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Knowing Yourself - 2834686342

87,44 zł

Knowing Yourself Sunstone Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Thinking and doing, supported by intelligence and energy are the fundamental building blocks of every personality. When you understand them, you can understand yourself and direct your life into the most advantageous and positive areas. And by knowing yourself, you will learn how to know others better. You may even find that being neurotic is normal and in some ways helpful to your well-being. There are a lot of books out on the "self help" subject, but here is a clear and common-sense examination of the subject of personality that makes for easy and thoughtful reading. We think you'll enjoy getting to know yourself. * * * * Virginia Schroeder Burnham served as a consultant in medical research to the Federal Government for the Senate, the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration. She developed several proprietorships dealing with inventions and medical instrumentation and her extensive volunteer activities culminated in her being knighted a Dame of Malta in 1985. She is also the author of "Since Time Began, The Truths and Myths About Sexual Orientation,"" The Lake With Two Dams, What You Should Know About Mental Illness" and "The Two-Edged Sword, A Study of the Paranoid Personality in Action," all from Sunstone Press. * * * * William H. Hampton, MD, graduated from Syracuse Medical School and took a psychiatric residency at Syracuse Veterans Administration Hospital and at New York Hospital in White Plains, New York. He participates in the Association for Alcohol and Addictions, the International Geriatric Society and many other professional associations relating to mental health. * * * * "The Midwest Book Review" called the book, "A fascinating and involving read that embraces the classic wisdom of Socrates himself when he said, 'Know thyself, for once we know ourselves, we may learn how to care for ourselves, but otherwise we never shall.' 'Knowing Yourself' is an especially commended addition to Self-Help/Self-Improvement reading lists."


Love Addict - 2834685091

68,27 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Giddy euphoria, an elevated heart rate, clammy hands, increased blood pressure, facial flushing, dilated pupils . . . these are the physical effects of 'falling in love' or being sexually aroused. These tell-tale signs of attraction are, in reality, caused by a cascade of electrical and chemical reactions in the reward centers of the brain, a reaction that also significantly increases feelings of well-being. Who wouldn't want to feel this way all the time? In fact, it would seem that love and sex (or their chemical components) are great drugs, and relatively safe too. But what happens when those euphoric feelings wane or someone calls it quits or the feelings are unrequited? Most people would move on; the same way most casual users of a drug such as cocaine or a behavior such as gambling don't become addicts.


Daughters of the West Mesa - 2846571963

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Daughters of the West Mesa ABQ Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This novel is based on a true story. In 2009 eleven female remains and an unborn fetus were discovered on the West Mesa outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Irene Blea has synthesized what she experienced while living in the region and introduces us to Dora, a single mother, and her two daughters, Luna and Andrea. Luna has been missing for several months. The police, Dora, Andrea and members of the community have searched for Luna with no success. Dora struggles to endure not knowing about her missing daughter, Andrea's emotional distance, and adjusting to the recent purchase of a new house next to a one hundred acre field when a human bone is found in the field. She watches the investigation of the bone and the discovery of many more bones on television. Dora's physical, emotional and spiritual well-being decline while she awaits notice that Luna is, or is not, buried in the field. Irene Blea has personal experience with the dark side of the city and women like Dora, whose daughters frequent nightclubs and bars among drug addicts and prostitutes. She also draws from Mexican American culture. Blea developed and taught Mexican American Studies for twenty-seven years and has written several articles, poetry, and textbooks for university classroom use. The author retired from California State University-Los Angles as a tenured, Full Professor and Chairperson of Mexican American Studies in 1998.


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