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Pro MongoDB Development - 2836338433

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Pro MongoDB Development Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Pro MongoDB Development is about MongoDB, a NoSQL database based on the BSON (binary JSON) document model. The book discusses all aspects of using MongoDB in web applications: Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript are the most commonly used programming/scripting languages and the book discusses accessing MongoDB database with these languages. § The book also discusses using Java EE frameworks Kundera and Spring Data with MongoDB. As NoSQL databases are commonly used with the Hadoop ecosystem the book also discusses using MongoDB with Apache Hive. Migration from other NoSQL databases (Apache Cassandra and Couchbase) and from relational databases (Oracle Database) is also discussed. § What You'll Learn: §§How to use a Java client and MongoDB shell§§How to use MongoDB with PHP, Ruby, and Node.js as well §How to migrate Apache Cassandra tables to MongoDB documents; Couchbase to MongoDB; and transferring data between Oracle and MongoDB§§How to use Kundera, Spring Data, and Spring XD with MongoDB§§How to load MongoDB data into Oracle Database and integrating MongoDB with Oracle Database in Oracle Data Integrator § Audience: §The target audience of the book is NoSQL database developers. Target audience includes Java, PHP and Ruby developers. The book is suitable for an intermediate level course in NoSQL database. §


Pro Couchbase Development - 2826814953

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Pro Couchbase Development Springer, Berlin

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Pro Couchbase Development: A NoSQL Platform for the Enterprise discusses programming for Couchbase using Java and scripting languages, querying and searching, handling migration, and integrating Couchbase with Hadoop, Hadoop Tables, HDFS, and JSON. It also discusses migration from other NoSQL databases like MongoDB.§§This book is for big data developers who use Couchbase NoSQL database or want to use Couchbase for their web applications as well as for those migrating from other NoSQL databases like MongoDB and Cassandra. For example, a reason to migrate from Cassandra is that it is not based on the JSON document model with support for a flexible schema without having to define columns and supercolumns. The target audience is largely Java developers but the book also supports PHP and Ruby developers who want to learn about Couchbase. The author supplies examples in Java, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript.§§After reading and using this hands-on guide for developing with Couchbase, you'll be able to build complex enterprise, database and cloud applications that leverage this powerful platform.§§


Pro PHP and jQuery - 2835031423

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Pro PHP and jQuery Springer, Berlin

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Pro PHP and jQuery, Second Edition is for intermediate level programmers interested in building web applications using jQuery and PHP. Updated for PHP version 7 and the latest version of jQuery, this book teaches some advanced PHP techniques and it shows you how to take your dynamic applications to the next level by adding a JavaScript layer using the jQuery framework and APIs, considered the most popular JavaScript libraries.§§Learn to utilize the new built-in PHP functions. Since the first edition, this book covers new PHP features like trait support, short array syntax support, updated registers, a built-in web server, several improvements to existing features, performance and reduced memory requirements, generators, blocks for exceptions handling, OpCache, scalar expressions, variadic functions, argument unpacking, a new exponentiation operator, extensions of the use statement for functions and constants, a new phpdbg debugger as a SAPI module, and other smaller improvements.§§Moreover, from PHP 7, you'll get uniform variable syntax, the AST-based compilation process, the added Closure::call(), bitwise shift consistency across platforms, the (null coalesce) operator, Unicode codepoint escape syntax, return type declarations, and new and easier extensions development with support for redis, MongoDB and much more. Along the way, learn how the latest jQuery is used for animation, validation and more JavaScript.§§After reading and using this book, you'll come away understanding a fully functional PHP using jQuery web application case study that you can reapply as a template for your own particular web application.§


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