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Handbook of Research in International Human Resource Manage - 2212827296

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Handbook of Research in International Human Resource Manage Edward Elgar


In providing an insightful overview of a wide range of global human resource issues facing MNCs, this pathbreaking Handbook highlights emergent topics and new research findings that could shape the field of future IHRM research.Theoretical discussion of the variables and processes that affect IHRM policies and practices is provided by renowned contributors with widely differing academic backgrounds, paradigmatic orientations, and theoretical and methodological approaches. They explore extensive subject matter including: * the importance of linking IHRM policies and activities to organizational strategy* staffing, performance management, leadership development, and diversity management* international assignment and mobility issues * the role of IHRM in the management of global teams and cross-border joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.Illustrating that IHRM research is theoretically eclectic, and drawing upon a range of paradigms and perspectives, this cutting-edge Handbook will be invaluable to academics and practitioners with an interest in human resource management, industrial and employment relations, management and international business.


Palgrave International Handbook Of Action Research - 2849947784

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Palgrave International Handbook Of Action Research

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Reference, information & interdisciplinary sub.>Research & information: general>Research methods: generalK...


The Sage Handbook Of Research Management - 2850822921

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The Sage Handbook Of Research Management

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Business & management>Management & management techniquesKsiążki ...

Created By The Combined Experience Of A Leading Social Scientist And The Chief Executive Of A Major International Research Development Institution, This Book Will Be A Standard Work Of Reference For New Research Leaders, In Any Discipline Or Country, Looking For Help And Inspiration.


The Palgrave International Handbook Of Women And Journalism - 2846075028

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The Palgrave International Handbook Of Women And Journalism

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Industry & industrial studies>Media, information & communication...

This Handbook Offers The First Global Study Of Women's Employment In News Using Survey Data. It Comprises Chapters On 29 Nations From All Regions Of The World, Authored By Local Researchers Who Have A Depth Of Knowledge About Their Nations' Culture, Histo


The Handbook Of Food Research - 2849506423

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The Handbook Of Food Research

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Industry & industrial studies>Manufacturing industries>Food m...

The Handbook Of Food Research Presents In-depth Essays From An International Group Of Scholars And Offers An Essential Roadmap Of This Dynamic Field Of Study, With Insight Into Past And Present Research And Cutting-edge Developments For Future Study.


The Routledge Handbook Of Tourism Research - 2840848557

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The Routledge Handbook Of Tourism Research

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Industry & industrial studies>Service industries>Tourism indu...

Provides A Review And Analysis Of Tourism Research. This Book Is Organised Around Topical Themes And Moves Logically With A Review Of The Beginnings Of Tourism Research, To A Discussion Of Emerging Forms Of Tourism And Future Direction, Which Are Supported With Numerous International Examples From The Planning And Development Stage.


Oxford Handbook of Management Consulting - 2826928445

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Oxford Handbook of Management Consulting Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Management consultants of various kinds play an important role in the world of business, and within other types of organization. The Oxford Handbook on Management Consulting is a comprehensive overview of thinking and research on management consultancy with contributions from leading international scholars. The first section provides an account of the historical developments in management consulting research, and how current thinking has evolved from prior work. The second section focuses on disciplinary and theoretical perspectives, their diversities, areas of synergy, and parallel concerns. The following sections examine consulting as a knowledge business, consultants and management fashion, and the relationship between management consultants and their clients. The Handbook concludes with an assessment of areas of future research and debate. By bringing together a wide range of research and thinking on management consulting across different disciplines, sub-disciplines, and conceptual approaches, the Handbook provides a comprehensive understanding of both current thinking and future directions for research.


Sage Handbook of Hospitality Management - 2846347983

750,20 zł

Sage Handbook of Hospitality Management Sage Publications

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

At last, a comprehensive, systematically organized Handbook which gives a reliable and critical guide to all aspects of one of the world's leading industries: the hospitality industry. The book focuses on key aspects of the hospitality management curriculum, research and practice bringing together leading scholars throughout the world. Each essay examines a theme or functional aspect of hospitality management and offers a critical overview of the principle ideas and issues that have contributed, and continue to contribute, within it. Topics include: * The nature of hospitality and hospitality management * The relationship of hospitality management to tourism, leisure and education provision * The current state of development of the international hospitality business * The core activities of food, beverage and accommodation management * Research strategies in hospitality management * Innovation and entrepreneurship trends * The role of information technology The SAGE Handbook of Hospitality Management constitutes a single, comprehensive source of reference which will satisfy the information needs of both specialists in the field and non-specialists who require a contemporary introduction to the hospitality industry and its analysis. Bob Brotherton formerly taught students of Hospitality and Tourism at Manchester Metropolitan University. He has also taught Research Methods to Hospitality and Tourism students at a number of international institutions as a visiting lecturer; Roy C. Wood is based in the Oberoi Centre of Learning and Development, India


Palgrave Handbook Of International Trade - 2840071478

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Palgrave Handbook Of International Trade

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Economics>International economics>Trade

International Trade Is The Core Foundation Of Globalisation. This Current And Up-to-date Volume Brings Together The Finest Academics Working In The Field Today, Containing Contributions In Key Areas Of Policy Research, Such As, Modelling Frameworks, Trade Policy, Trade And Migration, Trade And The Environment, Trade And Unemployment.


Armstrong's Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management - 2841423819

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Armstrong's Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management Kogan Page Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Strategic human resource management has been taken up by academics, consultants and practitioners alike. However, the integration of human resource strategy with overall business strategy is often easier in theory than in practice. Armstrong's Handbook of Strategic Human Resource Management provides a bridge between theory and practice, and offers a guide both to formulating human resource strategies and to implementing them. Fully updated, this edition incorporates the latest thinking, research and practice on strategic Human Resource Management and contains completely revised chapters on HRM, HR strategy, the formulation and implementation of strategy, roles in strategic HRM and strategic reward. This indispensable book includes coverage of international aspects of strategic human resource management. It also reflects important developments in HR strategies linked with those issues that affect HRM on a day-to-day basis, including human capital management, corporate social responsibility, organization development, employee engagement and talent management. Including a new chapter on organizational effectiveness, Armstrong's Strategic Human Resource Management sets out a strategic framework for HRM; a framework for implementing SHRM in action; and a section on HR strategies. Case studies, checklists, practical examples and a strategic HR toolkit make this book an extremely practical resource for all those who are involved in putting complex strategy into practice in order to effect positive and productive change.


Handbook of Design Management - 2841663087

739,74 zł

Handbook of Design Management Berg Publishers

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The management of design has emerged as central to the operational and strategic options of any successful organization. The Handbook of Design Management presents a state-of-the-art overview of the subject - its methodologies, current debates, history and future. The Handbook covers the breadth of principles, methods and practices that shape design management across the different design disciplines. These theories and practices extend from the operational to the strategic, from the product to the organization. Bringing together leading international scholars, the Handbook provides a guide to the latest research in the field. It also documents the shifts that have been taking place both in management and in design which have highlighted the value of design thinking and design education to organizations. Presenting the first systematic overview of the subject - and offering a wide range of examples, insights and analysis - the Handbook is an invaluable resource for researchers and students in design and management, as well as for design practitioners and professional managers.


The Oxford Handbook Of Human Resource Management - 2849507913

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The Oxford Handbook Of Human Resource Management

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Business & management>Management & management techniques>Mana...

Human Resource Management Is Central To Management Teaching And Research, And Has Emerged In The Last Decade As A Significant Field From Its Earlier Roots In Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, And Industrial Psychology. In This Book Leading International Academics From A Range Of Fields Consider The State Of The Discipline.


Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior - 2836772115

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Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Developed from decades of research and consulting, this international handbook identifies 30 timeless management principles every manager should know. With contributions from some of the foremost experts in organizational behavior, this insightful book demonstrates how theories of organizational behavior can be successfully applied to the workplace. With additional coverage on change, leadership, and knowledge, the new updated edition includes contributions from such notables as Teresa Amabile, Jay Conger, Fred Luthans, Antonio DeNisi, and Michael Beer.There is a strong movement today in management to encourage management practices based on research evidence. In the first volume of this handbook, I asked experts in 39 areas of management to identify a central principle that summarized and integrated the core findings from their specialty area and then to explain this principle and give real business examples of the principle in action. I asked them to write in non-technical terms, e.g., without a lot of statistics, and almost all did so.§The previous handbook proved to be quite popular, so I was asked to edit a second edition. This new edition has been expanded to 33 topics, and there are some new authors for the previously included topics. The new edition also includes: updated case examples, updated references and practical exercises at the end of each chapter. It also includes a preface on evidence-based management. The principles for the first edition were intended to be relatively timeless, so it is no surprise that most of the principles are the same (though some chapter titles include more than one principle).§This book could serve as a textbook in advanced undergraduate and in MBA courses. It could also be of use to practicing managers and not just those in Human Resource departments. Every practicing manager may not want to read the whole book, but I am willing to guarantee that every one will find at least one or more chapters that will be practically useful. In this time of economic crisis, the need for effective management practices is more acute than ever.


Encyclopedia of Management Theory - 2841666230

1331,70 zł

Encyclopedia of Management Theory Sage Publications No Retro

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In discussing a management topic, scholars, educators, practitioners, and the media often toss out the name of a theorist (Taylor, Simon, Weber) or make a sideways reference to a particular theory (Bureaucracy, Total Quality Management, Groupthink, etc.) and move on, as if assuming their audience possesses the necessary background to appreciate and integrate the reference. This is often far from the case. Individuals are frequently forced to seek out a hodgepodge of sources varying in quality and presentation to provide an overview of a particular idea. And reference librarians often find it difficult to guide readers to an informed, one-stop resource with just the basics-the "who, what, where, how, when, and why." In response, SAGE Reference plans to publish the two-volume Encyclopedia of Management Theory, available in both print and electronic formats. This work is designed to serve as a core reference for anyone interested in the essentials of contemporary management theory. Drawing together a team of international scholars, it examines the global landscape of the key theories and the theorists behind them, presenting them in the context needed to understand their strengths and weaknesses to thoughtfully apply them. In addition to interpretations of long-established theories, it also offers essays on cutting-edge research as one might find in a handbook. And, like an unabridged dictionary, it provides concise, to-the-point definitions of key concepts, ideas, schools, and figures. Features and Benefits: * Two volumes containing 335-350 signed entries provide users with the most authoritative and thorough reference resources available on management theory, both in terms of breadth and depth of coverage. * To ease navigation between and among related entries, a Reader's Guide groups entries thematically and each entry is followed by Cross-References. * In the electronic version, the Reader's Guide combines with the Cross-References and a detailed Index to provide robust search-and-browse capabilities. * An appendix with a Chronology of Management Theory allows students to easily chart directions and trends in thought and theory from early times to the present. * Suggestions for Further Reading at the end of each entry guide readers to sources for more detailed research and discussion.


Handbook Of Workplace Diversity - 2849004525

1299,99 zł

Handbook Of Workplace Diversity

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Psychology>Occupational & industrial psychologyKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielski...

Offers International Perspectives On Workplace Diversity. This Book Critiques Quantitative And Qualitative Research Methods Within The Field And Investigates The Parallels And Distinctions Between Different Workplace Groups. It Is Intended For Students And Academics Of Human Resource Management And Organisational Behaviour.


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