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Return of the Green Lady - 2826905099

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Return of the Green Lady Lightning Source UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Twins Elis and Ellen are on their annual summer visit to their Great-Aunt Bella in Wales. The discovery of an ancient, long lost book containing a cryptic poem sends them on a terrifying adventure to uncover the truth behind the legend of the Green Lady. Encounters with ghostly apparitions and dark forces put them in mortal danger and leads to a race against time to save Ellen from a gruesome fate. A gripping, fast moving ghost story which puts a new slant on an established legend.


Return To Sender - 2845979341

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Return To Sender Normal


1. Penelope Houston/nina 2. Cordelia's Dad/ramblin Beauty 3. Fellow Travellers/salt Of A Fallen Tear 4. L.tillett-c.owen/midnight Rain 5. D.schramm/a Woman's Name 6. Giant Sand/the Replacement 7. F.s.k./ramblin' Man 8. Walter Salas-humara/the Sound Next Door 9. Hannah Marcus/the Fulda Song 10. H.race/saw The Lights Go By 11. S.wynn/crazy Feeling 12. C.cacavas/i Like Lyle Lovett 13. K.secola/zogipon 14. Badlam Rovers/sweet Talker 15. Gutterball/last Call Comes 16. S.hunter/hindsight 17. Epic Sountracks/tonight's The Night 18. Thinking Fellers Union/green Eyed Lady 19. Us Sauer/sized It Up


John Waynes West In Music - 2839407013

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John Waynes West In Music Bear Family Records


1. Overture (From: The Alamo) 2. Main Title (De Guella & The Green Leaves Of Summ 3. David Crockett Arrives (From: The Alamo) 4. Wayne, John - David Crockett's Speech (From: The A 5. Raid For Cattle (From: The Alamo) 6. Tennessee Babe (From: The Alamo) 7. Here's To The Ladies (From: The Alamo) 8. Robbins, Marty - Ballad Of The Alamo (From: The Al 9. The Green Leaves Of Summer (From: The Alamo) 10. General Santa Anna (From: The Alamo) 11. Wayne, John - David Crockett (From: The Alamo) 12. Brothers Four, The - The Green Leaves Of Summer (F 13. Charge Of Santa Anna: Death Of David Crockett (Fro 14. Finale (From: The Alamo) 15. Avalon, Frankie - Tennessee Babe (From: The Alamo) 16. Avalon, Frankie - The Green Leaves Of Summer (From 17. Avalon, Frankie - Here's To The Ladies (From: The 18. Avalon, Frankie - The Ballad Of The Alamo (From: T 19. Horton, Johnny - North To Alaska (From: North To A 20. Fabian - If You Knew (From: North To Alaska) 21. Horton, Johnny - Go North (From: North To Alaska) 22. Horton, Johnny - North To Alaska (From: North To A 23. Main Title (From: The Comancheros) 24. Marvin, Lee & John Wayne - Red Wing (From: The Com 25. King, Claude - The Comancheros (From: The Comanche 26. Main Title (From: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 27. Pitney, Gene - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (F 28. End Title (From: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance) 101. Overture (Extended Version): How The West Was Won/ 102. Main Title (From: How The West Was Won) 103. This Is The West (From: How The West Was Won) 104. Ken Darby Singers & The Whiskeyhill Singers - The 105. Two Hearts On A Tree (From: How The West Was Won) 106. Ken Darby Singers - Shenandoah (From: How The West 107. First Meeting (From: How The West Was Won) 108. Fortina, Carl - First Kiss (From: How The West Was 109. The Morning After (From: How The West Was Won) 110. The River Pirates (The River Pirates / Stalking An 111. Godspeed Eve (Godspeed Eve / The Rapids) (From: Ho 112. Reynolds, Debbie & Carroll Baker - The Burial (Ber 113. Wagon Train Forward (Wagon Train & War With Mexico 114. Sit Down Sister (From: How The West Was Won) 115. Guard, Dave - Wanderin' (From: How The West Was Wo 116. The Jump Off Point (From: How The West Was Won) 117. Cleve Van Valen (Cleve Van Valen / Wagon Train / M 118. Guard, Dave - Poor Wayfarin' Stranger (From: How T 119. Reynolds, Debbie & The Ken Darby Singers & The - R 120. Fortina, Carl - Come Share My Life (From: How The 121. Cheyennes (Cheyennes / Indian Fight) (Extended Ver 122. Henske, Judy & The Whiskeyhill Quartet - Careless 123. Morgan, Tommy (Harmonica) - Gold Claim (From: How 124. Reynolds, Debbie - What Was Your Name In The State 125. Fortina, Carl - He's Gone Away (Outtake) (From: Ho 126. Reynolds, Debbie - A Home In The Meadow (From: How 127. Marriage Proposal (From: How The West Was Won) 128. Entr'acte (Extended Version): How The West Was Won 129. Mr. Lincoln (From: How The West Was Won) 130. Ken Darby Singers - He's Linus' Boy (From: How The 131. I'm Sad & I'm Lonely (Outtake) (From: How The We 132. Ken Darby Singers, The - When Johnny Comes Marchin 201. Zeb's Return (From: How The West Was Won) 202. The Pony Express (From: How The West Was Won) 203. Chorus - A Railroader's Bride I'll Be (From: How T 204. Chorus - Workin' (From: How The West Was Won) 205. The Jugglers (From: How The West Was Won) 206. Almeida, Laurindo & Carl Fortina (Concertina - No 207. Zeb & Jethro (From: How The West Was Won) 208. Buffalo Stampede (Buffalo Stampede / Aftermath) (F 209. Climb A Higher Hill (Extended Version) (From: How 210. The Van Valen Auction (From: How The West Was Won) 211. Gant (From: How The West Was Won) 212. No Goodbye (From: How The West Was Won) 213. Celebration (From: How The West Was Won) 214. Ken Darby Singers, The - Finale (From: How The Wes 215. Ken Darby Singers, The - Finale Ultimo (From: How 216. Exit Music: Banks Of The Sacramento/salli Terri & 217. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - Miss 218. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - A Hom 219. Clark, Immogene & Carl Fortina (Accordion) - When 220. Morgan, Tommy (Harmonica) - Shenandoah (Alternate 221. Clark, Immogene - Rock Of Ages (Playback Version) 222. Clark, Immogene - The Erie Canal (Playback Version 223. Reynolds, Debbie - Wait For The Hoedown (Extended 224. First Meeting (Alternate Version) (From: How The W 225. Darby Singers, Ken - No Goodbye (Demo) (From: How 226. Reynolds, Debbie - A Home In The Meadow (Alternate 227. Main Title & Katherine Theme (From: Mclintock!) 228. Hurry Up Hoedown (From: Mclintock!) 229. The Other Woman (From: Mclintock!) 230. Rowdaych (From: Mclintock!) 231. Run Katie Run (From: Mclintock!) 232. Wayne, Pat & Stefanie Powers & Jerry Van Dyke - Mc 233. The Young (From: Mclintock!) 234. The Lover's Waltz (From: Mclintock!) 235. Powers, Stefanie & Jerry Van Dyke - Just Right For 236. Red Garters (From: Mclintock!) 237. The Cakewalk (From: Mclintock!) 238. Wayne, John - Katie With The Light Red Hair (From: 301. Main Title (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 302. Wayne, John - Texas Is A Woman (From: The Sons Of 303. The Elders Fight (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 304. Dangerous Journey (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 305. Trouble In Town (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 306. Return To Town (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 307. Cash, Johnny - The Sons Of Katie Elder (From: The 308. Rebuked (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 309. Memories Of Clearwater (From: The Sons Of Katie El 310. Sheriff Ambushed (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 311. Katie's Bible (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 312. Hastings Ranch (From: The Sons Of Katie Elder) 313. Alexander, George & The Mellomen - El Dorado (From 314. La Mariposa (From: El Dorado) 315. Dos Espuelas (From: El Dorado) 316. Free Frijoles (From: El Dorado) 317. Hasta Luego (From: El Dorado) 318. Shoot Out (From: El Dorado) 319. La Noche Y Las Estrellas (The Night & The Stars) 320. Cuerval (From: El Dorado) 321. La Cantina (From: El Dorado) 322. El Dorado (From: El Dorado) 323. Campbell, Glen - True Grit (From: True Grit) 324. Rooster (From: True Grit) 325. Mattie & Little Blackie (From: True Grit) 326. A Dastardly Deed (From: True Grit) 327. Papa's Things (From: True Grit) 328. True Grit (From: True Grit) 329. Chen Lee & The General (From: True Grit) 330. Big Trail (From: True Grit) 331. Cogburn Country (From: True Grit) 332. Campbell, Glen - True Grit (From: True Grit) 401. Overture (Moving Out) (From: The Cowboys) 402. Main Title (Morning On The Ranch) (From: The Cowbo 403. Schoolboys Or Cowboys? (The Campsite) (From: The C 404. Learning The Ropes (On The Trail Again) (From: The 405. Wild Horses (Wayward Ladies) (From: The Cowboys) 406. Deserted (From: The Cowboys) 407. Crazy Alice (Training Spills) (From: The Cowboys) 408. Alternate Main Title (From: The Cowboys) 409. The Ranch (Death Of A Cowboy) (From: The Cowboys) 410. Bedtime Story (Nightfall) (From: The Cowboys) 411. High Spirits (From: The Cowboys) 412. Rustlers (The Takeover) (From: The Cowboys) 413. The Death Riders (From: The Cowboys) 414. Stealing Back The Heard (Final Conflict) (From: Th 415. Nightfall (From: The Cowboys) 416. A Coward's Deed (From: The Cowboys) 417. A Sad Day (A Man To Respect) (From: The Cowboys) 418. The Trap (From: The Cowboys) 419. Into The Trap (Trouble) (From: The Cowboys) 420. The Drive (Learning The Ropes) (From: The Cowboys) 421. End Of The Drive (From: The Cowboys) 422. Summer's Over (From: The Cowboys) 423. Finale / End Title (From: The Cowboys) 424. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Cowboys) 425. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Cowboys) 426. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Cowboys) 427. Finale / End Title - Alternate 1 (From: The Cowboy 428. Finale / End Title - Alternate 2 (From: The Cowboy 501. Dixie (From: The Horse Soldiers) 502. Male Chorus - I Left My Love (From: The Horse Sold 503. Lorena (From: The Horse Soldiers) 504. Male Chorus - Bonnie Blue Flag (From: The Horse So 505. I Left My Love (From: The Horse Soldiers) 506. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (From: The Horse S 507. Bonnie Blue Flag (From: The Horse Soldiers) 508. Male Chorus - The Girl I Left Behind Me (From: The 509. Deep River / Lorena (From: The Horse Soldiers) 510. Kingdom Coming (From: The Horse Soldiers) 511. Male Quartet - Tenting Tonight (From: The Horse So 512. By The Campfire (From: The Horse Soldiers) 513. Male Chorus - When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Fro 514. Ames, Ed - Main Title / Ballad Of The War Wagon (F 515. Ames, Ed - Ballad Of The War Wagon (Studio Version 516. Main Title (From: The Undefeated) 517. The Battle Cry Of Freedom / Dixie (From: The Undef 518. Carey Jr, Harry - Yankee Doodle / End Title (From: 519. Haggard, Merle - Ballad Of John Chisum (From: Chis 520. Polka (From: Chisum) 521. Haggard, Merle - Turn Me Around (From: Chisum) 522. Main Title / End Title (From: Rio Lobo) 523. Main Title (From: Big Jake) 524. End Title (From: Big Jake) 525. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Train Robbers) 526. Main Title (From: Cahill, United States Marshal) 527. Wayne, John - Streets Of Laredo (From: Cahill, Uni 528. Orchestral Sequence (From: Cahill, United States M 529. Rich, Charlie - A Man Gets To Thinking (From: Cahi 530. Main Title / End Title (From: Rooster Cogburn) 531. Main Title (From: The Shootist) 532. Bacall, Lauren & John Wayne - Tit-willow (From 'Th 533. End Title (From: The Shootist) 601. Main Title / Return From Patrol (From: Rio Grande) 602. Sons Of The Pioneers - Yellow Stripes (From: Rio G 603. Soldiers Fight (From: Rio Grande) 604. Sons Of The Pioneers - I'll Take You Home Again Ka 605. Dispossessed (From: Rio Grande) 606. Sons Of The Pioneers - Cattle Call (From: Rio Gran 607. Indian Chant (From: Rio Grande) 608. Johnson, Ben & Harry Carey, Jr & Claude Jarman, - 609. Reunion (From: Rio Grande) 610. Indian Raid / Escape (From: Rio Grande) 611. Sons Of The Pioneers - The Erie Canal (From: Rio G 612. Laundresses' Row (From: Rio Grande) 613. Sons Of The Pioneers - My Gal Is Purple (From: Rio 614. Sons Of The Pioneers - Down By The Glenside (From: 615. Sons Of The Pioneers - Footsore Cavalry (From: Rio 616. Meeting At The Rio Grande (From: Rio Grande) 617. Confederate Dollars & Yankee Gold (From: Rio Gra 618. The Girl I Left Behind Me / Departure For Fort Bli 619. Tyree Meets The Wagon Train / Indian Attack (From: 620. Call Your Volunteers (From: Rio Grande) 621. Indian Dance (From: Rio Grande) 622. Nighttime Approach / Rescuing The Children (From: 623. Coming Home (From: Rio Grande) 624. Dixie / End Title (From: Rio Grande) 625. Main Title (From: The Fighting Kentuckian) 626. Eight Hundred Miles (From: The Fighting Kentuckian 627. Windsor, Mary - Oh, Hangman, Let Me Down (From: Th 628. Wayne, John & Oliver Hardy - Six Hundred Miles (Fr 629. Main Title / End Title (From: Hondo) 630. Sons Of The Pioneers - The Searchers (From: The Se 631. Curtis, Ken - Skip To My Lou / Yellow Rose Of Texa 632. Sons Of The Pioneers - We Will Gather At The River 633. Sons Of The Pioneers - The Searchers (Studio Versi 634. Main Title (From: Rio Bravo) 635. Martin, Dean & Rick Nelson - My Rifle, Pony & Me ( 636. Nelson, Ricky & Walter Brennan - Cindy (From: Rio 637. Riddle, Nelson - De Guello (From: Rio Bravo) 638. Martin, Dean - Rio Bravo (Studio Version) (From: R 639. Martin, Dean - My Rifle, My Pony & Me (Studio Vers 701. Main Title / End Title (From: The Big Trail) 702. Square Dance (From: The Big Trail) 703. Main Title / End Title (From: Haunted Gold) 704. Sweet Genevieve (From: Haunted Gold) 705. Main Title (From: Texas Cyclone) 706. End Title (From: Texas Cyclone) 707. Main Title: My Pony Boy / She'll Be Comin' 'Round 708. Arizona Wranglers - Till We Meet Again (From: Ride 709. She'll Be Comin' Round The Mountain (From: Ride Hi 710. Main Title (From: The Big Stampede) 711. Wayne, John - Oh Susanna (From: The Big Stampede) 712. End Title (From: The Big Stampede) 713. Main Title: March (From: Telegraph Trail) 714. Orchestral Sequence (From: Telegraph Trail) 715. Wayne, John - Country Dance (From: Telegraph Trail 716. Wayne, John - Oh Susanna (From: Telegraph Trail) 717. Baldra, Chuck & Jack Kirk - Mandy Lee (From: Tele 718. Main Title (From: Somewhere In Sonora) 719. March (From: Somewhere In Sonora) 720. Vocal Quartet - Main Title (Spanish) (From: The Ma 721. Alberti, Luis - (El Zapatero) (From: The Man From 722. Reed, Donald - (Confida A Me) (From: The Man From 723. Main Title (Also: Sagebrush Trail, The Dawn Rider) 724. Bradbury, Bill - A Cowboy's Song Of Fate (From: Ri 725. Bradbury, Bill - Song Of The Wild (From: Riders Of 726. Main Title (Also: The Star Packer, Texas Terror, P 727. Main Title (Also Blue Steel) (From: West Of The Di 728. March (From: The Man From Utah) 729. Main Title (Also: Randy Rides Alone, The Lawless F 730. Sobre Las Olas (Honky-tonk Piano Solo) (From: Rand 731. Main Title (From: 'Neath Arizona Skies) 732. Main Title (Also: The Desert Trail, Paradise Canyo 733. The Texas Two - Murdock, Perry & Gordon Cliffor - 734. The Texas Two - Murdock, Perry & Gordon Cliffor - 735. Main Title (From: Westward Ho) 736. Arizona Wranglers - Covered Wagons Rolling West (F 737. Arizona Wranglers - The Rocky Road To Town (From: 738. Kirk, Jack - The Girl I See In My Dreams (From: We 739. Kirk, Jack - Drinkin' (From: Lawless Range) 740. Kirk, Jack - On The Banks Of The Sunny San Juan (F 741. Arizona Wranglers - The Old Dusty Road Back Home ( 742. Main Title (From: The Lawless Nineties) 743. Oh Susanna / Heaven! Heaven! (From: The Lawless Ni 744. Main Title (From: King Of The Pecos) 745. Orchestral Sequence (From: King Of The Pecos) 746. Main Title (Also: Winds Of The Wasteland) (From: T 747. Fred 'Snowflake' Toones: Camptown Races (From: The 748. Chorus - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (From: The Lonel 749. Mcdaniel, Etta - Old Folks At Home (From: The Lone 750. Main Title / End Title (Also: Overland Stage Rider 751. Orchestral Sequence (Also: Red River Range, Three 801. Main Title (From: Stagecoach) 802. Orchestral Sequence (From: Stagecoach) 803. Rios, Elvira - (Al Pensar En Ti) (From: Stagecoach 804. End Title / Jeanie With The Light-brown Hair (From 805. End Title (From: Wyoming Outlaw) 806. Main Title (From: The New Frontier) 807. The Land Of The New Frontier (From: The New Fronti 808. (Way Out On The Range) (From: The New Frontier) 809. Main Title / End Title (From: Allegheny Uprising) 810. Wills, Chill - Jeannie Mcdougal (From: Allegheny U 811. Fife & Drum March (From: Allegheny Uprising) 812. Chorus - Yankee Doodle (From: Allegheny Uprising) 813. Main Title / End Title (From: Dark Command) 814. Main Title (From: The Shepherd Of The Hills) 815. Field, Betty - Unconstant Lover (From: The Shepher 816. Brahms Lullaby (From: The Shepherd Of The Hills) 817. Orchestral Sequence (From: The Shepherd Of The Hil 818. Fadden, Tom - Happy, Happy Hunting Ground (From: T 819. Main Title / End Title (From: The Spoilers) 820. Barnes, Binnie - California Joe (From: In Old Cali 821. Buttolph, David - Jerusalem My Happy Home (From: I 822. March (From: In Old California) 823. Buttolph, David - There's Gold In The Valley (From 824. Main Title (From: Lady Takes A Chance) 825. Singin' It, Swingin' It (From: Lady Takes A Chance 826. Main Title / End Title (From: In Old Oklahoma) 827. Wayne, John - Red Wing (From: In Old Oklahoma) 828. Evans, Dale - Put Your Arms Around Me Honey (From: 829. Down By The Old Mill Stream (From: In Old Oklahoma 830. Hayes, George 'Gabby' - Pierpoint Morgan (From: In 831. Main Title / End Title (From: Tall In The Saddle) 832. Main Title / End Title (From: Flame Of Barbary Coa 833. Too Much Mustard (From: Flame Of Barbary Coast) 834. Grey, Virginia - Baby Blue Eyes (From: Flame Of Ba 835. Dvorak, Ann - Love, Here Is My Heart (From: Flame 836. Wayne, John - Love, Here Is My Heart (From: Flame 837. Dvorak, Ann - Carrie, Marry Harry (From: Flame Of 838. Dvorak, Ann - By The Light Of The Silvery Moon (Fr 839. Dvorak, Ann - That Man Is Always On My Mind (From: 840. Grey, Virginia - Have A Heart (From: Flame Of Barb 841. Main Title (From: Dakota) 842. Munson, Ona - Coax Me! (From: Dakota) 843. Orchestral Sequence (From: Angel & The Badman) 844. Barton, Joan - There's Something In Your Eyes (Fro 901. Main Title (From: Fort Apache) 902. Chorus - Mccafferty's March (From: Fort Apache) 903. Foran, Dick - Sweet Genevieve (From: Fort Apache) 904. Orchestral Sequence (From: Fort Apache) 905. Irish Jig (From: Fort Apache) 906. Oh, Dem Golden Slippers (From: Fort Apache) 907. Col. Thursday's Charge (From: Fort Apache) 908. Settle Down To Missouri (From: Red River) 909. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (From: She Wore A Yellow 910. Orchestral Sequence (From: She Wore A Yellow Ribbo 911. Main Title (From: Three Godfathers) 912. Carey Jr, Harry & John Wayne - Streets Of Laredo ( 913. Orchestral Sequence (From: Three Godfathers) 914. Carey Jr, Harry - Shall We Gather At The River (Fr 915. Opening 'Screen Directors' Guild Assignment' (Host 916. Introduction By George Marshall & John Ford (Fro 917. Stagecoach (Adapted From The Sceenplay By Milton G 918. Short Discussion Of The Production (From: January 919. Barton, Frank - Closing Announcement By Frank Bart


Album Collection (Box) - 2840348139

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Album Collection (Box)


1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. I'm Counting On You 3. I Got A Woman 4. One-sided Love Affair 5. I Love You Because 6. Just Because 7. Tutti Frutti 8. Trying To Get To You 9. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) 10. I'll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin') 11. Blue Moon 12. Money Honey 101. Rip It Up 102. Love Me 103. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 104. Long Tall Sally 105. First In Line 106. Paralyzed 107. So Glad You're Mine 108. Old Shep 109. Ready Teddy 110. Anyplace Is Paradise 111. How's The World Treating You 112. How Do You Think I Feel 201. Mean Woman Blues 202. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 203. Loving You 204. Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do! 205. Lonesome Cowboy 206. Hot Dog 207. (Let's Have A) Party 208. Blueberry Hill 209. True Love 210. Don't Leave Me Now 211. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You 212. I Need You So 213. Tell Me Why 301. Santa Claus Is Back In Town 302. White Christmas 303. Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus L 304. I'll Be Home For Christmas 305. Blue Christmas 306. Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me) 307. O Little Town Of Bethlehem 308. Silent Night 309. (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me) 310. I Believe 311. Take My Hand, Precious Lord 312. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) 401. Hound Dog 402. Loving You 403. All Shook Up 404. Heartbreak Hotel 405. Jailhouse Rock 406. Love Me 407. Too Much 408. Don't Be Cruel 409. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 410. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 411. Love Me Tender 412. Treat Me Nice 413. Any Way You Want Me (That's How I Will Be) 414. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 501. King Creole 502. As Long As I Have You 503. Hard Headed Woman 504. Trouble 505. Dixieland Rock 506. Don't Ask Me Why 507. Lover Doll 508. Crawfish 509. Young Dreams 510. Steadfast, Loyal And True 511. New Orleans 512. Danny 601. That's All Right 602. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 603. Mystery Train 604. Playing For Keeps 605. Poor Boy 606. My Baby Left Me 607. I Was The One 608. Shake, Rattle And Roll 609. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 610. You're A Heartbreaker 611. I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine 612. Let Me 701. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 702. Young And Beautiful 703. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care 704. Milk Cow Blues Boogie 705. Baby, Let's Play House 706. Good Rockin' Tonight 707. Is It So Strange 708. We're Gonna Move 709. I Want To Be Free 710. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 711. Don't Leave Me Now 712. Harbor Lights 801. I Need Your Love Tonight 802. Don't 803. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 804. My Wish Came True 805. I Got Stung 806. One Night 807. A Big Hunk O' Love 808. I Beg Of You 809. (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I 810. Doncha' Think It's Time 901. Make Me Know It 902. Fever 903. The Girl Of My Best Friend 904. I Will Be Home Again 905. Dirty, Dirty Feeling 906. Thrill Of Your Love 907. Soldier Boy 908. Such A Night 909. It Feels So Right 910. The Girl Next Door Went A'walking 911. Like A Baby 912. Reconsider Baby 1001. Tonight Is So Right For Love 1002. What's She Really Like 1003. Frankfort Special 1004. Wooden Heart 1005. G.i. Blues 1006. Pocketful Of Rainbows 1007. Shoppin' Around 1008. Big Boots 1009. Didja' Ever 1010. Blue Suede Shoes 1011. Doin' The Best I Can 1012. Tonight's All Right For Love 1101. His Hand In Mine 1102. I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs 1103. In My Father's House 1104. Milky White Way 1105. Known Only To Him 1106. I Believe In The Man In The Sky 1107. Joshua Fit The Battle 1108. He Knows Just What I Need 1109. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 1110. Mansion Over The Hilltop 1111. If We Never Meet Again 1112. Working On The Building 1201. There's Always Me 1202. Give Me The Right 1203. It's A Sin 1204. Sentimental Me 1205. Starting Today 1206. Gently 1207. I'm Coming Home 1208. In Your Arms 1209. Put The Blame On Me 1210. Judy 1211. I Want You With Me 1212. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell 1301. Blue Hawaii 1302. Almost Always True 1303. Aloha Oe 1304. No More 1305. Can't Help Falling In Love 1306. Rock-a-hula Baby 1307. Moonlight Swim 1308. Ku-u-i-po 1309. Ito Eats 1310. Slicin' Sand 1311. Hawaiian Sunset 1312. Beach Boy Blues 1313. Island Of Love 1314. Hawaiian Wedding Song 1401. Kiss Me Quick 1402. Just For Old Time Sake 1403. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow 1404. (Such An) Easy Question 1405. Steppin' Out Of Line 1406. I'm Yours 1407. Something Blue 1408. Suspicion 1409. I Feel That I've Known You Forever 1410. Night Rider 1411. Fountain Of Love 1412. That's Someone You Never Forget 1501. Girls! Girls! Girls! 1502. I Don't Wanna Be Tied 1503. Where Do You Come From 1504. I Don't Want To 1505. We'll Be Together 1506. A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You 1507. Earth Boy 1508. Return To Sender 1509. Because Of Love 1510. Thanks To The Rolling Sea 1511. Song Of The Shrimp 1512. The Walls Have Ears 1513. We're Coming In Loaded 1601. Beyond The Bend 1602. Relax 1603. Take Me To The Fair 1604. They Remind Me Too Much Of You 1605. One Broken Heart For Sale 1606. I'm Falling In Love Tonight 1607. Cotton Candy Land 1608. A World Of Our Own 1609. How Would You Like To Be 1610. Happy Ending 1701. It's Now Or Never 1702. Stuck On You 1703. Fame And Fortune 1704. I Gotta Know 1705. Surrender 1706. I Feel So Bad 1707. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 1708. (Marie's The Name Of) His Latest Flame 1709. Little Sister 1710. Good Luck Charm 1711. Anything That's Part Of You 1712. She's Not You 1801. Fun In Acapulco 1802. Vino, Dinero Y Amor 1803. Mexico 1804. El Toro 1805. Marguerita 1806. The Bullfighter Was A Lady 1807. (There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car 1808. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 1809. Bossa Nova Baby 1810. You Can't Say No In Acapulco 1811. Guadalajara 1812. Love Me Tonight 1813. Slowly But Surely 1901. Kissin' Cousins (No. 2) 1902. Smokey Mountain Boy 1903. There's Gold In The Mountains 1904. One Boy, Two Little Girls 1905. Catchin' On Fast 1906. Tender Feeling 1907. Anyone (Could Fall In Love With You) 1908. Barefoot Ballad 1909. Once Is Enough 1910. Kissin' Cousins 1911. Echoes Of Love 1912. (It's A) Long Lonely Highway 2001. Roustabout 2002. Little Egypt 2003. Poison Ivy League 2004. Hard Knocks 2005. It's A Wonderful World 2006. Big Love, Big Heartache 2007. One Track Heart 2008. It's Carnival Time 2009. Carny Town 2010. There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon 2011. Wheels On My Heels 2101. Girl Happy 2102. Spring Fever 2103. Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce 2104. Startin' Tonight 2105. Wolf Call 2106. Do Not Disturb 2107. Cross My Heart And Hope To Die 2108. The Meanest Girl In Town 2109. Do The Clam 2110. Puppet On A String 2111. I've Got To Find My Baby 2112. You'll Be Gone 2201. Your Cheatin' Heart 2202. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears 2203. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers 2204. In My Way 2205. Tomorrow Night 2206. Memphis Tennessee 2207. For The Millionth And The Last Time 2208. Forget Me Never 2209. Sound Advice 2210. Santa Lucia (From Viva Las Vegas) 2211. I Met Her Today 2212. When It Rains, It Really Pours 2301. Harem Holiday 2302. My Desert Serenade 2303. Go East, Young Man 2304. Mirage 2305. Kismet 2306. Shake That Tambourine 2307. Hey Little Girl 2308. Golden Coins 2309. So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise) 2310. Animal Instinct 2311. Wisdom Of The Ages 2401. Frankie And Johnny 2402. Come Along 2403. Petunia, The Gardener's Daughter 2404. Chesay 2405. What Every Woman Lives For 2406. Look Out, Broadway 2407. Beginner's Luck 2408. Down By The Riverside / When The Saints Go March 2409. Down By The Riverside 2410. When The Saints Go Marching In 2411. Shout It Out 2412. Hard Luck 2413. Please Don't Stop Loving Me 2414. Everybody Come Aboard 2501. Paradise, Hawaiian Style 2502. Queenie Wahine's Papaya 2503. Scratch My Back 2504. Drums Of The Islands 2505. Datin' 2506. A Dog's Life 2507. House Of Sand 2508. Stop Where You Are 2509. This Is My Heaven 2510. Sand Castles 2601. Stop, Look And Listen 2602. Adam And Evil 2603. All That I Am 2604. Never Say Yes 2605. Am I Ready 2606. Beach Shack 2607. Spinout 2608. Smorgasbord 2609. I'll Be Back 2610. Tomorrow Is A Long Time 2611. Down In The Alley 2612. I'll Remember You 2701. How Great Thou Art 2702. In The Garden 2703. Somebody Bigger Than You And I 2704. Farther Along 2705. Stand By Me 2706. Without Him 2707. So High 2708. Where Could I Go But To The Lord 2709. By And By 2710. If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side 2711. Run On 2712. Where No One Stands Alone 2713. Crying In The Chapel 2714. We Call On Him 2715. You'll Never Walk Alone 2801. Double Trouble 2802. Baby, If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love 2803. Could I Fall In Love 2804. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) 2805. City By Night 2806. Old Macdonald 2807. I Love Only One Girl 2808. There Is So Much World To See 2809. It Won't Be Long 2810. Never Ending 2811. Blue River 2812. What Now, What Next, Where To 2901. Guitar Man 2902. Clambake 2903. Who Needs Money? 2904. A House That Has Everything 2905. Confidence 2906. Hey, Hey, Hey 2907. You Don't Know Me 2908. The Girl I Never Loved 2909. How Can You Lose What You Never Had 2910. Big Boss Man 2911. Singing Tree 2912. Just Call Me Lonesome 2913. Hi-heel Sneakers 3001. Love Letters 3002. Witchcraft 3003. It Hurts Me 3004. What'd I Say 3005. Please Don't Drag That String Around 3006. Indescribably Blue 3007. (You're The) Devil In Disguise 3008. Lonely Man 3009. A Mess Of Blues 3010. Ask Me 3011. Ain't That Loving You Baby 3012. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello 3013. Wild In The Country 3014. Viva Las Vegas 3101. Speedway 3102. There Ain't Nothing Like A Song 3103. Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby 3104. Who Are You? (Who Am I?) 3105. He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad 3106. Let Yourself Go 3107. Your Groovy Self 3108. Five Sleepy Heads 3109. Western Union 3110. Mine 3111. Goin' Home 3112. Suppose 3201. Flaming Star 3202. Wonderful World 3203. Night Life 3204. All I Needed Was The Rain 3205. Too Much Monkey Business 3206. The Yellow Rose Of Texas / The Eyes Of Texas 3207. The Yellow Rose Of Texas 3208. The Eyes Of Texas 3209. She's A Machine 3210. Do The Vega 3211. Tiger Man 3212. Britches 3213. A Cane And A High Starched Collar 3301. Medley: Trouble / Guitar Man 3302. Trouble 3303. Guitar Man 3304. Medley: Lawdy, Miss Clawdy / Baby, What You Want 3305. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy 3306. Baby, What You Want Me To Do 3307. Heartbreak Hotel 3308. Hound Dog 3309. All Shook Up 3310. Can't Help Falling In Love 3311. Jailhouse Rock 3312. Love Me Tender 3313. Medley: Where Could I Go But To The Lord / Up Ab 3314. Where Could I Go But To The Lord 3315. Up Above My Head 3316. Saved 3317. Medley: Blue Christmas / One Night 3318. Blue Christmas 3319. One Night 3320. Memories 3321. Medley: Nothingville / Big Boss Man / Guitar Man 3322. Nothingville 3323. Big Boss Man 3324. Guitar Man 3325. Little Egypt 3326. Trouble 3327. Guitar Man 3328. If I Can Dream 3401. Wearin' That Loved On Look 3402. Only The Strong Survive 3403. I'll Hold You In My Heart (Till I Can Hold You I 3404. Long Black Limousine 3405. It Keeps Right On A-hurtin' 3406. I'm Movin' On 3407. Power Of My Love 3408. Gentle On My Mind 3409. After Loving You 3410. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 3411. Any Day Now 3412. In The Ghetto 3413. Suspicious Minds 3414. Don't Cry Daddy 3415. Kentucky Rain 3416. Mama Liked The Roses 3501. Blue Suede Shoes 3502. Johnny B. Goode 3503. All Shook Up 3504. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 3505. Hound Dog 3506. I Can't Stop Loving You 3507. My Babe 3508. Medley: Mystery Train / Tiger Man 3509. Mystery Train 3510. Tiger Man 3511. Words 3512. In The Ghetto 3513. Suspicious Minds 3514. Can't Help Falling In Love 3515. Inherit The Wind 3516. This Is The Story 3517. Stranger In My Own Home Town 3518. A Little Bit Of Green 3519. And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind 3520. Do You Know Who I Am 3521. From A Jack To A King 3522. The Fair's Moving On 3523. You'll Think Of Me 3524. Without Love (There Is Nothing) 3601. Stay Away, Joe 3602. If I'm A Fool (For Loving You) 3603. Let's Be Friends 3604. Let's Forget About The Stars 3605. Mama 3606. I'll Be There 3607. Almost 3608. Change Of Habit 3609. Have A Happy 3610. Dainty Little Moonbeams 3611. Girls! Girls! Girls! Finale 3612. Plantation Rock 3613. Let Us Pray 3614. Who Am I? 3701. See See Rider 3702. Release Me 3703. Sweet Caroline 3704. Runaway 3705. The Wonder Of You 3706. Polk Salad Annie 3707. Yesterday 3708. Proud Mary 3709. Walk A Mile In My Shoes 3710. Let It Be Me 3801. Almost In Love 3802. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) 3803. Edge Of Reality 3804. My Little Friend 3805. A Little Less Conversation 3806. Rubberneckin' 3807. Clean Up Your Own Backyard 3808. U.s. Male 3809. Charro! 3810. Stay Away 3811. Dominick 3812. Signs Of The Zodiak 3813. Swing Down Sweet Chariot 3901. I Just Can't Help Believin' 3902. Twenty Days And Twenty Nights 3903. How The Web Was Woven 3904. Patch It Up 3905. Mary In The Morning 3906. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 3907. You've Lost That Loving Feeling 3908. I've Lost You 3909. Just Pretend 3910. Stranger In The Crowd 3911. The Next Step Is Love 3912. Bridge Over Troubled Water 3913. I've Lost You 3914. Patch It Up 4001. Snowbird 4002. Tomorrow Never Comes 4003. Little Cabin On The Hill 4004. Whole Lot-ta Shakin' Goin' On 4005. Funny How Time Slips Away 4006. I Really Don't Want To Know 4007. There Goes My Everything 4008. It's Your Baby, You Rock It 4009. The Fool 4010. Faded Love 4011. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water 4012. Make The World Go Away 4101. Love Letters 4102. When I'm Over You 4103. If I Were You 4104. Got My Mojo Working / Keep Your Hands Off Of It 4105. Got My Mojo Working 4106. Keep Your Hands Off Of It 4107. Heart Of Rome 4108. Only Believe 4109. This Is Our Dance 4110. Cindy, Cindy 4111. I'll Never Know 4112. It Ain't No Big Thing (But It's Growing) 4113. Life 4114. The Sound Of Your Cry 4115. Where Did They Go, Lord 4116. Rags To Riches 4201. C'mon Everybody 4202. Angel 4203. Easy Come, Easy Go 4204. A Whistling Tune 4205. Follow That Dream 4206. King Of The Whole Wide World 4207. I'll Take Love 4208. I'm Not The Marrying Kind 4209. This Is Living 4210. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 4211. The Lady Loves Me 4212. Sing You Children 4301. I Got Lucky 4302. What A Wonderful Life 4303. I Need Somebody To Lean On 4304. Yoga Is As Yoga Does 4305. Riding The Rainbow 4306. Fools Fall In Love 4307. The Love Machine 4308. Home Is Where The Heart Is 4309. You Gotta Stop 4310. If You Think I Don't Need You 4311. You're The Boss 4312. Come What May 4401. O Come, All Ye Faithful 4402. The First Noel 4403. On A Snowy Christmas Night 4404. Winter Wonderland 4405. The Wonderful World Of Christmas 4406. It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You) 4407. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day 4408. If I Get Home On Christmas Day 4409. Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees 4410. Merry Christmas Baby 4411. Silver Bells 4412. If Every Day Was Like Christmas 4501. Help Me Make It Through The Night 4502. Miracle Of The Rosary 4503. Hey Jude 4504. Put Your Hand In The Hand 4505. Until It's Time For You To Go 4506. We Can Make The Morning 4507. Early Mornin' Rain 4508. Sylvia 4509. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) 4510. I Was Born About Ten Thousand Years Ago 4511. I'm Leavin' 4512. It's Only Love 4513. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 4601. He Touched Me 4602. I've Got Confidence 4603. Amazing Grace 4604. Seeing Is Believing 4605. He Is My Everything 4606. Bosom Of Abraham 4607. An Evening Prayer 4608. Lead Me, Guide Me 4609. There Is No God But God 4610. A Thing Called Love 4611. I, John 4612. Reach Out To Jesus 4701. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme Fro 4702. That's All Right 4703. Proud Mary 4704. Never Been To Spain 4705. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me 4706. You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 4707. Polk Salad Annie 4708. Love Me 4709. All Shook Up 4710. Heartbreak Hotel 4711. Medley: (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be C 4712. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 4713. Don't Be Cruel 4714. Love Me Tender 4715. The Impossible Dream (The Quest) 4716. Introductions By Elvis 4717. Hound Dog 4718. Suspicious Minds 4719. For The Good Times 4720. American Trilogy 4721. Funny How Time Slips Away 4722. I Can't Stop Loving You 4723. Can't Help Falling In Love 4724. End Theme (Orchestra) 4801. Introduction: Also Sprach Zarathustra (Theme Fro 4802. See See Rider 4803. Burning Love 4804. Something 4805. You Gave Me A Mountain 4806. Steamroller Blues 4807. My Way 4808. Love Me 4809. Johnny B. Goode 4810. It's Over 4811. Blue Suede Shoes 4812. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 4813. I Can't Stop Loving You 4814. Hound Dog 4815. What Now My Love 4816. Fever 4817. Welcome To My World 4818. Suspicious Minds 4819. Introductions By Elvis 4820. I'll Remember You 4821. Medley 4822. Long Tall Sally 4823. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 4824. An American Trilogy 4825. A Big Hunk O' Love 4826. Can't Help Falling In Love 4827. Blue Hawaii 4828. Ku-u-i-po 4829. No More 4830. Hawaiian Wedding Song 4831. Early Morning Rain 4901. Fool 4902. Where Do I Go From Here 4903. Love Me, Love The Life I Lead 4904. It's Still Here 4905. It's Impossible 4906. (That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me 4907. Padre 4908. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen 4909. I Will Be True 4910. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 4911. Separate Ways 4912. For The Good Times 4913. Burning Love 4914. Always On My Mind 4915. It's A Matter Of Time 4916. American Trilogy 5001. Raised On Rock 5002. Are You Sincere 5003. Find Out What's Happening 5004. I Miss You 5005. Girl Of Mine 5006. For Ol' Times Sake 5007. If You Don't Come Back 5008. Just A Little Bit 5009. Sweet Angeline 5010. Three Corn Patches 5011. Take Good Care Of Her 5012. Loving Arms 5013. I Got A Feelin' In My Body 5014. If That Isn't Love 5015. She Wears My Ring 5016. I've Got A Thing About You Baby 5017. My Boy 5018. Spanish Eyes 5019. Talk About The Good Times 5020. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues 5101. See See Rider 5102. I Got A Woman 5103. Love Me 5104. Trying To Get To You 5105. Medley 5106. Long Tall Sally 5107. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On 5108. Mama Don't Dance 5109. Flip, Flop And Fly 5110. Jailhouse Rock 5111. Hound Dog 5112. Why Me Lord 5113. How Great Thou Art 5114. Medley 5115. Blueberry Hill 5116. I Can't Stop Loving You 5117. Help Me 5118. An American Trilogy 5119. Let Me Be There 5120. My Baby Left Me 5121. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 5122. Can't Help Falling In Love 5123. Closing-vamp 5201. Promised Land 5202. There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Bac 5203. Help Me 5204. Mr. Songman 5205. Love Song Of The Year 5206. It's Midnight 5207. Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming 5208. If You Talk In Your Sleep 5209. Thinking About You 5210. You Asked Me To 5211. T-r-o-u-b-l-e 5212. And I Love You So 5213. Susan When She Tried 5214. Woman Without Love 5215. Shake A Hand 5216. Pieces Of My Life 5217. Fairytale 5218. I Can Help 5219. Bringin' It Back 5220. Green, Green Grass Of Home 5301. Hurt 5302. Never Again 5303. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain 5304. Danny Boy 5305. The Last Farewell 5306. For The Heart 5307. Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall 5308. Solitaire 5309. Love Coming Down 5310. I'll Never Fall In Love Again 5401. Unchained Melody 5402. If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 5403. Little Darlin' 5404. He'll Have To Go 5405. Let Me Be There 5406. Way Down 5407. Pledging My Love 5408. Moody Blue 5409. She Thinks I Still Care 5410. It's Easy For You 5501. My Happiness 5502. That's When Your Heartaches Begin 5503. I'll Never Stand In Your Way 5504. It Wouldn't Be The Same Without You 5505. Blue Moon Of Kentucky 5506. Tomorrow Night 5507. Fool, Fool, Fool 5508. I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone 5509. Tweedlee Dee 5510. Maybellene 5511. When It Rains, It Really Pours 5512. One Night (Of Sin) 5513. Loving You 5514. Treat Me Nice 5515. King Creole 5516. Ain't That Loving You Baby 5517. I Asked The Lord 5518. Earth Angel 5519. I'm Beginning To Forget You 5520. Mona Lisa 5601. Stuck On You 5602. Fame And Fortune 5603. Witchcraft / Love Me Tender 5604. Witchcraft 5605. Love Me Tender 5606. Lonely Man 5607. Today, Tomorrow And Forever 5608. I'm A Roustabout 5609. If I Loved You 5610. Tennessee Waltz 5611. What Now My Love 5612. Show Me Thy Ways, O Lord 5613. Oh How I Love Jesus 5614. Hide Thou Me 5615. Write To Me From Naples 5616. My Heart Cries For You 5617. Dark Moon 5618. Beyond The Reef 5619. Suppose 5620. It Hurts Me 5621. Let Yourself Go 5622. This Time / I Can't Stop Loving You (Informal Re 5623. This Time 5624. I Can't Stop Loving You 5625. Are You Lonesome Tonight? 5701. A Hundred Years From Now 5702. Faded Love 5703. Ghost Riders In The Sky 5704. Alla En El Rancho Grande 5705. Froggy Went A Courtin' 5706. Little Sister / Get Back 5707. Little Sister 5708. Get Back 5709. Something 5710. Lady Madonna 5711. I Shall Be Released 5712. My Way 5713. I'll Be Home On Christmas Day 5714. Tiger Man 5715. She Thinks I Still Care 5716. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 5717. The Twelfth Of Never 5718. You're The Reason I'm Living 5719. Softly As I Leave You 5720. America The Beautiful


Cole, Nat King - Autograph Collection - 2845454211

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Cole, Nat King - Autograph Collection

Książki & Multimedia > Muzyka

Opis - Płyta kompaktowa z nagraniami muzycznymi.Nat King Cole. Autograph CollectionSpis utworów:CD1:1. Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup 2. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 3. Mona Lisa 4. Unforgettable 5. Red Sails In The Sunset 6. My Baby Just Cares For Me 7. Pretend 8. Nature Boy 9. Cant I? 10. Ill Never Say Never Again Again 11. Smile 12. Angel Eyes 13. A Weaver Of Dreams 14. Dinner For One, Please James 15. Open Up The Doghouse (Two Cats Are Comin In) 16. Here''s To My Lady 17. If I Give My Heart To You 18. The Frim Fram Sauce19. Orange Coloured Sky 20. A Portrait Of Jennie 21. The Sand And The Sea 22. Because Youre Mine 23. If I May 24. Forgive My Heart25. For All We KnowCD2:1. Im In The Mood For Love2. Faith Can Move Mountains3. Tenderly4. Hajji Baba5. Somewhere Along The Way 6. Dont Blame Me 7. Answer Me, My Love 8. Long, Long Ago 9. Autumn Leaves10. A Fool Was I 11. Return To Paradise 12. Walkin My Baby Back 13. A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet 14. My One Sin (In Life) 15. Jet16. Funny (Not Much) 17. Can I Come In For A Second?18. The Ruby And The Pearl 19. A Blossom Fell 20. Lush Life21. Mother Nature And Father Time22. Save The Bones For Henry Jones 23. Land Of Love 24. Someone You Love 25. Too Young Nazwa - Autograph Collection Autor - Cole, Nat King Wydawca - Green Umbrella Entertainment Ltd. Kod EAN - 5051255500628 Rok wydania - 2006 Nośnik - Płyta CD Ilość elementów - 2 Podatek VAT - 23%


Science fiction horror films (Film Guide) - 2835283862

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Science fiction horror films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 141. Chapters: 28 Days Later, I Am Legend, Inseminoid, The Fly, Resident Evil: Extinction, The Quatermass Xperiment, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, The Host, 28 Weeks Later, Dawn of the Dead, Eden Log, Village of the Damned, Planet of the Vampires, Scanners, Videodrome, Splice, Lifeforce, Frankenstein Conquers the World, Virus, Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell, It Came from Outer Space, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, EXistenZ, The War of the Gargantuas, Alraune, Event Horizon, Tokyo Gore Police, Galaxy of Terror, The Green Slime, Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis, Wicked City, Dracula 3000, Tetsuo II: Body Hammer, It Came from Beneath the Sea, First Man into Space, Scanners II: The New Order, Cube Zero, Watchers, Contamination, The Eye Creatures, Deadly Friend, The Manster, The Monolith Monsters, Dead Space: Downfall, The Swarm, The Thaw, X the Unknown, Parasite Eve, Chemical Wedding, Island of Terror, Death Machine, The Brood, Uzumaki, Scar, Flu Bird Horror, Fiend Without a Face, Frankenstein Unbound, Meatball Machine, Ataque de Pánico!, Night of the Big Heat, The Day of the Triffids, Shivers, Evolver, The Mad Ghoul, Island of the Fishmen, Monster A Go-Go, Wyvern, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, Eel Girl, The Son of Dr. Jekyll, The Blood Beast Terror, Supernova, S.N.U.B!, Pterodactyl, Lady Frankenstein, Decoys, Epidemic, Rabid, Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, Xtro, Raging Sharks, Undead, Behemoth, the Sea Monster, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, Mutants, Man Made Monster, Moon Child, Bloodsuckers, Endangered Species, The Man Who Changed His Mind, Arcade, Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace, Queen of Blood, Komodo, The Ape Man, The Pit, Murder World, Thirst, God Told Me To, The Astro-Zombies, They Wait, Scared to Death, Empire of the Ants, The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant, Syngenor, The Terror Within, House of the Living Dead, Altered, Shyness Machine Girl, The Invisible Man's Revenge, Underworld, Les Saignantes, The Deadly Spawn, Blackbirds at Bangpleng, The Astounding She-Monster, Snakehead Terror, The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy, Xtro 3: Watch the Skies, Scanners III: The Takeover, Embryo, Samurai Princess, Pulse, Joey, Alraune, die Henkerstochter, genannt die rote Hanne, Creepozoids, Rottweiler, The Brain, Star Crystal, The Hidden II, Xtro II: The Second Encounter, Kiss Me Quick!, Land of the Minotaur, It! The Terror from Beyond Space, The Lady and the Monster, 2019, After the Fall of New York, Plague, Giant from the Unknown, Monster from the Ocean Floor, Invasion from Inner Earth, Altered Species, The Cat, Carny, The Alien Within. Excerpt: I Am Legend is a 2007 post-apocalyptic science fiction film directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Will Smith. It is the third feature film adaptation of Richard Matheson's 1954 novel of the same name, following 1964's The Last Man on Earth and 1971's The Omega Man. Smith plays virologist Robert Neville, who is immune to a vicious man-made virus originally created to cure cancer. He works to create a remedy while living in Manhattan in 2012, a city inhabited by violent victims of the virus. The film's plot is an example of a "Last Man on Earth" story. Warner Bros. began developing I Am Legend in 1994, and various actors and directors were attached to the project, though production was delayed due to budgetary concerns related to the script. Production began in 2006 in New York City, filming mainly on location in the city, including a $5 million...


Best Big Band Jazz - 2840113430

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Best Big Band Jazz


1. April In Paris 2. Corner Pocket 3. Did'n You 4. Sweetie Cakes 5. Magic 6. Shiny Stockings 7. What Am I Here For 8. Midgets 9. Mambo Inn 10. Dinner With Friends 11. Avalon 12. Body And Soul 13. Bass-ment 14. Early Autumn 15. Jones 16. Perdido 17. St. Louis Blues 18. Spacemen 19. Midnight Sun 20. Take The A Train 101. C Jam Blues 102. In A Sentimental Mood 103. Cotton Tail 104. Just Squeeze Me 105. Mood Indigo 106. Take The A Train 107. In A Mellow Tone 108. Come Sunday 109. In A Mellow Tone 110. Things Ain't What They Used To Be 111. Serenade To Sweden 112. Chelsea Bridge 113. Upper Manhattan Medical Group 114. Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me 115. Caravan 116. Sophisticated Lady 117. Johnny Come Lately 118. Perdido 119. Come Sunday 201. Trane Whistle 202. Whole Nelson 203. You Are Too Beautiful 204. The Stolen Moment 205. Walk Away 206. Jaws 207. Biddy's Beat 208. Theodora 209. Mood For Mendes 210. Daddy-o 211. Cu-blu 212. Day Dreaming 213. Can You Tell By Looking At Me 214. Tune Up! 301. Four Brothers 302. Like Some Blues Man 303. Skoobeedoobee 304. Monterey Apple Tree 305. Skylark 306. The Magpie 307. Oleo 308. Starfire 309. The Mark Of Jazz 310. Nightlife 311. Stella By Starlight 312. Lonely Time 313. Back In The Satellite Again 401. St. Louis Blues 402. King Porter Stomp 403. Willow Tree 404. Struttin' With Some Barbecue 405. Lester Leaps In 406. 'Round Midnight 407. Manteca 408. Bird Feathers 501. Nica's Dream 502. Autumn Leaves 503. Moanin' 504. April In Paris 505. Five Spot After Dark 506. Stella By Starlight 507. Minor Vamp 508. Chromatic Universe, Part I 509. Dimensions 510. Chromatic Universe, Part II 511. The Lydiot 512. Waltz From Outer Space 513. Chromatic Universe, Part III 601. Big P 602. Old Fashioned Fun 603. Mona's Mood 604. Dat Dere 605. Nails 606. On Green Dolphin Street 607. My Ideal 608. Picture Of Health 609. Flamingo 610. Dance One 611. Bright One 612. Last One 613. Cry Baby Blues 614. It Ain't Neccesarily So 615. Heat Wave 616. Guess What 617. Peanut Vendor 618. Ill Wind 619. Malaguena 620. You Stepped Out Of A Dream 621. Siboney 622. No Te Importe Saber 701. Skin Deep 702. Claxton Hall Swing 703. Phalanges 704. For Europeans Only 705. Copasetic 706. Fascinatin' Rhythm 707. Percussionistically Speaking 708. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm 709. Loris 710. A Pearl For Louie 711. Here's Pete 712. My Funny Valentine 713. Mixin' The Blues 714. Poinciana (Song Of The Tree) 715. Rugolo Meets Shearing 716. Sambamba 717. King Porter Stomp 718. You Are Too Beautiful 719. Jingle Bells Mambo 720. There Will Never Be Another You 721. Conversation 722. Good Evening Friends Boogie 801. Neckbones 802. Dues Blues 803. Long Before I Knew You 804. Soft Winds 805. Tee Jay 806. Lassus' Trombone 807. It's All Right With Me 808. Polka Dots And Moonbeams 809. Old Devil Moon 810. Impossible 811. Heat Wave 812. Brassman's Holiday 813. Autumn Leaves 814. Love Is The Thing 815. Ping Pong 816. Moonlight Becomes You 817. Pawn Ticket 818. Solving The Riddle 819. Invitation 820. The Continental 821. Return Of The Zombie 822. On A Little Street In Singapore 823. Jooms Jones 901. It's All Right With Me 902. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face 903. I've Never Been In Love Before 904. I Love Paris 905. Too Close For Comfort 906. Younger Than Springtime/the Surrey With The Fringe On Top 907. If I Were A Bell 908. Lazy Afternoon 909. Just In Time 910. Dancing In The Dark 911. Sophisticated Lady 912. Softly 913. Eager Beaver 914. Women Usually Do 915. After You 916. Temptation 917. Walk Softly 918. Opus In Chartreuse 919. All About Ronnie 920. Interlude 921. Lullaby Of The Leaves


7 Classic Albums - 2839307068

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7 Classic Albums Real Gone Jazz


1. C Jam Blues 2. On Green Dolphin Street 3. Up In Cynthia's Room 4. Lady Bird 5. Bag's Groove 6. Stella By Starlight 7. There Is No Greater Love 8. It Could Happen To You 9. Us Three 10. I Want To Be Loved 11. Come Rain Or Come Shine 12. Wadin' 13. The Lady Is A Tramp 101. Walkin' 102. Return Engagement 103. Wadin' 104. Up In Cynthias Room 105. Borderline 106. Rastus 107. Oh So Blue 108. Speakin' My Piece 109. Headin' South 110. The Song Is Ended 111. Summertime 112. Low Down 113. Congalegre 201. Prelude To A Kiss 202. Jim Loves Sue 203. My Mother's Eyes 204. On The Spur Of The Moment 205. Skoo Chee 206. And That I Am So In Love 207. Al's Tune 208. Ray C 209. Pyramid 210. The Books Beat 211. Up And Down 301. Fugee 302. The Other Part Of Town 303. Lonely One 304. Light Blue 305. I Was Doing All Right 306. You've Changed 307. For Regulars Only 308. Society Red 309. It's You Or No One


1966 songs (Music Guide) - 2844572227

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1966 songs (Music Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (music and lyrics not included). Pages: 58. Chapters: Tomorrow Never Knows, La Poupée qui fait non, Purple Haze, Crucifixion, Got to Get You into My Life, She Said She Said, I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, Red House, There's a Kind of Hush, Taxman, Under My Thumb, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Heroes and Villains, Mas que Nada, I'm Only Sleeping, Outside of a Small Circle of Friends, Here, There and Everywhere, The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine, I Want to Tell You, A Quick One, While He's Away, That's Not Me, Here Today, Don't Make Promises, I Just Wasn't Made for These Times, The Ecstasy of Gold, I'm Gonna Find a Cave, Good Day Sunshine, Roll Plymouth Rock, 4th Time Around, Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, I Know There's an Answer, And Your Bird Can Sing, Stone Free, Absolutely Sweet Marie, Most Likely You Go Your Way, Good Morning Starshine, I'm Waiting for the Day, Don't Talk, Cross My Heart, You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch, You Still Believe in Me, I've Been Good To You, Four Women, Nobody But a Fool, Goin' Home, Stupid Girl, My Cup Runneth Over, Visions of Johanna, The 59th Street Bridge Song, Mary, Mary, Love You to, Since I Lost My Baby, Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, 634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.), Pet Sounds, Up, Down and Touch the Ground, She's Your Lover Now, Toad, Society's Child, Born Free, Whole Lot of Shakin' in My Heart, Lady Jane, Les sucettes, The London Boys, I'm So Glad, 7 O'Clock News/Silent Night, Doctor Robert, When Something Is Wrong with My Baby, For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her, I'll Be Back Up on My Feet, Yesterday's Papers, Bend Me, Shape Me, Hey Gyp, Evil on Your Mind, The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet, Ces Gens-Lŕ, The Dangling Conversation, Richard Cory, Little Black Rain Cloud, Adam and Evil, East Side Story, If My Friends Could See Me Now, Chauffeur Blues, Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, Samanyolu, Saturday's Child, La maison oů j'ai grandi, Temporary Like Achilles, (Theme From) The Monkees, Looking for Love, Mind Over Matter, Big Black Smoke, Museum, Orange Skies, How Can We Hang On to a Dream?, The Story of a Soldier, All of My Life, Shake Your Hips, One Monkey Don't Stop No Show, In the Arms of Love, Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever, Rumbly in My Tumbly, Parce Que Tu Crois, Don't Look Away, Sand. Excerpt: "Tomorrow Never Knows" is the final track of The Beatles' 1966 studio album Revolver but the first to be recorded. Credited as a Lennon/McCartney song, it was written primarily by John Lennon. Music critic Richie Unterberger of Allmusic said it was "the most experimental and psychedelic track on Revolver, in both its structure and production." The song has a vocal put through a Leslie speaker cabinet (which was normally used as a loudspeaker for a Hammond organ) and uses automatic double tracking (ADT) to double the vocal image. Tape loops prepared by Paul McCartney were mixed in and out of the Indian-inspired modal backing underpinned by Ringo Starr's constant but non-standard drum pattern. The song is also one of the first uses of a flanger effect on any instrument. John Lennon wrote the song in January 1966, with lyrics adapted from the book The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead by Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and Ralph Metzner, which in turn was adapted from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Although Peter Brown believed that Lennon's source for the lyric was the Tibetan Book of the Dead itself, which...


Anthology - The Gold Of Dea - 2839328916

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Anthology - The Gold Of Dea Deja Vu


1. Sway (Ruiz-gimbel)2:44 2. Memories Are Made Of This(dehr-gilkson-miller) 2 3. I'll Always Love You (Livingstone-evans) 2:35 4. You Belong To Me(king-price-stewart)3:03 5. I'd Cry Like A Baby(gallop-steiner)2:21 6. The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane(tepper-bennett)2: 7. Mambo Italiano (Merrill)2.20 8. Georgia On My Mind(carmichael-gorrell)3:03 9. Basin' Street Blues(williams)2:23 10. Dinah(akst-lewis-young)2:21 11. Kiss (Newman-gillespie)2:24 12. Louise (Whiting-robin)2:47 13. That Certain Party(donaldson-kahn)3:04 14. Money Burns A Whole In My Pocket (Styne-hillvard 15. If (Hargreaves-evans-damerell)2:48 16. Carolina Moon (Burke-davis)2:34 17. Muskrat Ramble (Ory-gilbert)3:05 18. When You're Smiling (Fisher-goodwin-shay)3:02 19. When You're Smiling (Fisher-goodwin-shay)3:02 20. 2:23 21. Dinah 22. (Akst-lewis-young) 23. 2:21 24. Kiss 25. (Newman-gillespie)2:24 26. Louise 27. (Whiting-robin)2:47 28. That Certain Party 29. (Donaldson-kahn)3:04 30. Money Burns A Whole In My Pocket 31. (Styne-hillvard)3:03 32. If 33. (Hargreaves-evans-damerell)2:48 34. Carolina Moon 35. (Burke-davis)2:34 36. Muskrat Ramble 37. (Ory-gilbert)3:05 38. When You're Smiling (Fisher-goodwin-shay)3:02 101. All I Have To Give You (Evans-davis) 2:44 102. As You Are (Friedman-miller) 3:01 103. Because You're Mine (Brodsky-kahn) 2:19 104. Beside You (Evans-livingston) 2:49 105. Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson-dixon) 2:28 106. Come Back To Sorrento (Mattulath-de Curtis) 3:07 107. Deep Purple (De Rose) 2:39 108. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes (Willet) 2: 109. For Me And My Gal (Goetz-leslie-mayer) 1:36 110. I Passed Your House Tonight (Spense-raye) 2:48 111. I'm In Love With You (Raye-depaul) 2:50 112. I Love The Way You Say Goodnight (Wyle-pola) 3:0 113. I Still Get A Thrill (Davis-coots) 2:30 114. Heart And Soul (Carmichael-loesser) 2:39 115. High Noon (Tiomkin) 2:45 116. If You Were The Only Girl In The World (Ayer-gra 117. I Know A Dream When I See One 118. (Livingston-david) 2:28 119. I I Should Love Again (Coots-alpert) 2:39 120. Kiss (Radio Version) (Newman-gillespie) 121. 2:16 122. Little Did We Know (Terry-fedden) 2:11 123. Love Me Love Me (Dechico-walker) 2:31 201. Everybody Loves Somebody 202. (Lane-taylor) 203. 2:02 204. Luna Mezzo Mare (Citorella) 2:00 205. My Own, My Only, My Always (Copyright Control) 2 206. Ma Come Balli Bella Bimba(harrington-feltz-de Me 207. Somewhere Along The Way (Adams-gallop) 3:29 208. The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful (Sues 209. There's Yes Yes Yes Yes In Your Eyes (Copyright 210. There's My Lover (Dee-lippman) 2:56 211. The Time Is Now (Copyright Control) 1:31 212. Takes Two To Tango (Manning-hoffman) 2:07 213. To See You Is To Love You (Van Heusen-burke) 3:0 214. Vieni Su (Say You Love Me) (Cola) 2:35 215. What Could Be More Beautiful?(lippman-marchese)( 216. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)(copyright C 217. You're The Right One (Gallop-steiner) 3:04 218. You Won't Be Satisfied (Powell-stock) 2:52 219. Again (Newman-cochran) 2:17 220. Sault Ste Marie (Henry) 2:10 221. Some Enchanted Evening (Rodgers-hammerstein) 3:2 222. You're So Understanding (Raleigh-wayne) 2:10 223. Where Are You? (Loesser) 1:45 224. Just For Fun (Copyright Control) 2:00 225. I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore(benjamin-wei 226. I I Only Had Three Wishes (Copyright Control) 1: 227. I Can't Give You Anything But Love 228. (Bishop-green-scales)1:38 301. If You Knew Susie (Meyer-de Sylva) 1:28 302. Pistol Packin' Mama (Dexter) 4:42 303. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face(lerner-lowe) 2 304. Somewhere There's A Someone (Baker-knight) 2:15 305. Georgia Sunshine (Hubbard) 2:25 306. Don't Fence Me In (Porter) 1:28 307. How Deep Is The Ocean? (Berlin) 2:06 308. Welcome To My World (Winkler-hathcock) 5:46 309. I Get A Kick Out Of You (Porter) 4:42 310. She's A Little Bit Country (Howard)2:20 311. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Bacharach-dav 312. You Are My Everything (Warren-young-dixon) 5:08 313. Second Hand Rose (Howard) 2:01 314. Do You Believe This Town? (Williams-nixon) 2:26 315. Little Green Apples (Russell) 4:16 316. Oh Marie (P.d.) 2:31 317. Walking My Baby Home (Turk-richmond) 2:53 318. Santa Lucia (P.d.) 2:54 319. Hold Me (Oppenheim-schuster-little) 1:40 320. Come Fly With Me (Cahn-van Heusen) 401. Ten Thousand Bedrooms (Brodsky-kahn) 1:50 402. Only Trust Your Heart (Brodsky-kahn) 2:26 403. You I Love (Brodsky-kahn) 1:50 404. You I Love (Duet W/ Anna Maria Alberghetti) (Bro 405. Money Is A Problem (Duet W/ Jules Munshin) (Brod 406. Hollywood Or Bust (W/ Jerry Lewis)(fain-webster) 407. A Day In The Country (W/ Jerry Lewis) (Fain-webs 408. It Looks Like Love (W/ Pat Crowley) (Fain-webste 409. Where Can I Go Without You? (Warren-brooks) 2:03 410. The Wind, The Wind (Cahn-van Heusen) 2:43 411. Pardners (W/ Jerry Lewis) (Cahn-van Heusen) 6:40 412. Me N' You N' The Moon (Cahn-van Heusen) 2:20 413. Baby Obey Me (W/ Corinne Calvert) (Livingston-ev 414. I'll Always Love You (Day After Day) (Livingston 415. Return To Me (Lombardo-di Minno) 2:20 416. On An Evening In Roma (Taccani-bertini-frederick 417. You Look So Familiar (Warren-brooks) 2:05 418. The Lucky Song (Warren-brooks) 3:47 419. Innamorata (W/ Shirley Maclaine) (Warren-brooks) 420. Artists And Models(w/ Jerry Lewis) 421. (Warren-brooks) 6:05


Atlantic Jazz Legends - 2839657733

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Atlantic Jazz Legends Warner Music / Rhino


1. Coltrane, John - Giant Steps 2. Coltrane, John - Cousin Mary 3. Coltrane, John - Countdown 4. Coltrane, John - Spiral 5. Coltrane, John - Syeeda's Song Flute 6. Coltrane, John - Naima 7. Coltrane, John - Mr. P.c. 101. Mingus, Charles - Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting 102. Mingus, Charles - Cryin' Blues 103. Mingus, Charles - Moanin' 104. Mingus, Charles - Tensions 105. Mingus, Charles - My Jelly Roll Soul 106. Mingus, Charles - E's Flat Ah's Flat Too 201. Coleman, Ornette - Ramblin' 202. Coleman, Ornette - Free 203. Coleman, Ornette - The Face Of The Bass 204. Coleman, Ornette - Forerunner 205. Coleman, Ornette - Bird Food 206. Coleman, Ornette - Una Muy Bonita 207. Coleman, Ornette - Change Of The Century 301. Kirk, Roland - The Black & Crazy Blues 302. Kirk, Roland - A Laugh For Rory 303. Kirk, Roland - Many Blessings 304. Kirk, Roland - Fingers In The Wind 305. Kirk, Roland - The Inflated Tear 306. Kirk, Roland - The Creole Love Call 307. Kirk, Roland - A Handful Of Fives 308. Kirk, Roland - Fly By Night 309. Kirk, Roland - Lovellevelliloqui 401. Connor, Chris - I Get A Kick Out Of You 402. Connor, Chris - Something To Live For 403. Connor, Chris - Get Out Of Town 404. Connor, Chris - Where Are You 405. Connor, Chris - Anything Goes 406. Connor, Chris - When The Wind Was Green 407. Connor, Chris - He Was Too Good To Me 408. Connor, Chris - You Make Me Feel So Young 409. Connor, Chris - Everytime 410. Connor, Chris - Way Out There 411. Connor, Chris - My April Heart 412. Connor, Chris - Almost Like Being In Love 501. Modern Jazz Quartet, The - Vendome 502. Modern Jazz Quartet, The - Pyramid 503. Modern Jazz Quartet, The - It Don't Mean A Thing ( 504. Modern Jazz Quartet, The - Django 505. Modern Jazz Quartet, The - How High The Moon 506. Modern Jazz Quartet, The - Romaine 601. Jarrett, Keith - Lisbon Stomp 602. Jarrett, Keith - Love No. 1 603. Jarrett, Keith - Love No 2 604. Jarrett, Keith - Everything I Love 605. Jarrett, Keith - Margot 606. Jarrett, Keith - Long Time Gone (But Not Withdrawn 607. Jarrett, Keith - Life Between The Exit Signs 608. Jarrett, Keith - Church Dreams 701. Mann, Herbie - Memphis Underground 702. Mann, Herbie - New Orleans 703. Mann, Herbie - Hold On, I'm Comin' 704. Mann, Herbie - Chain Of Fools 705. Mann, Herbie - Battle Hymn Of The Republic 801. Mooney, Joe - Polka Dots & Moonbeams 802. Mooney, Joe - Nina Never Knew 803. Mooney, Joe - Crazy She Calls Me 804. Mooney, Joe - Lush Life 805. Mooney, Joe - Love Is Here To Stay 806. Mooney, Joe - That's All 807. Mooney, Joe - The Kid's A Dreamer 808. Mooney, Joe - Nowhere 809. Mooney, Joe - My One & Only Love 810. Mooney, Joe - Have You Met Miss Jones 901. Pike, Dave - Blind Man Blind Man 902. Pike, Dave - Jet Set 903. Pike, Dave - Sunny 904. Pike, Dave - When I'm Gone 905. Pike, Dave - You've Got Your Troubles 906. Pike, Dave - Sweet Tater Pie 907. Pike, Dave - Just Say Goodbye 908. Pike, Dave - Devilette 1001. Allison, Mose - Foolkiller 1002. Allison, Mose - One Of These Days 1003. Allison, Mose - Look Here 1004. Allison, Mose - Days Like This 1005. Allison, Mose - You Red Wagon 1006. Allison, Mose - Wild Man 1007. Allison, Mose - Rollin' Stone 1008. Allison, Mose - New Parchman 1009. Allison, Mose - Don't Forget To Smile 1010. Allison, Mose - I'm Not Talking 1011. Allison, Mose - Lost Mind 1101. Blakey, Art / Monk, Thelonious - Evidence 1102. Blakey, Art / Monk, Thelonious - In Walked Bud 1103. Blakey, Art / Monk, Thelonious - Blue Monk 1104. Blakey, Art / Monk, Thelonious - I Mean You 1105. Blakey, Art / Monk, Thelonious - Rhythm-a-thing 1106. Blakey, Art / Monk, Thelonious - Purple Shades 1201. Cobham, Billy - Quadrant 4 1202. Cobham, Billy - Searching For The Right Door 1203. Cobham, Billy - Spectrum 1204. Cobham, Billy - Anxiety 1205. Cobham, Billy - Taurian Matador 1206. Cobham, Billy - Stratus 1207. Cobham, Billy - To The Women In My Life 1208. Cobham, Billy - Le Lis 1209. Cobham, Billy - Snoopy's Search 1210. Cobham, Billy - Red Baron 1301. Lateef, Yusef - Juba Juba 1302. Lateef, Yusef - Like It Is 1303. Lateef, Yusef - Othelia 1304. Lateef, Yusef - Moon Cup 1305. Lateef, Yusef - Back Home 1306. Lateef, Yusef - Get Over, Get Off & Get On 1307. Lateef, Yusef - Six Miles Next Door 1308. Lateef, Yusef - Sun Dog 1401. Corea, Chick - Straight Up & Down 1402. Corea, Chick - Litha 1403. Corea, Chick - Inner Space 1404. Corea, Chick - Windows 1405. Corea, Chick - Guijira 1406. Corea, Chick - Trio For Flute, Bassoon & Piano 1501. Hubbard, Freddie - Backlash 1502. Hubbard, Freddie - The Return Of The Prodigal Son 1503. Hubbard, Freddie - Little Sunflower 1504. Hubbard, Freddie - On The Que-tee 1505. Hubbard, Freddie - Up Jumped Spring 1506. Hubbard, Freddie - Echoes Of Blue 1601. Torme, Mel - Comin' Home Baby 1602. Torme, Mel - Dat Dere 1603. Torme, Mel - The Lady's In Love With You 1604. Torme, Mel - Hi-fly 1605. Torme, Mel - Puttin' On The Ritz 1606. Torme, Mel - Walkin' 1607. Torme, Mel - Moanin' 1608. Torme, Mel - Sing You Sinners 1609. Torme, Mel - Whisper Not 1610. Torme, Mel - On Green Dolphin Street 1611. Torme, Mel - Sidney's Soliloquy 1612. Torme, Mel - Right Now 1701. Zawinul, Joe - Money In The Pocket 1702. Zawinul, Joe - If 1703. Zawinul, Joe - My One & Only Love 1704. Zawinul, Joe - Midnight Mood 1705. Zawinul, Joe - Some More Of Dat 1706. Zawinul, Joe - Sharon's Waltz 1707. Zawinul, Joe - Riverbed 1708. Zawinul, Joe - Del Sasser 1801. Ayers, Roy - The Ringer 1802. Ayers, Roy - Ayerloom 1803. Ayers, Roy - In The Limelight 1804. Ayers, Roy - Virgo Vibes 1805. Ayers, Roy - Glow Flower 1901. Santamaria, Mongo - Windjammer 1902. Santamaria, Mongo - Yesterday's Tomorrow 1903. Santamaria, Mongo - March Of The Panther 1904. Santamaria, Mongo - Look Away 1905. Santamaria, Mongo - Night Crawler 1906. Santamaria, Mongo - The Whistler 1907. Santamaria, Mongo - Adobo Criollo 1908. Santamaria, Mongo - Mo'do' 1909. Santamaria, Mongo - Grass Roots 1910. Santamaria, Mongo - Dedicated To Love


80 Golden Greats - 2839324067

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80 Golden Greats MCP


1. Dean Martin - Memories Are Made Of This 2. Dean Martin - Everybody Loves Somebody 3. Dean Martin - That's Amore 4. Dean Martin - Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) 5. Dean Martin - How Do You Speak To An Angel 6. Dean Martin - Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk 7. Dean Martin - Under The Bridges Of Paris 8. Dean Martin - I'm Yours 9. Dean Martin - Cha Cha Cha D'amour (Melodie D'amour 10. Dean Martin - Come Back To Sorrento (Torna A Surri 11. Dean Martin - Innamorata 12. Dean Martin - Mambo Italiano 13. Dean Martin - Buona Sera 14. Dean Martin - Heart & Soul 15. Dean Martin - Release Me 16. Dean Martin - Solitaire 17. Dean Martin - I'll Always Love You 18. Dean Martin - Return To Me 19. Dean Martin - Rio Bravo 20. Dean Martin - Green Green Grass Of Home 101. Sammy Davis Jr - (Hey, Won't You Play) Another So 102. Sammy Davis Jr - Oh, Lonesome Me 103. Sammy Davis Jr - Smoke, Smoke, Smoke (That Cigaret 104. Sammy Davis Jr - That Old Black Magic 105. Sammy Davis Jr - Frankie & Johnnie 106. Sammy Davis Jr - My Funny Valentine 107. Sammy Davis Jr - We Could Have Been The Closest Of 108. Sammy Davis Jr - Please Don't Tell Me How The Stor 109. Sammy Davis Jr - All Of You 110. Sammy Davis Jr - Lonesome Road 111. Sammy Davis Jr - Because Of You 112. Sammy Davis Jr - Easy To Love 113. Sammy Davis Jr - Hey There 114. Sammy Davis Jr - The River's Too Wide 115. Sammy Davis Jr - Too Close For Comfort 116. Sammy Davis Jr - You're Gonna Love Yourself 117. Sammy Davis Jr - Love Me Or Leave Me 118. Sammy Davis Jr - Come Sundown 119. Sammy Davis Jr - Mention A Mansion 120. Sammy Davis Jr - What I've Got In Mind 201. Frank Sinatra - Love & Marriage 202. Frank Sinatra - I Get A Kick Out Of You 203. Frank Sinatra - I've Got You Under My Skin 204. Frank Sinatra - The Lady Is A Tramp 205. Frank Sinatra - Night & Day 206. Frank Sinatra - Melody Of Love 207. Frank Sinatra - Young At Heart 208. Frank Sinatra - Dancing On The Ceiling 209. Frank Sinatra - Fools Rush In 210. Frank Sinatra - All Of Me 211. Frank Sinatra - I See Your Face Before Me 212. Frank Sinatra - Anytime - Anywhere 213. Frank Sinatra - One For My Baby 214. Frank Sinatra - They Can't Take That Away From Me 215. Frank Sinatra - From Here To Eternity 216. Frank Sinatra - I've Got A Crush On You 217. Frank Sinatra - From This Moment On 218. Frank Sinatra - Three Coins In The Fountain 219. Frank Sinatra - The Coffee Song 220. Frank Sinatra - You Make Me Feel So Young 301. Nat King Cole - (Get Your Kicks) On Route 66 302. Nat King Cole - On The Sunny Side Of The Street 303. Nat King Cole - When I Fall In Love 304. Nat King Cole - Mona Lisa 305. Nat King Cole - Baby, Baby All The Time 306. Nat King Cole - Unforgettable 307. Nat King Cole - Monday Again 308. Nat King Cole - Nature Boy 309. Nat King Cole - Dream A Little Dream Of Me 310. Nat King Cole - (I Love You) For Sentimental Reaso 311. Nat King Cole - Chant Of The Blues 312. Nat King Cole - You Call It Madness But I Call It 313. Nat King Cole - When I Take My Sugar To Tea 314. Nat King Cole - That's My Girl 315. Nat King Cole - Don't Blame Me 316. Nat King Cole - A Handful Of Stars 317. Nat King Cole - Stormy Weather 318. Nat King Cole - (Everyone Has It) But All I've Got 319. Nat King Cole - But She's My Buddy's Chick 320. Nat King Cole - This Is My Night To Dream


Ealing Films (Film Guide) - 2844390953

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Ealing Films (Film Guide) Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Commentary (films not included). Pages: 50. Chapters: The Ladykillers, The Lavender Hill Mob, Ealing Studios, Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Titfield Thunderbolt, Passport to Pimlico, Nicholas Nickleby, The Blue Lamp, Went the Day Well?, Champagne Charlie, The Cruel Sea, Dead of Night, The Magnet, Whisky Galore!, It Always Rains on Sunday, The Maggie, The Divided Heart, Dunkirk, A Run for Your Money, The Captive Heart, Scott of the Antarctic, Last Holiday, Against the Wind, Barnacle Bill, Lease of Life, Out of the Clouds, The Next of Kin, The Man in the White Suit, No Limit, For Those in Peril, The Black Sheep of Whitehall, Johnny Frenchman, Frieda, The Foreman Went to France, Touch and Go, Painted Boats, The Goose Steps Out, Meet Mr. Lucifer, Saraband for Dead Lovers, Let George Do It, The Proud Valley, My Learned Friend, Mandy, Dance Hall, The Ghost of St. Michael's, The Ship That Died of Shame, The Loves of Joanna Godden, Turned Out Nice Again, The Gaunt Stranger, Nine Men, The Big Blockade, The Siege of Pinchgut, The Long Arm, Convoy, The Overlanders, Eureka Stockade, The Night My Number Came Up, It's in the Air, San Demetrio London, Another Shore, Trouble Brewing, Saloon Bar, Pool of London, Queen of Hearts, The Gentle Gunman, Hue and Cry, His Excellency, Spare a Copper, The Show Goes On, Who Done It?, Ealing Comedies, The Square Ring, Return to Yesterday, Brief Ecstasy, Sailors Three, Keep Fit, Davy, The House of the Spaniard, Cage of Gold, The Halfway House, The Rainbow Jacket, I Believe in You, The Ware Case, I See Ice, The Love Lottery, West of Zanzibar, Who's Your Lady Friend?, The Lonely Road, Fiddlers Three, Laburnum Grove, Cheer Boys Cheer, Young Man's Fancy, The High Command, They Came to a City, Nowhere to Go. Excerpt: Ealing Studios is a television and film production company and facilities provider at Ealing Green in West London. Will Barker bought the White Lodge on Ealing Green in 1902 as a base for film making, and films have been made on the site ever since. It is the oldest continuously working film studio in the world, and the current stages were opened for the use of sound in 1931. It is best known for a series of classic films produced in the post-WWII years, including Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949), The Lavender Hill Mob (1951), and The Ladykillers (1955). The BBC owned and filmed at the Studios for forty years from 1955 until 1995. Since 2000, Ealing Studios has resumed releasing films under its own name, including the revived St Trinian's franchise. In the past decade, films shot here include The Importance of Being Earnest (2002) and Shaun Of The Dead (2004). The Metropolitan Film School of London operates on the lot. The site was first occupied by Will Barker Studios from 1902. It was acquired by theatre producer Basil Dean's newly-formed production company in 1929 and reopened as Ealing Studios in 1931. In 1933 the company was renamed Associated Talking Pictures. When Dean left in 1938 to be replaced by Michael Balcon from MGM, about 60 films had been made at the studios. Balcon discontinued the ATP name and began to issue films under the Ealing Studios name. In 1944 the company was taken over by the Rank Organisation. In the 1930s and 1940s, Ealing produced many comedies with stars such as Gracie Fields, George Formby, Stanley Holloway and Will Hay, who had established their reputations in other spheres of entertainment. The company was also instrumental in the use of documentary film-m...


Pathway Of My Life - 2839386218

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Pathway Of My Life Bear Family Records


1. If I Lose You Tomorrow 2. I'll Set My Teardrops To Music 3. Number One On The Hurt Parade 4. I've Got A Date With A Teardrop 5. Clubs, Spades, Diamonds And Hearts 6. The Great Society 7. On Tap, In The Can, Or In The Bottle 8. Let The Four Winds Choose 9. New Blackboard Of My Heart 10. Smoky The Bar 11. The Big One Got Away 12. Lend Me A Dollar 13. Where Is The Circus 14. Love Walked Out Long Before She Did 15. He's Got A Way With Women 16. I See Them Everywhere 17. Green Light 18. Most Of All 19. Whoa Sailor 20. Humpty Dumpty Heart 21. Squaws Along The Yukon 22. Today 23. Breaking The Rules 24. Tomorrow Night 25. Wildwood Flower 26. John Henry 27. Take The A Train 28. Brazos Valley Blues 29. La Golondrina 30. Steel Guitar Rag 31. Turkey On The Strings 32. Chihuahua 33. Polka 34. Ja-da 101. When The Saints Go Marching In 102. Fiddleitis 103. Maiden's Prayer / Faded Love 104. Salute To Bob 105. Cold Cold Heart 106. I'm Movin' On 107. Six Days On The Road 108. Walking The Floor Over You 109. She Thinks I Still Care 110. Together Again 111. Slipping Around 112. Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette 113. He'll Have To Go 114. Sixteen Tons 115. Pop A Top 116. New Records On The Jukebox 117. Cocaine Blues 118. Bright Lights And Blonde Haired Women 119. What's Made Milwaukee Famous 120. Ace In The Hole 121. Let's Get Drunk And Be Somebody 122. My Rough And Rowdy Ways 123. Drunkard's Blues (Take 14) 124. Girl In The Night (Take 19) 125. The Pathway Of My Life 126. At Certain Times 127. Mutiny On The Monotony 128. Drunkard's Blues (Take 9) 129. Girl In The Night (Take 18) 201. Oklahoma Hills 202. Dusty Skies 203. Dear Okie 204. Oklahoma Home Brew 205. The Everlasting Hills Of Oklahoma 206. Take Me Back To Tulsa 207. Guthrie (With Strings) 208. Happy Oklahoma 209. O-k-l-a-h-o-m-a 210. Homesick, Lonesome, Hillbilly Okie 211. Big Boat Across Oklahoma 212. Oklahoma Stomp 213. Guthrie (W/o Strings) 214. I'm Afraid I Lied 215. But That's All Right (With Strings) 216. One Of The Fortunate Few (With Strings) 217. Take It All Away 218. Cozy Inn 219. Everybody Loves A Pretty Baby 220. Where My Sweet Baby Used To Walk 221. Next Time I Fall In Love (I Won't) 222. I'd Do It Again 223. Swing Wide Your Gate Of Love 224. Waiting In The Lobby Of Your Heart 225. We've Gone Too Far 226. The Wild Side Of Life 227. Yesterday's Girl 228. It's Better To Have Loved A Little 229. But That's All Right (W/o Strings) 230. One Of The Fortunate Few (W/o Strings) 301. I'll Be Around 302. Gloria 303. Glow Worm 304. Be My Life's Companion 305. Paper Doll 306. Till Then 307. You Always Hurt The One You Love 308. Cab Driver 309. Lazy River 310. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You 311. Across The Alley From The Alamo 312. Promise Her Anything 313. The Mark Of A Heel 314. I've Come Awful Close 315. That's Why I Sing In A Honky Tonk 316. Fifteen Dollar Draw 317. Roses In The Wine 318. Teardrops On The Rocks 319. The Older The Violin, The Sweeter The Music 320. Kindly Keep It Country 321. Jill's Jack In The Box 322. The Lord Knows I'm Drinking 323. Loving On Back Streets 324. Southern Loving 325. It's Four In The Morning 326. Behind Closed Doors 327. I Ain't Never 328. A Six Pack To Go 329. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again 330. Whatever's Left 331. The Corner Of My Life 332. I Recall A Gypsy Woman 401. Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon 402. Who Left The Door To Heaven Open 403. The Same Old Way (Take 4) 404. Let It Burn 405. Red Necks, White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer 406. Country Bumpkin 407. There's A Honky Tonk Angel 408. Wait A Little Longer Baby 409. Mama Don't Allow No Music 410. Fair Weather Love 411. After You Have Made Me Over 412. That's Just My Truckin' Luck 413. Mississippi Sam 414. Answer Me, My Love 415. Ramblin' Rose 416. Mona Lisa 417. A Blossom Fell 418. It's Only A Paper Moon 419. If I May - Too Young 420. The Gypsy 421. Pretend 422. That's All There Is, There Isn't Any More 423. Oh Mary Don't You Weep 424. Annie Over 425. Hangover Tavern 426. She's Just A Whole Lot Like You 427. The Same Old Way (Take 6) 501. Modine 502. Golden Turnpike In The Sky 503. I Lost My Love To A Truck Drivin' Man 504. Movin' On 505. Trucker's Lullaby 506. Fifteen Miles To Clarksville 507. Asphalt Cowboy 508. Truck Drivers Turn Them On 509. Fifteen Gears 510. Truck It On Down To My House Baby 511. Honky Tonk Girl 512. I'll Sign My Heart Away 513. Yesterday's Girl 514. Another Shot Of Toddy 515. Forgive Me 516. Play For Me One Polka 517. Big Band Days 518. Bring Back The Waltzes 519. Three Little Swigs 520. Don't Get Around Much Anymore 521. Bummin' Around 522. Just One Step Away 523. Absent Minded Me 524. Comin' In For Rye 525. Johnny On The Spot 526. Simple Simon, Simple Heart 527. It Gets More Like Monday Everyday 528. When You've Seen One Broken Heart 529. Just An Old Flame 530. Tell Me When The Flag Is Passing By 531. Time Wounds All Heels 532. It's Five O'clock Somewhere 601. Ages And Ages Ago 602. She Loves The One She's With 603. If Worst Come To Worst 604. Window In My Heart 605. If I Had An Ounce Of Sense 606. We Don't Love There Anymore 607. Cheaters Never Win 608. Dance With Me Molly 609. Point Of No Return 610. Signs Of Love 611. That Want You, Need You, Got To Have You Feelin' 612. Through The Bottom Of The Glass 613. I Hear The South Callin' Me 614. Tony's Tank-up, Drive-in Cafe 615. Money Trouble And Love 616. I'm Just Gettin' By 617. Have A Good Time 618. World's Greatest Feelin' 619. Take Me Back To Tulsa 620. Gettin' Down, Gettin' Together, Gettin' In Love 621. Texans And Okies 622. Rollin' In Your Sweet Sunshine 623. One Hell Of A Weekend 624. You're Poppin' Tops 625. Star Of The Starlight Saloon 626. The King Of Western Swing 627. A Little More Country 628. If I Were In Your Shoes 629. Pistol Packing Mama 630. Driving Nails In My Coffin 631. Whatever Happened To Mary 632. The Convict And The Rose 701. All That Goes Up 702. Big Boat Across Oklahoma 703. Cocaine Blues 704. Drop Me Gently (So My Heart Won't Break) 705. Shame On You 706. Rockin' In The Congo 707. Stars And Stripes On Iwo Jima 708. Take The A Train 709. Hello Request Line 710. Let's Stop What We Started 711. Honey's Mobile Love Repair 712. Always A Lady 713. I Woke Up With A Few 714. Rainy Days And Whiskey Nights 715. Once In A Blue Moon 716. A Six Pack To Go 717. The Wild Side Of Life 718. Oklahoma Hills 719. Breakin' The Rules 720. Blondes With No Last Name 721. Walkin' On New Grass 722. Pick Pocket 723. Honky Tonk Good Ole Gals And Hillbilly Bands 724. I Let Me Heart Do The Talking For Me 725. Swingin' Side Of Them Swingin' Doors 726. I Woke Up With A Few (Alternate Take) 727. Oklahoma Hills 728. Wild Side Of Life 729. Green Light 730. Old Time Fiddle Medley 731. A Six Pack To Go


Jim Henson's the Storyteller - 2844158546

70,36 zł

Jim Henson's the Storyteller Diamond Comics

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Now in paperback! When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories ...the best place by the fire was kept for...The Storyteller! Archaia and The Jim Henson Company are proud to present all-new tales of fantastic wonder and extraordinary myth, as told from the tongue of The Storyteller and his loyal canine companion! Witness worded wonderment from a cavalcade of crafty creators, including Roger Langridge (The Muppet Show Comic), Marjorie Liu (Black Widow), Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Artifacts), Jeff Parker (Hulk, Thunderbolts), Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray (Jonah Hex), Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men), J.L. Meyer (Lady Pendragon), Tom Fowler (Green Arrow, Batman), Chris Eliopoulos (Pet Avengers), Colleen Coover (Spider-Man), Janet K. Lee (Emma), and many more!


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