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A Birdwatchers' Guide To Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico And The Caymans - 2846925842

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A Birdwatchers' Guide To Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico And The Caymans

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Natural history>Wildlife: general interest>Birds & birdwatching

From Cuba, With About 360 Species, To The Cayman Islands With Just Over 220 Species. This Guide Covers The Greater Antilles, Which Comprises Five Groups Of Islands And Six Countries. It Features Species Lists That Show What Has Been Seen In Each Country, And Also Includes A Selective List That Helps To Target The Best Places To Visit.


Windjammer - 2846000896

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Windjammer SEPIA


1. Windjammer Overture 2. Windjammer Leaves Norway 3. Tropical Storm Approaches 4. Storm Passes 5. Night Watch 6. Heading To Madeira 7. Basket Sled Ride 8. German Training Sailing Ship Encounter 9. Sailing Towards Puerto Rico 10. Crusoe 11. Windjammer Intermission Music 12. Entering New York Harbor 13. New York Montage 14. Windjammer/u.s. Navy Encounter 15. Windjammer Crew Member Ship To Ship Transfer 16. Windjammer Sailors & U.s. Submarine Underwater 17. U.s. Submarine Surfaces And Windjammer Appears 18. Windjammer Returns Home To Port 19. Windjammer Readies For Next Voyage 20. Windjammer Exit Music 101. Windjammer Prologue Credits Music 102. Entracte No More Roaming 103. The Windjammer Song 104. Conductor Jack Shaindlin Working With Orchestra On The Overture 105. Interview With Jack Shaindlin, By Wendy Barrie 106. Windjammer Overture 107. Windjammer (The Ship) 108. Life On The Ocean Waves 109. The Sea Is Green 110. Madeira 111. Music Of Porto Santo 112. Everybody Loves Saturday Night 113. Catalan Melody (Song Of The Birds) 114. Night Watch (Lullaby) 115. Kari Waits For Me 116. Marianne 117. Everybody Loves Saturday Night 118. (Sweet) Sugar Cane 119. Don't Hurry Worry Me 120. The Happy Wanderer 121. The Crew (Hornpipe) 122. The Village Of New York


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