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Post My Quotes on Something 4m

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"I Love You with All My Butt" Workman Pub Co

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"I didn't flush, because the fish don't want tinkles for dinner." "Sometimes your face looks like it needs to be ironed.""Am I the Tooth Fairy's latest victim?" All parents have a list--whether it's on paper or in their brains--of the hilarious, adorable, deep, and sometimes absurd things that come out of the mouths of their children. Martin Bruckner has a creative way of keeping track of his list: Whenever his daughter, Harper (now four), would say something memorable, he'd write it down and make a poster-style illustration of it. In 2015, Martin shared his artwork with the world to viral acclaim--with features on Reddit, the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, and more--prompting other parents to visit his Etsy store and commission work based on their own children's quips. "I Love You with All My Butt" is a compilation of more than 100 of the silliest, sweetest, most ridiculous kid-isms that Martin has ever illustrated, plus amusing and poignant snippets and stories to explain the context of the quotes and enhance the art.


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