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In the age of Hi-tech Agriculture and Horticulture, introduction of high yielding, hybrid, photo and therm-oinsensitive varieties of vegetables resulted in the paradigm shift in vegetable cultivation. In addition to that, the climatic changes and increment in cropping intensity reflected in a remarkable and rapid shift of vegetable ecosystem. Biotic stresses like insect, mite and nematode pests etc. have also been increasing day by day. These pest problems in vegetable cultivation are now changing in a dynamic fashion in close association with the change in cropping system and the environment. Considering the ill effects of hard-to-degrade synthetic chemical pesticides, integrated approaches are the only answer to combat such a complex problem that comprises host plant resistance, cultural, biological management strategies in association with safe pesticidal chemicals. Some pesticides have also been banned for using in vegetable, some are withdrawn. But information with regard to this phenomenon are scattered. In this compilation, an exhaustive effort has been undertaken to compile them. In addition to elaborating the host range, distribution, marks of identification, bionomics of the pests, protected cultivation, host plant resistance, biological control, pesticide residue problem and measures to mitigate it have been presented by the experts from different Institutes of repute from all over India. The book has been designed for the UG and PG students of horticulture, plant protection, acarology as well as nematology. This will also serve as guide to Professors and Teachers of Agricultural Universities, progressive farmers, extension workers, plant protection specialists as well as policy makers. It will be a treasure of information and must for the shelf of every library


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