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A Regency Lady's Scandal - 2840394599

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A Regency Lady's Scandal

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Escape To A World Of Roguish Rakes And Daring Debutantes With This Incredible Twelve Book Regency Collection From Mills & Boon. Featuring Many Of Our Best-loved Historical Romance Authors, This Is A Delightfully Indulgent And Beautifully Presented Treat For Fans Of Regency Romance.


Regency Virgin's Undoing - 2837120804

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Regency Virgin's Undoing Harlequin (UK)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Lady Drusilla's Road to Ruin Lady Drusilla Rudney's sister has eloped and to prevent a scandal Dru has appealed to Captain John Hendricks to help bring her sister home. But Dru's unconventional beauty soon makes John want to forget gentlemanly conduct... and create a scandal all of their own!


Trapped by Scandal - 2826889634

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Trapped by Scandal Headline Eternal

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

New York Times bestselling author Jane Feather returns to the Regency with a passionate tale that sweeps the reader from the dangerous streets of Paris to the glittering ballrooms of London. Will delight fans of Stephanie Laurens, Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Mary Balogh. Lady Hero Fanshawe has chafed at Society's dictates since the death of her fiance taught her that joy can be fleeting. When her brother disappears in Paris at the height of the Terror, she has no hesitation in disguising herself as a boy and risking her life to find him - or in joining forces with a chance-met ally, the enigmatic William Ducasse, Viscount St. Aubrey. And no regrets in indulging in a passionate affair with the dangerously handsome stranger in the shadow of the guillotine...Half French, half English, William is committed to his shadow life, flirting with death to rescue imperiled aristocrats, and marriage is an indulgence he cannot afford. Once Hero returns to London, he refuses to risk her good name by continuing their liaison. But he has reckoned without the determined Hero's disregard for propriety...or the dictates of his own treacherous heart. Love the entrancing historical romances of Jane Feather? Don't miss the seductive Trapped at the Altar.


Admiral's Daughter - 2826959202

109,32 zł

Admiral's Daughter Argo-Navis US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this classic Regency Romance, reminiscent of the work of Jane Austen, Judith Harkness tells the tale of Maggie Trevor, the spirited daughter of a hero of the Napoleonic Wars. With a light touch and witty eye for human foibles, Harkness paints the fashionable world of Regency England, when styles were dictated by Beau Brummel, the Duchess of Devonshire held court, and dandies paraded in their phaetons and four. Groomed by their mamas to capture the hearts of the most eligible bachelors of the day, fashionable young ladies passed the Season in London, where they were presented at Almack's and at an endless stream of balls in all their finery and feathers. Ever since she could remember, Maggie Trevor had heard her dead mother's aristocratic family dismissed as autocratic and cruel by her doting father. But when Admiral Trevor unexpectedly sends her off to visit the new scion of that very family, the arrogant Lord Ramblay, Maggie has reason to harbor her own suspicions about her cousins. Lord Ramblay's icy, unfeeling manner and mysterious disappearances is in complete contrast to his stated desire to take care of his young cousin. And when gallant Captain Morrisson, whose welcome attentions and helpful assistance have made Maggie's entrance into London society so much more pleasurable, alludes to a sordid affair in the Viscount's past, Maggie is more sure than ever of his sinister intentions. Soon Maggie is in a whirlwind of suspense, left with no one but herself to trust, and no heart but her own to obey. The Admiral's Daughter will delight readers craving a good, old-fashioned romantic mystery in the tradition of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer. From elegant London balls to majestic country estates, from gowns and curricles to brilliant hunting scenes, it brims with period detail and will immerse the reader in a true romantic escape. Judith Harkness is the author of five classic Regency Romances: The Montague Scandal, The Admiral's Daughter, The Determined Bachelor, Contrary Cousins, and Lady Charlotte's Ruse, all originally published by Signet. She is the co-author of a screenplay, EMMA in New York, an updated version of the classic Jane Austen novel set in contemporary Manhattan. As J.H. Richardson, she writes non-fiction on subjects ranging from children with learning and developmental issues to profiles of notable creative artists. She lives in Rhode Island with her husband, Will Taft. Judith Harkness writes funny and highly literate Regencies, which, like the best of any genre, manage to transcend the ordinary. In particular, she channels Jane Austen in this amusing romance. -Carla Sarett,Ph.D. author of "Nine Romantic Stories"


Slightly Tempted - 2837515211

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Slightly Tempted PIATKUS BOOKS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From the moment he spies Lady Morgan Bedwyn across the glittering ballroom, Gervase Ashford, Earl of Rosthorn, knows he has found the perfect instrument of his revenge. But wedlock is not on the mind of the continent's most notorious rake. Nor is it of interest to the fiercely independent Lady Morgan herselfuntil one night of shocking intimacy erupts in a scandal that could make Gervase's vengeance all the sweeter. There is only one thing standing in his way: Morgan, who has achieved the impossible -she's melted his coolly guarded heart. For Gervase, only the marriage bed will do, but Morgan simply will not have him. Thus begins a sizzling courtship where two wary hearts are about to be undone by the most scandalous passion of all: all-consuming love. Slightly Tempted is part of Mary Balogh's Regency-set Slightly series, following the adventures of the Bedwyn family.


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