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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Selena Rezvani--popular Washington Post columnist and noted leadership consultant--argues that self-advocacy is critical for success. And yet, she explains, women initiate negotiations four times less often than men, resulting in them getting less of what they want and deserve: promotion opportunities, plum assignments, and higher pay. It doesn't have to be this way, and in Pushback, Rezvani shines a light on the rules of holding your own and "pushing back" to secure what is rightfully yours.§Pushback provides a reliable and methodical approach for taking a firm position on the issues that matter most to you. Focusing on how women can hone their negotiation skills and techniques, Rezvani addresses the most pressing questions that professional women face as they prepare to make a stand on tough topics:§What are the best strategies forconfronting an issue head-on--without damaging a relationship?§If I want to advocate fervently for anissue, how far do I push?§What's the best way to take a firmposition when my needs aren't being metor if I disagree?§How can I negotiate my own careeradvancement?§To illustrate her points, Rezvani draws from compelling interviews with top business leaders including Marie Chandoha, CEO of Charles Schwab Investment Management; Cindi Bigelow, president of Bigelow Tea Company; Fizzah Jafri, COO at Morgan Stanley; Rosemary Turner, president at UPS; and Irene Chang Britt, chief strategy officer at Campbell's Soup. She reveals the unedited truth about how these leaders and other successful women have asked their way to the top and triumphed--and she shows how you can too.§Insightful and accessible, Pushback is a timely resource for women who want to leverage their skills, promote themselves effectively, and fast track their careers. Praise for Pushback§"Pushback is a must-read for women in or seeking to enter the workforce. Selena Rezvani shows that you can use your assets as a woman and ask for what you want--whether a promotion, a new challenge, or a raise."§--Katharine Weymouth, CEO, The Washington Post§"Leveraging sophisticated strategy and pragmatic action, Selena Rezvani equips women with the tools to negotiate for more than money. Better work assignments, job flexibility, and even the ability to hold your own in a debate await in Pushback--a required text for all professional women."§--Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Ph.D., president, Center for Work-Life Policy§"Pushback is a brilliantly written book. Chock-full of bad habit breakers, Pushback teaches women how to become resilient negotiators. If women take Selena's advice to heart, I know they will be thrilled with the outcome. The lessons in Pushback will allow every woman's career to leap forward!"§--Janet Hanson, founder and CEO, 85 Broads§"Power is about 20 percent conferred and 80 percent taken. Good things don't come to those who wait; they come to those who ask, negotiate, and push. For women--or men--to get what they deserve, they must get over the platitudes and attitudes that hold them back. Reading and implementing the wisdom of Pushback is a great way to start."§--Jeffrey Pfeffer, professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University; author, Power: Why Some People Have It--and Others Don't§"'Can you do any better?' Not only is this a key question during a negotiation, it's one that women first need to ask themselves. Through in-depth research and candid interviews with top female executives, Pushback delves into why many women view negotiation as intimidating and empowers them with the roadmap they need to find success--and the money, status, and esteem that come with it--by turning any negotiation into 'a conversation that ends in agreement.'"§--Jim Hopkinson, author, Salary Tutor: Learn the Salary Negotiation Secrets No One Ever Taught You


Lovely Creatures - The Best Of (1984-2014)(3cd+dvd) - 2849948882

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Lovely Creatures - The Best Of (1984-2014)(3cd+dvd) Warner Music


1. From Her To Eternity (2009 Remastered Version) 2. In The Ghetto (2009 Remastered Version) 3. Tupelo (2009 Remastered Version) 4. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman (2009 Remastered Version 5. The Carny (2009 Remastered Version) 6. Sad Waters (2009 Remastered Version) 7. Stranger Than Kindness (2009 Remastered Version) 8. Scum (2009 Remastered Version) 9. The Mercy Seat (2010 Remastered Version) 10. Deanna (2010 Remastered Version) 11. Up Jumped The Devil (2010 Remastered Version) 12. The Weeping Song (2010 Remastered Version) 13. The Ship Song (2010 Remastered Version) 14. Papa Won't You Leave, Henry (2010 Remastered Versi 15. Straight To You (2010 Remastered Version) 101. Do You Love Me? (2011 Remastered Version) 102. Nobody's Baby Now (2011 Remastered Version) 103. Loverman (2011 Remastered Version) 104. Red Right Hand (2011 Remastered Version) 105. Stagger Lee (2011 Remastered Version) 106. Where The Wild Roses Grow (2011 Remastered Version 107. Into My Arms (2011 Remastered Version) 108. People Ain't No Good (2011 Remastered Version) 109. Brompton Oratory (2011 Remastered Version) 110. (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For? (201 111. Come Into My Sleep (2011 Remastered Version) 112. Love Letter (2011 Remastered Version) 113. God Is In The House (2011 Remastered Version) 114. He Wants You 115. Shoot Me Down 201. Hiding All Away 202. There She Goes, My Beautiful World 203. Nature Boy 204. Breathless 205. Babe, You Turn Me On 206. O Children 207. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! 208. Night Of The Lotus Eaters 209. We Call Upon The Author 210. Jesus Of The Moon 211. More News From Nowhere 212. We No Who U R 213. Jubilee Street 214. Higgs Boson Blues 215. Push The Sky Away 301. Interview (Kippevel, Netherlands, 1988) 302. Night Of The Lotus Eaters (Docks Des Suds, Marseil 303. Red Right Hand (Glastonbury Festival, Uk, 1998; Li 304. The Weeping Song (Glasgow Tv Studios, Uk 2001; Liv 305. Interview (New York, Usa, 2013) 306. Higgs Bosun Blues (La Fabrique Studios, France, 20 307. Interview (Stranger In A Strange Land Documentary 308. From Her To Eternity (Perkins Palace, Pasadena, Us 309. Love Letter (Abc Studios, Australia, 2001) 310. Interview (Bish's Biz, Australia, 2013) 311. Do You Love Me? (Boxed Set, Glasgow Stv Studios, U 312. Interview (Boxed Set, Glasgow Stv Studios, Uk, 200 313. Into My Arms (Inmusic Festival, Zagreb, Croatia, 2 314. We Call Upon The Author (B1 Maximum Club, Moscow 315. Interview (Ein Abend In Wien , Rotterdam, Netherla 316. The Mercy Seat (Bizarre Festival, Germany, 1996; L 317. Interview (Columbus, Ohio, Usa, 1984) 318. God Is In The House (Later With Jools Holland, Lon 319. Interview (Bish's Biz, Australia, 2013) 320. Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (Globe Annexet, Stockholm, Sw 321. Brompton Oratory (Mtv Live'n'loud, 1997) 322. I'm Gonna Kill That Woman (Posthof, Linz, Austra 323. Jubilee Street (The Fonda Theatre, La, Usa, 2013) 324. The Ship Song (Live At The Paradiso Dvd, Amsterdam 325. Interview (Lollapolooza, Usa, 1994) 326. Loverman (Bizarre Festival, Germany, 1996) 327. Interview (Australia, 1998) 328. In The Ghetto (Exit, Chicago, Usa, 1984) 329. Hiding All Away (The Abattoir Blues Tour Dvd, Brix 330. Interview (Australia, 1992) 331. Where The Wild Roses Grow (Mtv Most Wanted, London 332. Deanna (St. Luke's, London, Uk, 1995) 333. O Children (Le Trianon, Paris, France, 2013; Live) 334. Interview (Festival Crazy Rock, Chile, 1996) 335. Stagger Lee (The White Room, London, Uk, 1996; Liv 336. Interview (Austin City Limits, Texas, Usa, 2014) 337. Interview (Australia, 1985) 338. Push The Sky Away (The Fonda Theatre, La, Usa, 201 339. There She Goes My Beautiful World (The Abattoir Bl Lovely Creatures To Najbardziej Złożone Podsumowanie Twórczości Nicka Cave'a & The Bad Seeds. Zawiera Muzykę Z Ostatnich 30 Lat -od Debiutanckiego Albumu "From Her To Eternity", Aż Po "Push The Sky Away" -15. Album Studyjny Grupy. Znalazły Się Na Nim Zarówno Koncertowe Faworytki, Takie Jak "Stagger Lee", Czy "The Mercy Seat", Poprzez Kultowe "Where The Wild Roses Grow", Aż Po Najnowsze -"Jubilee Street" Czy "We No Who U R". Niektóre Utwory Nowi Fani Zespołu Mogą Kojarzyć Z Filmów I Telewizji -jak Np. "O Childern" (z Harry Potter I Insygnia Śmierci Cz. I) Czy "Red Right Hand" Znane Z Hitowego Serialu "Peaky Blinders".Album Został Osobiście Skompilowany Przez Nicka Cave'a Oraz Micka Harveya -jednego Z Założycieli Zespołu, Z Pomocą Aktualnego Składu The Bad Seeds. Byli I Obecni Członkowie Grupy Przeszukali Swoje Prywatne Archiwa, Udostępniając Wiele Niepublikowanych Wcześniej Zdjęć I Pamiątek, Które Trafiły Wraz Z Kolekcją Esejów Do Specjalnie Przygotowanej Książki Dołączonej Do Edycji Super Deluxe. Limitowana Edycja Super Deluxe Będzie Dostępna W Zestawie Z DVD Zawierającym Aż 2 Godziny Mało Znanych, A Także Niepublikowanych Wcześniej Materiałów Archiwalnych. Lovely Creatures Miało Pierwotnie Się Ukazać W 2014r., Ale Premiera Została Przesunięta, A Zespół W Międzyczasie Zdążył Opublikować Swój 16. Studyjny Album -znakomity "Skeleton Tree". Lovely Creatures Jest Dostępne W 4 Formatach: 2CD, Potrójne LP, Deluxe 3CD & DVD, Limitowany Super Deluxe 3CD & DVD Z Książką W Twardej Oprawie.


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