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Poems For The Common Man - 2840395461

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Poems For The Common Man

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Literature & literary studies>Poetry>Individual poets

Have You Ever Needed To Laugh, Cry, Sigh Or Nod Your Head But Life Places Obstacles Preventing Your Indulgence In These Simple Expressions?


Chained To A Memory - 2839420527

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Chained To A Memory Bear Family Records

Muzyka>Rock>Rock & Roll

1. June Is As Cold As December 2. Glitter & Gold 3. Lovey Kravezit 4. The Doll House Is Empty 5. (You Got) The Power Of Love 6. Leave My Girl Alone 7. (Why Am I) Chained To A Memory 8. Don't Run & Hide 9. Have You Ever Loved Somebody 10. Fifi The Flea 11. Hard Hard Year 12. Like Everytime Before 13. Signs That Will Never Change 14. The Collector 15. So Lonely 16. I've Been Wrong Before 17. Kiss Your Man Goodbye (No.3) 18. Pretty Flamingo 19. Somebody Help Me 20. When Eddie Comes Home 21. The Devil's Child 22. She Never Smiles Anymore (Take 1) 23. She Never Smiles Anymore 24. Nothing But The Best 25. Sea Of Heartbreak 26. Blueberry Hill 27. Good Golly, Miss Molly 28. (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time 29. I'm Movin' On 30. Sticks & Stones 101. Oh, Boy! 102. Let's Go Get Stoned 103. Trains & Boats & Planes 104. Even If I Hold It In My Hand (Take 2) 105. Even If I Hold It In My Hand (Take 10) 106. The House Of The Rising Sun (Take 1) 107. The House Of The Rising Sun (Take 4) 108. Bowling Green (Demo) 109. I'll Be Gone (Demo) (Backing Track) 110. I Don't Want To Love You 111. Bowling Green 112. Mary Jane 113. A Little Bit Of Crazy 114. Do You 115. A Voice Within 116. It's All Over (Overdub & Remix Of Old Rec.) 117. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy 118. A Whiter Shade Of Pale 119. Talking To The Flowers 120. Deliver Me 121. I'm Finding It Rough 122. They Smile For You (Backing Track) 123. Love Of The Common People (Take 1) 124. Love Of The Common People (Composite) 125. Love Of The Common People (Take 23) 126. My Elusive Dreams (Take 1) 201. You're Just What I Was Looking For...(take 7) 202. You're Just What I Was Looking For...(take 9) 203. Lord Of The Manor 204. It's My Time 205. Bonsoir Madame (Back Track) 206. Empty Boxes 207. Love With Your Heart (No.1) (Take 4) 208. Love With Your Heart (No.1) (Master) 209. You Done Me Wrong (Alt. Mix) 210. Milk Train 211. Roots Lp: 212. Intro: Everly Family 213. Mama Tried (7/20/68 & 9/26/68) 214. Less Of Me (7/16/68) 215. T For Texas (7/20/68) 216. I Wonder If Care As Much (9/17 & 19/68) 217. Ventura Boulevard (7/12/68 & 10/14/68) 218. Shady Grove (7/17/68) 219. Illinois (9/30/68) 220. Living Too Close To The Ground (10/7/68) 221. You Done Me Wrong (4/10/68) 222. Turn Around (7/12/68, 9/23/68 & 10/14/68) 223. Sing Me Back Home (7/16/68 & 9/25/68) 224. Montage: Everly Family/shady Grove/ 225. Kentucky 226. The Weight (Take 9) 227. Deep Water (Backing Track) 228. Medley: Lady Anne/blue Balloon (Demo) 229. Roots Promo Sampler 301. Lady Anne (Demo) 302. Shop Girl (Demo) 303. Omaha 304. Human Race (No.1) 305. Mr. Soul (Mix No.1 1/6/69) 306. In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) 307. Down In The Bottom (Mix No.1 1/6/69) 308. Love With Your Heart (No.2) 309. Mr. Soul (Mix No.2) 310. In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) 311. Down In The Bottom (Mix No.2 - Remake) 312. Glory Road 313. My Little Yellow Bird 314. I'm On My Way Home Again (Demo) 315. Cuckoo Bird 316. Eden To Canaan (Take 2) 317. Eden To Canaan (Nice Guys) 318. I'm On My Way Home Again (Take 1) 319. I'm On My Way Home Again (Single) 320. Carolina In My Mind 321. Casey's Last Ride No.1 (Take 1) 322. Casey's Last Ride No.1 (Take 9) 323. Stained Glass Morning 401. Yves 402. Human Race (No.2) 403. Introduction 404. Mama Tried 405. Kentucky 406. Bowling Green 407. ('til) I Kissed You 408. Wake Up Little Susie 409. Cathy's Clown 410. Bird Dog 411. Maybelline 412. Medley: Rock & Roll Music/the End/aquarius/ 413. If I Were A Carpenter/the Price Of Love/ 414. Rock & Roll Music/the Thrill Is Gone/the 415. End/games People Play/the Price Of Love 416. Baby What You Want Me To Do 417. All I Have To Do Is Dream 418. Walk Right Back 419. Medley: Susie Q/hey Jude 420. Lord Of The Manor 421. I Wonder If I Care As Much 422. Love Is Strange 423. Medley: Let It Be Me/give Peace A Chance 424. Duster Spot 501. The Brand New Tennessee Waltz 502. Casey's Last Ride (No.2) 503. Old Kentucky River 504. Green River 505. Breakdown 506. All We Really Want To Do 507. Poems, Prayers & Promises 508. Mandolin Wind 509. I'm Tired Of Singing My Song In Las Vegas 510. Ridin' High 511. Lay Me Down 512. Del Rio Dan 513. Three-armed Poker 514. Playin' River Rat 515. Christmas Eve Can Kill You 516. Stories We Can Tell 517. Poisonberry Pie 518. It Pleases Me To Please You 519. Up In Mabel's Room 601. Lay It Down 602. I Can't Be Myself 603. Sweet Memories 604. Rocky Top 605. Survival Of The Fittest 606. Not Fade Away 607. Paradise 608. A Nickel For The Fiddler 609. Somebody Nobody Knows 610. Watchin' It Go 611. Woman Don't You Try To Tie Me Down 612. Good Hearted Woman 613. Husbands & Wives 614. Ladies Love Outlaws 615. Maiden's Prayer 616. Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (No.2) 617. I'm Alone Because I Love You 618. Don Everly Talks About Pass The Chicken & Listen 701. A Live Concert Recorded By The Swedish 702. Broadcasting Ltd, At Radiohuset Studio 4 703. Stockholm, Sweden, April 22, 1965 704. Intro/lucille 705. Susie Q 706. Raunchy 707. Walk Right Back 708. Bye Bye Love 709. Gone Gone Gone (Instr.) 710. Outskirts Of Town 711. Bird Dog 712. So Sad 713. Lucille 714. Dvd: 715. The Archie Bleyer Show (1959): Feb. 9, 1959 716. Are You Sincere 717. All I Have To Do Is Dream 718. Lollipop 719. Everly Brothers In Nashville 720. Andy Williams In New York 721. The Chordettes In New York 722. Long Time Gone 723. Meet Me Where They Play The Blues 724. Wonderful One 725. Archie Bleyer's Rock Around The Clock 726. Party': 727. Problems 728. No Other Arms, No Other Lips 729. The Hawaiian Wedding Song (& Gunilla Florell) 730. Now Is The Hour 731. Intro Paul Anka: You're My Girl 732. Intro Steve Lawrence: Lonely Weekends 733. I Got A Woman 734. All I Have To Do Is Dream (& S. Lawrence) 735. Grammy Award Medley: 736. I Want To Hold Your Hand (& Jackie & Gayle) 737. People 738. The Boy From Ipanema 739. Downtown (& S. Lawrence & F. Hardy) 740. Intro Trini Lopez: The Price Of Love 741. Wake Up Little Susie/bye, Bye Love/bird Dog 742. Bye, Bye Love 743. Wake Up Little Susie/all I Have To Do Is/ 744. Dream/bird Dog/devoted To You 745. Cathy's Clown 746. Intro Roy Rogers & Dale Evans: Mama Tried 747. All I Have To Do Is Dream/wake Up Little 748. Susie/bye, Bye Love (& Roy Rogers & Dale 749. Evans)(hollywood Palace, Nov. 8, 1969) 750. The Games People Play (& Petula Clark)(color) 751. Petula Clark Special, Petula, Dec.6, 1970 752. Let It Be Me (Color) (Patula Clark Special 753. Petula, Dec.6, 1970)


Dog and How to Breed, Train and Keep Him - 2836773173

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Dog and How to Breed, Train and Keep Him Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from The Dog and How to Breed, Train and Keep Him: Containing Articles on the Breeding, Training and Keeping of the Dogs, as Well as the History, Description, and Peculiarities of the Different Breeds by Noted Fanciers, and Also a Chapter Upon Disease, Illustrated With Many Engraving From Life In this little work it is intended to give, for the ordinary dog owner and fancier, a short description of the more popular breeds, their peculiarities and characteristics, written by well-known fanciers, and also articles upon the breeding, training and keeping of the dog, giving such information as he would like to know, whether keeping dogs for profit or for pleasure. The articles have been purposely shorn of all technicalities, the illustrations have been taken from life, and it is sincerely hoped that the little monograph will make the keeping and breeding of a good dog as popular as it should be. The Origin and History of the Dog. The dog has been the faithful and constant companion of man from the very earliest times. He is supposed to have been the first of the animal kingdom domesticated, and when the greater proportion of the earth's population subsisted from the fruits of the chase, his instincts, as a hunter, were relied upon almost entirely to furnish food. The dog is mentioned by Homer in his poems, and is pictured upon the Egyptian monuments which have been standing for over five thousand years. Thus, for centuries, the dog has been the well-tried assistant of man, in guarding the flocks and herds, and even the master himself has relied upon the prowess of his friend. His sagacity, fidelity and usefulness are too well known to every one to be repeated, though it may be said that he surpasses, in intellectual qualities, even the semi-human elephant. A great many pages have been written upon the origin of the dog, but many facts remain so in obscurity that no definite conclusions can be drawn from them. It is supposed, however, that all breeds had a common origin which fashion and environment have so shaped that there are now, probably, over two hundred varieties of dogs. The dog is well adapted to hunting, for he has a good sight, strong powers of scent, and almost human sagacity. His courage and fierceness, in defense of his master or a charge, make him one of the most valuable adjuncts to man. The dog belongs to the division Vertebrata, class Mammalia, order Ferae, family Felidae, sub-family Canina, the species known as Canis familiaris. The sub-family, Canina, includes the dog, wolf, jackal and fox. This sub-family is distinguished by having two tubercular teeth behind its canine teeth in the upper jaw. The dog has the pupils of the eye round, while in the fox they are like those of the cat, perpendicular slits, and in the wolf oblique ones. While the dog is chiefly the inhabitant of cold and temperate climates, it is only in the temperate zone that he reaches the highest perfection. Naturally living upon meat, the dog when domesticated will live upon vegetable matter, but thrives best upon a mixed diet of vegetable and animal substances. Almost everyone has his particular fancy for a variety; each breed presents its peculiar characteristics, but whatever one is selected, there is no servant of man who does his work so cheerfully as the dog, or that has his sweet disposition and forgiving nature. How to Breed a Dog. A physician once said that to bring up a perfect child, you must begin with his great grandfather, and to breed a good dog you must commence even further back. You must make the breed you have selected a thorough and exhaustive study, learn all its characteristics, its peculiarities, and, above all, study its defects and flaws. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find mo


Walter de la Mare, Short Stories for Children - 2826844717

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Walter de la Mare, Short Stories for Children Giles De La Mare Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The publication of "Short Stories for Children" celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of Walter de la Mare's death. It is also the culmination of a major literary enterprise. For many people, Walter de la Mare (1873-1956) is as great a writer of fiction as of poetry. But, the majority of his short stories, of which there are a hundred, have long been unavailable. "Short Stories" brings them all together in three volumes in the first comprehensive collection to be published. The third and last volume, "Short Stories for Children", starts with "Broomsticks and Other Tales" of 1925, with its twelve stories, and continues with "The Lord Fish" of 1933 with seven stories. It includes three distinctive stories, 'Pigtails, Ltd', 'The Thief' and 'A Nose', that have never been reprinted since they originally appeared in Broomsticks. Quirky, disparate, unpredictable, acutely observed, sometimes frightening, and often preoccupied with states of mind and personal identity, these stories have much in common with the adult stories. Some of them are peopled with giants, witches, kind elves, evil and spiteful fairies, and imprisoned maidens in castles, but most are not. We find ourselves in railway trains, a mansion in the City of London, another Elizabethan one in a mysterious tract of country, a remote farm house near the sea, a waterlogged forest, a drawing-room being watched by a fly; and, among other things, we encounter a wise monkey, a haunted cat, a fish magician, a baron transmogrified into a donkey, a thief desperate to be burgled, a man who believes he has a wax nose, and a godmother celebrating her 350th birthday. As in de la Mare's poems, everyday reality may at any time become undercut by disturbing uncertainty and dark, though not always malign, forces. A full understanding of the poems and stories is impossible without knowledge of both. Vivid and timeless, Bold's original woodcut designs and Rex Whistler's original engravings have been used to illustrate the two parts of the book.


Fabliaux - 2826881276

146,82 zł

Fabliaux W W NORTON & CO

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Composed between the twelfth and fourteenth centuries, these virtually unknown, yet deeply influential, erotic and satirc poems lie at the root of the Western comic tradition. Passed down by the anti-clerical middle classes of medieval France, The Fabliaux depict priapic priests, randy wives and their cuckolded husbands in tales that are shocking and hilarious even by today's standards. Chaucer and Boccacio borrowed heavily from these riotous tales, which were the wit of the common man rebelling against the aristocracy and Church in matters of food, money and sex. Containing 69 poems with a parallel Old French text, all deftly translated by Nathaniel E. Dubin, this handsomely designed volume brings to life The Fabliaux in a way that has never been done before.


Rae Armantrout - Itself - 2844865209

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Rae Armantrout - Itself Wesleyan University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What do "self" and "it" have in common? In Rae Armantrout's new poems, there is no inert substance. Self and it (word and particle) are ritual and rigmarole, song-and-dance and long distance call into whatever dark matter might exist. How could a self not be selfish? Armantrout accesses the strangeness of everyday occurrence with wit, sensuality, and an eye alert to underlying trauma, as in the poem "Price Points" where a man conducts an imaginary orchestra but "gets no points for originality." In their investigations of the cosmically mundane, Armantrout's poems use an extraordinary microscopic lens--even when she's glancing backwards from the outer reaches of space. An online reader's companion is available at http: //


Outside of a Dog - 2826887665

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." (Groucho Marx). "Outside of a Dog" is the captivating account of twenty-five books drawn from the fields of literature, psychology and philosophy, and a memoir of a reading self. Tracing the formative role books have played in his life, Rick Gekoski trains the same ironic and analytic eye on these books and their authors as he does on himself. The result is unique: a sustained, witty book dedicated to the proposition that we are what we read. "Outside of A Dog" might be described as an intellectual bibliomemoir, except that the author regards the noun 'intellectual' as a term of abuse. Gekoski's twenty-five include: "Dr. Seuss", "Horton Hatches the Egg"; "Magnus Hirschfeld Sexual Anomalies and Perversions"; Allen Ginsberg, "Howl"; J.D. Salinger, "The Catcher in the Rye"; T.S. Eliot, "The Waste Land"; Descartes, "Meditations"; David Hume, "An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding"; W.B. Yeats, "The Collected Poems"; F.R. Leavis, "The Common Pursuit"; Matthew Arnold, "Culture and Anarchy"; Tom Wolfe, "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test"; Ludwig Wittgenstein, "Philosophical Investigations"; R.D. Laing, "The Divided Self"; Germaine Greer, "The Female Eunuch"; D.H. Lawrence, "Women in Love"; A.S. Neill, "Summerhill"; Roald Dahl, "Matilda"; Alice Miller, "Pictures of a Childhood"; A.J. Ayer, "Language, Truth, and Logic"; Sigmund Freud, "The Interpretation of Dreams"; Carl Hiaasen, "Double Whammy"; Peter Wright, "Spycatcher"; and Rick Gekoski, "Staying Up".


Selected Poetry - 2826727904

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Selected Poetry Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Thomas Hardy (1840-1928) remains one of the best loved of the great English poets. Hardy thought of himself as a poet all his life, although his poetic career only flowered after he had retired from novel-writing in his mid-fifties. Over the next thirty years he wrote the poems that have established him as one of the great and most enduringly popular English poets of the twentieth century. His verse touches all the common themes of human existence: birth, childhood, love, marriage, ageing, death. If Hardy's age brings anything to them, it is an old man's ironic and elegiac sense that in life hopes are likely to be defeated and losses sustained, and that the world was not designed for human happiness. This collection is prepared by Samuel Hynes, editor of the Oxford English Texts edition of The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Hardy, and selected from the Oxford Authors critical edition. The introduction and notes illuminate Hardy's central place in the tradition of English poetry. ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.


Juvenal and Persius - 2842368894

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The bite and wit of two of antiquity's best satirists are captured here in a new Loeb Classical Library edition, a vivid and vigorous translation facing the Latin text. Persius (34-62 CE) and Juvenal (writing maybe 60 years later) were heirs to the style of Latin verse satire developed by Lucilius and Horace, a tradition mined in Susanna Braund's introduction and notes. Her notes also give guidance to the literary and historical allusions that pepper Persius's and Juvenal's satirical poems--which were clearly aimed at a sophisticated urban audience. Both poets adopt the mask of an angry man, and sharp criticism of the society in which they live is combined with flashes of sardonic humor in their satires. Whether targeting common and uncommon vices, the foolishness of prayers, the abuse of power by emperors and the Roman elite, the folly and depravity of Roman wives, or decadence, materialism, and corruption, their tone is generally one of righteous indignation. Juvenal and Persius are seminal as well as stellar figures in the history of satirical writing. Juvenal especially had a lasting influence on English writers of the Renaissance and succeeding centuries.


A Ted Hughes Bestiary - 2840243064

52,99 zł

A Ted Hughes Bestiary

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Literature & literary studies>Poetry>Individual poets

Showing What Man And Beast Have In Common, This Book Offers A Selection Of Poems That Embody Animals, Rather Than Just Describe Them.


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