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Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles III - Including

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The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles III - Including: The Science of Mind, The Road to Power AND Your Invisible Power The Science of Mind To make proper use of mind, one must have a scientific understanding of how mind works. Read how W. D. Wattles endeavors to make self-culture a process of mathematical exactness as he investigates the nature of life and intelligence starting with the simplest organisms and moving towards mankind. Read about the differences between Will and Want, how to make brain records, and the force of Will plus Faith as Wattles establishes firm ground for faith in the soul's power of accomplishment. The Road to Power He who learns the great truths about the universe ".can do what he wants to do and become what he wants to become. " According to W. D. Wattles, all things are forms of one Substance, and that intelligent Substance or cause is Spirit. Spirit works under fixed laws, and it is man's search for truth and his will to do the will of God that advances him toward unity with Spirit and ultimately toward the fulfillment of his desires. Begin to open your spiritual eyes, and begin to experience the powerful life that can be lived here on earth. AND Your Invisible Power In his incessant search for scientific and religious truths upon which to base man's endeavors toward health and wholeness, W. D. Wattles probes the spiritual and physical facts underlying realities such as time, space, substance, consciousness, motion, and ultimately, the power that is the Will of God. Learn how to unify yourself with God's desire for man's highest good - and you will discover how to secure your every need and wish.


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