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Rescue My Heart: Animal Magnetism Book 3 - 2844863945

47,76 zł

Rescue My Heart: Animal Magnetism Book 3 HEADLINE

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The third in the sexy, heartwarming Animal Magnetism series from the New York Times bestselling author of the Lucky Harbor series. Fans of Bella Andre, Robyn Carr and Rachel Gibson will adore these romances with Jill's irresistible combination of humour and romance. After a tragic stint in the National Guards, Adam Connelly returns his animal shelter in Sunshine, Idaho, just wanting to be alone. Then he opens the door to the woman whose heart he once broke. Still gorgeous, still tough-as-nails, but this time, unusually vulnerable. Adam is the last man Holly wants to see. But with her father missing, he is the only one she knows will be able to find him. For Holly and Adam, each with their ghosts, a search this desperate, this unpredictable and this intimate, will have its share of risks - including opening their hearts one more time. Want more sexy, fun romance? Return to Sunshine, Idaho for more of the captivating Animal Magnetism series, or visit spellbinding Lucky Harbor in Jill's bestselling series.


Bang Goes My Heart - 2839227840

65,99 zł

Bang Goes My Heart Delmark


1. Studio Chatter 2. Bang Goes My Heart 3. Sad Sad Hours 4. Studio Chatter 5. The Hex 6. What Is A Teen-ager's Prayer 7. When Was My Baby Born 8. My Easy Baby 9. Keeps Me Worried All The Time 10. Have No Fear 11. Just Let Me Love You 12. Sherry 13. Pretty Little Girl 14. Mozelle 15. Chicken 16. Pardon My Tears 17. Red Hots & Chili Mac 18. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 19. Morocco Chant 20. Boom De De Boom 21. Put Your Arms Around Me 22. Goodbye 23. Bye Bye 24. Patty (Audition) 25. My Little Girl (Audition) 26. Goodbye (Audition) 27. Tender Love (Audition) 28. Without The One I Love (Audition)


Living and Loving Because Beauty Is in Everything We Do: My Heart Felt Reflections and the Journey Through the Years - 2846105932

45,36 zł

Living and Loving Because Beauty Is in Everything We Do: My Heart Felt Reflections and the Journey Through the Years



Rescue My Heart: Park City Firefighter Romance - 2845584454

63,41 zł

Rescue My Heart: Park City Firefighter Romance



Jesus Is a Black Man: My People Perish Not for Lack of Beauty or Money But for Lack of Knowledge of the Truth. He Has No Form Nor Comeliness - 2847939066

37,13 zł

Jesus Is a Black Man: My People Perish Not for Lack of Beauty or Money But for Lack of Knowledge of the Truth. He Has No Form Nor Comeliness



I'll Give You My Heart, . . - 2844899575

209,99 zł

I'll Give You My Heart, . . Cherry Red


1. Tights, The - Bad Hearts 2. Tights, The - It 3. Tights, The - Cracked 4. Tights, The - Howard Hughes 5. Tights, The - China's Eternal 6. All Monsters - Bored 7. All Monsters - You're Gonna Die 8. Staa Marx - Crazy Weekend 9. Staa Marx - Pvs (Pleasant Valley Sunday) 10. Morgan-fisher - Geneve 11. Morgan-fisher - Roll Away The Stone '78 12. Morgan-fisher - Sleeper 13. Morgan-fisher - Lydian Theme 14. Hollywood Brats - Then He Kissed Me 15. Hollywood Brats - Sick On You 16. Destroy All Monsters - Meet The Creeper 17. Destroy All Monsters - Nov. 22nd 1968 18. Runaways, The - What Do I Get? 19. Runaways, The - Nobody Knows 20. Destroy All Monsters - International Language 21. Destroy All Monsters - Black Leather 22. Strange, Richard - International Language 23. Strange, Richard - Kiss Goodby Tomorrow 101. Burtons, The - Macarthur Park 102. Jah Wurzel - Wuthering Heights 103. Hybrid Kids - D'ya Think I'm Sexy 104. Hybrid Kids - Catch A F-falling Star 105. Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia 106. Dead Kennedys - Police Truck 107. Emotion Pictures - They Say Space Is Cold 108. Emotion Pictures - Rescue Remedy 109. Burnham, Alan - Music To Save The World 110. Burnham, Alan - Science Fiction 111. Dead Kennedys - Kill The Poor 112. Dead Kennedys - In-sight 113. Hybrid Kids - Happy Xmas (War Is Over) 114. Hybrid Kids - Holly & Ivy 115. Medium, Medium - Hungry So Angry 116. Medium, Medium - Nadsat Dream 117. Five Or Six - Another Reason 118. Five Or Six - The Trial 119. Eyeless In Gaza - Invisibility 120. Eyeless In Gaza - Three Kittens 121. Eyeless In Gaza - Plague Of Years 122. 2nd Layer - Courts Or Wars 123. 2nd Layer - Fixation 201. Misunderstood, The - Children Of The Sun 202. Misunderstood, The - Who Do You Love 203. Misunderstood, The - I Can Take You To The Sun 204. Misunderstood, The - Polar Exposure 205. Misunderstood, The - Inclination 206. Misunderstood, The - Outwars Conversation 207. Five Or Six - The Dreams I Cannot Keep 208. Five Or Six - Building Kind 209. Five Or Six - Shifting 210. Five Or Six - Lost Cause 211. Five Or Six - Mud, Clay & Sticks 212. Five Or Six - Concotion 213. Five Or Six - Cold Climate 214. Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk To Fuck 215. Dead Kennedys - The Prey 216. Watt, Benn - Cant 217. Watt, Benn - Tower Of Silence 218. Watt, Benn - Aubade 219. Felt - Something Sends Me To Sleep 220. Felt - Red Indians 221. Soul - Tribes 222. Soul - Love 301. Leer, Thomas - Don't 302. Leer, Thomas - Letter From America 303. Leer, Thomas - Tight As A Drum 304. Leer, Thomas - West End 305. Bolan, Marc - You Scare Me To Death 306. Bolan, Marc - The Perfumed Garden Of Gulliver Smit 307. Passage, The - Taboo 308. Passage, The - Taboodub 309. Eyeless In Gaza - Others 310. Eyeless In Gaza - Jane Dancing 311. Eyeless In Gaza - Ever Present 312. Eyeless In Gaza - Avenue With Trees 313. Bolan, Marc - Cat Black 314. Bolan, Marc - Jasper C Debussy 315. Reflections, The - Countries 316. Reflections, The - The Coroner & The Inquest 317. Nightingales, The - Inside Out 318. Nightingales, The - Under The Lash 319. Nightingales, The - Use Your Loaf 320. Passage, The - Xoyo 321. Passage, The - Animal In Me 322. Passage, The - Born Every Minute 401. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Walter & John 402. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Aquamarine 403. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Slipping Slowly 404. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - Another Conversation W 405. Watt, Ben / Wyatt, Robert - A Girl In Winter 406. Everything But The Girl - Night & Day 407. Everything But The Girl - Feeling Dizzy 408. Everything But The Girl - On My Mind 409. Nightingales, The - Paraffin Brain 410. Nightingales, The - Elvis, The Last Ten Days 411. Bolan, Marc - The Wizard 412. Bolan, Marc - Beyond The Risin' Sun 413. Marine Girls - On My Mind 414. Marine Girls - The Lure Of The Rockpools 415. Creation Rebel - Love I Can Feel 416. Creation Rebel - Read & Learn 417. Monochrome Set, The - The Mating Game 418. Monochrome Set, The - Jdhaney 419. Five Or Six - This Is For The Moment 420. Five Or Six - Think 421. Five Or Six - Rushes 422. Five Or Six - Theme 501. Nightingales, The - Which Hi-fi? 502. Nightingales, The - Give Em Time 503. Nightingales, The - My Brilliant Career 504. Nightingales, The - The Son Of God's Mate 505. Felt - My Face Is On Fire 506. Felt - Trails Of Colour Dossolve 507. Attila The Stockbroker - Cocktails 508. Attila The Stockbroker - Contributory Negligence 509. Attila The Stockbroker - The Night I Slept With Th 510. Attila The Stockbroker - Fifth Column 511. Attila The Stockbroker - The Oracle 512. Eyeless In Gaza - Veil Like Calm 513. Eyeless In Gaza - Taking Steps 514. Crow, Joe - Compulsion 515. Crow, Joe - Absent Friend 516. Coyne, Kevin - So Strange 517. Coyne, Kevin - Father, Dear Father 518. Passage, The - Wave 519. Passage, The - Drugface 520. Passage, The - Angleland 521. Monochrome Set, The - Cast A Long Shadow 522. Monochrome Set, The - The Bridge 523. Leer, Thomas - All About You 524. Leer, Thomas - Saving Grace 601. Thorn, Tracex - Plain Sailing 602. Thorn, Tracex - Goodbye Joe 603. Marine Girls - Don't Come Back 604. Marine Girls - You Must Be Mad 605. Watt, Ben - Some Things Don't Matter 606. Watt, Ben - On Box Hill 607. Nightingales, The - Urban Ospreys 608. Nightingales, The - Cakehole 609. Can - Moonshake 610. Can - Turtles Have Short Legs 611. Can - One More Night 612. Passage, The - Sharp Tongue 613. Passage, The - Brd Usa Ddr Jfk 614. Felt - Penelope Tree 615. Felt - A Preacher In New England 616. Felt - Now Summer Spreads Its Wings 617. Monochrome Set, The - Jet Set Junta 618. Monochrome Set, The - Love Goes Down In The Drain 619. Monochrome Set, The - Noise (Eine Kleine Symphonie 620. Fantastic Something - If She Doesn't Smile It'll R 621. Fantastic Something - The Thousand Guitars Of St. 701. Morgan - The Sleeper Wakes 702. Bodast - Do You Remember 703. Harrison, Kevin - Chase The Dragon 704. Tent, A - Now Way Of Knowing 705. Gilbert & Lewis - Mzui 706. New Age Steppers - Threat To Creation 707. Milesi, Piero - Modi 2 708. Lol Coxhill / Fisher, Morgan - Pretty Little Girl 709. Hewick, Kevin - Feathering The Nest 710. Bates, Martyn - The Look Of Love 711. Otway, John - Mine Tonight 712. Wyatt, Robert - Rangers In The Nightst 713. Melly, George - Sounds That Saved My Life 714. Fripp, Robert - Miniature 715. Partridge, Andy - The History Of Rock'n'roll 716. Cutler, Ivor - Brooch Boat 717. Genesis Gospel Singers - N'tutu 718. Katakumbey - Glory Halleluya 719. Reflections, The - Tightrope Walker 720. Squad - Flasher 721. Europeans - Europeans 722. Glaxo Babies - Christine Keeler 723. Private Dicks - She Said Go 724. Apartment - The Car 725. Letters, The - Nobody Loves Me 726. Art Objects - Showing Off To Impress The Girls 727. Final Eclipse, The - Birdsong 728. Compassion & Humanity Of Margaret Thatcher, T - Ke


CAT CAUGHT MY HEART - 2848956142

90,91 zł

CAT CAUGHT MY HEART Lightning Source UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this captivating and heartwarming book, America's premier pet columnist, Michael Capuzzo, shares astonishing true tales celebrating the unique and unbreakable relationship between people and their cats. Drawn from history and literature as well as from cat lovers--both famous and not so famous-- from all walks of life all over the world, here are unforgettable tales that take us behind the cool, independent facade of the cat to reveal the sweet, sensitive, devoted creature within. Here are just a few of the cats guaranteed to catch your heart: Priscilla, who meowed at her apartment door for two days. Finally her owners thought to check on their elderly neighbor and discovered that she had broken her hip and was unable to move. Pearl and Skittles, the Keystone Cats, who watched over their household with total vigilance. Any problem--a clogged drain in the kitchen, a stereo left on at night--and they sounded the alarm, waking everyone in the house. Murry, the cat who became the constant companion and protector of a young boy suffering from cystic fibrosis. His devotion was so great that when the boy's health began to fail, Murry seemed to lose his own will to live. Nicholas, who every day fed the family pit bull; he jumped up on the kitchen table, grabbed a dog bone, and dropped it down to his pal. Later each day, as if to repay Nicholas, the pit bull happily licked the cat's head for ten minutes. Subway, the beautiful orange tabby who not only survived being shot with a shotgun, but later, apparently killed in an accident, jumped out of the box he was to be buried in and frolicked among the guests at his own funeral. In "Cat Caught My Heart you will see cats inall their glory--their unique personalities, their irrepressible spirits, their gentle souls. You'll laugh at their antics, weep at their passing, and thank the heavens that these remarkable creatures are part of our lives. "From the Hardcover edition.


You Belong To My Heart. . - 2839573236

46,99 zł

You Belong To My Heart. . FLARE


1. Fools Rush In - Anne Lerner 2. Hear My Song Violetta - Joseph Locke 3. Two Dreams Met - Lina Romey 4. I Can't Resist You - Bob Eberly 5. Rose, Rose, I Love You - Miss Hue Lee 6. Amapola - Jan Peerce 7. Tropical Magic - Frances Langford 8. You'll Never Know - Dick Haymes 9. Conchita,marcheta,lolita,pepita - Dinah Shore 10. A Lovely Way To Spend The Evening - The Ink Spot 11. I Threw A Kiss In The Ocean - Dorothy Carless 12. Till Then - Jean Cavall 13. How Sweet You Are - Ginny Simms 14. To Each His Own - Eddy Howard 15. Right As Rain - Gladys Swarthout 16. Ma Belle Marguerite - Georges Guetary 17. I Didn't Know About You - Lena Horne 18. On A Slow Boat To China - Harry Babbitt 19. The Legend Of Tiabi - Vaughn Monroe 20. Love For Love - Anita Ellis 21. Hooray For Love - Tony Martin 22. Magic Is The Moonlight - Jane Powell 23. Come To Me Bend To Me - Frank Parker 24. Maybe You'll Be There - Sarah Vaughan 25. You Belong To My Heart - Ezio Pinza


Why Does My Heart Pump? 6 Factbook - 2825130592

20,89 zł

Why Does My Heart Pump? 6 Factbook cambridge university press

Nauki humanistyczne >Językoznawstwo

A series of twenty non-fiction science readers which engages children in the world around them. Is the tongue a muscle? How do our bones move? Why do we sneeze? You can find the answers to these and other questions about how the body works in Why Does My Heart Pump?...


Eat My Heart out - 2844861068

42,52 zł

Eat My Heart out SERPENT'S TAIL

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Meet 2014's most outrageous, funny and shocking anti-heroine: Ann-Marie. She's 23, her life has collapsed, and she's blaming everyone but herself. Heartbroken, skint and furious, she's convinced that love - sweet love! - is the answer to all of her problems, until she meets legendary feminist Stephanie Haight, a woman who could be her saviour - or her final undoing. From neo-burlesque pop-up strip clubs, to ironic Little Mermaid-themed warehouse parties via ritual worship ceremonies summoning ancient power goddesses, disastrous one night stands with extravagantly unsuitable men, naked cleaning jobs, a forced appearance on Woman's Hour and baby boomer house parties in Islington, Ann-Marie hurtles through London and life, urged on by Stephanie, who is convinced that if she can save Ann-Marie she'll rescue an entire generation from the curse of ironic detachment. Fiercely clever and unapologetically wild, Eat My Heart Out is the satire for our narcissistic, hedonistic, post-post-feminist era.


Written In My Heart - 2840416889

43,99 zł

Written In My Heart

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Lifestyle, sport & leisure>Travel & holiday>Travel & holiday guidesKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>B...

A Unique Way To Delve Into Dublin And Learn About Its History Through The Eyes Of One Of Its Most Famous Former Residents, James Joyce.


Shape Of My Heart - 2846915724

62,99 zł

Shape Of My Heart KML Recordings


1. Labeque, Katia - Moon Over Bourbon Street (Bearb. 2. Labeque, Katia - Shape Of My Heart (Bearb. Von Dav 3. Chick Corea - We Will Meet Again (Bearb. Von Chick 4. Hancock, Herbie - My Funny Valentine (Bearb. Von H 5. Labeque, Katia - Preludes Op. 28 Nr. 1-24 (Auszug) 6. Nr. 4: E-moll 7. Katia Labeque Band - Exit Music (Bearb. Von Dave M 8. B For Bang - Notes To The Future 9. B For Bang - Because (Bearb. Von David Chalmin) 10. Labeque, Katia - Besame Mucho (Bearb. Von Gonzalez 11. Labeque, Katia - Gnossienne Nr. 3 12. Chalmin, David - Purple Diamond 13. Labeque, Katia - Wuthering Heights (Auszug) 14. Meditation


Why Does My Heart Pump? 6 Factbook - Helen Bethune - 2849192591

19,29 zł

Why Does My Heart Pump? 6 Factbook - Helen Bethune

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Opis - A series of twenty non-fiction science readers which engages children in the world around them. Is the tongue a muscle" How do our bones move" Why do we sneeze" You can find the answers to these and other questions about how the body works in Why Does My Heart Pump" Nazwa - Why Does My Heart Pump? 6 Factbook Autor - Helen Bethune Oprawa - Miękka Wydawca - Cambridge University Press Kod ISBN - 9780521137423 Kod EAN - 9780521137423 Rok wydania - 2014 Język - angielski Format - 19.5x22.5cm Ilość stron - 24 Podatek VAT - 5%


My Heart's In The Highlan - 2839528323

104,99 zł

My Heart's In The Highlan LINN RECORDS

Muzyka>Muzyka świata>Folk / Ludowa / Etno

1. Polwart, Karine - My Heart's In The Highlands 2. Steele, Davy - O My Luve's Like A Red, Red Rose 3. Easdale, Kirsten / Kennedy, Ross - Ca' The Yowes 4. Benzie, Ian F - A Man's A Man For A' That 5. Frier, Tich - Ah, Chloris, Since It May Not Be 6. Frier, Tich - O My Luve's Like A Red, Red Rose (Pa 7. West, Mick - Ye Banks & Braes O'bonie Doon 8. Malcolm, James - Caledonia 9. Malcolm, James - There Grows A Bonie Brier-bush 10. Bruce, Ian - Galloway Tam 11. Leonard, Aimee - Charlie, He's My Darling 12. Polwart, Karine - O, Leeze Me On My Spinnin-wheel 13. Bruce, Ian - Ye Jacobites By Name 14. Johnstone, Arthur - Scots Wha Hae 15. Reid, Jim - My Love, She's But A Lassie Yet 16. Weatherby, Wendy - My Harry 17. Weatherby, Wendy - A' The Lads 18. Weatherby, Wendy - The White Cockade 19. Campbell, Mairi - Ye Flowery Banks 20. Campbell, Mairi - The Lazy Mist 21. Nichol, John - O, Bonnie Was Yon Rosy Brier 22. Nichol, John - O, Lovely Polly Stewart 23. Mckenna, Mae - Ae Fond Kiss 24. Bruce, Ian - Lassie Wi' The Lintwhite Locks 25. Browne, Ronnie - Auld Lang Syne (Original Version)


Why Does My Heart Pump? 6 Factbook - 2825917438

18,40 zł

Why Does My Heart Pump? 6 Factbook Cambridge University Press

Język angielskiNauka języków dla dzieci

A series of twenty non-fiction science readers which engages children in the world around them. Is the tongue a muscle? How do our bones move? Why do we sneeze? You can find the answers to these and other questions about how the body works in Why Does My Heart Pump?


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