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Environmental Impact Assessment - 2837899003

910,92 zł

Environmental Impact Assessment BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is one of the most important tools employed in contemporary environmental management. Presenting the component activities of EIA within a coherent methodological framework, Environmental Impact Assessment: A Methodological Approach provides students and practitioners alike with a rigorous grounding in EIA theory, including biophysical, social, strategic and cumulative assessment activities, and examines the crucial role, and limitations, of the science of EIA. Deliberately designed to be relevant world-wide, the author focuses on the common skills and generic aspects of EIA that underpin all impact assessment work, independent of country or jurisdiction, such as screening and scoping, impact identification, public involvement, prediction and monitoring, evaluation, and quality control. The variety of approaches are identified along with their associated strengths and weaknesses, enabling potential, new and experienced practitioners to make informed choices and to improve their working practices through a better understanding of EIA activity. The ultimate aim of this book is to move from the notion of EIA as a technical procedure towards a concept of EIA as a particular form of problem-solving with varied methodological requirements.


Use Science Fiction to Teach Science Content - 2835875403

115,30 zł

Use Science Fiction to Teach Science Content LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The focus of this action research project was to determine how using science fiction reading material could impact student learning at the high school level. Specifically, will using science fiction increase levels of student engagement, reinforce science content learned in class, increase science literacy skills, and finally to determine if there will be an increased interest in science related careers. Students were introduced to science fiction reading material along with regular content. The methodology continues with the students collaborating and developing their literacy skills using short pieces of science fiction with writing prompts and research questions. The final portion of the treatment consisted of the students reading a science fiction book, researching the science concepts within the text, then presenting the project to their peers. The data analysis incorporated several pieces of quantitative and qualitative evidence. These include student pre and post attitudinal surveys, student work samples of written responses, personal interviews, and rubric based presentations.


New Technologies and Emerging Spaces of Care - 2826979849

763,11 zł

New Technologies and Emerging Spaces of Care Ashgate Publishing Limited

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

"New Technologies and Emerging Spaces of Care" provides the latest practice-oriented qualitative research and innovative conceptual discussions of how health and health care systems are currently dealing with complex transformations and varied reforms. Exploring and analysing the social and cultural impact of new technologies, this book examines the societal relevance of new technologies of care and the manner in which technological innovations configure and reconfigure institutionalized spaces of care. It addresses issues of social control, accountability, surveillance and disciplining; diverging patterns of inclusion and exclusion; new relations and subjectivities of patients and care givers; the relation between private and public forms of care and the practices and concerns generated by new technologies at the individual as well as the societal level. Presenting sophisticated theoretical discussions and detailed empirical case studies, "New Technologies and Emerging Spaces of Care" analyses, compares and evaluates on a transnational level the role and impact of (assistive) technologies for elderly and disabled people on the concepts and practices of spaces of care. A critical understanding of contemporary practices of care, that cuts through the growing conceptual barriers between social and medical models of care studies, this book will be of interest to those interested in new technologies, health care and social space of care. Specifically, it will appeal to scholars of science and technology studies, medical sociology and the sociology of the body, social inequality and exclusion, health and care studies, gerontology and disability studies.


Society On The Line - 2840074467

479,99 zł

Society On The Line

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Mathematics & science>Science: general issues>Impact of science & technology on societyKsiążki Obcojęzyczn...

Presenting A Way Of Thinking About The Social And Economic Implications Of The Revolution In Information And Communication Technologies (ICTs), This Text Offers An Overview Of Information In The Digital Age, And Explains How Social And Technical Choices About ICTs Influence Access To Information.


Design, Evaluation, and Translation of Nursing Interventions - 2826991641

351,19 zł

Design, Evaluation, and Translation of Nursing Interventions BLACKWELL PUBLISHERS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Nurse-led intervention research is a core component of the global initiative to improve quality of care. Though research in this area has already contributed much to the advancement of patient care, future strides depend on the dissemination of practical, how-to instruction on this important area of research. Design, Evaluation, and Translation of Nursing Interventions aids in this endeavour by presenting both general approaches and specific methods for developing nursing interventions. Logically organized to facilitate ease of use, the book is divided into four sections. The introduction provides a firm grounding in intervention science by situating it within the broader topics of evidence-based practice, client-centred care, and quality of care. Section Two describes each step of intervention design, including correct identification of the health issue or problem, clarification of the elements comprising an intervention, and application of theory. Section Three is centred on implementation, highlighting such topics as development of the intervention manual, training interventionists, and intervention fidelity. The book concludes with methods to evaluate interventions enacted and suggestions for their translation into practice. Design, Evaluation, and Translation of Nursing Interventions distills the authors' years of expertise in intervention research into comprehensive, easy-to-follow chapters. It is a must-have resource for students, researchers and healthcare professionals wishing to impact the future of patient care.


Understanding Space-Time - 2826933150

234,07 zł

Understanding Space-Time Cambridge University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Presenting the history of space-time physics, from Newton to Einstein, as a philosophical development DiSalle reflects our increasing understanding of the connections between ideas of space and time and our physical knowledge. He suggests that philosophy's greatest impact on physics has come about, less by the influence of philosophical hypotheses, than by the philosophical analysis of concepts of space, time and motion, and the roles they play in our assumptions about physical objects and physical measurements. This way of thinking leads to interpretations of the work of Newton and Einstein and the connections between them. It also offers ways of looking at old questions about a priori knowledge, the physical interpretation of mathematics, and the nature of conceptual change. Understanding Space-Time will interest readers in philosophy, history and philosophy of science, and physics, as well as readers interested in the relations between physics and philosophy.


MIMO Wireless Networks - 2826968130

610,65 zł

MIMO Wireless Networks Elsevier Science & Technology

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Unique in explaining the principles of MIMO networks at both link and system levels: now updated to include the latest developments in multi-user and multi-cell ???? channels and techniques, key developments for the developments of 4G networks!§This book is unique in bridging the gap between MIMO radio propagation and signal processing techniques and presenting robust MIMO network designs for real-world wireless channels. Through a unified framework, it emphasizes how propagation mechanisms impact the MIMO system performance under realistic power constraints. Combining a solid mathematical analysis with a physical and intuitive approach, the book progressively derives innovative designs, taking into consideration that MIMO channels are often far from ideal.§Reflecting developments since the first edition was published the book has been updated and now includes several new chapters, covering Multi-user MIMO, Multi-Cell MIMO, Receiver Design, MIMO in 3GPP and WiMAX and realistic system level evaluations of MIMO networks performance.§Features include: . Physical models and analytical representations of single-link and multi-link MIMO propagation channels, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of various models . Overview of space-time coding techniques, covering both classical and more recent schemes under information theory and error probability perspectives . In-depth presentation of how real-world propagation affects the capacity and the error performance of MIMO transmission schemes . Innovative and practical designs of robust space-time coding, precoding and limited feedback techniques for realistic propagation (including single-carrier and MIMO-OFDM transmissions) . Overview of popular MIMO receiver architectures . Multi-user diversity and resource allocation schemes in OFDMA networks as well as linear and non-linear MU-MIMO techniques under ideal and non-ideal channel knowledge . Extensive coverage of cooperative multi-cell MIMO-OFDMA networks, including network resource allocation optimization, coordinated scheduling, beamforming and power control, interference alignment, joint processing and network MIMO . Applications of MIMO and Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) in LTE, LTE-A and WiMAX. Theoretical derivations and results contrasted with practical system level evaluations highlighting the performance of single-cell and multi-cell MIMO techniques in realistic deployments. §Physical models and analytical representations of MIMO propagation channels, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of various models §Overview of space-time coding techniques, covering both classical and more recent schemes under information theory and error probability perspectives §In-depth presentation of how real-world propagation affects the capacity and the error performance of MIMO transmission schemes §Innovative and practical designs of robust space-time coding, precoding and antenna selection techniques for realistic propagation (including single-carrier and MIMO-OFDM transmissions)§


Hispanic Marketing - 2212825950

147,60 zł

Hispanic Marketing Butterworth Heinemann


This book is about strategic thinking in Hispanic marketing. The size and economic importance of the Hispanic market in the US are attracting enormous attention. The buying power of the US Hispanic market is now larger than the GDP of the entire country of Mexico, and it is the second largest Hispanic market in the world. Businesses and institutions have launched major initiatives to reach this important segment. Yet, the number of qualified individuals who understand the market is small; and many of those already catering to the market still struggle to learn about its intricacies. This book is a cultural approach to Hispanic marketing. Each of the chapters describes and explains the cultural principles of Latino marketing. Recent case studies help marketers relate to the material pragmatically. The book integrates concepts and practical examples and provides critical guidance to discern between alternative courses of action. This book is not about repeating well-known statistics, but about the Hispanic market as a cultural target. It takes a profound look at the values, beliefs, and emotions of US Hispanics, which impact consumer behaviour. Each of the chapters has been the subject of public presentations and lectures to marketing professionals. It is their positive reactions as well as the authors


People on the Move - 2212826496

47,60 zł

People on the Move Duke University Press

Inne 1

On an annual basis, approximately 100 million people either attempt to or actually do leave their place of birth, often not knowing their final destination. The flow of immigrants who arrive in neighboring countries in search of refuge and work raises social, political, and security concerns. This special issue of Mediterranean Quarterly takes a closer look at a pattern of history that is at the core of current global instability?the mass migration of peoples.This collection gathers a unique group of contributors, including representatives from Congress, the United Nations, and Israel's Ministry of Justice, as well as senior diplomats from Canada, Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey. Presenting their diverse perspectives, the contributors address regional and policy issues related to the mass migration of people, as well as questions concerning citizenship and national security, human trafficking in the form of prostitution, and cultural discrimination. The result is a multifaceted exploration of issues underlying many of the world's economic, security, and social challenges. Other topics include the impact of state failure on migration, immigration in California, security measures and "preferred" immigrants in Canada after September 11, 2001, and Albanian migration into Greece.Contributors. Alexandre Afonso, David Binder, Andrew C. Danopoulos, Constantine P. Danopoulos, Francis M. Deng, Mohamed A. El-Khawas, Omar G. Encarnación, Rochelle Gershuni, Larry L. Gerston, Ahmet Içduygu, Benjamin Kline, Bojan Korenic, Erin Kruger, Robert S. Leiken, Marlene Mulder, Elena Poptodorova, Tom TancredoNikolaos A. Stavrou is Professor of International Affairs at Howard University. Julius A. Ndumbe is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of the District of Columbia. Raymond C. Ewing is former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, European and Canadian Affairs, and former Ambassador to Ghana and Cyprus.* Takes a closer look at a pattern of history that is at the core of current global instability?the mass migration of peoples


Lipid Metabolism and Health - 2822223331

417,94 zł

Lipid Metabolism and Health CRC Press Inc.

Medycyna > English Division

That a relation exists between lipids/lipoproteins and coronary artery disease is no longer an arguable point. However, the complexities associated with this relationship, and the number of factors that can impact and alter circumstances and clinical status, are many and diverse. Consequently, this relationship continues to receive a great deal of focus from researchers. "Lipid Metabolism and Health", in presenting the latest statement from those positioned on the cutting edge in this arena, provides an overview and historical perspective of the evolution of serum lipids and lipoproteins. It traces their development from a mere curiosity to their acceptance as an established and major coronary artery disease (CAD) risk factor, and, ultimately, to their becoming the subject of clinical guidelines. Considerable attention is focused on the fundamentals, beginning with a chapter on basic lipidology, and progresses through such topics as lipid/lipoprotein metabolism, and the biology of atherosclerosis. Additional topics include methodologies for measuring lipoproteins, clinical strategies used to manage unhealthy lipid levels, and discussion of important influential factors such as obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome, diet/nutrition, exercise, cigarette smoking and environmental tobacco smoke, and age, as well as gender, race, and other heredity factors. Qualified and recognized experts in their specific fields of study were recruited by the editors to contribute chapters. They include top researchers in, nutrition, pharmacology, exercise science, and several areas of clinical medicine including cardiology, kinesiology, and immunology. "Lipid Metabolism and Health" provides a useful scientific and educational tool for researchers, clinicians, academicians, and students seeking a timely and bona fide source of information on the relationship between lipids and health.


Networked Disease - 2212842189

123,80 zł

Networked Disease Blackwell Science

Nauki humanistyczne

A collection of writings by leading experts and newer researchers on the SARS outbreak and its relation to infectious disease management in progressively global and urban societies. Presents original contributions by scholars from seven countries on four continents Connects newer thinking on global cities, networks, and governance in a post


Construction Materials Manual - 2842834817

579,99 zł

Construction Materials Manual

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Technology, engineering, agriculture>Mechanical engineering & materials>Materials science

Addresses Fundamental Questions Of Sustainability, Including Life-span, Environmental Impact, And Material Cycles, While Also Presenting Material Innovations. This Title Documents Principal Conventional And Innovative Construction Materials, With Attention To Their Production, Treatment, Surfaces, Connections, And Characteristics.


Human T Cell Clones - 2827008138

1267,25 zł

Human T Cell Clones Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Most complex biological systems, such as enzyme pathways, are effec tively controlled near the beginning of the process. There is increasing evidence that the same is true for the immune system, with the initial interactions between antigen, antigen-presenting cells, and T cells hav ing a paramount influence on the ensuing events. Thus, analysis of the early stages of the immune responses has been a preoccupation of many immunologists. This has been considerably aided by the capac ity to expand these early events, and 'immortalize' them as clones of T cells, for detailed analysis. The discovery by Morgan, Ruscetti, and Gallo (Science 193, 1007, 1976) of T-cell growth factor (now termed interleukin-2 or IL-2) has had a major impact in immunology that is far from over. The greater ease of handling murine tissues experimentally, with the availability of more precisely defined reagents such as inbred strains, has meant that, to date, most of the work on long-term T-cell cultures has been per formed in the mouse, as summarized by Fathman and Fitch (eds. , Iso lation, Characterization and Utilization of T Lymphocyte Clones, Aca demic Press, NY, 1982). However, the limitations of working with human tissues are counterbalanced by the great long-term importance of understanding disorders of human immune regulation, especially since it is becoming evident that these are far from rare. Immune deficiencies such as agammaglobulinemia and T-cell deficiencies are not common, but immune hyperresponsiveness occurring in allergy and allergiC diseases (e. g.


Object-Based Image Analysis - 2826793109

1776,38 zł

Object-Based Image Analysis Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book addresses the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing communities worldwide by presenting a collection of 43 peer-reviewed interdisciplinary perspectives on Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA). OBIA is a recent sub-discipline of Geographic Information Science devoted to developing automated methods to partition remote sensing imagery into meaningful image-objects, and assessing their characteristics through spatial, spectral and temporal scales. Its applications range from agriculture and natural resource management, to national defense and global climate change. Its economic impact spans from data collection, hardware and software vendors, developers and users, to recipients of sound sustainable environmental policy. Its effect is to synergistically bridge the raster world of remote sensing and the vector world of GIS by generating new semantically rich queryable geographic-information from multiscale earth observation data. We invite you to join us on this exciting state-of-the art journey into OBIA. The accompanying CD includes high resolution figures.


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