm Strong, But I Like Roses 211. The Statue 212. Ain't You Glad You're Livin', Joe 213. Loneliness In Crowds 214. Nouveau Fleur (Instr.) 215. Me & The Cat 216. Something More 217. Meantime (Alt. Take) 218. Open The Window & See All The Clowns (Alt) 219. Don't Forget To Bring Her A Rose 220. Ain't You Glad You're Livin' Joe 221. The Habit 222. The Habit 223. My Old Man 224. You (Take 2) 225. I'm Strong But I Like Roses (Alt. Take) 226. Meantime (1st Version) 227. Kill The Wind 228. Don't Forget To Bring Her A Rose 229. Open The Window & See All The Clowns 230. Loneliness In Crowds (Alt. Take) 231. Something More (Demo) 301. I'll Say Goodbye (Je Partirai) 302. La Mer Sans Soleil (Sea Without Sun) 303. Le Bourgeois 304. Through European Windows 305. Song Without Words (Chanson Sans Paroles) 306. Paris (Mon Arbre) 307. Baby Be My Love (L'amour Avec Toi) 308. The Ever Constant Sea 309. Like A Child 310. On The Road Again (Qu'est-ce Que Tu Attends.) 311. Nathalie 312. The Far West (Le Plat Pays) 313. Pushing The Clouds Away 314. Do You Like The Rain? 315. Gifts From The Sea 316. Some Day We'll See Spain (Concerto For Guitar 317. & Orch.) Extract From 2nd Movement 318. Seasons In The Sun 319. Capri In July 320. Je Vien De Loin, (French Vocal/1st 321. International Issue) 322. A Kind Of Loving 323. I'n Only Me 324. Chasin' The Sun 325. The Money Boys Of Cannes (Demo & Glenn 326. Yarbrough) 327. Bon Soir Mademoiselle 328. Through European Windows (Alt. Take) 401. Prologue: A Cat Named Sloopy 402. To Share The Summer Sun 403. Round, Round, Round 404. I'll Never Be Alone 405. The Ducks On The Millpond 406. Midnight Walk 407. Listen To The Warm 408. It's Raining 409. Weekend 410. Brown October 411. Where Are We Now? 412. The Singing Of The Wind 413. Dandelion Days 414. I Live Alone 415. Epilogue: One Day I'll Follow The Birds 416. Entre Act: Listen To The Warm (Instr.) 417. Listen To The Warm 418. I Have Loved You In So Many Ways 419. We Touch Shoulder To Shoulder 420. Sunday In November 421. Beyond This Wall (The Phoenix) 422. The Warm & Gentle Girls 423. Be Gentle, Please 424. Hurry 425. Round, Round, Round (Reprise) 426. Conversation After 1:am 427. I Have Loved You In So Many Ways (Theme) 428. Me & The Cat 429. After The Toll Beach 430. Listen To The Warm (Alt. Vocal) 431. Twenty-nine 432. Midsummer 501. The Single Man 502. Leave Me Something 503. I Never Go There Anymore 504. The Phoenix 505. The Last Of The Wine 506. Elegy No.1 507. The Girls Of The Summer 508. Where Would I Be? 509. Elegy No.2 510. I've Saved The Summer 511. In Passing 512. Some Of Them Fall 513. Elegy No.3 514. The Importance Of The Rose (C'est La Rose) 515. The Ivy That Clings To The Wall (Instr.) 516. Inside Of Me 517. The Voyeur 518. Home To See Maria 519. The Lovers Of December 520. Things To Come (Gymnopedes No.1) 521. Home By Water (Gymnopedes No.3) 522. Sometimes 523. And To Each Season 524. The Wind Of Change 525. The Girls Of The Summer (Alt. Vocal) 526. The Ivy That Clings To The Wall (Vocal) 601. Up 602. I'll Catch The Sun 603. Glad Rag Doll 604. The Women (Alt. Take) 605. We Have Only Love 606. Soldiers Who Want To Be Heroes (Parody) 607. The Waltz Goes On (Demo) 608. To Die In Summertime (Demo) 609. Seasons In The Sun (Alt. Vocal) 610. So Many Others 611. Ain't You Glad You're Livin', Joe (Alt.) 612. Simple Gifts (Demo) 613. If You Go Away 614. Love & Let Love (Demo) 615. Don't Forget To Bring Her A Rose 616. Some Of Them Fall (Alt. Vocal) 617. When The Green Berets Come Home 618. The New Words 619. Portuguese Bend 620. El Monte 621. Children One & All 622. We 623. I Never Will Marry (Demo & Chet Atkins) 624. River, River (Demo & Chet Atkins) 625. Things Bright & Beautiful 626. One By One (& Don Ho) 627. All Of Me Is Mine (Demo)


The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, Vol. 1 - 2826872682

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The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, Vol. 1 Dover Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

I. PROLEGOMENA AND GENERAL INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK ON PAINTING Clavis Sigillorum and Index of Manuscripts.?The author's intention to publish his MSS. The preparation of the MSS. for publication Admonition to readers The disorder in the MSS Suggestions for the arrangement of MSS. Treating of particular subjects General introduction to the book on painting The plan of the book on painting The use of the book on painting Necessity of the theoretical knowledge The function of the eye Variability of the eye Focus of sight Differences of perception by one eye and by both eyes The comparative size of the image depends on the amount of light II. LINEAR PERSPECTIVE General remarks on perspective The elements of perspective:?of the point Of the line The nature of the outline Definition of perspective The perception of the object depends on the direction of the eye Experimental proof of the existence of the pyramid of sight The relations of the distance point to the vanishing point How to measure the pyramid of vision The production of the pyramid of vision Proof by experiment General conclusions That the contrary is impossible A parallel case "The function of the eye, as explained by the camera obscura" The practice of perspective Refraction of the rays falling upon the eye The inversion of the images The intersection of the rays Demonstration of perspective by means of a vertical glass plane The angle of sight varies with the distance Opposite pyramids in juxtaposition On simple and complex perspective The proper distance of objects from the eye The relative size of objects with regard to their distance from the eye The apparent size of objects defined by calculation On natural perspective III. SIX BOOKS ON LIGHT AND SHADE GENERAL INTRODUCTION. Prolegomena Scheme of the books on light and shade Different principles and plans of treatment Different sorts of light Definition of the nature of shadows Of the various kinds of shadows Of the various kinds of light General remarks FIRST BOOK ON LIGHT AND SHADE. On the nature of light The difference between light and lustre The relations of luminous to illuminated bodies Experiments on the relation of light and shadow within a room Light and shadow with regard to the position of the eye The law of the incidence of light SECOND BOOK ON LIGHT AND SHADE. Gradations of strength in the shadows On the intensity of shadows as dependent on the distance from the light On the proportion of light and shadow THIRD BOOK ON LIGHT AND SHADE. Definition of derived shadow Different sorts of derived shadows On the relation of derived and primary shadow On the shape of derived shadows On the relativity intensity of derived shadows Shadow as produced by two lights of different size The effect of light at different distances Further complications in the derived shadows FOURTH BOOK ON LIGHT AND SHADE. On the shape of cast shadows On the outlines of cast shadows On the relative size of cast shadows Effects on cast shadows by the tone of the back ground A disputed proposition On the relative depth of cast shadows FIFTH BOOK ON LIGHT AND SHADE. Principles of reflection On reverberation Reflection on water Experiments with the mirror Appendix:?On shadows in movement SIXTH BOOK LIGHT AND SHADE. The effect of rays passing through holes On gradation of shadows On relative proportion of light and shadows IV. PERSPECTIVE OF DISAPPEARANCE Definition An illustration by experiment A guiding rule An experiment On indistinctness at short distances On indistinctness at great distances The importance of light and shade in the Prospettiva de' perdimenti The effect of light or dark backgrounds on the apparent size of objects Propositions on Prospettiva de' perdimenti from MS. C. V. THEORY OF COLOURS The reciprocal effects of colours on objects placed opposite each other Combination of different colours in cast shadows The effect of colours in the camera obscura On the colours of derived shadows On the nature of colours On gradations in the depth of colours On the reflection of colours On the use of dark and light colours in painting On the colours of the rainbow VI. PERSPECTIVE OF COLOUR AND AERIAL PERSPECTIVE   General rules An exceptional case An experiment The practice of the Prospettiva de' colori The rules of aerial perspective On the relative density of the atmosphere On the colour of the atmosphere VII. ON THE PROPORTIONS AND ON THE MOVEMENTS OF THE HUMAN FIGURE Preliminary observations Proportions of the head and face Proportions of the head seen in front Proportions of the foot Relative proportions of the hand and foot Relative proportions of the foot and of the face Proportions of the leg On the central point of the whole body The relative proportions of the torso and of the whole figure The relative proportions of the head and of the torso The relative proportions of the torso and of the leg The relative proportions of the torso and of the foot The proportions of the whole figure The torso from the front and back Vitruvius' scheme of proportions The arm and head Proportions of the arm The movement of the arm & The study of the antique The necessity of anatomical knowledge How to acquire practice Industry and thoroughness the first conditions The artist's private life and choice of company The distribution of time for studying On the productive power of minor artists A caution against one-sided study How to acquire universality Useful games and exercises II. THE ARTIST'S STUDIO.?INSTRUMENTS AND HELPS FOR THE APPLICATION OF PERSPECTIVE.?ON JUDGING OF A PICTURE. On the size of the studio On the construction of windows On the best light for painting On various helps in preparing a picture On the management of works On the limitations of painting On the choice of a position The apparent size of figures in a picture "The right position of the artist, when painting and of spectator" III. THE PRACTICAL METHODS OF LIGHT AND SHADE AND AËRIAL PERSPECTIVE Gradations of light and shade On the choice of light for a picture The distribution of light and shade The juxtaposition of light and shade On the lighting of the background On the lighting of white objects The methods of aërial perspective IV. OF PORTRAIT AND FIGURE PAINTING. Of sketching figures and portraits The position of the head Of the light on the face General suggestions for historical pictures How to represent the differences of age and sex Of representing the emotions Of representing imaginary animals The selection of forms How to pose figures Of appropriate gestures V. SUGGESTIONS FOR COMPOSITIONS. Of painting battle-pieces Of depicting night-scenes Of depicting a tempest Of representing the deluge Of depicting natural phenomena VI. THE ARTIST'S MATERIALS. Of chalk and paper On the preparation and use of colours Of preparing the panel The preparation of oils On varnishes On chemical materials VII. PHILOSOPHY AND HISTORY OF THE ART OF PAINTING. The relation of art and nature Painting is superior to poetry Painting is superior to sculpture Aphorisms On the history of painting The painter's scope X. STUDIES AND SKETCHES FOR PICTURES AND DECORATIONS On pictures of the Madonna Bernardo di Bandino's portrait Notes on the Last Supper On the battle of Anghiari Allegorical representations referring to the duke of Milan Allegorical representations Arrangement of a picture List of drawings Mottoes and Emblems REFERENCE TABLE TO THE NUMERICAL ORDER OF THE CHAPTERS


Art rock musical groups - 2838787345

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Art rock musical groups Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 236. Chapters: Tool, Television, Wire, Genesis, Marillion, King Crimson, Roxy Music, Captain Beefheart, Public Image Ltd, Ultravox, ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Cardiacs, Florence and the Machine, The Velvet Underground, The Mars Volta, Bark Psychosis, Isis, Can, Our Lady Peace, Broken Social Scene, Automatic Man, Certain General, Ekatarina Velika, Dredg, The Monsoon Bassoon, Obojeni Program, Levitation, The Transmitters, No-Man, Pere Ubu, Magnetophone, Darkwood Dub, Sparta, Hovercraft, Of Mice & Men, Exit State, Liars, Malice Mizer, Emarosa, Sleepy People, DD/MM/YYYY, Failure, Noisettes, Delicate AWOL, PMtoday, Replicator, Destroy All Monsters, Syren, The Rapture, Glint, Young Knives, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Shellac, The Fibonaccis, Oucho Sparks, The Ex, Rockbitch, Poem Rocket, Jarboli, First Signs of Frost, Podsdarapomuk, Enon, FromUz, The Proletariat, Trumans Water, Brainiac, Toiling Midgets, Tortoise, This Heat, Exit Ten, Kimono Draggin', Blue Orchids, Disen Gage, The Pity Party, EOTO, Caroliner, Vib Gyor, Kozmetika, Half Japanese, Little Tragedies, Wavves, Les Savy Fav, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Grifters, Zag and the Coloured Beads, These New Puritans, Failsafe, The Violets, Dou Wei, Vedera, Neptune, Tells, Selfish Cunt, Mount Vicious, Guapo, This Window, Matchstick Sun, Ulan Bator, The Total Drop, Apostle of Hustle, Soft Eject, Nihilist Spasm Band, Maudlin of the Well, Model A, Doctors of Madness, These Are Powers, Earl Brutus, Devil Sold His Soul, Circus Devils, Pigeon Religion, Koenji Hyakkei, Ex Models, The Strapping Fieldhands, The Roaring Twenties, The Creeping Nobodies, Isochronous, Escanaba Firing Line, Hidria Spacefolk, Eyeless in Gaza, Thirteen of Everything, Mr. So & So, Indian Jewelry, Y Pants, Millions, Cosmic Jokers, The Apes, Sibyl Vane, Mint, HoBoLeMa, T2, The Life and Times, The Chrysanthemums, The Van Pelt, The Vanity Set, Noblesse Oblige, Spratleys Japs, Everything, Now!, Mosque, Fiction, The Ailerons, Permanent Fatal Error, Memories of Machines, Bellini, The Lapse, Apple Pie, Standstill, Kellermensch. Excerpt: King Crimson are a rock band founded in London, England in 1969. Often categorised as a foundational progressive rock group, the band have incorporated diverse influences and instrumentation during their history (including jazz and folk music, classical and experimental music, psychedelic rock, hard rock and heavy metal, new wave, gamelan, electronica and drum and bass). The band have been influential on many contemporary musical artists, and have gained a large cult following despite garnering little radio or music video airplay. Though originating in England, the band have had a mixture of English and American personnel since 1981. The band's lineup (centered on guitarist Robert Fripp) has persistently altered throughout their existence, with eighteen musicians and two lyricists passing through the ranks; though a greater degree of stability was achieved later in their history, with Adrian Belew having been a consistent member since 1981 (excluding ProjeKcts). The debut lineup of the band was influential, but short-lived, lasting for just over one year. Between 1970 and 1971, King Crimson were an unstable band, with many personnel changes and disjunctions between studio and live sound as the band explored elements of jazz, funk and classical chamber music. By 1972 the band had a more stable lineup and developed an improvisational sound mingling h...


Dynamic Light and Shade - 2826645233

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Dynamic Light and Shade Watson-Guptill Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book, illustrated with drawings in pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, and brush and ink, shows how to interpret subjects in terms of light and shade. Hogarth demonstrates how a dark silhouette on white paper can communicate form and space. He then shows how the silhouette is transformed into three dimensions with the addition of highlights. There is a chapter devoted to each of the five basic categories of light and shade: single-source light; double-source light; flat, diffused light; moonlight; and sculptural light. Natural and artificial light sources are examined, and the effects of the five types of light on a variety of subjects - faces, figures, landscapes, still lifes - are illustrated. Hogarth also explains more complex light effects: how light and shade can create a sense of near and far; how light is affected by weather, time of day, and the changing seasons; how light reveals the surface qualities of forms; the effects of light passing through transparent materials like glass and water; and much more.


Bewsey Old Hall, Warrington, Cheshire - 2827043200

144,96 zł

Bewsey Old Hall, Warrington, Cheshire Oxford Archaeology North

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The origins of Bewsey Old Hall, in the Royal Forest of Burtonwood, probably lie in the late twelth or early thirteenth century, when it was held by the influential Butler family, barons of Warrington. Although much altered and diminished, Bewsey Old Hall still stands, beginning its existence as an aisled hall, surrounded by out-buildings. It is not clear when the site was moated, but a local watercourse was probably diverted at an early stage. Badly damaged by fire in the fourteenth century, the hall was substantially rebuilt, wholly or partially in stone. Parts of this complex of medieval buildings survived into the sixteenth or seventeenth century. Having been owned by the Butlers until 1586, ownership passed briefly to the Earl of Leicester, but it was soon sold on to the Ireland family, later passing to their successors, the Athertons. In the late sixteenth or early seventeenth century, a fashionable new brick house was built on the site, incorporating or reusing elements of the medieval hall. It was much enhanced in the seventeenth century by the creation of a formal terraced garden furniture, although the terracing had been levelled by 1724. Bewsey's remaining medieval structures were demolished during the eighteenth century, when the hall was extended, and landscaping works filled in parts of the moat and enlarged others as water features. In 1863, a 'New Hall' was built, and Bewsey Old Hall was left in the hands of tenants, until, in considerable disrepair, it was acquired by Warrington Development Corporation in 1974. During the late 1970s and until the mid-1980s, the site's development was traced through examination of the building, extensive excavation, and documentary research. This volume paints a vivid picture of Bewsey's development, the trials and tribulations of its inhabitants, and their relationship with the world around them.


Noctua NF-A14 PWM - 1990967015

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Noctua NF-A14 PWM Noctua

kategoria nadrzedna nie istnieje

The NF-A14 is a premium quality quiet 140mm fan with a square frame that complies with Noctua


Riding On The L & N - 2839304573

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Riding On The L & N Repertoire Records


1. I Wouldn't Have Thought (Gopher's Song) 2. Mountains 3. You'll Never Know 4. She Is The Fire 5. Passing Through 6. Even The Clock 7. When All Your Friends Are Gone 8. Walking Down The Road 9. Johnny Carl Morton 10. Turn Around 11. Riding On The L&n 12. On Your Road 13. Autumn Song* 101. Water (Part One) 102. Junior's Wailing 103. Supposed To Be Free 104. Hold That Train 105. Contemporary Chick Con Song 106. Lost You Too 107. Levinia 108. Windmill 109. Another Travelling Tune 110. Sunset Chase 111. Telegram (Nature's Mischief)


Junior's Wailing - 2839202463

35,99 zł

Junior's Wailing Repertoire Records


1. Water Part One 2. Junior's Wailing 3. Riding On The L&n 4. Hold That Train 5. Passing Through 6. Autumn Song 7. When All Your Friends Are Gone 8. Lost You Too 9. Supposed To Be Free 10. Johnny Carl Morton 11. Even The Clock 12. Contemporary Chick Con Song 13. Junior's Wailin Single Version 14. Windmill 15. I Wouldn't Have Thought 16. Mountains


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