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Human Growth And Development - 2839967474

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Human Growth And Development

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Social Workers Work With People At All Stages Of Life, Tackling A Multitude Of Personal, Social, Health, Welfare, Legal And Educational Issues. As A Result, All Social Work Students Need To Understand Human Growth And Development Throughout The Lifespan. This Title Provides A Knowledge Base About Human Development From Conception To Death.


Human Development Across The Life Span - 2840261021

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Human Development Across The Life Span

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A Practically Focused Guide To Effective Counseling Of All Clients Human Development Across The Life Span Is A Practical Guide To Human Growth And Development, Moving Beyond Theory To Include Real-world Applications For Counselors Who Work With Clients.


Human Rights and Social Justice - 2826675591

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Human Rights and Social Justice SAGE Publications Inc

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'This book provides a valuable framework from which useful discussion and social action can be developed. It is especially relevant to the issues faced by professionals in the helping and health professions, and could serve to foster greater awareness of global concerns and aims shared by workers in these professions.' -JOURNAL OF PHENOMENOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY Human Rights and Social Justice: Social Action and Service for the Helping and Health Professions has a unique perspective that views human rights as the bedrock of social justice. It provides a clear blueprint how human rights and social justice concerns can serve as a conceptual framework for policy and practice interventions among the helping and health professions. Key Features - Provides both historical and philosophical perspectives on human rights principles, with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the centerpiece - Succinctly summarizes for the educated layperson core principles of other major human rights documents, such as international conventions on: Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR); Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (CESCR); the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW); the Eradication of Racial Discrimination (CERD); the Rights of the Child (CRC); Torture (CAT); the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; Medical Ethics; and the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness - Viewing social justice as struggle, advocates a multi-pronged approach dealing with whole, at-risk, and clinical populations to promote physical and mental well-being and eradicate social and individual pathology - Examines social actions like human rights education, resolutions, and bills; the arts and the media; humanistic administration; grant writing; social entrepreneurship; clinical interventions; and quantitative and qualitative research that fcan promote human dignity, public health, human development, and the creation of a human rights culture, which is a "lived awareness" of human rights principles in mind, heart, and body - Supported by Instructor Resources on CD - which includes PowerPoint slides for each chapter accompanied by notes from the author, a comprehensive test bank, a sample syllabus, teaching tips, and more. Intended Audience This text is an excellent core or supplement text for social policy and practice courses encompassing social work, psychology, psychiatry, public health, medicine, nursing, ethics, law, theology, philosophy, the arts, peace studies, political science, and world citizenship. Scholars, activists, and practitioners will find it a valuable reference for years to come. "Human rights and social justice is an important contribution to social justice theory and practice. Dr. Wronka presents a solid and sound argument that human rights, as proclaimed in 1948 by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ought to serve as the foundation for socially just ways of life." -David G. Gil Professor, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University "Brilliantly demonstrates that human rights provides a powerful framework for the helping and health professions. Blending in-depth knowledge of human rights with theory and practice in the helping professions, Wronka presents a comprehensive model to guide actions from global to micro levels, and from professional to personal." -Lynne M. Healy Center for International Social Work Studies "At once accessible and learned, theoretical and practical. Wronka's groundbreaking text, reflecting comprehensive knowledge melded with a commitment to social action, is worthy of every professional's library. It should be required reading in schools." -Janice Wood Wetzel International Association of Schools of Social Work


Primer on Posttraumatic Growth - 2827096474

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Primer on Posttraumatic Growth Wiley

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"From the inspiring chapter quotes, to relevant historical and current research, to practical clinical directions, Primer on Posttraumatic Growth takes a giant step toward both grounding us and moving us ahead with strong hope for adjustment and growth in the post-trauma/loss world. This is a comprehensive, practical, and readable work that should be at hand for any mental health clinician, pastoral care professional, or student preparing for these professions."§--J. Shep Jeffreys, EdD, FT, author of Helping Grieving People--When Tears Are Not Enough: A Handbook for Care Providers, Second Edition§A guide for helping your clients overcome negative events, based on the latest research on posttraumatic growth§Drawing on the growing empirical and theoretical material on posttraumatic growth--an outgrowth of the positive psychology movement--Primer on Posttraumatic Growth provides insight, depth, and treatment recommendations for both the clinicians who work with those who have experienced dramatic negative events in their lives and for other professionals who support victims of trauma and extreme stress.§This essential primer examines:§The connections between meaning and growth§The impact of cognitive processing on posttraumatic growth§Positive emotion and posttraumatic growth§Posttraumatic growth and an "open" personality§The human drive to be in positive and important interpersonal relationships§Forgiveness: can it be extended towards all areas of posttraumatic growth?§Posttraumatic growth and religious and spiritual variables§Wisdom and posttraumatic growth


Child Development - 2826815162

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Child Development Oxford University Press

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The first of its kind in Canada, Child Development: Perspectives in Developmental Psychology is a new topical introduction to child development, focusing on the psychological development of infants and children, with some treatment of adolescents. Written by Canadian professor M.D. Rutherford, the text covers all of the classic areas of developmental psychology, including a historical look at developmental psychology, important theories and methods (past and present), perceptual development, cognitive development, language development, moral development, and social development. In addition, the text provides a comprehensive introduction that places a greater emphasis, although not an exclusive one, on evolutionary perspectives, drawing parallels and contrasts with an evolutionary perspective on developmental psychology, highlighting research that is consistent with what is known about evolution by natural selection. Unique to this text is a critical discussion deconstructing the 'nature versus nurture' question in developmental psychology. Although the question is a classic question, dating back to the earliest writings about human development, our current thinking about development makes the 'nature versus nurture' question unanswerable: nature and nurture necessarily work together in development. As M.D. Rutherford states, 'Without genes there is nothing that develops, and without the necessary environmental input, there is nothing that develops; every person and every trait of every person is a result of a genetic and environmental interaction'.


Workforce Development - 2826980683

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Workforce Development Springer, Berlin

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This book captures the essence of current workforce development perspectives and draws on extensive global research to uncover a range of issues confronting organisations. Taking primarily an Australian outlook after the global financial crisis and tracing the progress of a national industry sector, each chapter delves into a major area of interest for leaders. Overall, the authors make the case that workforce development is an amalgam of activities influenced by context, politics and economic development. §As the world becomes increasingly connected and mobile, workforce development is proving to be a major activity for organisations because it impacts their longer-term survival and growth. To stay ahead, successful organisations focus on attracting, building, engaging and retaining talented people. However, in a financially turbulent era where strategy changes quickly, workforce development must not only plan and build the capabilities of people at work, but also contribute to making employment more socially sustainable for a better world. §This book provides a thought-provoking collection of scholarly work for business leaders, human resource practitioners and academics working in adult education, business, psychology and social science disciplines. At the same time, it adopts an accessible style for students and others who want to know more about the development of people at work.§


Training Dogs For Protection Work - 2840140309

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Training Dogs For Protection Work

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This Is A Comprehensive Guide To The Selection And Training Of Dogs For Protection Work. The Authors, Both Professional Trainers, Have A Profound Understanding Of Both Human And Canine Psychology. They Guide The Reader Through The Choice Of Puppy And Early Training, Then Examine The Three Key Areas Of Obedience, Protection And Tracking.


Complete Guide to Mindfulness-based Therapies - 2837310384

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Complete Guide to Mindfulness-based Therapies Springer, Berlin

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Teaching Mindfulness: A Practical Guide for Clinicians and Educators§§Donald McCown, Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA§Diane C. Reibel, Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA§Marc S. Micozzi, Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, D.C.§The applications and use of mindfulness-based interventions in medicine, mental health care, and education have been expanding as rapidly as the empirical evidence base that is validating and recommending them. This growth has created a powerful demand for professionals who can effectively deliver these interventions, and for the training of new professionals who can enter the fold.§§Ironically, while the scientific literature on mindfulness has surged, little attention has been paid to the critical who and how of mindfulness pedagogy. Teaching Mindfulness is the first in-depth treatment of the person and skills of the mindfulness teacher. It is intended as a practical guide to the landscape of teaching, to help those with a new or growing interest in mindfulness-based interventions to develop both the personal authenticity and the practical know-how that can make teaching mindfulness a highly rewarding and effective way of working with others. The detail of theory and praxis it contains can also help seasoned mindfulness practitioners and teachers to articulate and understand more clearly their own pedagogical approaches. §§Engagingly written and enriched with vignettes from actual classes and individual sessions, this unique volume:§§§§Places the current mindfulness-based interventions in their cultural and historical context to help clarify language use, and the integration of Eastern and Western spiritual and secular traditions§§§Offers a highly relational understanding of mindfulness practice that supports moment-by-moment work with groups and individuals§§§Provides guidance and materials for a highly experiential exploration of the reader s personal practice, embodiment, and application of mindfulness §§§§Describes in detail the four essential skill sets of the mindfulness teacher §§§§Proposes a comprehensive, systematic model of the intentions of teaching mindfulness as they are revealed in the mindfulness-based interventions§§§Includes sample scripts for a wide range of mindfulness practices, and an extensive resource section for continued personal and career development §§§Essential for today s practitioners and teachers of mindfulness-based interventions§§§Teaching Mindfulness: A Practical Guide for Clinicians and Educators brings this increasingly important discipline into clearer focus, opening dialogue for physicians, clinical and health psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, professional counselors, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, pastoral counselors, spiritual directors, life coaches, organizational development professionals, and teachers and professionals in higher education in short, everyone with an interest in helping others find their way into the benefits of the present moment.


Erik Erikson Reader - 2826823185

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Erik Erikson Reader W W NORTON & CO

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Erik H. Erikson is recognized as one of the world's leading figures in the field of psychoanalysis and human development. His ideas about the stages of development, the sources of identity, and the interdependence of individual growth and historical change revolutionized our understanding of the nature and course of psychological growth. Erikson, whose work first described the now familiar concepts of "identity crisis" and "life cycle," provided an unprecedented framework for considering the individual psyche within society and culture. Unveiling a dynamic process of psychological development, he emphasized the tendency toward growth and the integration of multiple influences-the biological, social, psychological, cultural, and historical. With writings from Erikson's entire career, including major work from Childhood and Society, Insight and Responsibility, Young Man Luther, and Gandhi's Truth, this invaluable reader charts the influence of Erikson's thinking in the areas of child psychology, development through the lifespan, leadership, and moral growth.


Unfolding Self - 2826915447

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Unfolding Self Helios Press,US

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This revered classic provides a clear guide to the principles and techniques of psycho synthesis, the dynamic transpersonal psychology that facilitates the natural process of growth within each person. First articulated by the Italian psychiatrist Roberto Assagioli in the beginning of the 20th century, psycho synthesis represents a holistic approach to personal growth that combines various methods and principles of Eastern and Western psychology into one versatile approach. Written by an internationally renowned teacher and writer, this book gives counsellors in training and those practicing a comprehensive introduction to practicing in this growing field, from theoretical concepts to conducting psycho synthesis sessions with clients. The nine chapters explain such concepts as essential being and motivation of the individual; Assagioli's psychological laws; the psycho synthesis model of human growth; the basic principles that form this model and how to apply those principles; and specific problems that psycho synthesis addresses in the various stages of the human development. Each chapter features exercises that can be done with clients or in self-test. An appendix provides transcripts from two psycho synthesis sessions, a glossary, a bibliography, and a reference list.


Oxford Handbook of Face Perception - 2826913422

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Oxford Handbook of Face Perception Oxford University Press

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The human face is unique among social stimuli in conveying such a variety of different characteristics. A person's identity, sex, race, age, emotional state, focus of attention, facial speech patterns, and attractiveness are all detected and interpreted with relative ease from the face. Humans also display a surprising degree of consistency in the extent to which personality traits, such as trustworthiness and likeability, are attributed to faces. In the past thirty years, face perception has become an area of major interest within psychology, with a rapidly expanding research base. Yet until now, there has been no comprehensive reference work bringing together this ever growing body of research. The Oxford Handbook of Face Perception is the most comprehensive and commanding review of the field ever published. It looks at the functional and neural mechanisms underlying the perception, representation, and interpretation of facial characteristics, such as identity, expression, eye gaze, attractiveness, personality, and race. It examines the development of these processes, their neural correlates in both human and non-human primates, congenital and acquired disorders resulting from their breakdown, and the theoretical and computational frameworks for their underlying mechanisms. With chapters by an international team of leading authorities from the brain sciences, the book is a landmark publication on face perception. For anyone looking for the definitive text on this burgeoning field, this is the essential book.


Attachment theory - 2826773402

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Attachment theory Books on Demand

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 99. Chapters: Reactive attachment disorder, Attachment therapy, History of attachment theory, Attachment in adults, Maternal deprivation, Attachment measures, Attachment-based therapy, Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Attachment in children, John Bowlby, Harry Harlow, Human bonding, Mary Ainsworth, Trauma model of mental disorders, Attachment parenting, Age regression in therapy, James Robertson, Interpersonal psychotherapy, Emotionally focused therapy, Limbic regulation, Limbic resonance, Separation anxiety disorder, Michael Rutter, The Interpersonal World of the Infant, René Spitz, Mary Main, Limbic revision, Emotional security, Disinhibited attachment disorder, Motherhood constellation, Affectional bond, Theraplay, Attachment-based psychotherapy. Excerpt: Attachment theory describes the dynamics of long-term relationships between humans. Its most important tenet is that an infant needs to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for social and emotional development to occur normally. Attachment theory is an interdisciplinary study encompassing the fields of psychological, evolutionary, and ethological theory. Immediately after WWII, homeless and orphaned children presented many difficulties, and psychiatrist and psychoanalyst John Bowlby was asked by the UN to write a pamphlet on the matter. Later he went on to formulate attachment theory. Infants become attached to adults who are sensitive and responsive in social interactions with them, and who remain as consistent caregivers for some months during the period from about six months to two years of age. When an infant begins to crawl and walk they begin to use attachment figures (familiar people) as a secure base to explore from and return to. Parental responses lead to the development of patterns of attachment; these, in turn, lead to internal working models which will guide the individual's perceptions, emotions, thoughts and expectations in later relationships. Separation anxiety or grief following the loss of an attachment figure is considered to be a normal and adaptive response for an attached infant. These behaviours may have evolved because they increase the probability of survival of the child. Infant behaviour associated with attachment is primarily the seeking of proximity to an attachment figure. To formulate a comprehensive theory of the nature of early attachments, Bowlby explored a range of fields, including evolutionary biology, object relations theory (a branch of psychoanalysis), control systems theory, and the fields of ethology and cognitive psychology. After preliminary papers from 1958 onwards, Bowlby published a complete study in 3 volumes Attachment and Loss (1969 82). Research by developmental psychologist Mary Ainsworth in


Trauma Rehabilitation After War and Conflict - 2826655197

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Trauma Rehabilitation After War and Conflict Springer, Berlin

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"As foreign assistance flows into post-conflict regions to rebuild economies, roads, and schools, it is important that development professionals retain a focus on the purely human element of rebuilding lives and societies. This book provides perspective on just how to begin that process so that the trauma people suffered is not passed on to future generations long after the violence has stopped." - Amy T. Wilson, Ph.D., Gallaudet University, Washington, DC §§"This ground-breaking text provides the reader with an excellent and comprehensive overview of the existing field of trauma rehabilitation. It also masterfully navigates the intricate relationships among theory, research, and practice leaving the reader with immense appreciation for its subject matter." - Hanoch Livneh, Hanoch Livneh, Ph.D., LPC, CRC, Portland State University§Fear, terror, helplessness, rage: for soldier and civilian alike, the psychological costs of war are staggering. And for those traumatized by chronic armed conflict, healing, recovery, and closure can seem like impossible goals.§§Demonstrating wide-ranging knowledge of the vulnerabilities and resilience of war survivors, the collaborators on Trauma Rehabilitation after War and Conflict analyze successful rehabilitative processes and intervention programs in conflict-affected areas of the world. Its dual focus on individual and community healing builds on the concept of the protective "trauma membrane," a component crucial to coping and healing, to humanitarian efforts (though one which is often passed over in favor of rebuilding infrastructure), and to promoting and sustaining peace. The book s multiple perspectives including public health, community-based systems, and trauma-focused approaches reflect the complex psychological, social, and emotional stresses faced by survivors, to provide authoritative information on salient topics such as:§§§§Psychological rehabilitation of U.S. veterans, non-Western ex-combatants, and civilians§§§Forgiveness and social reconciliation after armed conflict§§§Psychosocial adjustment in the post-war setting§§§Helping individuals heal from war-related rape§§§The psychological impact on prisoners of war§§§Rehabilitating the child soldier§§§Rehabilitation after War and Conflict lucidly sets out the terms for the next stage of humanitarian work, making it essential reading for researchers and professionals in psychology, social work, rehabilitation, counseling, and public health.


Fair Trade - 2826864274

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Fair Trade Sage Publications

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'Today, Fair Trade finds itself at a crucial point in its evolution from alternative trading mechanism to a mainstream economic model. As the only certifier in the largest Fair Trade market in the world, TransFair USA has observed the explosive growth in consumer awareness and business interest in Fair Trade certification. New research into the progress of Fair Trade to date and, crucially, its key future directions is urgently needed. Fair Trade is therefore a valuable and timely contribution.The range and depth of the book is considerable. It is international in outlook and engages with a broad spectrum of theory and thinking. Its style is approachable yet rigorous. I would strongly recommend it to industry, academics, students, policy-makers and the interested reader in general' - Paul Rice, CEO, TransFair USA 'This work - a powerful study of the maelstrom of issues and cross currents in the Fair Trade and Development movements is long overdue.Through case studies, quantative analysis and reasoned arguement, this work makes its case with cogent force' - Hamish Renton, Product Manager Food You Can Trust, Tesco 'With the fair trade sector growing rapidly, it is vital that the concept is understood properly and the future potential mapped out. Fair Trade provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects of fair trade which make it a "must read" for everyone from casual buyer right through to seasoned producer. Here's your chance to see how you can easily change the world for the better' - Mel Young, editor-in-chief, New Consumer, Britain's only fair trade magazine, Fair Trade is at a crucial moment in its evolution from alternative trading mechanism to mainstream economic model. This timely and thoughtful book looks at the strategic future for Fair Trade. Each chapter spearheads a key area of Fair Trade thinking and theory and the political, legal and economic context of Fair Trade is given careful scrutiny. Difficult questions are tackled such as 'What is the role and value of corporate social responsibility?' and 'What is the brand meaning of Fair Trade?'Throughout, readers are supported by: - Revealing case studies and useful data analysis; - Concise histories of different Fair Trade organisations; - Chapter summaries and conclusions.


Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn - 2826928513

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Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn INGRAM INTERNATIONAL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

On publication in 2009 John Hattie s "Visible Learning" presented the biggest ever collection of research into what actually work in schools to improve children s learning. Not what was fashionable, not what political and educational vested interests wanted to champion, but what actually produced the best results in terms of improving learning and educational outcomes. It became an instant bestseller and was described by the TES as revealing education s holy grail . Now in this latest book, John Hattie has joined forces with cognitive psychologist Greg Yates to build on the original data and legacy of the Visible Learning project, showing how it s underlying ideas and the cutting edge of cognitive science can form a powerful and complimentary framework for shaping learning in the classroom and beyond." Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn" explains the major principles and strategies of learning, outlining why it can be so hard sometimes, and yet easy on other occasions. Aimed at teachers and students, it is written in an accessible and engaging style and can be read cover to cover, or used on a chapter-by-chapter basis for essay writing or staff development. The book is structured in three parts learning within classrooms, learning foundations, which explains the cognitive building blocks of knowledge acquisition and know thyself which explores, confidence and self-knowledge. It also features extensive interactive appendices containing study guide questions to encourage critical thinking, annotated bibliographic entries with recommendations for further reading, links to relevant websites and YouTube clips, and the meta-analyses from the original Visible Learning project by rank order. Throughout, the authors draw upon the latest international research into how the learning process works and how to maximise impact on students, covering such topics as: teacher personality; expertise and teacher-student relationships; how knowledge is stored and the impact of cognitive load; thinking fast and thinking slow; the psychology of self-control; the role of conversation at school and at home; invisible gorillas and the IKEA effect; digital native theory; myths and fallacies about how people learn. This fascinating book is aimed at any student, teacher or parent requiring an up-to-date commentary on how research into human learning processes can inform our teaching and what goes on in our schools. It takes a broad sweep through findings stemming mainly from social and cognitive psychology and presents them in a useable format for students and teachers at all levels, from preschool to tertiary training institutes.


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