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Reflections of Osiris - 2840796162

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Reflections of Osiris Oxford University Press Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Spanning more than two millennia, Reflections of Osiris opens a small window into a timeless world, capturing the flavor of life in ancient Egypt through vivid profiles of eleven actual people and the god Osiris. Some of the figures profiled here are famous. Ray discusses Imhotep, whom he calls "Egypt's Leonardo"--the royal architect of the Step Pyramid, high priest of the sun cult, and a man of great medical skill. We meet Hatshepsut, a rare female Pharaoh, who had herself depicted as a male figure in temple scenes, ceremonial beard and all. Horemheb, who rose from local politician to general and finally to king. And the legendary magician, Pharaoh Nectanebo II, the greatest builder of temples. Equally intriguing are the lives of everyday Egyptians who are also resurrected here. There is Heqanakhte, a cantankerous peasant farmer who has problems with his sons--and they with their stepmother. And Petiese, a scribe whose petition to the authorities preserves a feud stretching back over generations. Most fascinating of all are the people of the Serapeum: a Greek recluse, his brother (a rootless adolescent and police informer), two temple dancers with financial difficulties, and a temple scribe. All of whom we come to know intimately--even their dreams. Last comes the god Osiris, judge of the netherworld, creator of the land of Egypt, before whom all would appear at the end of their lives. Reflections of Osiris captures the full spectrum of life in ancient Egypt. With more than twenty halftones and several maps, this superb volume will fascinate anyone interested in an inside look at the great ancient civilization of the Nile.


Royal Crown Indian Reader - 2826923985

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Royal Crown Indian Reader Read Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Roy til School Series The Royal Crown Indian Reader A Selection of Literary Extracts THOMAS NIELS ON AND SONS, Ltd. London, Edinburgh, and New York AT THIi KKKML1N. Napoleon watching the burning of Moscow. After the picture by Verestchagin. CONTENTS. The Italics indicate Poetical Pieces. 1. The Valley of Dia monds, ...... 2. Crusoes Cave, ... 3. Prisoner in Lilliput, 4. Life in Brobding nag, ...... 5. The Merchants Son, 6. Escape of Rob Roy, 7. A Combat in the Desert, ... ... 8. Silkworms, ... 9. About Icebergs, ... 10. A Lumber Camp, ... 11. Native Sports in Hawaii, ...... 12. The Land of the White Elephant, 13. The Overland Route, 14. Uses of Forests, ... 15. The Great Fire of London, ...... 16. The Siege of Gib raltar, 1782, ... 15 20 27 32 37 44 50 55 60 64 67 72 76 82 86 17. The Burning of Mos cow, 1812, ... 91 18. Humanity in War, 98 19. The Battle of Plassey, 103 20. The Krakatoa Erup tion, 110 21. Death of Pliny the Elder, 115 22. Escape from the Bastille, 119 23. Damascus, 130 24. Death of Socrates, 134 25. Sports, Agriculture, and Trade of the Middle Ages, ... 139 26. The King of the Crocodiles, ... 146 27. An Oriental Legend, 151 28. The Plate of Gold, 155 29. Elegy written n a Country Church yard ... .. 157 THE ROYAL CROWN INDIAN READER. I. THE VALLEY OF DIAMONDS. We went from island to island, and bartered out goods very profitably. One day we landed on an island which was covered with a variety of fruit trees, but so desert that we could not discover any habitation, or the trace of a human being. We walked in the meadows, and along the brooks that watered them and whilst some of my companions were amusing themselves with gathering fruits and flowers, I took out some of the wine and provisions I had brought with me, and seated myself by a little stream under some trees, which afforded a delightful shade. I made a good meal of what I had with me, and when I had satisfied my hunger, sleep gradually stole over my senses. I cannot say how long I slept but when I awoke the ship was no longer in view. I was much surprised at this circumstance, and rose to look for my companions but they were all gone, and I could only just descry the vessel in full sail, at such a distance that I oon lost sight of it. 8 The Valley of Diamonds. You may imagine what were my reflections when I found myself in this dismal state. I thought I should have died with grief. I groaned and shrieked aloud I beat my head, and threw myself on the ground, where I remained a long time, overwhelmed by a rushing current of thoughts, each more distress ing than the last. I reproached myself a thousand times for my folly in not being contented with my first voyage, which ought to have satisfied my crav ing for adventure but all my regrets were of no avail, and my repentance came too late. At length I resigned myself to the will of Heaven, and not knowing what would become of me, I ascended a high tree, from whence I looked on all sides, to try if I could not discover some object to inspire me with hope. Casting my eyes towards the sea, I could dis-, cern only water and sky but perceiving on the land side a white spot, I descended from the tree, and taking up the remainder of my provisions, I walked towards the object, which was so distant that at first I could not distinguish what it was. As I approached, I perceived it to be a ball of prodigious size and when I got near enough to touch it, I found it was soft. I walked round it to see if there was an opening, but could find none and the ball appeared so smooth that any attempt to climb it would have been fruitless. Its circumference might be a-bout fifty paces. The sun was then near setting the air grew suddenly dark, as if obscured by a thick cloud. I was surprised at this change, but how much did my The Valley of Diamonds. 9 amazement increase when I perceived it to be occa sioned by a bird of most extraordinary size, which was flying towards me...


Ellington, A Giant.. - 2840120920

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Ellington, A Giant..


1. Cotton Tail 2. C Jam Blues 3. Flamingo 4. Bang-up Blues 5. Tonk 6. Johnny Come Lately 7. In A Blue Summer Garden 8. Great Times 9. Perdido 10. Take The A Train 11. Oscalypso 12. Blues For Blanton 13. Skin Deep 14. The Mooche 15. Take The A Train 16. A Tone Parallel To Harlem (Harlem Suite) 17. Perdido 101. In A Sentimental Mood 102. Things Ain't What They Used To Be 103. Reflections In D 104. Who Knows? 105. Melancholia 106. All Too Soon 107. Prelude To A Kiss 108. B Sharp Blues 109. Passion Flower 110. Janet 111. Retrospection 112. Dancers In Love 113. Alice Blue Gown 114. Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? 115. Got A Date With An Angel 116. Poor Butterfly 117. Satan Takes A Holiday 118. The Peanut Vendor 119. Satin Doll 120. Lady In Red 121. Indian Love Call 122. The Donkey Serenade 123. Gypsy Love Song 124. Laugh, Clown, Laugh 201. Such Sweet Thunder 202. Sonnet For Caesar 203. Sonnet To Hank Cinq 204. Lady Mac 205. Sonnet In Search Of A Moor 206. The Telecasters 207. Up And Down, Up And Down (I Will Lead Them Up And Down) 208. Sonnet For Sister Kate 209. The Star-crossed Lovers 210. Madness In Great Ones 211. Half The Fun (Aka Lately) 212. Circle Of Fourths 213. Part I 214. Part II 215. Part III (Aka Light) 216. Part IV (Aka Come Sunday) 217. Part V (Aka Come Sunday) 218. Part VI (23rd Psalm) 301. Main Title/anatomy Of A Murder 302. Flirtibird 303. Way Early Subtone 304. Hero To Zero 305. Low Key Lightly 306. Happy Anatomy (Band Movie Version) 307. Midnight Indigo 308. Almost Cried 309. Sunswept Sunday 310. Grace Valse 311. Happy Anatomy (P.i. Five Version) 312. Upper And Outest 313. Morning Mood 314. In The Hall Of The Mountain King 315. Solvejg's Song 316. Ase's Death 317. Anitra's Dance 318. Misfit Blues 319. Schwiphti 320. Zweet Zurzday 321. Lay-by 401. Happy Go Lucky Local 402. What Am I Here For 403. Kinda Dukish/rockin' In Rhythm 404. Perdido 405. I'm Beginning To See The Light 406. Midriff 407. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) 408. Main Stem 409. Take The A Train 410. I Can't Get Started 411. Cong-go 412. Body And Soul 413. Blues For Jerry 414. Fontainbleau Forest 415. Summertime 416. It's Bad To Be Forgotten 417. A Hundred Dreams Ago 418. So 419. Yearning For Love 420. Springtime In Africa 501. Summertime 502. Laura 503. I Can't Get Started 504. My Funny Valentine 505. Everything But You 506. Frustration 507. Cotton Tail 508. Day Dream 509. Deep Purple 510. Indian Summer 511. Blues 512. Hey Baby 513. Sophisticated Lady 514. Me And You 515. Passion Flower 516. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart 517. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) 518. Grievin' 519. Blue Rose 520. I'm Checkin' Out - Goodbye 521. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) 522. Mood Indigo 601. Duke's Place 602. I'm Just A Lucky So And So 603. Cottontail 604. Mood Indigo 605. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me 606. The Beautiful American 607. Black And Tan Fantasy 608. Drop Me Off In Harlem 609. The Mooche 610. In A Mellow Tone 611. Battle Royal 612. To You 613. Take The A Train 614. Corner Pocket (Aka Until I Met You) 615. Wild Man (Aka Wild Man Moore) 616. Segue In C 617. B D B 618. Jumpin' At The Woodside 701. Just Scratchin' The Surface 702. El Gato 703. Happy Reunion 704. Multicolored Blue 705. Princess Blue 706. Jazz Festival Jazz 707. Mr. Gentle And Mr. Cool 708. Juniflip 709. Prima Bara Dubla 710. Hi Fi Fo Fum 801. A Drum Is A Woman 802. Rhythm Pum Te Dum 803. What Else Can You Do With A Drum? 804. New Orleans 805. Hey, Buddy Bolden 806. Carribee Joe 807. Congo Square 808. A Drum Is A Woman, Part 2 809. You Better Know It 810. Madam Zajj 811. Ballet Of The Flying Saucers 812. Zajj's Dream 813. Rhumbop 814. Carribee Joe, Part 2 815. Finale 901. Stompy Jones 902. Squeeze Me 903. Big Shoe 904. Going Up 905. Just A Memory 906. Let's Fall In Love 907. Ruint 908. Bend One 909. You Need To Rock


Versailles in Watercolour - 2826641323

59,30 zł

Versailles in Watercolour Officina Libraria

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In 1678 Louis XIV decided to renovate the small chateau of Louis XIII; just four years later he moved his government into the huge palace and splendid gardens. This book follows in the footsteps of the visitor. It starts, as suggested by Louis the XIV himself, "in the vestibule of the Marble courtyard", moving on to the seven great salons of the King's Great Apartment, reaching the 357 mirrors of the celebrated Hall of Mirrors. The Great Apartment of the Queen - nineteen " Enfants de France" were born here - illustrates the more intimate yet superb King's interior apartments, followed by those of Mme du Barry, the King's mistress, and Marie-Antoinette. At the lower level are those of the Dauphin and the Dauphine, of the courtiers etc. Upon leaving the Royal Chapel, there's a tour of the water parterres and the Grand Canal, whose reflections are beautifully reproduced by Jack Tow's watercolours. Finally, the tour reaches the domain offered by Louis XVI to his spouse - the Grand Trianon, in rose marble and porphyry, which allows the artist to portray the flowery exuberance of its famous gardens. The final pages are dedicated to the Petit Trianon - entirely renovated for Napoleon who spent time here with the empress, Marie-Louise - and the Hamlet, where Marie-Antoinette, sensible to Rousseau's ideas, could find a refreshing break from the court's demanding etiquette.


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