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Public Service Anti-corruption And Performance Reform - 2857252721

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Public Service Anti-corruption And Performance Reform

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Modern Local Government - 2854307084

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Modern Local Government Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This text provides a systematic review of the reform of local government since the election of New Labour in 1997. Modern Local Government: " provides the relevant historical context for the predicted 'death of local government' in the Thatcher era " explains the New Labour agenda for local government and the components which make up local governance in England today " offers substantive discussion of: decision-making; community strategies; performance measures; procurement, privatization, partnerships; the role of e-government; and standards and corruption " analyzes the implications of reform at different spatial scales - from the local to the regional - and offers a rich discussion of the 'new localism' " presents an overview of the role of European Union legislation in areas like employment, environment and competition. " concludes with a consideration of the possible futures for local government including local area agreements, local public service boards and choice. Modern Local Government is a unique assessment of local government reform from the perspective of both local and central government, which is fully informed by an analysis of the role of the European Union. It will be the key resource for all students of local government in planning and related disciplines.


Is Decentralization Good for Development? - 2854367264

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Is Decentralization Good for Development? Oxford University Press

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Is decentralisation good for development? This book offers insights and lessons that help us understand when the answer is 'Yes', and when it is No'. It shows us how decentralisation can be designed to drive development forward, and focuses attention on how institutional incentives can be created for governments to improve public sector performance and strengthen economies in ways that enhance citizen well-being. It also draws attention to the political motives behind decentralisation reforms and how these shape the institutions that result. This book brings together academics working at the frontier of research on decentralization with policymakers who have implemented reform at the highest levels of government and international organizations. Its purpose is to marry policymakers' detailed knowledge and insights about real reform processes with academics' conceptual clarity and analytical rigor. This synthesis naturally shifts the analysis towards deeper questions of decentralization, stability, and the strength of the state. These are explored in Part 1, with deep studies of the effects of reform on state capacity, political and fiscal stability, and democratic inclusiveness in Bolivia, Pakistan, India, and Latin America more broadly. These complex questions - crucially important to policymakers but difficult to address with statistics - yield before a multipronged attack of quantitative and qualitative evidence combined with deep practitioner insight. How should reformers design decentralisation? Part 2 examines these issues with evidence from four decades of reform in developing and developed countries. What happens after reform is implemented? Decentralization and local service provision turns to decentralization's effects on health and education services, anti-poverty programs with original evidence from 12 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.


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