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Telephony Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 139. Chapters: Telephone, Demon dialing, Integrated Services Digital Network, Local access and transport area, QSIG, Signaling System No 7, Call tracing, Call centre, Voice frequency, AIOD leads, Forward echo, Alternate party, Interface functionality, Four-wire circuit, Common battery, Telephony Application Programming Interface, Lockout, Loading characteristic, Group alerting and dispatching system, Interexchange carrier, Mobile phone, Invention of the telephone, IP Multimedia Subsystem, Technological convergence, Fiber to the x, PSTN network topology, Telecommunications Relay Service, Telephone newspaper, Phone fraud, Enterprise FMC, BT 21CN, Echo cancellation, Stock market data systems, Applied Media Technologies Corporation, Telephone interpreting, Public switched telephone network, Online charging system, Théâtrophone, Skills-based routing, Silent call, Stromberg-Carlson, Billing Mediation Platform, Answering machine, Managed Facilities-based Voice Network, SmartAction, Speaking tube, Pronexus, CLLI code, History of telephone service in Catalonia, Vishing, Callback, List of telephony terminology, Missed call, Incumbent local exchange carrier, Telephone number verification, Operator messaging, War dialing, K-38 trailer, OAMP, BT Highway, Organic Minutes, GOOG-411, Telecom Transformation, Plum Voice, Request line, Chief customer officer, PhoneValet Message Center, Telephone operator, BIX, Intercept message, Teleblock, Voice portal, Diversicom, Mysipswitch, SpeechCycle, TuVox, Drunk dialing, VoiceObjects, Simplified Message Desk Interface, Pocket Computer Phone, QuickFuse, Automatic switched-transport network, Call capture, Bulk messaging, Telephone and Data Systems, VoiceWeb, Brring, Video-ready access device, Landline, Echo suppressor, Next generation access, Network access server, Silence suppression, FSK standards for use in Caller ID and remote metering, Automated attendant, Switching Control Center System, Jipp curve, JSLEE, Trap and trace device, Telephony application server,, Voice broadcasting, Cable telephony, Path computation element, Bat phone, Breakout box, Telephony Portal, Capillary routing, Digital call quality, Trunk vs Toll, Aloaha FAX Suite, INOC-DBA, TDS Telecom, Predictive dialer, Telephone tapping in the Eastern Bloc, Frequency extender, Fixed-Mobile Convergence Alliance, Ahoy, WarVOX, Stimulus protocol, Telephone related articles, Dialling, Generic access profile, International Premium Rate Service, CT1, Back-to-back user agent, K-55 trailer, Underground Service Alert, Dialogic card, Milliwatt test, Mode 3, Functional protocol, Autopatch, IOS Telecom, High-loss calculation, GoTa, White, black and grey routes, Phone tag, K-37 trailer, Fixed Mobile Substitution, Voiceband, Bell Labs Record, K-36 trailer, Talkspurt, Video IVR, Answer/seizure ratio, Personal Communications Network, Clearwave Communications, Night service, Packet telephony, ToneLoc, Long line, Remote Radio Head, Internet Party Line, TDM Bus, Carrier preselect, COSMOS, H.100, VoATM over DSL, Common technical regulation, MEDR, List of call centre companies, Network Effectiveness Ratio, Hold, Telephony Service Provider, Average call duration, Craft access system, Commercial bandwidth, Long-distance operator, LIDB, Generalised switched telephone network, Call Login Systems, Carrier of Record, Reverse charge. Excerpt: A mobile phone, cell phone or hand phone is an electronic device used to make mobile telephone calls ac...


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