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Problems And Solutions In Electromagnetics - 2849515750

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Problems And Solutions In Electromagnetics

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Problems and Solutions in Electromagnetics - 2854536604

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Problems and Solutions in Electromagnetics Eurospan

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Engineering Electromagnetics - 2854205056

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Engineering Electromagnetics Springer, Berlin

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This book provides students with a theoretical understanding of electromagnetic field equations and it also treats a large number of applications. The text is a comprehensive two-semester textbook. The work contains: clear, short presentation of theoretical aspects; short chapters, on single theoretical aspects; between 10 to 50 applications per topic; examples and exercises throughout the book; experiments, problems and numerical methods§The new edition includes: modifications to about 30-40% of the end of chapter problems; a new introduction to electromagnetics based on motion of electrons; a discussion on new MATLAB tools; each chapter now has a section called review questions; addition of a summary to most chapters. The book is an undergraduate textbook at the Junior level, intended for required classes in electromagnetics. It is written in simple terms with all details of derivations included and all steps in solutions listed. It requires little beyond basic calculus and can be used for self-study. The wealth of examples and alternative explanations makes it very approachable by students.


Schaum's Outline of Electromagnetics - 2834686941

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Schaum's Outline of Electromagnetics MCGRAW-HILL Professional

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Study faster, learn better, and get top grades!§Here is the ideal review for your electromagnetics course §More than 40 million students have trusted Schaum s Outlines for their expert knowledge and helpful solved problems. Written by a renowned expert in this field, Schaum's Outline of Electromagnetics covers what you need to know for your course and, more important, your exams. Step-by-step, the author walks you through coming up with solutions to exercises in this topic. §Features:§Hundreds of examples illustrate applications and complex calculation§351 solved problems§Problem-solving videos available online and embedded in the book verions§Exercises to help you test your mastery of digital signal processing§Support for all the major textbooks for electromagnetics courses


Electromagnetic Analysis of Shielde Microwave Structures. The Surface Integral Equation Approach - 2619308515

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Electromagnetic Analysis of Shielde Microwave Structures. The Surface Integral Equation Approach Politechnika Wrocławska


Electromagnetic analysis, and especially computational electromagnetics, plays a fundamental role in contemporary electrical engineering. It proved to be very useful in solving a wide variety of practical problems emerging in advanced applications of modern communication systems. This monograph addresses key issues involved in the surface integral equation-method of moment (IE-MoM) formulation, which is suitable for very efficient and reliable analysis of radiation and scattering problems related to conducting and dielectric bodies, and in particular, multilayer microstrip passive circuits and antennas. The IE-MoM method proved also to be very efficient in the analysis of shielded microwave structures embedded in a planarly layered medium, and this particular application of the IE-MoM approach constitutes the core subject of this monograph. The content of the monograph is arranged so that the main stress is put on the ideas and not on the rigorous explanation of the theory involved in the IE-MoM formulation. The intention behind such an arrangement is to present the material in a way that allows the reader to understand easily all the ideas and principles of the applied electromagnetic theory and to encourage non-advanced readers to study computational electromagnetics. The monograph is also intended to serve as a reference material for those who will decide to pursue a detailed study in this field. Contents: Preface Abbreviations and acronyms Major notations Chapter 1 . Introduction 1.1. Computational methods for elecuomagnetics 1.2. Overview of the monograph References Chapter 2 . Fundamental issues involved in the electromagnetic analysis 2.1. Geometry of the structure under analysis 2.2. Formulation of a boundary value problem 2.3. Efficient modeling of physical phenomena 2.3.1. Modeling of losses 2.3.2. Modeling of thin planar conductors 2.3.3. Excitation and load modeling 2.4. An outline of the surface integral equation approach References Chapter 3 . The surface integral equation approach 3.1. Integral as an inverse operator 3.2. Integral representation of the EM fields 3.3. Formulation of surface integral equations 3.3.1. Integral equations for thin planar conductors 3.4. Selected issues concerning surface integral equations 3.4.1. Nonuniquencss of solutions 3.4.2. Singularity of integrals 3.4.3. Low frequency ill conditioning References Chapter 4 . Dyadic Green's functions for shielded planarly layered media 4.1. General introduction to dyadic Green's functions 4.2. Eigenfunction expansion of the fields and their sources in bounded regions 4.3. Eigenfunction expansion of dyadic Green's functions 4.3.1. Eigenfunction expansion of point sources 4.3.2. Green's functions for transverse sources 4.3.3. Green's functions for longitudinal sources 4.4. Symmetry properties of dyadic Green's functions References Chapter 5 . Solution of the surface integral equations 5.1. The method of moments 5.2. Evaluation of reaction integrals 5.2.1. Reaction integrals for horizontal current distributions 5.2.2. Reaction integrals for vertical current distributions 5.2.3. Reaction integrals for mixed current distribution 5.2.4. Numerical evaluation of the reaction integrals 5.3. Summation of modal series 5.3.1. Fast summation of modal series 5.4. Properties of the MoM matrix 5.5. Convergence issues and validation of results 5.6. Methods for increasing computational effectiveness of the IE-MoM approach References Chapter 6 . Applications - case study 6.1. The quality of cavity modeling 6.2. Planar transmission line structures 6.2.1. Bandpass tiller based on the parallel-coupled lines 6.2.2. Bandpass filter based on the broadside-coupled lines 6.3. Waveguide structures 6.3.1. Waveguide dual-mode bandpass filter 6.4. Cavity-backed radiating structures 6.4.1. Cavity-backed slot antenna (CBSA) 6.4.2. Cavity-backed dielectric resonator antenna (CBDRA) References Chapter 7. Conclusion


Wireless Networks - 2212824522

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Wireless Networks Academic Press

Inne 1

This multidisciplinary volume originates from lectures presented at a short course on wireless communications in Capri, Italy. This globally attended conference has produced an exceptional book written by pioneers in the field. Lecturers at Capri included pillars in the fields of electromagnetics, communications, information technology and mathematics. As communications technology becomes increasingly wireless, an interdisciplinary viewpoint is necessary for professionals to correct problems and avoid others before they occur. Wireless Networks covers critical technology within WLAN, ad hoc networks, data distribution, TV, radio, and personal mobile devices. As networks become wireless, engineers face increased difficulty securing its malleable boundaries. This book discusses security solutions such as sensor technology that prevent unwanted intrusion. Connectivity is also addressed, featuring chapters on antennas, bandwidth and frequencies. Editors Franceschetti and Stornelli have done a great service to the wireless communications community in creating a compendium that delivers this spectrum of essential information in one reference.


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