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Lie Down in Darkness - 2848539228

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Lie Down in Darkness Vintage

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this novel, the South looms dark and ominous in the background with its Biblical rhetoric, its conflict between a tradition of religious fundamentalism and modern scepticism, racial contrasts and the industrialisation of a rural society. But more than a novel of time and place, it is the story of a tormented family submerged in infidelity and driven by a vengeful love that is blocked, hurt and perverted. Peyton Loftis, who frantically needs a husband precisely because she loves her father; the decadent Milton, whose infidelity has made his marriage no more than a stage drama; and Helen, his wife, who loves only what she can control - her crippled daughter Maudie, or the childish part of her husband. This extraordinarily powerful novel is the portrait of a family who, in the words of Sir Thomas Browne in his "Urn Burial", 'all lie down in darkness'.


Portrait Of A Dying Heart - 2839394176

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Portrait Of A Dying Heart AUDIOGLOBE-ITALIAN

Muzyka>Rock>Heavy / Hard

1. Portrait Of A Dying Heart (Instrumental) 2. X. 3. Wish & Steadiness 4. Union 5. The Fall 6. Healing 7. Lie To Me 8. Secrets Fear 9. The Rising Of Love 10. Eternity


Portrait Of The Artist - 2849480336

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Portrait Of The Artist Universal Music / Deutsche Grammophon


1. Les Contes D'hoffmann (Original Version) 2. Offenbach, Jacques - Entr'acte Barcarolle (Act 4) 3. La Grande-duchesse De Gerolstein - Operetta (Lib: 4. Offenbach, Jacques - Choeur, Recit Et Rondeau: Por 5. Carmen (Original Version) 6. Georges Bizet - L'amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle Ha 7. Georges Bizet - Les Tringles Des Sistres Tintaien 8. Ariadne Auf Naxos, Op.60 (Original Version) 9. Strauss, Richard - Sein Wir Wieder Gut - Musik 10. La Clemenza Di Tito Kv 621 (Original Version) 11. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Parto, Ma Tu Ben Mio 12. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Oh Dei, Che Smania No. 13. Ariodante Hwv 33 (Original Version) 14. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - Qui D'amor (Act 1) 15. Idomeneo Kv 366 (Italienisch) 16. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Il Padre Adorato (Ers 17. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - No, La Morte Io Non Pa 18. Hercules (Original Version) 19. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - Aria: The World, When 20. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - Aria: When Beauty Sorr 21. Le Nozze Di Figaro Kv 492 (Figaros Hochzeit) 22. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Non So Piu Cosa Son, C 23. Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Voi Che Sapete (Zweit 24. L'incoronazione Di Poppea (Ed. Clifford Bartlett) 25. Claudio Monteverdi - Adagiati, Poppea - Oblivion S 26. Claudio Monteverdi - Disprezzata Regina Ottavia (A 27. Claudio Monteverdi - A Dio, Roma! A Dio, Patria! A 28. Giulio Cesare In Egitto Hwv 17 (Original Version) 29. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - No.5 Aria Svegliatevi 30. Haendel, Georg Friedrich - No.12 Aria Cara Speme, 101. Magnus Lindgren - I Let The Music Speak 102. No Wonder 103. Von Otter, Anne Sofie - Arranged By Elvis Costello 104. I Want To Vanish 105. Von Otter, Anne Sofie - Arranged By Elvis Costello 106. Ronde D'amour 107. Cecile Chaminade - Ah! Si L'amour Prenait (Origina 108. L'amour Captif 109. Cecile Chaminade - Mignonne, A L'amour J'ai Lie (O 110. Weill, Kurt - Buddy On The Nightshift 111. Lady In The Dark 112. Weill, Kurt - 3. My Ship (Tran Chris Hazell/tony B 113. Happy End 1929 114. Weill, Kurt - 2. Surabaya Johnny (Tran. Chris Haze 115. Sedm Pisni Sieben Lieder, Op.18 116. Haas, Pavel - 1. Coz Ja Vic! Vergeltung (Original 117. Haas, Pavel - 2. Darek Z Lasky Liebesgeschenk (Ori 118. Haas, Pavel - 3. Krotka Holubicka Turteltaeubchen 119. Haas, Pavel - 4. Zruseni Slibu Gebrochenes Verspre 120. Haas, Pavel - 5. Pripoved' Zusage (Original Versio 121. Haas, Pavel - 6. Slzy A Vzdychani Traenen Und Seuf 122. Haas, Pavel - 7. Statecn2 Jonak Tapfer Bursche (Or 123. Haugtussa - Song Cycle, Op.67 124. Grieg, Edvard - Ved Gjaetle - Bekken (Original Ver 125. Im Abendrot, D.799 126. Schubert, Franz - Orchestrated By Max Reger 127. Erlkonig D 328 128. Schubert, Franz - Orchestrated By Hector Berlioz 129. Zigeunerlieder Op.103 130. Brahms, Johannes - 1. He, Zigeuner, Greife In Die 131. Brahms, Johannes - 5. Brauner Bursche Fuehrt Zum T 132. Frauenliebe Und -leben Op.42 133. Schumann, Robert - 6. Suesser Freund, Du Blickest 134. Die Meerfee, Op.125, No.1 135. Schumann, Robert - Helle Silbergloecklein Klingen 136. Des Knaben Wunderhorn 137. Mahler, Gustav - Rheinlegendchen 138. Kindertotenlieder 139. Mahler, Gustav - Oft Denk' Ich, Sie Sind Nur Ausge 140. Dido & Aeneas (Original Version) 141. Henry Purcell - When I Am Laid In Earth (Act 3) 142. In Darkness Let Me Dwell 143. Anonymus - Original Version Les Contes D Hoffmann : Barcarolle (Offenbach) La Grande-Duchesse De Gerolstein : Portez Armes - Vous Animez Le Danger (Offenbach) Carmen : L Amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle - Havanaise / Les Tringles Des Sistres Tintaient (Bizet) Ariadne Auf Naxos : Sein Wir Wieder Gut - Musik Ist Eine Heilige Kunst (Richard Strauss) La Clemenza Di Tito : Parto Ma Tu Ben Mio / Oh Dei Che Smania E Questa (Mozart) Ariodante : Qui D Amor (Handel) Idomeno : Il Padre Adorato / No La Morte Io Non Pavento (Mozart) Hercules : The World When Day S Career Is Run / When Beauty Sorrow S Liv Ry Wears (Handel) Le Nozze Di Figaro : Non So Piu Cosa Son Cosa Faccio / Voi Che Sapete (Mozart) L Incoronazione Di Poppea : Adagiati Poppea / Disprezzata Regina / A Dio Roma! (Monteverdi) Giulio Cesare : Svegliatevi Nel Core / Cara Speme Questo Core Tu Cominci (Handel) I Let The Music Speak No Wonder (arr - By Elvis Costello And Ensemble) I Want To Vanish (arr - By Elvis Costello And Ensemble) Ah! Si L Amour Prenait Mignonne A L Amour J Ai Lie (Cecile Chaminade) Buddy On The Nightshift My Ship Surabaya Johnny (Kurt Weill) Sieben Lieder Im Volkston Vergeltung Liebesgeschenk Turteltaubchen Gebrochenes Versprechen Zusage Tranen Und Seufzer Tapfer Bursche (Pavel Haas) Ved Gjaetle-Bekken (Grieg) Im Abendrot Erlkonig (Schubert) He Zigeuner Greife In Die Saiten Ein! Brauner Bursche Fuhrt Zum Tanze (Brahms) Susser Freund Die Meerfee (Schumann) Des Knaben Wunderhorn : Rheinlegendchen Kindertotenlieder : Oft Denk Ich Sie Sind Nur Ausgegangen (Mahler) Dido And Aeneas : When I Am Laid In Earth (Henry Purcell) In Darkness Let Me Dwell (John Dowland) .


Billie Holiday Portrait - 2839382861

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Billie Holiday Portrait Intense Media


1. Your Mother's Son-in-law 2. Riffin' The Scotch 3. I Wished On The Moon 4. What A Little Moonlight Can Do 5. Miss Brown To You 6. A Sunbonnet Blue (And A Yellow Straw Hat) 7. What A Night, What A Moon, What A Girl 8. I'm Painting The Town Red 9. It's Too Hot For Words 10. Twenty-four Hours A Day 11. Yankee-doodle Never Went To Town 12. Eeny Meeny Miney Mo 13. If You Were Mine 14. These 'N' That 'N' Those 15. You Let Me Down 16. Spreadin' Rhythm Around 17. Life Begins When You're In Love 18. It's Like Reaching For The Moon 19. These Foolish Things 101. I Cried For You 102. Guess Who 103. Did I Remember? 104. No Regrets 105. Summertime 106. Billie's Blues (I Love My Man) 107. A Fine Romance 108. I Can't Pretend 109. One, Two, Button Your Shoe 110. Let's Call A Heart A Heart 111. Easy To Love 112. With Thee I Swing 113. The Way You Look Tonight 114. Who Loves You? 115. Pennies From Heaven 116. That's Life I Guess 117. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 118. One Never Knows, Does One? 119. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm 201. If My Heart Could Only Talk 202. Please Keep Me In Your Dreams 203. He Ain't Got Rhythm 204. This Year's Kisses 205. Why Was I Born? 206. I Must Have That Man 207. The Mood That I'm In 208. You Showed Me The Way 209. Sentimental & Melancholy 210. My Last Affair 211. Carelessly 212. How Could You? 213. Moanin' Low 214. Where Is The Sun? 215. Let's Call The Whole Thing Off 216. They Can't Take That Away From Me 217. I Don't Know If I'm Coming Or Going 218. Sun Showers 219. Yours & Mine 301. I'll Get By 302. Mean To Me 303. Foolin' Myself 304. Easy Living 305. I'll Never Be The Same 306. Me, Myself & I 307. A Sailboat In The Moonlight 308. Born To Love 309. Without Your Love 310. Getting Some Fun Out Of Life 311. Who Wants Love? 312. Trav'lin' All Alone 313. He's Funny That Way 314. Nice Work If You Can Get It 315. Things Are Looking Up 316. My Man 317. Can't Help Lovin' That Man 318. My First Impression Of You 319. When You're Smiling 401. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me 402. If Dreams Come True 403. Now They Call It Swing 404. On The Sentimental Side 405. Back In Your Own Backyard 406. When A Woman Loves A Man 407. You Go To My Head 408. The Moon Looks Down & Laughs 409. If I Were You 410. Forget If You Can 411. Having Myself A Time 412. Says My Heart 413. I Wish I Had You 414. I'm Gonna Lock My Heart (And Throw Away The Key) 415. The Very Thought Of You 416. I Can't Get Started (With You) 417. I've Got A Date With A Dream 418. You Can't Be Mine 419. Everybody's Laughing 501. Here It Is Tomorrow Again 502. Say It With A Kiss 503. April In My Heart 504. I'll Never Fail You 505. They Say 506. You're So Desirable 507. You're Gonna See A Lot Of Me 508. Hello, My Darling 509. Let's Dream In The Moonlight 510. That's All I Ask Of You 511. Dream Of Life 512. What Shall I Say 513. It's So Easy To Blame The Weather 514. More Than You Know 515. Sugar 516. You're Too Lovely To Last 517. Under A Blue Jungle Moon 518. Everything Happens For The Best 519. Why Did I Always Depend On You 601. Long Gone Blues 602. Some Other Spring 603. Our Love Is Different 604. Them There Eyes 605. Swing! Brother, Swing! 606. Night & Day 607. The Man I Love 608. You're Just A No Account 609. You're A Lucky Guy 610. Ghost Of Yesterday 611. Body & Soul 612. What Is This Going To Get Us? 613. Falling In Love Again 614. I'm Pulling Through 615. Tell Me More & More 616. Laughing At Life 617. Time On My Hands 618. I'm All For You 619. I Hear Music 701. The Same Old Story 702. Practice Makes Perfect 703. St. Louis Blues 704. Loveless Love 705. Let's Do It 706. Georgia On My Mind 707. Romance In The Dark 708. All Of Me 709. I'm In A Low Down Groove 710. God Bless The Child 711. Am I Blue 712. Solitude 713. Jim 714. I Cover The Waterfront 715. Love Me Or Leave Me 716. Gloomy Sunday 717. Wherever You Are 718. Mandy Is Two 719. It's A Sin To Tell A Lie 801. Trav'lin' Light 802. Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me 803. How Am I To Know 804. My Old Flame 805. I'll Get By 806. I Cover The Waterfront 807. I'll Be Seeing You 808. I'm Yours 809. Embraceable You 810. As Time Goes By 811. He's Funny That Way 812. Lover Come Back To Me 813. Billie's Blues (I Love My Man) 814. On The Sunny Side Of The Street 815. Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) 816. No More 817. That Old Devil Called Love 901. Don't Explain 902. You Better Go Now 903. What Is This Thing Called Love? 904. Good Morning Heartache 905. No Good Man 906. Big Stuff 907. Baby, I Don't Cry Over You 908. I'll Look Around 909. The Blues Are Brewin' 910. Guilty 911. Deep Song 912. There Is No Greater Love 913. Easy Living 914. Solitude 915. Weep No More 916. Girls Were Made To Take Care Of Boys 917. Porgy 918. My Man


Deborah Parkin - 2845910809

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Deborah Parkin Galerie Vevais

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

My work is ultimately about emotion. It is about capturing a moment or a memory. I have always been interested in the idea of 'memory' - I think this came through my studies, my reading of so many diaries and journals for my MA in Holocaust Studies. Although my work is very personal, the intention is that it is open enough for others to bring their own stories to it. My passion for photography started in earnest with the birth of my son. I had always enjoyed the photograph as an object but with his arrival came the need to record our lives. After the birth of my daughter I found that I was photographing as a way of exploring my own childhood memories as well as using it to document our lives. Photography was now becoming a means of expressing myself artistically. In my photography I have always been drawn to the theme of childhood, whether it has been recreating my own personal memories, making images of my children and recording their childhood or working with children using ancient photographic processes. I work with a variety of photographic mediums, from medium and large format cameras using film, to working with the Victorian Wet Plate Collodion Process. I love to work in a slow and considered way and one in which I collaborate with each child that sits before me. Deborah Parkin "The keys to understanding and appreciating the art of Deborah Parkin are beauty and strange-making, that Russian artistic concept called ostranenie (żżżżżżżżżż), a way of making perfectly ordinary things, a portrait of a child, for instance, seem quite strange and extraordinary. Of course, her art is about children and particularly her own children, about preserving the past for the future, and about working in a slow and luminous process. But what rises above all these descriptive aspects of it, what we finally are most struck by and respond to, are its beauty and ostranenie. Look, for example, at "Fern" or "The Unseen Eye" or this astounding image "Fleur and the Flower Crown". As a photographic historian and critic, I have looked at a great many photographs in my career, but these, like many others of hers, came with a shock, a jolt to the heart. These are deeply and movingly beautiful images, even though she has many others more "classically" beautiful, more Cameronesque, one could say: "Anti-climax", "Portrait of a Boy", "Growing Pains", and "I Dream", for example. But the quality that is so striking about those first three I mentioned is that their beauty is entwined with strange-making. They are timeless, as real art always is, but they are so clearly not of our time and our place that when I first saw them, I knew them from history. They seemed very much a part of the 19th century but not of the privileged world of Julia Margaret Cameron. These are the children whose faces one sees in Thomas Annan's Old Closes and Streets of Glasgow, in John Thomson's Street Life in London, and similar work from the 19th century. I am not suggesting that Parkin was attempting to evoke a darker past or pull at our heart-strings in these photographs. I am only pointing out that her strange-making art has the power to evoke history in its ability to suggest a truthful and honest portrait of the child, that her art can with the greatest subtlety suggest the child as the child actually was for most of the history of the world-and, sadly, as the child still is in most of the world. And this is something that I have never seen in the work of any other photographer. The world of children in those three portraits is not the sweet, impossible, and perfect idyll that Heinrich Kühn always photographed his children basking in nor is it that tragic world of the children Dr. Bernardo commissioned to be photographed in order to shock the Victorian consciousness into compassion, just as his contemporary humanitarians Charles Dickens, Frederick Engels, and the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury did in their work. Parkin has written that, though not challenging the actual "innocence" of children, she "is challenging the notion of childhood being innocent. We shouldn't sentimentalize childhood, to do this would be a grave disservice to our children. It would be a lie. It would suggest that a child lives in a blissful bubble and doesn't feel things that we do as adults. Children are acutely aware of what is going on around them. Children feel as vulnerable, if not more vulnerable than adults. [C]hildhood is what shapes us into the adults we become." And, as we all know, it can shape us for good or ill. Deborah Parkin's use of strange-making is not limited to the three photographs I mentioned. There is obvious strange-making in her transformations of children into angels, rabbits, and cats. But that is only strange-making to the eye of an adult, which most of her viewers will be, but not at all to the eye of a child. In his poem "anyone lived in a pretty how town" E. E. Cummings chronicled the loss of that innocent eye: "down they forgot as up they grew." In addition to noticing the beauty and strange-making in Deborah Parkin's work, it also helps to see her work as a child would-if we have not forgotten, if we can remember what we grew up and away from. Seen through our youthful eyes, the world of Deborah Parkin's art can be read as an adventure-a serious, lyrical, truthful, and deeply joyful one." Prof. John Wood


4 Classic Albums Plus - 2839307028

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4 Classic Albums Plus Real Gone Jazz


1. Brainville 2. Call For All Demons 3. Transitions 4. Possession 5. Street Named Hell 6. Lullaby For Realville 7. Future 8. Swing A Little Taste 9. New Horizons 10. Fall Off The Log 11. Sun Song 12. India 13. Sunology 14. Advice To Medics 15. Super Blonde 16. Soft Talk 17. Sunology Part II 101. Kingdom Of Not 102. Portrait Of A Living Sky 103. Blues At Midnight 104. El Is A Sound Of Joy 105. Supersonic Jazz 106. Medicine For A Nightmare 107. Enlightenment 108. Saturn 109. Velvet 110. Ancient Aiethopia 111. Hours After 112. Horoscope 113. Images 114. Blues At Midnight 201. Bassism 202. Of Sounds And Something Else 203. What's That 204. Where Is Tomorrow? 205. The Beginning 206. China Gate 207. New Day 208. Tapestry From An Asteroid 209. Jet Flight 210. Looking Around 211. Space Jazz Reverie 301. Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie 302. A Foggy Day In London Town 303. Dreaming 304. Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie 305. Bye Bye 306. Somebody's In Love 307. Happy New Year To You 308. It's Christmastime 309. Medicine For A Nightmare 310. Urnack 311. Great Balls Of Fire 312. Hours After 313. Muck Muck (Matt Matt) 314. Hot Skillet Mama 315. The Sun One 316. Message To Earthman 317. The Blue Set 318. Big City Blues


20 Jahre Mittermeier - 2839413257

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20 Jahre Mittermeier SBM MEDIA


1. Hier Spricht Edgar Wallace (Gute Leichen, Schlecht 2. Der Hexer 3. Der Auslandskrankenschein 4. Propecia-viagra-syndrom 5. O.b. Meets O.b. - The Next Generation 6. Holzdeckenlamellenerotik 7. Pippi Langstrumpf 8. U-bahn-aggressionen 9. Tv-junkie 10. Bonanza 11. Rinder- Und Tobleronewahnsinn 12. Return Of The Auslandskrankenschein 13. Pekinesenkiller I 14. Der Beste Job Der Welt 15. Aktenzeichen Xy Gelost - Austria Mix 16. Bitte Melde Dich Nicht! 17. Vorsicht Falle 18. Obsession - Hueftknochen Mix 19. Das Letzte Pfeifen Im Atlantik I 20. Show You The Way To Go 21. Macgyver - Schweizer Messergott 22. Das Letzte Pfeifen Im Atlantik II 23. Lassie Und Das Furzende Eichhornchen 24. Pekinesenkiller II 25. Uschi Apanatschi 26. Winnetou Im Tal Der Bluter 27. Living Life The Easy Way 28. Kopfhorer-haertetest 29. Flugzeug - Klatscher 30. Titanic The Last Mission? 31. Godzilla - Spaetzle Mix 32. Musicalmania 33. Schau Dir Nie Mit Einer Frau Einen Actionfilm An! 34. Bullen Im Vergleich - Mooshammer Mix 35. Love Story 36. Peep (Das Dolly Buster Desaster) 37. Der Lewinsky - Effekt 38. Michls Einsatz In Manhatten 39. Provinz Gangsta Rap 40. Cartoon Sex 41. Star Trek Mm - Der Zorn Des Kirk 42. Das Tex Mex Chilli Massaker 43. Fuck 44. Katholiken-kiffer Und Die Heiligen Drei Konigsdeal 45. Zapped 46. Twilight Zone 47. Star-trek-theme 48. Keiner Will Mich Ficken! - Raffaelo Mix 49. Love Parade Dixi Rave 50. Servus Tv-junkie 51. Making Of 52. Active 53. Colour My Day 54. Saenger 55. Suicide Party 56. Killer 101. Back To Life - Live Dvd/video 102. Das Milleniumstrauma - Live Dvd/video 103. Sicherheitsvisionen Und Extrembiowaffing - Live Dv 104. Das Heimatliche Taubenmassaker - Live Dvd/video 105. Jamaikanische Fussballkiffer - Live Dvd/video 106. Life Is A Fussgaengerzone - Live Dvd/video 107. Odysseus Und Die Pantomimen - Live Dvd/video 108. Offentliche Gewaltanwendung - Live Dvd/video 109. Lauschangriff Der Inkas - Live Dvd/video 110. Die Braune Plastiktuete Des Lebens - Live Dvd/vide 111. Alltaegliche Pornohandlung - Live Dvd/video 112. Die Elternluege - Live Dvd/video 113. Die Buckligen Der Aesthetik - Live Dvd/video 114. Blinds Have More Fun - Live Dvd/video 115. Catholic Marines & Latin Lovers - Live Dvd/video 116. Heuschnupfenpopper - Live Dvd/video 117. Ode An Die Frauenbrust - Live Dvd/video 118. Ein Schweinchen Namens Michl - Live Dvd/video 119. Sinn Fuer Humor - Live Dvd/video 120. Der Fahrstuhl Des Grauens - Live Dvd/video 121. Discofoxtaenzer-inferno - Live Dvd/video 122. Heuschnupfenkokser - Live Dvd/video 123. Arschlochkinder (Einmal Ak Immer Ak!) - Live Dvd/v 124. Der Exorzist VI - Wenn Der Zeuge 2x Klingelt - Liv 125. Die Verlorene Ehe Der Turnbeutelvergesser - Live D 126. Echte Maenner Auf Dem Mond - Live Dvd/video 127. Aliens Und Die Fizzz-strahlen Des Todes - Live Dvd 128. Pflanzentalk - Live Dvd/video 129. Kindergehirnwaesche Im Supermarkt - Live Dvd/video 130. Pausenhofduell - Live Dvd/video 131. Hunde Wollt Ihr Ewig Lecken? - Live Dvd/video 132. Echte Frauen Auf Dem Mars - Live Dvd/video 133. Deutsches Rhythmus Desaster - Live Dvd/video 134. Michl At The Opera - Live Dvd/video 135. Trau Keinem Ueber 30 - Live Dvd/video 136. You Can Scratch My Plattennadel - Live Dvd/video 137. Ratten In Der Grossstadt - Live Dvd/video 138. Freddy Kruegers Nagelstudio - Live Dvd/video 139. O-sex Und Zungenpiercing - Live Dvd/video 140. Requiescem In Duplex (Parke Sanft) - Live Dvd/vide 141. The Amazing Back To Life Machine - Live Dvd/video 142. Das Ei Des Pythagoras - Live Dvd/video 143. Der G-punkt Des Lebens - Live Dvd/video 144. Kurz Davor! - Live Dvd/video 145. Worldcup Religion - Schneller, Hoher, Glaeubiger - 146. Michl On Mars - Live Dvd/video 147. Fragestunde - Live Dvd/video 148. Angriff Der Klonkrieger - Live Dvd/video 149. Hausaufgabe - Live Dvd/video 201. Kumba Yo! - Video 202. Kumba Yo! - Making Of 203. Way To Mars - Video 204. Way To Mars - Making Of 205. Ragga Moon Walk - Video 206. Exorcize You Funky Little Demon - Live Tv Performa 207. El Burro - Live Tv Performance 208. Smoke On The Water - Live Tv Performance 209. Kumba Yo! - Live Tv Performance 210. The Lie & The Truth - Live Tv Performance 211. Believe Me - Making Of Mittermeier & Friends Tv Sh 212. Kumba Yo! - Making Of Mittermeier & Friends Tv Sho 213. The Lie & The Truth - Making Of Mittermeier & Fr 214. Exorcize You Funky Little Demon - Making Of Mitter 215. Make Me Laugh - Making Of Mittermeier & Friends Tv 216. Das Ak-chromosom (Arschlochkind Strikes Back) - Ma 217. Way To Mars - Making Of Mittermeier & Friends Tv S 218. El Burro - Making Of Mittermeier & Friends Tv Show 219. Michl Rockt Im Park - Dvd Menu Features 220. Arschlochkind 221. Georg Discofox-taenzer 222. Moses 223. Chefarzt 224. Cheerleader 225. Karl Lucki Opernsaenger 226. Pantomime 227. Okochristin 228. Sam Alone Alleinunterhalter 229. Turnbeutelvergesser 230. Leroy Jamaica Fussballkiffer 231. Neil Astronaut 232. Playmateliesl 233. Pfarrer Rueb 234. Besessener 235. Zeuge Jehova 236. Talk Mit Alfred Biolek 237. Talk Mit Stefan Raab 238. Talk Mit Markus Kavka, Anastasia 239. Talk 7 Tage 7 Kopfe 240. Outtakes Der Tv Show Back To Life 241. Making Of Back To Life - Dvd/video 242. Credits - Dvd Menu Features 243. Say Goodbye 301. Deutschland Einig Jammerland - Video 302. Duftkerzen Im Kanzleramt - Video 303. Weltmeister Der Herzen - Video 304. Kiffer Papstwahl - Video 305. Graue Zeiten - Video 306. Security Alien - Video 307. Deep Of The Year - Video 308. Die Natur Schlaegt Zurueck - Video 309. Apocalypse Wow! - Video 310. Das Weibliche Gedaechnis - Ultima Ratio - Video 311. Die Dunkle Seite Der Macht - King Kahn Mix) (Video 312. Die Qual Der Wahl - Video 313. Sex & The City - Video 314. Los Muchachos Kakerlakez - Video 315. Die Offenbarung - Video 316. Geneva Entertainment Convention - Video 317. Danke Amerika - Video 318. Maenner Und Western & Die Mit Dem Wolf Tanzt - Vid 319. Hardcore Ostnamen - Video 320. Passwort Halle Berry - Video 321. Brain Suckers Fom Outer Space - Video 322. Rentenschweine Vs. Supernanny - Video 323. Junge Eltern - Video 324. Frankensteins Sohne - Video 325. Michl Der Taeufer - Video 326. Der Katzentest - Video 327. Waidmannsheil Fuer Arschgeweihe - Swiss Austria Mi 328. Sackwaxing - Video 329. Jesus Christ Relaxerstar - Video 330. Ein Unmoralisches Angebot - Video 331. Condoleezza Ice - Video 332. Frauen-taeuschungsmanover - Video 333. Bad Accent For President - Video 334. Amok Sepp & Massakerschorsch - Video 335. Gayland - Video 336. Terror In Pink - Video 337. Der Juengste Tag - Video 338. Fragestunde - Video 339. Breathe - Video 340. Making Of Paranoid 401. Michael Mittermeier Portrait - Video 402. Mittermeier 2005 - Video 403. Live 8 - Video 404. Alive & Swingin' - Video 405. Die Goldene Kamera 2005 - Video 406. Happy Birthday, Jerry Lewis - Video 407. Michl In New York - Video 408. Mittermeier's Saturday Night Live - Video 409. Arosa Humor-festival - Video 410. Comet 2002 - Video 411. Michl & Die Spiders - Video 412. Michl 1991 Die Testmaus - Video 413. Revenge 414. Angry Cockroach 415. Bullets From A Gun 416. Mexican Sky 417. Hey Hey Whadda Ya Say 501. Michls Erster Tourauftritt 502. Michl Auf Premiere 503. Michl Beim Quatsch Comedy Club 504. Michl Bei Der Qcc-x-mas Gala


Kill 'Em and Leave - 2826777056

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Kill 'Em and Leave Random House US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

National Book Award winner James McBride goes in search of the "real" James Brown-and his surprising journey illuminates the ways in which our cultural heritage has been shaped by Brown's legacy.§§A product of the complicated history of the American South, James Brown was a cultural shape-shifter who arguably had the greatest influence of any artist on American popular music. Brown was long a figure of fascination for James McBride, a noted professional musician as well as a writer. When he received a tip that promised to uncover the man behind the myth, McBride set off to follow a trail that revealed the personal, musical, and societal influences that created this immensely troubled, misunderstood, and complicated soul genius.§§Kill 'Em and Leave is more than a book about James Brown. Brown's rough-and-tumble life, through McBride's lens, is an unsettling metaphor for American life: the tension between North and South, black and white, rich and poor. McBride's travels take him to forgotten corners of Brown's never-before-revealed history: the country town where Brown's family and thousands of others were displaced by America's largest nuclear power bomb-making facility; a South Carolina field where a long-forgotten cousin reveals, in the dead of night, a fuller history of Brown's sharecropping childhood, which until now has been a mystery. McBride seeks out the American expatriate in England who co-created the James Brown sound, visits the trusted right-hand manager who worked with Brown for forty-one years, and interviews Brown's most influential nonmusical creation, his "adopted son," the Reverend Al Sharpton. He reveals the stirring visit of Michael Jackson to the Augusta, Georgia, funeral home where the King of Pop sat up all night with the body of his musical godfather, spends hours talking with Brown's first wife, and reveals the Dickensian legal contest over James Brown's valuable estate, a fight that has destroyed careers, cheated children out of their educations, cost Brown's estate millions in legal fees, sent Brown's trusted accountant, David Cannon, to jail for a crime for which he was not convicted, and has left James Brown's body to lie for more than eight years in a gilded coffin on his daughter's front lawn in South Carolina.§§James McBride is one of the most distinctive and electric literary voices in America today, and part of the pleasure of his narrative is being in his presence, coming to understand Brown through McBride's own insights as a black musician with Southern roots. Kill 'Em and Leave is a song that unearths and celebrates James Brown's great legacy: the cultural landscape of America today.§§Praise for Kill 'Em and Leave §§"The definitive look at one of the greatest, most important entertainers, The Godfather, Da Number One Soul Brother, Mr. Please, Please Himself-JAMES BROWN." -Spike Lee§§" Please, please, please : Can anybody tell us who and what was James Brown ? At last, the real deal: James McBride on James Brown is the matchup we've been waiting for, a musician who came up hard in Brooklyn with JB hooks lodged in his brain, a monster ear for the truth, and the chops to write it. This is no celeb bio but a compelling personal quest-so very timely, angry, hilarious, and as irresistible as any James Brown beat." -Gerri Hirshey, author of Nowhere to Run: The Story of Soul Music §§"An unconventional and fascinating portrait of Soul Brother No. 1 and the significance of his rise and fall in American culture." -Kirkus Reviews


Painted Table - 2826717420

77,46 zł

Painted Table Rutledge Hill Press,U.S.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Norwegian table, a century-old heirloom ingrained with family memory, has become a totem of a life Saffee would rather forget-a childhood disrupted by her mother's mental illness. Saffee does not want the table. By the time she inherits the object of her mother's obsession, the surface is thick with haphazard layers of paint and heavy with unsettling memories. After a childhood spent watching her mother slide steadily into insanity, painting and re-painting the ancient table, Saffee has come to fear that seeds of psychosis may lie dormant within her. She must confront her mother's torment if she wants to defend herself against it. Traversing four generations over the course of a century, The Painted Table is a beautiful portrait of inherited memory. It is a sprawling narrative affirmation that a family artifact-like a family member-can bear the marks of one's past well as intimations of one's redemption. "This difficult but beautiful story of hurt and healing, desperation and hope, offers an intriguing view inside the world of the mentally ill and their loved ones." -Publishers Weekly "Describes a descent into darkness [and a] redemptive ascent into light ...[ The Painted Table is a] deeply moving experience." -Melvin W. Hanna, PhD, author of Mood Food: Nourishing Your God Given Emotions "[C]ompelling ...[The Painted Table] point[s] readers toward redemption, the kind that removes all the layers of anesthetic we use to try-and fail-to numb our pain, and replaces them with beauty that can come only through grief and surrender."


100hits - Nat King Cole - 2839314117

27,99 zł

100hits - Nat King Cole 100 Hits


1. Unforgettable 2. Mona Lisa 3. Too Young 4. Smile 5. Orange-colored Sky 6. Lush Life 7. Pretend 8. 'Deed I Do 9. My Baby Just Cares For Me 10. For All We Know 11. Angel Eyes 12. Almost Like Being In Love 13. This Can't Be Love 14. Love Is Here To Stay 15. Dinner For One Please James 16. Don't Let Your Eyes Go Shopping For Your Heart 17. Exactly Like You 18. 'Tis Autumn 19. What'll I Do? 20. Save The Bones For Henry Jones 101. Nature Boy 102. Faith Can Move Mountains 103. Too Young To Go Steady 104. You'll Never Know 105. Love Letters 106. Jet 107. Tenderly 108. Blue Gardenia 109. Too Marvellous For Words 110. Makin' Whoopee 111. When I Take My Sugar To Tea 112. Don't Blame Me 113. Route 66 114. The Frim Fram Sauce 115. Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You 116. Paint Yourself A Rainbow 117. You Stepped Out Of A Dream 118. Funny (Not Much) 119. Autumn Leaves 120. There's A Train Out For Dreamland 201. When I Fall In Love 202. Because You're Mine 203. Can't I? 204. Somewhere Along The Way 205. Return To Paradise 207. Where Were You? 208. It's Crazy 209. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons 210. There I've Said It Again 211. Harmony 212. I'll String Along With You 213. Dream A Little Dream Of Me 214. You Don't Learn That In School 215. Those Things Money Can't Buy 216. If Love Is Good To Me 217. A Handful Of Stars 218. Make Her Mine 219. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet 220. There Goes My Heart 221. Destination Moon 301. A Blossom Fell 302. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup 303. Red Sails In The Sunset 304. Mother Nature And Father Time 305. Dreams Can Tell A Lie 306. To The Ends Of The Earth 307. Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow 308. The Very Thought Of You 309. That's My Girl 310. After My Laughter Came Tears 311. Who's Who? 312. Calypso Blues 313. Yes Sir, That's My Baby 314. For You My Love 315. Portrait Of Jennie 316. Lost April 317. I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) 318. You're The Cream In My Coffee 319. You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) 320. I Wish I Were Somebody Else 401. It's Only A Paper Moon 402. Sweet Lorraine 403. Honeysuckle Rose (Instrumental) 404. Straighten Up And Fly Right 405. Hit That Jive Jack 406. This Will Make You Laugh 407. Little Joe From Chicago 408. If You Can't Smile And Say Yes 409. All For You 410. I'm An Errand Boy For Rhythm 411. Embraceable You 412. I've Got The World On A String 413. Ke Mo Ki Mo (The Magic Song) 414. Summer Is A Comin' In 415. Get To Gettin' 416. Jam-bo (Instrumental) 417. Time Out For Tears 418. Stardust 419. It's All In The Game 420. Answer Me


Sweet Dreams Are Made of This - 2826750316

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Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Penguin US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A no-holds-barred look into the remarkable life and career of the prolific musician, songwriter, and producer behind Eurythmics and dozens of pop hits. §§Dave Stewart's life has been a wild ride-one filled with music, constant reinvention, and the never-ending drive to create. Growing up in industrial northern England, he left home for the gritty London streets of the seventies, where he began collaborating and performing with various musicians, including a young waitress named Annie Lennox.§§The chemistry between Stewart and Lennox was undeniable, and an intense romance developed. While their passion proved too much offstage, they thrived musically and developed their own sound. They called themselves Eurythmics and launched into global stardom with the massively popular album Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) .§§For the first time, Stewart shares the incredible, high-octane stories of his life in music-the drug-fueled adventures, the A-list collaborations and relationships, and the creative process that brought us blockbusters from Eurythmics like " Here Comes the Rain Again" and "Would I Lie to You" as well as Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More," No Doubt's "Underneath It All," Golden Globe winner "Old Habits Die Hard" with Mick Jagger, and many more.§§From great friendships and creative partnerships including the group SuperHeavy along with Jagger, Joss Stone, Damian Marley, and A. R. Rahman, to inspired performances and intimate moments in the studio-Stewart highlights the musicians he admires and calls friends, from Bob Dylan, Stevie Nicks, Elton John, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr to Bono, Bon Jovi, and Katy Perry.§§With a behind-the-scenes look at Stewart's innovative endeavors that keep him on the cutting-edge of the music business, Sweet Dreams Are Made of This is a one-of-a-kind portrait of the creative heart of one of its most gifted and enterprising contributors.§§


Malik Sajad - Munnu - 2826924044

84,90 zł

Malik Sajad - Munnu Fourth Estate Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A beautifully drawn graphic novel that illuminates the conflicted land of Kashmir, through a young boy's childhood. Seven-year-old Munnu is growing up in Indian-administered Kashmir. Life revolves around his family: Mama, Papa, sister Shahnaz, brothers Adil and Akhtar and, his favourite, older brother Bilal. It also revolves around Munnu's two favourite things - sugar and drawing. But Munnu's is a childhood experienced against the backdrop of conflict. Bilal's classmates are crossing over into the Pakistan-administered portion of Kashmir to be trained to resist the 'occupation'; Papa and Bilal are regularly taken by the military to identification parades where informers will point out 'terrorists'; Munnu's school is closed; close neighbours are killed and the homes of Kashmiri Hindu families lie abandoned, as once close, mixed communities have ruptured under the pressure of Kashmir's divisions. Munnu is an amazingly personal insight into everyday life in Kashmir. Closely based on Malik Sajad's own childhood and experiences, it is a beautiful, evocatively drawn graphic novel that questions every aspect of the Kashmir situation - the faults and responsibilities of every side, the history of the region, the role of Britain and the West, the possibilities for the future. It opens up the story of this contested and conflicted land, while also giving a brilliantly close, funny and warm-hearted portrait of a boy's childhood and coming-of-age.


Flim-Flam Man - 2835031923

82,15 zł

Flim-Flam Man Simon & Schuster

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A frank and intimate portrait of a charismatic, larger-than-life underworld figure, as told by the daughter who nearly followed in his footsteps. "Do unto others before they do unto you," John Vogel used to advise his daughter, Jennifer. By his account, the world was a crooked place and one had to be crooked in order to survive. A lifelong criminal, John robbed banks, burned down buildings, scammed investors, plotted murder, and single-handedly counterfeited more than $20 million. He also wrote a novel, invented a "jean stretcher," baked lemon meringue pies, and arranged for ten-year-old Jennifer to see Rocky in an empty theater on Christmas Eve. In his reckless pursuit of the American Dream, he could be genuinely good. When it came time to pass his phony bills, he targeted Wal-Mart for political reasons. In 1995, following John's arrest in what turned out to be the fourth-largest seizure of counterfeit bills in U.S. history, he managed to slip away, leaving his now grown daughter to wonder what had become of him. Framed around the six months Jennifer's father ran from the law, Flim-Flam Man vividly chronicles the police chase -- stakeouts, lie detector tests, even a segment on Unsolved Mysteries. In describing her tumultuous life with John Vogel, Jennifer deftly examines the messy, painful, and almost inescapable inheritance one generation bequeaths to the next.


Milosevic - 2852754086

163,49 zł

Milosevic I B TAURIS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Slobodan Milosevic - Belgrade's tyrant and successor to Tito, 'Butcher of the Balkans' - represents, in many ways, the final shudder of that particularly aggressive 20th-century brand of the creature that was nationalism. His life story is a study in evil: in the 'banality of evil' to use Hannah Arendt's famous phrase. With all the intensity and horror of personal experience, Vidosav Stevanovic, perhaps Serbia's greatest modern writer, tells how Milosevic, a man devoid of any true qualities, climbed his way to the top in slow, silent, murderous steps. But, behind the facade of a grey bureaucrat, is a character of tragic, near-Shakespearean proportions. 'Sloba', as he came to be known, had a loveless childhood, son of a defrocked pastor and school-teacher mother. When Sloba was very young, his father went insane, and killed himself in front of the strange stones to which he preached every Sunday in a nearby field, with a bullet to his temple. Little Miriana, Sloba's future wife and his succour and accomplice in politics, was born in prison, heralding the execution of her own mother, condemned as a Nazi collaborator. Stevanovic, however, has witnessed the greater tragedy: his country's suicide. Part of an ever-diminishing circle of intellectuals who watched as the Milosevic machine destroyed the young nation, trampling over its people and its principles, his is a shattering cri-de-coeur for the victims. It is the bitter personal lament of one man, exiled - as so many of his compatriots - from homeland and history by the Milosevic lie. Milosevic: A People's Tyrant asks how a fractured country and a shattered society could believe in such a man, and raise him to such power. In this raging anatomy of wrong-doing, all are guilty - those who believed, those who followed, those who stood and watched, those who could or would not stop the tragedy from playing out. Vidosav Stevanovic is a Serb himself, and his searing portrait of the Milosevic psychology is a unique testament from within - the biography of a dictator, but also of those who made him. No book will come closer to the man who made Europe shudder, and toppled the Balkans into an inferno out of which it will take years to climb.


Mark Z. Danielewski's the Whalestoe Letters - 2826850987

51,26 zł

Mark Z. Danielewski's the Whalestoe Letters Pantheon Books Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Between 1982 and 1989, Pelafina H. Lie vre sent her son, Johnny Truant, a series of letters from The Three Attic Whalestoe Institute, a psychiatric facility in Ohio where she spent the final years of her life. Beautiful, heartfelt, and tragic, this correspondence reveals the powerful and deeply moving relationship between a brilliant though mentally ill mother and the precocious, gifted young son she never ceases to love. Originally contained within the monumental House of Leaves, this collection stands alone as a stunning portrait of mother and child. It is presented here along with a foreword by Walden D. Wyhrta and eleven previously unavailable letters.


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