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Research Made Easy In Complementary And Alternative Medicine - 2839871478

159,99 zł

Research Made Easy In Complementary And Alternative Medicine

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Medicine>Complementary medicineKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Reference, information & interdisciplina...

Intended For Students And Practitioners To Gain Understanding In Research. This Book Is Provides An Introduction To Research That Helps To Initiate Small Practice Based Research Projects. It Outlines How To Start, How To Formulate Research Questions, Meth


Mental Health Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! - 2826645670

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Mental Health Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Students beginning their mental health nursing courses, those new to the field, and experienced mental health nurses will find "Mental Health Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! UK Edition" an accessible guide to this complex subject. Written in the award-winning "Incredibly Easy!" style, the book features clear language and liberal use of bullet points to keep information concise and easy to find. It covers seventy specific disorders and includes an overview of mental health nursing. Numerous icons provide expert tips on patient care, the latest research, cultural considerations, and the latest news in psychopharmacology. It includes memory joggers and quick quizzes that reinforce learning. "Mental Health Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!" is organized into 13 chapters, beginning with an introductory chapter that provides descriptions of the mental health nurse's scope of practice, areas of concern, the nursing process, communication techniques, multidisciplinary care, patient and family rights, advocacy, and ethical and legal issues. Seventy specific disorders, such as depression, substance abuse, and eating disorders, are presented in the next 12 chapters, including two chapters that address disorders experienced by children, adolescents, and older adults. For each disorder, the text presents a brief introduction, typical symptoms, possible causes, diagnostic methods, treatment approaches, and nursing interventions. Research findings and the latest pharmacologic advances are also included where appropriate. Nurses are in a strategic position to intervene on behalf of people with mental illness and to promote mental health in all settings. "Mental Health Nursing Made Incredibly Easy!" presents information in efficient, effective ways to increase understanding of psychiatric nursing and optimal nursing interventions for patients and families who are dealing with specific mental disorders.


Methods in Molecular Biology and Protein Chemistry - 2826700120

803,42 zł

Methods in Molecular Biology and Protein Chemistry JOHN WILEY & SONS LTD

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The enormous advances made in molecular biology have allowed scientists to manipulate DNA with relative ease. This means that molecular biology has become a widely-used tool for answering scientific questions that may be quite unrelated to genetics and cell biology. This new book focuses on the most important techniques needed by undergraduate and post-graduate students when undertaking research in this area. Written in an accessible style and adopting a 'discovery' approach, to encourage the students to explore and experiment for them selves, this book will be invaluable to novices required and interested in learning these techniques. Students will evaluate the effect of genetic engineering through the practical application of wet biochemistry techniques and prepare mutations that can be evaluated by other classes. Coverage will include computer tutorials for sequencing and genomics and will possibly include some coverage of molecular modelling too. Guidelines on searching the primary literature, oral reports, laboratory notebooks record keeping and report writing will either be included within appendices at the back of the book, or on a supplementary web site linked to the book.


Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish - 2846487509

3,10 zł

Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Temperówka kum z pojemnikiem fluorescencyjna 210K Fish Wydawca - KUM Kod ISBN - 4064900016314 Kod EAN - 4064900016314 Podatek VAT - 23%


Psychology for As Level - 2212827219

94,10 zł

Psychology for As Level Psychology Press

Inne 1

This thoroughly revised and updated second edition of Psychology for AS Level takes into account all the amendments to the AQA-A syllabus since the last edition was produced. The text is mapped more closely to the specification, making this an ideal resource for students following the course. This edition has responded effectively to changes made by AQA to the exam format. It is now necessary for students to demonstrate understanding of twenty-five key research topic areas, through knowledge of related experiments and studies. Questions may require students to present appropriate studies either in APFCC format (Aims, Procedures, Findings, Conclusions and Criticisms), or with awareness of the wider theoretical and methodological context. Both methods of presentation are featured in Psychology for AS Level (Second Edition), with twenty-five Key Studies mentioned discursively throughout the text supported by new stimulus material, and in APFCC format in an appendix at the back for easy reference. AQA have also identified a list of specific Key Terms which students may be required to define. Definitions of these Key Terms are highlighted in boxes on relevant pages, as well as identified in the comprehensive glossary at the back. In addition to encompassing the most up-to-date syllabus developments, this book retains both the easy writing style and effective features of the previous edition. It includes discussion points, illustrations, case studies and detailed chapter summaries to enhance the study of the six key areas of memory, childhood attachment, stress, abnormality, social influence and research methods and consequently will be a valuable textbook for any student covering psychology at AS level.


Calculus for Business Economics & the Social & Life Sciences - 2212840223

166,40 zł

Calculus for Business Economics & the Social & Life Sciences McGraw-Hill


Just-in-Time Algebra Review: A new feature in this edition are algebra "boxes" in the margin that remind students of key facts and procedures, such as the quadratic formula, at the point in the material that such procedures will be useful. For students needing additional work on algebra topics, an extensive algebra review is included in an appendix. This appendix includes worked examples and applied practice problems for the student. Students are advised throughout the text when it might be appropriate to consult this material. |Focused Topic Coverage: The focus of the text has been sharpened by eliminating topics not covered in many courses. Chapter 8, Sequences and Series, and Chapter 9, Trigonometric Functions, of the sixth edition have been removed from the seventh edition.|Realistic Examples: Each topic in the textbook is motivated by realistic worked examples. Many new practical examples have been added to the Seventh Edition, and many existing examples have been modified throughout the text. In particular, examples introducing key topics such as the limit, the derivative, and the integral have been carefully rewritten with an eye toward realism.|NetTutor: Now, let your students access real-time math tutoring on-line! NetTutor is a revolutionary new web-based learning environment for the live dissemination of mathematical content. NetTutor offers your students live, personalized tutoring via the internet. Using NetTutorĹźs powerful WWWhiteboard software, students can post a question and receive prompt feedback from an expert in their subject -- often in real time. The WWWhiteboard allows students and tutors to use proper mathematical notation as well as other highlighting features - truly making this a unique learning experience. Students may also post questions to the Q&A Center and receive a reply within 24 hours. Visiting the Message Center allows students to discuss difficult concepts among themselves, while the Archive Center provides a browseable list of questions and answers maintained by the subject tutor. NetTutor is FREE and an invaluable aid for all students: it's the study partner who always has the answer.|Applications: Solving applied problems is the core focus of an applied calculus course. The authors believe that topics should be applied to practical problems very soon after they are introduced, and a strong attempt has been made to put this belief into effect in the eighth edition. methods are provided for dealing both with both routine computations and practical problems. These problem-solving methods and strategies are introduced in examples and are followed by both end of section exercises and extensive set of review problems at the end of each chapter. All concepts covered in the text are applied to a variety of practical situations from business and economics and the social, managerial, environmental, and life sciences. For easy reference, an applications index is also provided.|Referenced Examples and Exercises: Every chapter includes a number of referenced examples and problems that are based on journal articles or information found in texts. Some of these problems are routine and others challenging, but all are tied to issues of practical interest relating mathematics to the real world. |Exercises: Always a recognized strength in earlier editions, this text provides students with ample opportunities to practice problem-solving strategies. All exercise sets are carefully graded so that the more routine exercises are placed first in the exercise set, followed by more challenging exercises and applications. Exercise sets follow each section, and Review Exercises follow each chapter. |Writing Exercises: Every exercise set includes writing problems, delineated by an icon, that are related to issues raised in the examples and exercises. These problems ask students to communicate about mathematics using words, not just symbols. Additionally, they challenge students' critical thinking skills and invite them to research topics on their own. Usually, there is no set answer to these problems, and individual responses may vary. |Definitions: Key concepts and definitions are set off in shaded boxes for easy referencing by the student|Think About It Essays: Each chapter ends with an essay designed to introduce modeling procedures based on referenced journal articles. These essays provide background information on an applied situation and then invite students to answer a series of "bite-sized" questions culminating in a question of some importance in the social, managerial, or biological sciences. In this way, students are introduced to ideas and methods that might otherwise be beyond the scope of the text. Answers to these problems are found in the Instructor's Manual. |Technology: The use of technology in conjunction with this text is entirely optional. In the Seventh Edition of the text, Explore! boxes were introduced to guide students in the use of graphing utilities to study the concepts and procedures of calculus. These Explore! boxes have been extensively revised in this edition, and new explorations included. Additionally, each chapter ends with an Explore! Update, which contains hints for using a graphing utility and solutions to selected Explore! box exercise. Each problem set also includes numerous problems involving the use of a calculator that are denoted by a calculator icon.


The Molecular Basis of Cancer - 2850772540

451,92 zł

The Molecular Basis of Cancer Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book aims to describe the current state of knowledge and possible future developments in a number of major areas of research into the nature, causes and treatment of cancer. The contributing authors have been encouraged to discuss their subjects at the molecular level. It will become apparent to the reader that considerable developments in the understanding of the fundamental nature of cancer, in molecular terms, are constantly being made. This is particularly the case in the area of oncogene research where differences between tumour and normal cells can now be defined in terms of altered expression of DNA sequences. An understanding of the methods available for detecting cancer, of the process of carcinogenesis and of the means available for treating cancer can only be achieved with a precise knowledge of the basic biochemical and molecular processes involved. Since it is all to easy for the research scientist to become totally absorbed within the specialised area of research in which he is involved, the first chapter is an attempt to encourage a broader field of vision by introducing the clinician's view of the cancer problem, which illustrates the broad spectrum of basic problems that need to be solved by the cancer researcher.


Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America - 2836340004

65,58 zł

Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America Skyhorse Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Everything you need to know about the nearly lost art of bark and skin craft. The bark canoes of the North American Indians, particularly those made of birch bark, were among the most highly developed manually propelled primitive watercraft of their time. They could be used to carry heavy loads in shallow streams but were light enough to be hauled long distances over land. Built with Stone Age tools from available materials, their design, size, and appearance were varied to suit the many requirements of their users. Upon arrival in North America, European settlers began using the native-made craft for traveling through the wilderness. Even today, canoes are based on these ancient designs. Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America combines historical background with easy-to-understand, practical instructions. Author Edwin Tappan Adney, born in 1868, devoted his life to studying canoes and was practically the sole scholar in his field. His papers and research have been assembled by a curator at the Smithsonian Institution and illustrated with black-and-white line drawings, diagrams, and photos. Included here are measurements, detailed drawings, construction methods, and models. The book covers canoes from Newfoundland to the Pacific Ocean, as well as umiaks and kayaks from the Arctic. Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America is not only a must-have for boatbuilding hobbyists, but also for those with a fascination for the history behind them.


Coal: the chance or the trap to Polish energy security? - 2823873838

39,90 zł

Coal: the chance or the trap to Polish energy security? Wydawnictwo MM Marek Makuliński

KSIĄŻKI > Literatura obcojęzyczna

The authors strive to introduce the newest materials and data on coal extraction and production, which helps the readers understanding the changes in the subject matter. Coal is an important primary fuel throughout the world and research has spread from coal liquefaction and gasification to technologies for developing clean coal. The extractive nature of mining operations in the EU member states creates a variety of impacts on the environment before, during and after mining operations. The extent and nature of impacts can range from minimal to significant depending on a range of factors associated with each mine. Such factors include: the characteristic of the ore body; the type of technology and extraction methods used in mining and the on-site processing of minerals; and the sensitivity of the local environment. The environmental impacts of mining, although significant, are generally confined to local areas around the Europe. The publication is structured in the way that does not require professional knowledge of coal - mining industry. The effort were made to keep specific terminology to a minimum, due to used approach presenting. This book is intended as a reference for both graduate and undergraduate students enrolled in international relations and national security studies. It attempts to cover complicated topic of coal production as completely as possible, in order to provide the average reader with the environmental fundamentals and the current state of technology in coal extraction. This book discusses e.g. the main environmental impacts of mineral mining, such as wastes, and the rate of resource use (where the supply of minerals depends on the rate of resource use, which is affected by the economic life of mineral deposits and the rate at which new reserves are discovered). The book also summarizes environmental management initiatives, such as the use of legislation, environmental impact assessments, environmental protection expenditure, rehabilitation and industry self-regulation in the EU. Each chapter is organized in clear and schematic way, therefore making it easy for all readers and students to follow. If the reader wish to know more about the specific topic, the references in the text will help find relevant documents and articles. Format: 170x240 Rok wydania: 2015 Liczba stron: 236 ISBN: 9788364616051 Język: angielski Autor: K.J. Gruszczyński, C.T. Szyjko Oprawa: miekka Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo MM Marek Makuliński


Pattern Recognition Approach to Electromyography Data - 2834696043

315,06 zł

Pattern Recognition Approach to Electromyography Data VDM Verlag Dr. Müller

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

EMG classification is widely used in electric control of mechanically developed prosthesis, robots development, clinical application etc. It has been evaluated for years, but the main goal of this research is to develop an easy to implement and fast to execute pattern recognition method for classifying signals used for human gait analysis. This method is based on adding two new temporal features (form factor and standard deviation) for EMG signal recognition and using them along with several popular features (area under the curve, wavelength function-pathway and zero crossing rate) to come up with a low complexity suitable feature extraction. Results are presented for EMG data and a comparison with existing methods is made to validate the applicability of the foregoing method. It is shown that the best combination in terms of accuracy and time performance is given by spectral and temporal extraction features along with neural network recognition algorithm. Ideas from this thesis could be useful for any kind of biomedical signal recognition such as recognizing abnormal EMG, ECG, EEG sets as well for searching already scanned signals.


New Approaches to Circle Packing in a Square - 2826739560

663,55 zł

New Approaches to Circle Packing in a Square Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This book presents an overview of recent results achieved in solving the circle packing problem. It provides the reader with a comprehensive view of both theoretical and computational achievements. Illustrations of problem solutions are shown, elegantly displaying the results obtained.In one sense, the problem of finding the densest packing of congruent circles in a square is easy to understand: it is a matter of positioning a given number of equal circles in such a way that the circles fit fully in a square without overlapping. But on closer inspection, this problem reveals itself to be an interesting challenge of discrete and computational geometry with all its surprising structural forms and regularities. As the number of circles to be packed increases, solving a circle packing problem rapidly becomes rather difficult. To give an example of the difficulty of some problems, consider that in several cases there even exists a circle in an optimal packing that can be moved slightly while retaining the optimality. Such free circles (or "rattles ) mean that there exist not only a continuum of optimal solutions, but the measure of the set of optimal solutions is positive! This book summarizes results achieved in solving the circle packing problem over the past few years, providing the reader with a comprehensive view of both theoretical and computational achievements. Typically illustrations of problem solutions are shown, elegantly displaying the results obtained.§Beyond the theoretically challenging character of the problem, the solution methods developed in the book also have many practical applications. Direct applications include cutting out congruent two-dimensional objects from an expensive material, or locating points within a square in such a way that the shortest distance between them is maximal. Circle packing problems are closely related to the "obnoxious facility location problems, to the Tammes problem, and less closely related to the Kissing Number Problem. The emerging computational algorithms can also be helpful in other hard-to-solve optimization problems like molecule conformation.The wider scientific community has already been involved in checking the codes and has helped in having the computational proofs accepted. Since the codes can be worked with directly, they will enable the reader to improve on them and solve problem instances that still remain challenging, or to use them as a starting point for solving related application problems.§Audience§This book will appeal to those interested in discrete geometrical problems and their efficient solution techniques. Operations research and optimization experts will also find it worth reading as a case study of how the utilization of the problem structure and specialities made it possible to find verified solutions of previously hopeless high-dimensional nonlinear optimization problems with nonlinear constraints.


Consumer Behaviour - 2834695610

433,71 zł

Consumer Behaviour VDM Verlag Dr. Müller

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Consumer behaviour is one of the most complicated and dynamic mechanism. Understanding Consumer Behaviour had never been easy though many attempts are made to understand human behaviour through various theories and case studies. It remains a contemporary subject not only for researchers but also for marketers. Many researches had been conducted but consumers have always been elusive and demanding. The only way for marketers to be effective is having conviction towards radical and continuous change. For the purpose, continuous evaluation and monitoring is important, and one of the methods is marketing investigation. The fundamental question of this investigation has been to explore the target market for notebook computers, to find out the right marketing mix for notebook computers and to form certain valid hypothesis for future research. The study also covers the factors influencing consumer behaviour and also the purchase process which the consumers undergo in purchase of notebook computers. The data included is primary in nature. The work would be of immense value to marketers, consumers and researchers in the domain.


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