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Philatelic terminology Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 182. Chapters: Postage stamp, Typography, Postal code, International reply coupon, Postcard, Postmark, Cancellation, Philately, First day of issue, Watermark, Joint issue, Philatelic fakes and forgeries, PHQ card, Railway post office, Postage stamp design, Postal history, Franking, Postal stationery, Airmail, Letter sheet, Personalised stamp, Holiday stamp, Non-denominated postage, Official mail, Postage stamp separation, Local post, Topical stamp collecting, Cover, Christmas stamp, Overprint, Plating, St. Andrew's cross, Revenue stamp, Philatelic cover, Travelling Post Offices in the United Kingdom, Postage stamp demonetization, Cinderella stamp, Country definitives, Definitive stamp, Wrapper, Registered mail, Health stamp, Poste restante, Christmas Seal, Sheet of stamps, Tweezers, Stamped envelope, Magnifying glass, Commemorative stamp, Free Frank, Impressed duty stamp, Postage stamp color, Aerogram, Stamp numbering system, Telegraph stamp, Freepost, Postal card, Postage stamp gum, Stamp catalog, Astrophilately, Local postal surcharge labels, Postage due, Stamp album, Stockbook, Specimen stamp, Plate block, Excise stamp, Aerophilately, Stamped paper, Perfin, Semi-postal, Postage stamp error, Foxing, Private overprint, Graphite lined stamp, Imprinted stamp, Postal marking, Illegal stamps, Stamp condition, Postage stamp design error, Cancelled-to-order, Plate number coil, Crash cover, Errors, freaks, and oddities, Smilers sheet, Variable value stamp, Dead letter mail, Grill, Feldpost, Self-adhesive stamp, Fancy cancel, Poster stamp, Miniature sheet, Packet ship, Invert error, Certified Mail, Event cover, Lettercard, Postage stamp booklet, Mint stamp, Cut square, Burelage, Face value, Coil stamp, Stamp hinge, Mixed franking, Tęte-bęche, Pen cancel, Printed matter, Hotel post, Indicia, Stamp program, Postage stamp reprint, Centro de hoja, Primitive, Field post office, Precancel, Omnibus issue, Socked on the nose, Provisional stamp, Private Mail Bag, Balloon mail, Discontinued post office, Denomination, Se-tenant, Die proof, Airmail etiquette, Essay, Regummed stamp, Philatelic calendar, Bisects and splits, Railway stamp, Key type stamp, Forerunner, Gutter, Maximaphily, Cut to shape, Ration stamp, Special stamp, Postal tax stamp, Presentation Pack, Corner card, Cachet, Triptych, Killer, Want list, Bicycle mail, Postage stamp block, Bulk mail, Fiscal cancel, Test stamp, Pre-adhesive mail, Digital stamp, Marcophily, Disinfected mail, Knife, Meter stamp, Surface mail, Franchise stamp, Classic stamp, Kiloware, Earliest reported postmark, Newspaper stamp, Seapost Service, Formular, Information Based Indicia, Fonopost, Vignette, New print, O.H.M.S., Duplex cancel, Ship cover, Feldpost number, Stamp tongs, Forwarding agent, Line pair, Courtesy reply mail, Conjunctive use, Chalky paper, Backstamp, Cut-out, Metered reply mail, Carrier's stamp, Charity stamp, New Wave, Charity label, Affixing machine, Pro Juventute, Maximum card, Phosphor banded stamp, Stamps on stamps, Imprimatur, Military stamp, Pull, Easter seals. Excerpt: A postage stamp is a small piece of paper that is purchased and displayed on an item of mail as evidence of payment of postage. Typically, stamps are made from special paper, with a national designation and denomination (price) on the face, and a gum adhesive on the reverse side. Postage stamps are purchased from a postal administration or other authorized vendor and are used to pay for the costs involv...


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