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Science Fiction Theology - 2840244152

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Science Fiction Theology

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Literature & literary studies>Literature: history & criticismKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities...


Religious Science Fiction in Battlestar Galactica and Caprica - 2826655607

136,86 zł

Religious Science Fiction in Battlestar Galactica and Caprica McFarland & Co Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Why did it seem strange when Battlestar Galactica ended its narrative on a religious note instead of providing a scientific explanation? And what does this have to do with gender? This book explores the connection between the triumph of religion and the dominance of femininity in Battlestar Galactica and its prequel series Caprica .


Films about religion (Film Guide) - 2835644111

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Films about religion (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 205. Chapters: Chariots of Fire, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Dogma, The Song of Bernadette, Friendly Persuasion, Signs, The Gospel According to St. Matthew, Quo Vadis, Black Narcissus, Themes in Avatar, Tron: Legacy, The Da Vinci Code, Kingdom of Heaven, Angels & Demons, The Prince of Egypt, Ben-Hur, The Boondock Saints, Of Gods and Men, The Last Temptation of Christ, Lord of the Universe, Jesus of Nazareth, Sister Act, Fireproof, The Bridge, The Profit, The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, The Book of Eli, Jesus Camp, The Mission, The Egyptian, Demon Knight, Becket, Saved!, Left Behind: The Movie, The Ultimate Gift, Jai Santoshi Maa, Revanche, September Dawn, Lord of Illusions, List of films about Muhammad, Joan of Arc, End of the Spear, Martin Luther, Scary Movie 3, Joseph, Like Dandelion Dust, Joseph: King of Dreams, The Decalogue, Dracula 2000, Children of the Corn, Submission, Samson and Delilah, Mohammad, Messenger of God, Courageous, Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return, Frailty, Apocalypse IV: Judgment, Apocalypse III: Tribulation, Stigmata, Demetrius and the Gladiators, The Omega Code, The Nines, Facing the Giants, Miracle in the Rain, Inherit the Wind, Mary, Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones, Come to the Stable, The Milky Way, Megiddo: The Omega Code 2, Elmer Gantry, Godspell, Revelation, Winter Light, Saint Joan, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Flywheel, The Desert Within, Brother Sun, Sister Moon, Den, Sri Ramadasu, Apocalypse II: Revelation, Barabbas, Jesus of Montreal, Hail Mary, The Shoes of the Fisherman, The Keys of the Kingdom, One Night with the King, Extreme Days, The Great Commandment, Where the River Runs Black, Time Changer, Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest, Come What May, Repossessed, Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice, Masada, The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima, Children of the Corn V: Fields of Terror, Preacher's Kid, The Cardinal, A.D., The Book of Mormon Movie, Vol. 1: The Journey, Left Luggage, The Miracle Maker, Unidentified, The First Power, King David, David and Bathsheba, Sinner, Noëlle, Bless the Child, Split Image, The Silver Chalice, The Passion of Darkly Noon, The Calling, Das Mirakel, Mekhong Full Moon Party, The Pope Must Die, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Echoes of Innocence, Letters to Father Jacob, Orientation: A Scientology Information Film, Upside, The Body, The Rapture, The Apocalypse, The Next Voice You Hear..., Ben Hur, The Cross, The Nun and the Sergeant, The Ten Commandments, Peter and Paul, Waiting for Armageddon, Deus É Brasileiro, Abraham, Ahimsa: Stop to Run, Sebastiane, The Queen of Sheba, Martin Luther, Heretic, Wise Blood, Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, Children of the Corn: Revelation, Love, So Divine, A Gesheft, The Civilization of Maxwell Bright, Muhammad: The Last Prophet, Resurrection, Fabiola, Mahapurush, Apocalypse Revelation, Moses the Lawgiver, Late One Night, Brother John, Gospa, The Fourth King, 313, The Inquiry, John Wycliffe: The Morning Star, Constantine and the Cross, Slave of Dreams, Joni, The Visual Bible: Acts, Seven Kilometers from Jerusalem. Excerpt: The 2009 American science fiction film Avatar has earned widespread success, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time. The blockbuster has provoked vigorous discussion of a wide variety of cultural, social, political, and religious themes identified by critics and commentators, and the film's writer and director James Ca...


Foliopis Snowman Fine zielony [12 szt.] - 2843232535

38,19 zł

Foliopis Snowman Fine zielony [12 szt.]

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - - do pisania na każdej powierzchni: papier, tkanina, drewno, guma, plastik, szkło, porcelana - wodoodporny, niezmywalny - nie zawiera szkodliwych substancji toksycznych - cienka końcówka Sprzedawany w opakowaniu po 12 sztuk. Nazwa - Foliopis Snowman Fine zielony [12 szt.] Kod EAN - 4970129022046 Wydawca - SNOWMAN Podatek VAT - 23%


Pink Floyd - Division Bell, The - 2846491997

136,43 zł

Pink Floyd - Division Bell, The

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - 28 marca 1994 roku grupa Pink Floyd, jedna z największych legend w historii muzyki rockowej, wydała ostatnią, jak się potem miało okazać, studyjną płytę - "The Division Bell". W 2014 roku minęła 20. rocznica premiery tego wspaniałego albumu. Z tej okazji przygotowano piękny prezent dla fanów w postaci reedycji płyty. Większość tekstów na płytę wraz z Davidem Gimourem napisała jego małżonka, Polly Samson. Krążek przyniósł parę cudownych piosenek, jak "Take It Back", "What Do You Want From Me", czy "High Hopes". Na całym świecie rozszedł się w ponad 12 mln egzemplarzy. Album "The Division Bell" w 10 krajach dotarł do pierwszego miejsca notowań, w tym w Wielkiej Brytanii i USA (tu pozostał na szczycie przez cztery tygodnie). Spektakularne światowe tournée promujące płytę zakończyło się w październiku 1994 roku w Anglii i było ostatnim w historii Pink Floyd. Jego pokłosiem było niezwykle efektowne koncertowe wydawnictwo "Pulse". Później zespół wystąpił tylko raz, za to z Rogerem Watersem, w 2005 roku podczas koncertu "Live 8" w Londynie, w Hyde Parku. Nazwa - Division Bell, The Autor - Pink Floyd Wydawca - Warner Music Group Kod EAN - 0825646293285 Rok wydania - 2014 Nośnik - Płyta winylowa Ilość elementów - 2 Podatek VAT - 23% Premiera - 2014-06-30


Immortalization Commission - 2826781710

51,64 zł

Immortalization Commission Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

John Gray's "The Immortalization Commission: The Strange Quest to Cheat Death" raises vital questions about the 'truths' science can offer, the technology we are still exploiting for immortality - and exactly what it means to be human. At the heart of all human experience lies our obsession with death. For many years, we turned to religion for our answers, but at the turn of the twentieth centuries ideas from evolution and politics seemed to suggest that our lives - and afterlives - were in our own hands. These ideas would have both trivial and terrible effects, from the nightmares of H. G. Wells's science fiction and the wild, sweeping craze of seances to the murder of millions in the Stalinist terror. "Our sharpest critic of utopian fantasies skewers the crazed but enduring dream of cheating age, time and death". (Boyd Tonkin, "Independent"). "Elegant...He is on to something important regarding the delusion that science consists of indefinite progress". ("Sunday Telegraph"). "One of the most important and insightful polemicists currently writing in English ...humanism's most vocal critic". ("Financial Times"). "Gray is an engaging writer, an entertaining historian and a controversialist whose opinions can never be taken for granted". ("New Statesman"). John Gray has been Professor of Politics at Oxford University, Visiting Professor at Harvard and Yale and Professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics. His books include "False Dawn: The Delusions of Global Capitalism", "Black Mass: Apocalyptic Religion and the Death of Utopia" and "Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals". His selected writings, "Gray's Anatomy", was published in 2009.


I, Asimov: a Memoir - 2844161869

41,18 zł

I, Asimov: a Memoir Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Arguably the greatest science fiction writer who ever lived, Isaac Asimov also possessed one of the most brilliant and original minds of our time. His accessible style and far-reaching interests in subjects ranging from science to humor to history earned him the nickname "the Great Explainer." "I. Asimov is his personal story--vivid, open, and honest--as only Asimov himself could tell it. Here is the story of the paradoxical genius who wrote of travel to the stars yet refused to fly in airplanes; who imagined alien universes and vast galacticcivilizations while staying home to write; who compulsively authored more than 470 books yet still found the time to share his ideas with some of the greatminds of our century. Here are his wide-ranging thoughts and sharp-eyed observations on everything from religion to politics, love and divorce, friendship and Hollywood, fame and mortality. Here, too, is a riveting behind-the-scenes look at the varied personalities--Campbell, Ellison, Heinlein, Clarke, del Rey, Silverberg, and others--who along with Asimov helped shape science fiction. As unique and irrepressible as the man himself, "I. Asimov is the candid memoir of an incomparable talent who entertained readers for nearly half acentury and whose work will surely endure into the future he so vividly envisioned.


Greg Egan - 2842080780

493,90 zł

Greg Egan Marston Book DMARSTO Orphans

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Greg Egan (1961- ) publishes works that challenge readers with rigorous, deeply-informed scientific speculation. He unapologetically delves into mathematics, physics, and other disciplines in his prose, putting him in the vanguard of the hard science fiction renaissance of the 1990s. A working physicist and engineer, Karen Burnham is uniquely positioned to provide an in-depth study of Egan's science-heavy oeuvre. Her survey of the author's career covers novels like Permutation City and Schild's Ladder and the Hugo Award-winning novella "Oceanic," analyzing how Egan used cutting-edge scientific theory to explore ethical questions and the nature of humanity. As Burnham shows, Egan's collected works constitute a bold artistic statement: that narratives of science are equal to those of poetry and drama, and that science holds a place in the human condition as exalted as religion or art. The volume includes a rare interview with the famously press-shy Egan covering his works, themes, intellectual interests, and thought processes.


As Easy As Pi - 2845350120

34,99 zł

As Easy As Pi

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Mathematics & science>Science: general issues>Popular science>Popular mathematicsKsiążki Obcojęzyczne&g...

From Mythology, Religion And Maths To Science, Fiction And Language, This Entertaining And Accessible Guide Uncovers The Lore And Intriguing Information Behind The Numbers That Shape Our World.


Flatland - 2846025468

109,99 zł


Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Science fictionKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Class...

A Victorian Philosophical/mathematical Fantasy That Simultaneously Provides An Introduction To Non-Euclidean Geometry And A Satire On The Victorian Class Structure, Issues Of Science And Faith, And The Role Of Women. It Provides Historical Context For Victorian Culture And Religion, Mathematical History, And The History Of Philosophy.


K - Pax - 2841697588

43,99 zł

K - Pax

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Science fictionKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Fiction & related items>Moder...

When A Man Who Claims To Be From Outer Space Is Brought Into The Manhattan Institute, The Mental Ward Seems To Be Just The Place For Him. However This Patient Is Unlike Anyone Psychiatrist Dr. Gene Brewer Has Had Under His Care Before. Calling Himself 'prot', He Has No Traceable Background But Says That He Is An Inhabitant Of The Planet K-PAX, A Perfect World Without Wars, Government Or Religion, And Where Every Being Coexists In Harmony. Setting A Departure Date - August 17th At 3.31am - On Which He Plans To Return Home On A Beam Of Light, 'prot' Keeps Us Guessing Right Up Until The End.


Pióro compact + wkład (280084) - . - 2847512339

12,34 zł

Pióro compact + wkład (280084) - .

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - PIÓRO KULK.NAB COMPACT 280070 Nazwa - Pióro compact + wkład (280084) Autor - . Wydawca - CRESCO Kod ISBN - 5907464202740 Kod EAN - 5907464202740 Podatek VAT - 23%


Stanley Kubrick - 2826824421

114,21 zł

Stanley Kubrick BERTRAMS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From his first feature film, "Fear and Desire" (1953), to his final, posthumously released "Eyes Wide Shut" (1999), Stanley Kubrick excelled at probing the dark corners of human consciousness. In doing so, he adapted such popular novels as "The Killing," "Lolita," "A Clockwork Orange," and "The Shining" and selected a wide variety of genres for his films -- black comedy ("Dr. Strangelove"), science fiction ("2001: A Space Odyssey"), and war ("Paths of Glory" and "Full Metal Jacket"). Because he was peerless in unveiling the intimate mysteries of human nature, no new film by Kubrick ever failed to spark debate or to be deeply pondered. Kubrick (1928-1999) has remained as elusive as the subjects of his films. Unlike many other filmmakers he was not inclined to grant interviews, instead preferring to let his movies speak for themselves. By allowing both critics and moviegoers to see the inner workings of this reclusive filmmaker, this first comprehensive collection of his relatively few interviews is invaluable. Ranging from 1959 to 1987 and including Kubrick's conversations with Gene Siskel, Jeremy Bernstein, Gene D. Phillips, and others, this book reveals Kubrick's diverse interests -- nuclear energy and its consequences, space exploration, science fiction, literature, religion, psychoanalysis, the effects of violence, and even chess -- and discloses how each affects his films. He enthusiastically speaks of how advances in camera and sound technology made his films more effective.Kubrick details his hands-on approach to filmmaking as he discusses why he supervises nearly every aspect of production. "All the hand-held camerawork is mine," he says in a 1972 interview about "A Clockwork Orange." "In addition to the fun of doing the shooting myself, I find it virtually impossible to explain what I want in a hand-held shot to even the most talented and sensitive camera operator. "Neither guarded nor evasive, the Kubrick who emerges from these interviews is candid, opinionated, confident, and articulate. His incredible memory and his gift for organization come to light as he quotes verbatim sections of reviews, books, and articles. Despite his reputation as a recluse, the Kubrick of these interviews is approachable, witty, full of anecdotes, and eager to share a fascinating story.


Prä-Astronautik - 2826676772

65,42 zł

Prä-Astronautik Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Quelle: Wikipedia. Seiten: 30. Kapitel: Erich von Däniken, Die Götter aus dem All, Glühbirnen von Dendera, Bagdad-Batterie, Steine von Ica, Charles Fort, Vimana, Jungfraupark, Johannes Fiebag, Peter Fiebag, Jacques Bergier, Zecharia Sitchin, Andreas Faber-Kaiser, Hartwig Hausdorf, Erinnerungen an die Zukunft, Peter Krassa, Lars A. Fischinger, Ulrich Dopatka, Robert Charroux. Auszug: Dieser Artikel wurde in der Qualitätssicherung Religion eingetragen. Hilf mit, die inhaltlichen Mängel dieses Artikels zu beseitigen, und beteilige dich an der Diskussion. Unter dem Begriff Prä-Astronautik (auch Paläo-SETI genannt) werden Theorien zusammengefasst, eine oder mehrere Außerirdische Intelligenzen hätten in der Frühzeit der Menschheit die Erde besucht und die menschliche Zivilisation beeinflusst oder sie sogar erst geschaffen. Dabei werden oft die in nahezu allen Kulturen vorhandenen Überlieferungen von Begegnungen mit Göttern und anderen fabelhaften Wesen als Besuche außerirdischer Wesen gedeutet. Die Prä-Astronautik wird in keiner akademischen Hochschule oder anderweitig anerkannten Forschungseinrichtung rezipiert. Von ihren Anhängern wird sie als eine neue, ernstzunehmende Wissenschaft betrachtet, praktisch als eine Fachrichtung der Archäologie und als Teilgebiet der Astronautik. Akademische Analysen dieses gesellschaftlichen Phänomens sprechen dagegen von phantastischer Wissenschaft und ziehen Parallelen sowohl zu religiösen Strömungen als auch zum literarischen Fantasy-Genre. Die Idee, Außerirdische hätten vor langer Zeit die Erde besucht, lässt sich bereits in Science-Fiction-Literatur um 1900 nachweisen. Charles Fort spekulierte 1919 in dem Werk The Book of the Damned, einer Sammlung unerklärlicher Phänomene, darüber, ob die Menschheit der Besitz von Außerirdischen sei. In den 1920er Jahren setzten sich die sowjetischen Raumfahrtpioniere Konstantin Ziolkowski (1857 1935) und Nikolai A. Rynin (1887 1942) mit der Idee von interplanetaren Kontakten in der Vergangenheit auseinander. In den 1950ern und 60ern beschäftigten sich infolge der Aufmerksamkeit, die UFOs in der weltweiten Öffentlichkeit erregten, unter anderem der sowjetische Ethnologe Matest M. Agrest, der italienische Journalist Peter Kolosimo, Forts Schüler W. Raymond Drake, der französisch-polnische Okkukltist Jacques Bergier und sein Co-Autor Louis Pauwels sowie der Science Fiction-Au


Oblap Franciscus Mejia - Sheqel - 2843910216

86,49 zł

Oblap Franciscus Mejia - Sheqel Dog Ear Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

At this point, the general inteligence strategic field presents a numerable of intelligence gathering activity. The strategic informer non-fiction manuscript, The Sheqel puts forward today's read caster for an introductory look in the general intelligence knowledge. The Sheqel offers a collection of loaded modernized intelligence subjects from the pre-world wars to modern day science and art topics. The Sheqel was produced in all good standing and delivers a dynamic knowledge foundation for its read casters, as intelligence subject should be available. It enhances the reader with satisfactory contemporary psychology, significant pre-law understanding, natural science facts, cleverness analytical tool concepts, and most importantly polished technological essence. The Sheqel: A Strategic Intelligence Manuscript, published in the US in 2011, describes intelligence as the general intelligencer would describe it in a composition of religion, social, and philosophical literature and the cited passages that explores many interests in the contemporary intelligence field. I am Oblap Mejia; however, you may know me by Franciscus. This is my first book, about the general intelligence field, I have written. I satisfied a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Biology with honor. I am 34 years old and live in Hollywood, CA where I am an actor attending The Film and Acting Academy. Aside from all else, I consider myself in actor in Hollywood, CA. In addition to being an actor, I also am a general intelligencer student election representative. I earned an advanced technical degree in Legal Assisting and an Associate in Science in Paralegal Studies. I have attended as subject in the film festivals. I have dedication and commitment to furthering my knowledge in order to become open to promising roads in my career. I enjoy reading (L. Ron Hubbard) western novels, acting, film festival volunteering/intern, hunting, gun club, and most importantly intelligence studies. I am looking forward to a nice start at a second book.


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