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Dreams of Fear - 2853289816

96,73 zł

Dreams of Fear Hippocampus Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The tradition of weird poetry is one that stretches back for millennia, to the earliest literary expression of the human race. In this new volume-the first comprehensive historical anthology of weird, horrific, and supernatural poetry in more than 50 years-the editors have rightly begun their survey of weirdness in verse with Homer's iOdyssey/i, proceeding through Greek, Latin, and medieval verse to such towering poets of English and American literature as Coleridge, Shelley, Poe, Tennyson, and Longfellow. With the dawn of the 20th century, such leaders of horrific prose as H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Donald Wandrei, and Robert E. Howard came to the fore. Our own day has seen a remarkable resurgence in weird poetry, and such poets as Richard L. Tierney, Bruce Boston, W. H. Pugmire, and Ann K. Schwader have added to a legacy that stretches back to the dawn of time.brbr The editors have added brief biographical notes on all the poets included, along with bibliographical information on the poems. This volume will become the standard edition of weird poetry for decades to come.brbr S. T. Joshi is the author of iUnutterable Horror: A History of Supernatural Fiction/i (2012) and many other works of criticism and scholarship. Steven J. Mariconda is the author of many essays on H. P. Lovecraft, Ramsey Campbell, and other writers of weird fiction.


Karmic Traces - 2853398033

78,81 zł

Karmic Traces New Directions Publishing Corporation

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

For the past twenty years, Eliot Weinberger has been taking the essay far beyond the borders of literary criticism or personal journalism and into the realm of poetry and narrative. Full of stories, yet written in a condensed, imagistic language, his essays are works of the imagination where all the facts are verifiable. As entertaining as fiction and as vivid as poems, making unexpected stops in odd corners of the globe or forgotten moments in human history, erudite, politically engaged, and acerbically witty, there is nothing quite like his work in contemporary writing.In Karmic Traces, Weinberger's third collection from New Directions, twenty-four essays take the reader along on the author's personal travels from the Atacama Desert to Iceland to Hong Kong on the verge of the handover to China, as well as on imagined voyages in a 17th-century Danish ship bound for India and among strange religious cults or even stranger small animals. One never knows what will appear next: Viking dreams, Aztec rituals, Hindu memory, laughing fish, or prophetic dogs. And, in "The Falls", the long tour-de-force that closes the book, Weinberger recapitulates 3,000 years of history in a cascade of telling facts to uncover the deep roots of contemporary racism and violence.


Edgar Allen Poe - Raven - 2850430112

96,40 zł


Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) is the poet of the night world, of the inexplicable, the uncanny. His poems do not analyse, they do not explain: they exist with the intensity of hallucinations. In the breathtakingly seductive beauty of 'To Helen' - 'Like those Nicean barks of yore, /that gently o'er a perfumed sea...', or the claustrophobic horror of 'The Raven', Poe offers haunting alternative realities, as strange - and strangely familiar - as our dreams and nightmares. Yet Poe was more than a poet of American gothic. He was translated by Baudelaire and Mallarme, becoming a key figure in French Symbolism; he was an influential critic. This edition contains all Poe's poetry and his three most important essays. With an introduction by the poet C.H. Sisson, it is an indispensable collection of the work of one of the nineteenth century's most compelling and original poets.


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