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Police And Political Development In India - 2844454972

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Police And Political Development In India

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India Policy Forum, 2008-09 - 2845289613

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India Policy Forum, 2008-09 SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

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"India Policy Forum 2008-09" (Volume 5) comprises papers and highlights of the discussions from the fifth India Policy Forum (IPF) conference, held on July 15-16, 2008, in New Delhi. The annual examines India's reforms and economic transition using policy-relevant empirical research. It generates theoretically rigorous and empirically informed research on important current and unfolding issues of Indian economic policy. The first paper examines the growth of private schools in India and their influence on the quality of education being imparted. It is an extension of the recent issues of this journal that have evaluated the performance of India's education system. The second paper addresses the major question of why the growth of manufacturing output and employment in India has been disappointingly low. The final three papers share a common focus on India's external financial relations. The third paper analyzes the process of capital account liberalization and the integration of India's financial institutions into the global financial system. The fourth paper measures the evolution of prices in the nontradable and tradable sectors of the Indian economy and seeks explanations for the rise in the relative price of nontradables. The last paper addresses the issue of the adequacy of India's current foreign exchange reserves. The volume would be useful to researchers and policy-makers in the fields of economics, policy studies, development studies, and political economy.


India Policy Forum 2013-14 - 2853165512

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India Policy Forum 2013-14 SAGE PUBN

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The India Policy Forum (IPF) is organized by the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) in New Delhi in partnership with the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C. It aims to examine India's economic reforms and its economic transition using policy-relevant empirical research. The IPF comprises an annual international conference in July in New Delhi and the IPF Volume that brings together the conference papers. These papers undergo detailed revisions after the conference based on discussants' comments at the IPF and the guidance provided by the editors. The IPF is guided by distinguished international advisory and research panels. The first paper in this 2013 IPF Volume evaluates the impact of laws governing the operation of India's labour market within the organized industrial sector. The next paper analyzes India's role in the rapid development of international production networks. The third paper examines the conduct of Indian monetary policy since the onset of the global financial crisis, focusing on the persistent high rates of inflation in India. The fourth paper provides an overview of fiscal and monetary policies in the years after the financial crisis. The volume concludes with an assessment of the value of social audits, widely advocated as a tool for improving public accountability, in the MGNREGA program in Andhra Pradesh. The annual IPF Volume is globally the most cited collection of articles on India and should be useful to researchers and policy-makers in economics and political economy.


Monetary Policy In India - 2853949056

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Monetary Policy In India

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Power, Policy, and Protest - 2826883208

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Power, Policy, and Protest Oxford University Press

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India's attempt to spur growth, boost exports, and create jobs by establishing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) is a paradox: the policy represents an intensification of the country's increasingly market-oriented development paradigm, but implementation has required active government involvement. More than a decade after importing the SEZ concept from China, India has hundreds of these walled-off, deregulated, low-tax enclaves. But an industrialization strategy pioneered in authoritarian China has faced huge political resistance in democratic India. Protest movements arose in many localities where SEZs were proposed. Resistance varied in terms of the intensity and sustainability of opposition, the grievances articulated, and the tactics employed. A central issue has been the alienation of privately owned land by business interests, abetted by the state. To date, no systematic study of the politics of India's SEZ experiment has been undertaken. This book remedies this gap, examining variations within and between eleven states. Detailed case studies investigate differences in the nature and extent of SEZ-related political mobilization and the means employed by governments to manage dissent. By covering a broad range of regional contexts, industrial sectors, and political conditions, this volume furnishes a comprehensive picture of the politics surrounding one of India's most controversial reform measures.


Gender disparities in India's educational system and the role of UNICEF - 2853167733

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Gender disparities in India's educational system and the role of UNICEF GRIN Verlag

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Scholarly Essay from the year 2006 in the subject Politics - International Politics - Topic: Development Politics, printed single-sided, grade: 1,3, Ruhr-University of Bochum (Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict), course: European Master Programme, 21 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Violence against women and girls is the most pervasive violation of human rights in the world today. Its forms are both subtle and blatant and its impact on development profound. But it is so deeply embedded in cultures around the world that it is almost invisible. Fear of reprisal, censorship of sexual issues, the shame and blame of those violated, unquestioning acceptance of tradition and the stranglehold of male dominion all play their part. Inequities, driven by overwhelming poverty, affect both male and female children in the developing world. Yet cultural traditions, scant economic resources and limited opportunities rather marginalize girls, while young boys usually have better access to health care, nutrition and education. §For UNICEF 1990 became the start of a decade in which education became a high programming priority. This included increased inter-sectoral work and a broadened definition of education that expanded its scope from traditional academic study to life skills, peace and conflict resolution, rights and empowerment. Getting children back to school was considered to be as vital as interventions in health, nutrition and water and sanitation. Still the situation of India's children is marked by diversity, persistent disparities and the challenge of enormous numbers. Despite assertions to the contrary, in 2001 India alone had 26.8 million primary school-age children not in primary school. Gender disadvantages in India are further deeply compounded by considerations of caste and class. §In India, the history of the educational system is complex, marked by deep debate and many contradictions between policy and practices and between laws and their enforcement. Though India s present constitutional and policy framework on education has been built on premises that acknowledge and contest gender discrimination the right to education nevertheless filters through mind-boggling administrative machinery that perpetuates exclusion. Over the years, the absence of political initiative and funding accompanied by changes in political control has hindered steady progress toward these goals. The region is becoming the hub of technology with the Indian Institutes of Technology providing world-class education to thousands while over 190 million Indian women remain illiterate.


How Think Tanks Shape Social Development Policies - 2838460038

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How Think Tanks Shape Social Development Policies University of Pennsylvania Press

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Across the globe, there are more than four thousand policy institutes, or think tanks, that research or advocate for economic and social development. Yet the relationship between these organizations and the policies they influence is not well understood. How Think Tanks Shape Social Development Policies examines case studies drawn from a range of political and economic systems worldwide to provide a detailed understanding of how think tanks can have an impact on issues such as education policy, infrastructure, environment and sustainable development, economic reform, poverty alleviation, agricultural and land development, and social policy. Each chapter provides an overview of the approaches and organizational structures of specific think tanks, as well as the political, economic, and social opportunities and the challenges of the environments in which they operate. The contributors study the stages of innovative think-tank-aided strategies implemented in highly industrialized world powers like the United States and Russia, emerging countries such as China, India, Brazil, and South Korea, and developing nations that include Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. Accompanied by an extensive introduction to contextualize the history and theory of policy institutes, this comprehensive comparison of policy success stories will be instructive and transferable to other think tanks around the globe. Contributors: Assefa Admassie, Celso Castro, Kristina Costa, Francisco Cravioto, Marek Dabrowski, Matt Dann, He Fan, Rajeev Gowda, Oh-Seok Hyun, Christian Koch, Jitinder Kohli, R. Andreas Kraemer, Elena Lazarou, William Lyakurwa, Ashwin Mahesh, Florencia Mezzadra, Partha Mukhopadhyay, Mcebisi Ndletyana, Sridhar Pabbisetty, Miguel Pulido, Marco Aurelio Ruediger, Maria Belen Sanchez, Dmitri Trenin, Samuel Wangwe, Vanesa Weyrauch, Maria Monica Wihardja, Rebecca Winthrop, Wang Xiaoyi.


India Since 1980 - 2845285953

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India Since 1980 Cambridge University Press

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This book considers the remarkable transformations that have taken place in India since 1980, a period that began with the assassination of the formidable Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Her death, and that of her son Rajiv seven years later, marked the end of the Nehru-Gandhi era. Although the country remains one of the few democracies in the developing world, many of the policies instigated by these earlier regimes have been swept away to make room for dramatic alterations in the political, economic and social landscape. Sumit Ganguly and Rahul Mukherji, two leading political scientists of South Asia, chart these developments with particular reference to social and political mobilization, the rise of the BJP and its challenge to Nehruvian secularism and the changes to foreign policy that, in combination with its meteoric economic development, have ensured India a significant place on the world stage.


From Diplomacy to War - British Foreign Policy in China 1793 - 1860 - 2826852279

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From Diplomacy to War - British Foreign Policy in China 1793 - 1860 GRIN Verlag

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Seminar paper from the year 2013 in the subject History - World History - Modern History, printed single-sided, grade: 6.0, University of Basel, course: The British Empire, language: English, comment: 6 = Highest Achievable Grade in Switzerland. Supervisor: Deputy Director German Historical Institute of London , abstract: From the beginning, British trade with China was restricted to confinements in Canton, as the Qing Emperors saw the foreign intruders as a potential threat and were keen on keeping the foreigners beyond their borders and under tight control. This relationship between the two Empires only changed at the beginning of the 19th century when the British decided to renew their trade interests in the Far East. The following time was then characterized by an increase of diplomatic efforts between the expansionist British and the reluctant Qing Emperors, which was eventually disrupted by war. In this paper, I want to analyse the development of the British political and economic relations to China, during the period of time in 1793 1860. This period was chosen as it marked a turning point in the Anglo-Chinese relations, causing events that immensely affected the histories of both Empires to come, and leading to the rise of one, and the downfall of the other. The year 1793 witnessed the journey of the Macartney Embassy to the court of the Qing Emperor, which was the first renewed attempt to secure trade concessions for the unsatisfied East India Company. This first diplomatic act was bound to failure due to the fundamental differences in cultural self-conception. The subsequent events demonstrate the continuation of failed awareness from two Empires each seeing themselves as the centre of the world. In this way, the tensions during this time between the powers were also influenced by the change from a cultural to an economic clash, exposing the interests of both nations in the conflict. The failure of diplomatic measurements is of particular interest in this case, as they gave rise to the catastrophic events of the two Opium Wars. In order to understand this process, I will focus on the employed strategies and policies by the British to reach their goals of opening China to trade. Further, the aim is to provide an evaluation of both countries motivations during the Opium Wars, so as to understand why the British employed different and increasingly pushing tactics, or why the Qing Emperors goals were dissimilar to such an extent. The year 1860 was chosen as the end of this period, as it saw the destruction of the Imperial summer palace by the British as retaliation for their tortured ambassadors, and can be seen as a symbol for the disastrous consequences the conflict had on both sides.


ICSSR Research Surveys and Explorations - 2849846948

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ICSSR Research Surveys and Explorations OUP India

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The four volumes of research surveys and explorations in political science conducted by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) not only provide a summary evaluation of the state of the research and valuable bibliographic guide but also highlight research trends and possible lines of future enquiry. Volume 1, while referring to studies before and after the period 2003-9, focuses more specifically on the literature of this period by analysing four key themes-the social character of the Indian state, political economy, social policy, and law and rights. Volume 2 examines key issues confronting Indian democracy and provides an analytical overview of the changing perceptions of it over the past two decades. It explores literature on the Constitution of India and its institutions, the party system, elections, civil society initiatives, and federalism in India. Volume 3 critically reviews research done on ancient, medieval, and modern Indian political thought. It uses a multidisciplinary approach to explore research on themes such as politics of time and knowledge, ethics and politics, nationalism, and cosmopolitanism. Volume 4 focuses on the transformations occurring in the research, practice, and theories of international relations in India. Acknowledging the broadening scope of the discipline, it looks at traditional as well as new issues such as global governance, international law and norms, development and civil society. It also examines a wide range of theoretical approaches such as realism, critical theory, neo-Marxism, postcolonialism, development theory, and liberalism.


Science and Technology in China - 2850430183

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Science and Technology in China SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd

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Science and Technology in China discusses the changing structural and institutional context of scientific research in China. The new environment of global competition entails that the norms of generation of new knowledge are as important as those for innovation and commercialization. China has been able to achieve this in a largely state-controlled environment, where political will and commitments have played an increasingly important role. India, on the other hand, is still caught in a paradox of too much democracy at all levels of social and economic activity. It needs a big political push and inclusive decentralized approach to realize its well-defined plans and objectives to make its international presence felt. The essays focus on China's nuclear programme, space technology, aviation, aeronautics, IT, industrial development and biology research. The contributors conclude that India has to carefully tailor its own military strategy and diplomacy in the Asian region. The reforms, policy initiatives and strategies in multiple sectors initiated by China contain crucial lessons and one key message for India - the need to pursue a coordinated and single-minded strategy to achieve its goals.


Oil and Gas in Federal Systems - 2835874797

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Oil and Gas in Federal Systems Oxford University Press

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As George Anderson writes in the introduction to this groundbreaking volume, "Federalism and petroleum resources can be a volatile mixture." The world's federal countries account for roughly half of the world's total annual production of oil and natural gas, which stand alone among natural resources in their economic and political impact. How such federations as Brazil, Canada, Russia, and Venezuela-among others-manage both the benefits and challenges of possessing large reserves of oil and gas will play an enormous part in determining how the twenty-first century unfolds. Oil and Gas in Federal Systems, the first book-length work of its kind, draws on the contributions of twenty-four respected scholars in the areas of petroleum policy and federal systems, examining in detail oil and gas management and revenue regimes in a dozen key federations: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, the United States, and Venezuela. The history and development of each country's oil and gas industry is placed within the broader context of that nation's overall economic and political development. The overall result is a unique examination of the economic and political consequences of the world's reliance on fossil fuels that, as the century progresses, are likely to be in increasing demand-and ever shorter supply.


Globalization & its Discontents - 2212824606

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Globalization & its Discontents Penguin


Our world is changing. Globalization is not working. It is hurting those it was meant to help. And now, the tide is turning


Nepal as a Federal State - 2826813684

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Nepal as a Federal State VIJ Books (India) Pty Ltd

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Against this backdrop, CSA in collaboration with Centre for South Asian Studies, Kathmandu organized a seminar Nepal as a Federal; State: Lessons from Indian Experience wherein different facets of federalism were explored by experts from India and Nepal. Indian Ambassador to Nepal Mr. Jayant Prasad and Mr. Rajendra Mahato, President Sadbhawana Party and Minister for Health and Population, Government of Nepal asserted the fact that federalism was necessary for economic prosperity and proportional development. Mr. G. K. Pillai former Union Home Secretary gave an insightful talk on Indian experiences of Federalism. This volume will be of much interest to policy planners, academia and all those concerned with the ongoing political processes in Nepal.


S&T Strategies of Six Countries - 2826681203

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S&T Strategies of Six Countries National Academies Press

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An increase in global access to goods and knowledge is transforming world-class science and technology (S&T) by bringing it within the capability of an unprecedented number of global parties who must compete for resources, markets, and talent. In particular, globalization has facilitated the success of formal S&T plans in many developing countries, where traditional limitations can now be overcome through the accumulation and global trade of a wide variety of goods, skills, and knowledge. As a result, centers for technological research and development (R&D) are now globally dispersed, setting the stage for greater uncertainty in the political, economic, and security arenas. These changes will have a potentially enormous impact for the U.S. national security policy, which for the past half century was premised on U.S. economic and technological dominance. As the U.S. monopoly on talent and innovation wanes, arms export regulations and restrictions on visas for foreign S&T workers are becoming less useful as security strategies. The acute level of S&T competition among leading countries in the world today suggests that countries that fail to exploit new technologies or that lose the capability for proprietary use of their own new technologies will find their existing industries uncompetitive or obsolete. The increased access to information has transformed the 1950s' paradigm of "control and isolation" of information for innovation control into the current one of "engagement and partnerships" between innovators for innovation creation. Current and future strategies for S&T development need to be considered in light of these new realities. This book analyzes the S&T strategies of Japan, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and Singapore (JBRICS), six countries that have either undergone or are undergoing remarkable growth in their S&T capabilities for the purpose of identifying unique national features and how they are utilized in the evolving global S&T environment.


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