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Institutional Credit Supply and Repayment Behaviour of Farmers - 2834693317

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Institutional Credit Supply and Repayment Behaviour of Farmers LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

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Capital has been one of the most limiting factors in crop production in developing and underdeveloped countries. Hence, institutional credit has to play a significant role in liberating farmers from the clutches of private moneylenders by providing cheap, adequate and timely credit. However, credit is not an issue of quantity alone; it is a question quality aspects also. So, the increased flow of institutional credit at concessional rates is likely to be accompanied by many related social issues such as inadequacy, agricultural illusion in the form of mis-utilization and diversion of loan, lack of timeliness in credit delivery and high credit transaction costs. The study of the repayment behavior of the farmer borrowers and its determinants assume importance in this context. As the study aims to blend research tools for practical decision making, the study would be of use to researchers, policy makers, developmental agencies, trainers in agricultural banking as well as extension agents working among farmers for their welfare.


Food, Eating and Obesity - 2826762564

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Food, Eating and Obesity Springer, Berlin

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Although the exact prevalence of overweight and obesity are dependent upon the definition used, these conditions are generally accepted to be widespread and increasing problems by health authorities and the public in most western nations. The proportion of the UK and US populations which are overweight or obese, by any measure, has substantially risen over the past decade, and similar increases have been observed in other western nations as well as rapidly modernizing societies (Hodge et a/. , 1996). The physiological, psychological, and social! environmental fac tors which may be implicated in the aetiology, maintenance, and treat ment of these conditions have been the subject of an extraordinary volume of human and animal research, scientific conferences, and techni cal and popular literature. This book focuses specifically on the role of food and eating in overeat ing and obesity, emphasizing the relationships between people and food which may give rise to positive energy balance, and the potential contri butions of specific components, foods, or groups of foods. The intent is to integrate the psychobiological and cognitive psychological aspects of appetite, food preferences, and food selection with physiological and metabolic outcomes of eating behaviours. The ingestion of a particular quality and quantity of food is a voluntary behaviour, and that act, its determinants, features and sequelae are explored here, considering wider academic thought but guided by potential practical implications.


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