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Dance of Shadows - 2854239356

44,18 zł

Dance of Shadows ORBIT

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Prove that you can stand against the darkness and live' Haern is the King's Watcher, born an assassin only to become the city of Veldaren's protector against the thief guilds. When Lord Victor Kane attacks the city, determined stamp out all corruption, foreign gangs pour in amidst the chaos in an attempt to overthrow the current lords of the underworld. And when a mysterious killer known as the Widow begins mutilating thieves, paranoia engulfs the city. Haern knows someone is behind the turmoil, pulling strings. If he doesn't find out who - and soon - his beloved city will burn. Light or darkness: where will the line be drawn? Fantasy author David Dalglish spins a tale of retribution and darkness, and an underworld reaching for ultimate power in this fourth novel of the Shadowdance series, previously released as Blood of the Underworld.


How the Blessed Live - 2854346519

86,71 zł

How the Blessed Live Coach House Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Minor earthquakes every day; that's what they say. Lucy feels the tremors like a needle sensitized to respond to the slightest movement. She feels the push, the blind thrust of the earth's elastic body, pushing out, pulling in, behaving unpredictably. She lies awake at night, staring into the darkness, thinking of the tectonic plates moving against one another, building up tension, until something has to give. On an isolated island in Lake Ontario live twins Lucy and Levi and their father, Daniel. While Daniel desperately mourns for his dead wife, Levi and Lucy grow up ever more entwined in their enchanted childhood of fairy tales and rhymes. But when a fissure in the fragile cocoon of the family explodes into a chasm, each of the three is hurled in a different direction. Soon, there emerges a geographical triangle -- Vancouver, Montreal, the island -- that also maps out the terrain of love and the territory of family. Part Egyptian myth, part Alice in Wonderland, How the Blessed Live is an ethereally quiet, unexpected debut from a novelist to be watched.


Northern Lights - 2857795014

39,20 zł

Northern Lights Piatkus, Judy Publishers

Literatura kobiecaPowieść zagraniczna

Lunacy, Alaska ? population 506 ? is Nate Burke?s last chance. As a Baltimore cop, he?d watched his partner die - and the guilt still haunts him. Maybe serving as Chief of Police in this tiny, remote town, where darkness falls by midafternoon and temperatures fall to zero and below, will bring some kind of solace. It isn?t as if he has anywhere else to go. Aside from sorting out a run-in between a couple of motor vehicles and a moose - and pulling apart two brothers who are beating each other silly over a disagreement about John Wayne - Nate?s first weeks on the job are relatively quiet. But as he wonders whether this was all a big mistake, an unexpected kiss on New Year?s Eve under the brilliant Northern Lights of the Alaska sky lifts his spirit - and convinces him to stay just a little longer? Meg Galloway, born and raised here, is used to being alone. She was still a young girl when her father disappeared, and she?s learned to be independent, flying her small plane, living on the outskirts with just her huskies for company. But after her New Year?s kiss with the Chief of Police, she allows herself to give in to passion. She doesn?t want commitment - but there?s something about Nate?s sad eyes that gets under her skin, and warms her frozen heart. And now, things in Lunacy are heating up. Because years ago, on one of the majestic mountains that shadow the town, a crime occurred that is unsolved to this day - and Nate suspects that a killer still walks the snowy streets. His investigation will bring out the secrets and suspicions that lurk beneath the placid surface?as well as the big-city survival instincts that made him a cop in the first place. And it will threaten the new life, and the new love, that he has finally found for himself?


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