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Concentrate Questions And Answers Family Law - 2840430746

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Concentrate Questions And Answers Family Law

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Law>Laws of Specific jurisdictions>Family law

This Essential Q&A Study And Revision Guide Contains A Variety Of Model Answers And Plans To Give You The Confidence To Tackle Any Essay Or Problem Question, And Give You The Skills You Need To Excel In Law Exams And Coursework Assignments.


1980 Gray Murders - 2845290141

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1980 Gray Murders Total Recall Publications Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The 1980 Gray Murders It was a black December night in 1980. Trooper Earl Nicholson sped to the scene of a reported automobile accident. Arriving at the scene, Nicholson expected to see mangled steel and broken glass. Instead, he was met with the sight of a young woman dressed in pajamas - and a small, shirtless, boy - laying under a tree in the front yard of the house facing the street. Scanning the bodies with his flashlight beam, it was evident to the state trooper that the victims had died from multiple stab wounds. Leading away from the stiffening corpses were two frozen trails of blood - one in the direction of the front door, the other in the direction of the railroad crossing down the road. Nicholson radioed for back-up and cautiously made his way toward the house. A List of Characters Henrietta Thomas - murdered by her son, Riddle C. Thomas, Junior. Howard Sisk - 14-year old relative murdered by Riddle C. Thomas, Junior. Charlotte Haynes - Howard's mother. Seriously injured when Riddle C. Thomas, Junior attacked her with a butcher knife. Riddle C. Thomas, Junior - Known as "Junior" by family and friends. 20-year old who went on a murderous rampage in his mother's house on a cold December night in 1980. Earl Nicholson - Kentucky State Trooper who was the first law enforcement officer to arrive at the scene of the murders. An Interview with Steve A. Reeves: Q: When did you know you wanted to be a writer? A: When I was working on my undergraduate degree at Cumberland College. Q: Where do your ideas come from? A: From real life events that are action packed and potentially dangerous. Q: What do you think makes a good story? A: Always leave the reader wanting to turn the page. Q: Which of your characters would you most like to invite to dinner, and why? A: I'd invite any of the crew members from Squawk 7500. And I'd like to sit down with Charlotte Haynes from The 1980 Gray Murders. Q: Which of your characters would you least want to dine with? A: I wouldn't want to have dinner with the dirt bag who attempted to hijack my plane in Squawk 7500. Q: Did you have any mentors who helped you along the way? A: I'm eternally grateful for the assistance and guidance provided by Bruce Moran. Q: Where did the idea for (Book Title) come from? A: From the date of the actual crime and its location. Q: Why did you want to write about (Your Subject)? A:. There were so many unanswered Q:s. I wanted to see if I could find the answers. I found some, others will never be known. Q: Was it difficult to write this style of book? A: Very difficult. The deeper I got into the writing, the more I began to empathize with the victims. Q: What other (articles, books etc) that you have written have been published? A: My other book: Squawk 7500 It is about an airline pilot's dilemma when an unruly passenger takes the stewardess hostage. Wait until you read the ending. Q: What's your next project? A: I am working on a short story adventure series for TotalRecall Publications. Contact them if you have a manuscript as they are looking for good stories. Q: If you could do anything, what would you do? A: Ride a bull for the full 8 seconds. Q: How did you come up with the idea for this book? A: I'd always been intrigued by the mysteries surrounding this crime. I grew up in the area and actually new some of the people involved in the story. Q: If you could give any advice to beginning writers, what would it be? A: Don't give up. Don't ever give up.


Chinese drama - 2835282321

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Chinese drama Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 117. Chapters: Hong Kong television programs, Singapore Chinese dramas, List of programmes broadcast by Television Broadcasts Limited, The Little Nyonya, List of Kinship episodes, The Golden Path, By My Side, Your Hand In Mine, Honour and Passion, Shadow play, Together, The Ultimatum, Love Blossoms II, Portrait of Home, Live Again, Kinship Part 1, The Beginning, Reunion Dinner, Happy Family, Seven Swordsmen, Metamorphosis, Just in Singapore, The Greatest Love of All, Double Happiness, Mars vs Venus, The Teochew Family, Her Many Faces, Falling in Love, My School Daze, Welcome Home, My Love, Holland V, Wok of Life, A Million Treasures, Rhythm of Life, Spice Siblings, Table of Glory, The Shining Star, Housewives' Holiday, Like Father, Like Daughter, Kinship Part 2, Dear, Dear Son-In-Law, The Champion, Reincarnated, Crime Busters x 2, Feel 100%, The Invincible Squad, The Hotel, Rhapsody in Blue, A Mobile Love Story, Love Is All Around, The Unbeatables III, The Truth, The Price of Peace, Legend of the White Hair Brides, Happily Ever After, Women of Times, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Beach.Ball.Babes, The Dream Catchers, The Undisclosed, The Homecoming, Viva Le Famille, List of Hong Kong television series, The Return of the Condor Heroes, The Awakening, Taste of Love, Fallen Angel, Measure of Man, Unriddle, Mr. Hong Kong, La Femme, Man at Forty, Beautiful Connection, House of Joy, Man of the House, In Pursuit of Peace, Stepping Out, Master Swordsman Lu Xiaofeng 2, The Peak, Switched!, The Vagrant, Quyi, Let It Shine, Romance De Amour, News at Six, A Child's Hope, The Beautiful Scent, Hainan Kopi Tales, My Destiny, All About Boy'z, The Legendary Swordsman, Chinese television drama, Love Kickoff, Making Miracles, An Enchanted Life, Seletar Robbery, Madam White Snake, A Romance in Shanghai, Family Matters, Wing Chun, Beautiful Trio, Fairy of the Chalice, Addicted to Love, News at 12:30, Precious Babes, An Ode to Life, Flying Fish, Lion.Hearts, Where The Heart Is, Samsui Women, My Kampong Days, Beautiful Illusions, The Family Court, Romantic Delicacies, Our Rice House, Love Me, Love Me Not, Friends Forever, Zero to Hero, My Lucky Charm, The Thin Line, Home in Toa Payoh, Love at 0°C, The Injustice to Dou E, Are You My Brother?, Dangerous Person On Street, You Are the One, Morning Express, A New Life, Young Justice Bao, Looking for Stars, Out to Win, Timeless Gift, Stand by Me, The Golden Pillow, The Unbroken Cycle, Patrol, Brotherhood, Baby Blues, Three Women and A Half, Through It All, The Pride of Chaozhou, Angel's Dream, Amy's Choice, A Promise for Tomorrow, Star News Asia. Excerpt: Programmes broadcast by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) form a major part of popular culture in Hong Kong. TVB is the largest TV-station in Hong Kong. TVB programmes have major social and culture effects on the Hong Kong populace, influencing fashion, hairstyles, speech patterns and public attitudes. Its programmes have been and continue to be exported to many Chinese-speaking communities around the world; such as Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, and most of Europe (including England), via satellite, video cassettes and now VCDs and DVDs. This is an incomplete list of local TVB dramas since the 1970s and is arranged in English alphabetical order. Contents: Top 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z The Adventurer's żż (1980-1981)Against the Blade o...


British drama television series - 2837511507

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British drama television series Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 132. Chapters: The Promise, Space: 1999, Skins, UFO, Spooks, Bad Girls, Lark Rise to Candleford, Kingdom, The Buccaneers, Robin Hood, The Invisible Man, Making Waves, Sir Francis Drake, Judge John Deed, Footballers' Wives, Ultimate Force, Caerdydd, Wish Me Luck, Sword of Freedom, Downton Abbey, Thriller, Misfits, The Palace, Demons, The Amazing Mrs Pritchard, Doc Martin, Warship, Doctor Zhivago, Whitechapel, The Onedin Line, Man of the World, Codename: Kyril, Mistresses, As If, Garrow's Law, Afterlife, All Creatures Great and Small, The Sentimental Agent, Thorne, The Jury, The Way We Live Now, Y Pris, Forever Green, See No Evil: The Moors Murders, Marchlands, Dice, Burn It, Oliver Twist, Thomas & Sarah, Espionage, The Trial of Tony Blair, Footballers' Wives: Extra Time, Space Precinct, Identity, Con Passionate, Longitude, Seacht, The Stars Look Down, Fallen Angel, Merseybeat, Britz, The Four Just Men, Life As I Know it, Scene, Cannonball, Honest, Coming Home, Widows, Maigret, Colditz, Court Martial, Mr. Palfrey of Westminster, For Maddie with Love, O.S.S., The Citadel, NY-LON, The Beachcomber, A Family at War, Seekers, Doctor Finlay, Aristocrats, The Count of Monte Cristo, Murder Prevention, The One Game, Any Human Heart, South Riding, The Time of Your Life, Cowbois ac Injans, Capital City, Police Surgeon, Cast Offs, We'll Meet Again, Scully, The Riff Raff Element, Peak Season, The Eustace Bros., Call Red, Dangerfield, The Take, Class Act, Boyd Q.C., Unforgiven, Suspect, Strictly Confidential, A Mind to Kill, Dombey and Son, Out of the Blue, The Legend of Robin Hood, The Mallens, Wonderful You, Great Expectations, Sweet Medicine, Oliver's Travels, The Old Curiosity Shop, Saracen, ITV Playhouse, The Family Man, Pretenders, Westbeach, The Golden Hour, Cold Blood, Fables of Forgotten Things, Shadow of the Stone. Excerpt: The Promise is a British television serial in four episodes written and directed by Peter Kosminsky, with music by Debbie Wiseman, which premiered on 6 February 2011 on Channel 4. It deals with a young woman going to Israel/Palestine in the present day, using her visit to investigate her soldier grandfather's part in the post-war phase of the British Mandate of Palestine. The seed of the idea for The Promise came about in the wake of the 1999 drama Warriors, Kosminsky's sympathetic portrayal of British troops trying to carry through a peacekeeping mission in central Bosnia in 1992-93, their hands tied by an impossible mandate. A former soldier wrote to the programme's executive producer Jane Tranter at the BBC, complimenting her on the drama, before adding "You should do a film about the British soldiers who were in Palestine. No one remembers us." Tranter passed the letter to Kosminsky, who initially put it to one side. However, after completing The Project in 2002, Kosminsky presented the subject to the BBC as a possible theme for a future drama, and the BBC agreed to support research on it. The BBC's Sarah Barton, subsequently assisted by Sarah MacFarlane, began making contacts through regimental groups and the Palestine Veterans Association; then by telephone interviews and finally face-to-face, also attending the veterans' annual reunion at Eden Camp and slowly gaining their collective confidence; ultimately conducting detailed interviews with 82 veterans, some of them in their eighties, many of them speaking about things they had never felt able to tell even their wives and families. Many of...


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