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Selected Aspects in the Development of Political Interest Groups - 2827093084

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Selected Aspects in the Development of Political Interest Groups GRIN Verlag

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Seminar paper from the year 2008 in the subject American Studies - Culture and Applied Geography, grade: 2,0, Martin Luther University (Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik - Fachbereich American & British Studies), course: Einführung in die USA-Studien: American Government and U.S. Political Culture, 22 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Whether one regards the upcoming presidential elections in 2008 or any congressional electionin the recent past, it is almost impossible to neglect the importance and influence of theorganized interest in the political system of the United States. Both economic groups such asbusiness groups, labor unions, the farmers and professional groups and non-economic groupslike single and public interest groups, ethnic and idealistic groups or the intergovernmental lobbyplay an essential role in the political process. For instance, lobbying organizations play anessential role for the candidates in their election campaigns. They contribute a potential source offinancial support. In order to persuade the candidates of representing their particular interest,they distribute huge amounts of money to their chosen candidate or party.This paper approaches the historical development of lobbying in the history of the United Statesand investigates how its deep embedding into American politics was made possible. Making thismore clearly, the evolvements is divided into four main eras: The historical roots of thedevelopment of interest groups; conditions and tendencies leading to plurality; the early 20thcentury: The first era of organization and the 1960 s and 70 s: The rise of initiatives and interestgroups.Explaining their development, it is on the one hand essential to note down the basic conditionsthat served as a fundament and helped to create a unique political situation in which activeparticipation by organized interest was realizable. This can most usefully be approached byexamining some of the most prominent historical documents in U.S. history. On the other hand,the implementation of this political participation and its change throughout the history has to beanalyzed. Also, it needs to be approached how interest groups came into being by referring to theseveral types of organizations and the founding of particular groups as representative examplesfor the categories they belong to is going to be presented, as well.[...]


Political Economy Of Environment & Development In A Globalised World - 2840065752

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Political Economy Of Environment & Development In A Globalised World

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Society & culture: general>Social issues & processes>GlobalizationKsiążki Obc...


Women, Sexuality And The Political Power Of Pleasure - 2840079269

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Women, Sexuality And The Political Power Of Pleasure

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Society & culture: general>Social issues & processes>Feminism & feminist theo...

'Women, Sexuality And The Political Power Of Pleasure' Brings Together Challenges To These Strictures And Exclusions From Both South And North Of The Globe. It Shows How Positive Approaches To Pleasure And Sexuality Can Enhance Equality And Empowerment For All.


SAGE Handbook of Political Geography - 2826773383

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SAGE Handbook of Political Geography Sage Publications

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'A thorough and absorbing tour of the sub-discipline...An essential acquisition for any scholar or teacher interested in geographical perspectives on political process, this handbook is sure to become the major reference work in anglophone political geography' - Sallie Marston, University of Arizona. 'This unique book is a true encyclopedia of political geography...The volume is a result of cooperation between a big international team of well known geographers, including scholars beyond the Anglo-American world' - Vladimir Kolossov, Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, and Vice President of the International Geographical Union. Political Geography is a core subdiscipline of Human Geography, the "Handbook of Political Geography" will provide a highly contextualised and systematic overview of the latest thinking and research. Edited by key scholars, with international contributions from acknowledged authorities on the relevant research, the "Handbook of Political Geography" is divided into six sections such as: Scope and Development of Political Geography that covers key debates; the geography of knowledge; conceptualisations of power; and, conceptualisations of scale, Geographies of the State that covers state theory; territory and central local relations; legal and judicial geographies; borders; and, states and nature and Participation and Representation that covers citizenship; space; electoral geography; place; media public space; and, social movements. This title also includes such sections as: Political Geographies of Difference that covers class; nationalism; gender, sexuality; and, culture, Geography Policy and Governance that covers regulation; welfare; urban space; planning; and, environment and Global Political Geographies that covers geographies of imperialism; post-colonialism; globalization; environmental politics; international relations; war; and, migration. "The Handbook of Political Geography" will be the standard work, widely used and highly-cited, by all scholars with an interest in politics and space.


Women, Culture and Development - 2826684862

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Women, Culture and Development Oxford University Press

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BL Distinguished editors and contributors BL Addresses questions of some urgency for the question of women's quality of life BL Inter-disciplinary, ranging over philosophy, economics, political science, anthropology, law and sociology BL Combines theory with case-studies BL Accessible to non-specialist reader BL Sequel to The Quality of Life, edited by Martha Nussbaum and Amartya Sen, applying the 'capabilities' approach outlined in that volume BL Topical - challenges 'politically correct' relativist approaches and discusses the validity of charges of 'cultural imperialism' levelled at Western aid and intervention policies. Women, a majority of the world's population, receive only a small proportion of its opportunities and benefits. According to the 1993 UN Human Development Report, there is no country in the world in which women's quality of life is equal to that of men. This examination of women's quality of life thus addresses questions which have a particular urgency. It aims to describe the basic situation of all women and so develops a universal account that can answer the charges of 'Western imperialism' frequently made against such accounts. The contributors confront the issue of cultural relativism, criticizing the relativist approach which, in its desire to respect different cultural traditions, can result in indifference to injustice. An account of gender justice and women's equality is then proposed in various areas in which quality of life is measured. These issues are related throughout to the specific contexts of India, Bangladesh, China, Mexico, and Nigeria through a series of case studies. Disciplines represented include philosophy, economics, political science, anthropology, law, and sociology. Like its predecessor, The Quality of Life, this volume encourages the reader to think critically about the central fundamental concepts used in development economics and suggests major criticisms of current economic approaches from that fundamental viewpoint. Contributors: Martha Nussbaum, Marty Chen, Susan Wolf, Jonathan Glover, Onora O'Neill, David Crocker, Hilary Putnam, Linda Alcoff, Amartya Sen, Susan Moller Okin, Ruth Anna Putnam, Cass R.Sunstein, Christine M.Korsgaard, Catherine Lutz, Xiaorong Li, Margarita M.Valdes, Nkiru Nzegwu


The New Political Economy Of Urban Education - 2840841033

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The New Political Economy Of Urban Education

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Education>Educational strategies & policyKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>S...

Using Chicago As A Case Study Of The Interconnectedness Between Neoliberal Urban Policies On Housing, Economic Development, And Education, This Book Explores The Larger Implications On Equity, Justice, And The Restructuring Of The City. It Offers A Signif


Adorno and the Political - 2834154711

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Adorno and the Political Taylor & Francis Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Analyzes the political implications of Adorno's work, paying attention to his work on key thinkers such as Kant, Hegel and Benjamin. Examining Adorno's political experiences and assessing his engagement with Marxist as well as liberal theory, this book looks at the development of his thought as he confronts Fascism and modern mass culture.


Culture Institutions & Economic Development - 2212827297

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Culture Institutions & Economic Development Edward Elgar

Inne 1

Regions are increasingly recognised as a key aspect of economic change in Europe, not merely as geographic spaces but also as social systems. Their history, culture, institutions and patterns of leadership mould the way in which they adapt to European and global competitive challenges. This book reviews the debate surrounding the construction of regions and presents eight case studies to illustrate how they are shaped and reshaped in a variety of different ways. The authors find that while some regions exhibit common patterns, there are significant variations, indicating that there is no definitive model of regional development. This book offers a systematic comparison of eight distinct regions and stateless nations, each with its own historical identity, but which is constantly being rebuilt in changing economic and political conditions. Avoiding economic or cultural determinism, the authors show how region-builders can shape their own responses to global challenges to produce models of development reflecting differing understandings and social compromises. Culture, Institutions and Economic Development will be warmly welcomed by academics within the fields of regional studies, European studies and political science.


Culture And Development - 2839949573

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Culture And Development

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Society & culture: general>Social groupsKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Re...

This Book Introduces Students To New Ways Of Thinking About Development. It Integrates The Recent Scholarship Of Cultural Studies Within The Existing Frameworks Of Development Studies, Which Have Primarily Focused On Issues Of Political Economy And Struct


Uganda's Human Resource Challenge. Training, Business Culture and Economic Development - 2826766693

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Uganda's Human Resource Challenge. Training, Business Culture and Economic Development Fountain Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Despite significant economic recovery and improved macro-economic indicators since 1986, Uganda's economy continues to face considerable challenges. This book analyses the relationship between economic and human resource development in the country. It identifies deficits in capabilities, skills, know-how, experience, linkage building, and technology use as well as undesirable business practices. These shortcomings limit economic diversification, productivity enhancement, job and income creation, as well as poverty reduction. The book calls for more efforts towards human resource development. The current narrow mainstream economic policy focus on macro-economic stability, a favourable investment climate, and improved physical infrastructure alone will not foster economic development and broad-based well-being. The Ugandan people and the private sector need more state support - in addition to the predominant education and health focus of the government and donors - if they are to develop the required human resources. More and better training, enhanced learning at the place of work and an improved business culture are vital. It is essential to focus on technical, organisational, managerial, entrepreneurial, learning, innovative, social, and institutional capabilities. Efforts towards dealing with these challenges will require attention to the political-economic climate of the country. To make the argument, the author covers a wide range of topics such as training and learning, technology, productivity, latecomer development, competitiveness, labour market, MSMEs, entrepreneurship, value chains, cooperation and trust, and human resource management. The book contains more than 130 figures, tables and information boxes. - See more at:


Pop Culture - 2840412281

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Pop Culture

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Advice on parenting>Child care & upbringing

In 2008, Author Bill Campbell Decided To Stay At Home To Care For His Newborn Daughter In Order To Write A New Novel. Instead, What Resulted Was This Collection Of Blog Posts About That Historical Political Year, Incisive Political And Cultural Satire, And Humorous, Heartwarming Tales About A Clumsy New Dad Trying To Find His Way.


Military Culture and Popular Patriotism in Late Imperial Aus - 2827064643

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Military Culture and Popular Patriotism in Late Imperial Aus Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Military Culture and Popular Patriotism in Late Imperial Austria examines the interplay between popular patriotism and military culture in late imperial Austria. Laurence Cole suggests that two main questions should be asked regarding the western half of the Habsburg Monarchy during the period from the mid-nineteenth century to the outbreak of war in 1914. Firstly, how far did imperial Austrian society experience a process of militarization comparable to that of other European countries? Secondly, how far did the military sphere foster popular patriotism in the multinational state? Various manifestations of military culture, including hero cults and, above all, military veterans associations, provide the main subject for analysis in this volume. After exploring the historical development of military culture in the Habsburg Monarchy, Cole explains how the long reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I constituted a decisive phase in the militarization of Austrian society, with the dynasty and state emphasizing the military's role as the locus of loyalty. Popular manifestations of military culture, such as the hero cult surrounding Field Marshal Radetzky and military veterans associations, complemented the official agenda in many respects. However, veterans associations in particular constituted a political mobilization of the lower middle and lower classes, who asserted their own interests and position in civil society, as is shown by case studies of regions of the Austrian state with significant Italian-speaking populations (Trentino and the Littoral). State attempts to assert greater control of veterans activities led to national and political opposition at a time when tensions over 'militarism' and foreign policy increased. Military Culture and Popular Patriotism in Late Imperial Austria thus raises the question of whether the military was really a bulwark of the multinational state or rather a polarizing force in imperial Austrian society.


Crisis-Related Decision-Making and the Influence of Culture on the Behavior of Decision Makers - 2826971557

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Crisis-Related Decision-Making and the Influence of Culture on the Behavior of Decision Makers Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book provides an analysis on the impact of culture on crisis management, exploring how different cultural types are reflected in crisis-related decision making patterns. Providing an interdisciplinary and international perspective with a rich research and practical outlook, this work is an important contribution to the field of crisis management and decision making. Offering essential understanding to how countries, organizations, groups and individuals prepare for and respond to crises thus combining research across several disciplines, offering theoretical development, empirical testing and reporting on the testing of a large number of hypotheses across several frameworks. The novelty of this book lies in its presentation of the quantitative testing of the relationship between cultural theory and crisis management, drawing on data from cases that cross continents and crises types. The book also includes a review of cases from South Korea and suggests a number of ways in which practitioners at various levels of government can prepare their organizations to cope better with the introduction of cultural bias into the decision making process. Those with an interest in risk management, disaster management and crisis management will value this pioneering work as it reveals the influence of cultural bias in decision making processes. This work offers important insights for practice as well as for theory-building, scholars and practitioners of public administration, management, political, and international relations, organizational, social and cultural psychology, amongst others, will all gain from reading this work.§


Culture of Connectivity - 2826656159

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Culture of Connectivity Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Social media has come to deeply penetrate our lives: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and many other platforms define many of our daily habits of communication and creative production. The Culture of Connectivity studies the rise of social media in the first decade of the twenty-first century up until 2012, providing both a historical and a critical analysis of the emergence of major platforms in the context of a rapidly changing ecosystem of connective media. Such history is needed to understand how these media have come to profoundly affect our experience of online sociality. The first stage of their development shows a fundamental shift. While most sites started out as amateur-driven community platforms, half a decade later they have turned into large corporations that do not just facilitate user connectedness, but have become global information and data mining companies extracting and exploiting user connectivity. Author and media scholar Jose van Dijck offers an analytical prism to examine techno-cultural as well as socio-economic aspects of this transformation. She dissects five major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and Wikipedia. Each of these microsystems occupies a distinct position in the larger ecology of connective media, and yet, their underlying mechanisms for coding interfaces, steering users, and filtering content rely on shared ideological principles. At the level of management and organization, we can also observe striking similarities between these platforms' shifting ownership status, governance strategies, and business models. Reconstructing the premises on which these platforms are built, this study highlights how norms for online interaction and communication gradually changed. "Sharing," "friending," "liking," "following," "trending," and "favoriting" have come to denote online practices imbued with specific technological and economic meanings. This process of normalization, the author argues, is part of a larger political and ideological battle over information control in an online world where everything is bound to become social. Crossing lines of technological, historical, sociological, and cultural inquiry, The Culture of Connectivity will reshape the way we think about interpersonal connection in the digital age.


Making Culture Count - 2826933348

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Culture and cultural development are now internationally recognised as important dimensions of contemporary governance and public policy. The production of accurate and relevant data has become central to cultural policy and how the cultural lives of citizens are understood. Conceptual and practical developments in measurement tools, such as cultural indicators, have the potential to enrich our understanding of culture's role in wellbeing, vitality and citizenship. From UNESCO's benchmarks for cultural freedom, through to comparative measures of cultural provision and creative cities indices, diverse approaches to quantifying cultural value and measuring societal progress now exist. But how useful are all these measures? Are they helping us to keep track of what matters? What opportunities exist to contest, refine or democratise these systems of cultural measurement? Making Culture Count brings together diverse perspectives from scholars, policy-makers and creative practitioners to explore the burgeoning field of cultural measurement and its political implications.


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