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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 39. Chapters: Baptist churches in Missouri, Churches in Columbia, Missouri, Churches in Independence, Missouri, Churches in St. Louis, Missouri, Episcopal churches in Missouri, Evangelical churches in Missouri, Lutheran churches in Missouri, Methodist churches in Missouri, Pentecostal churches in Missouri, Roman Catholic churches in Missouri, Temple Lot, Shrine of Saint Joseph, St. Louis, Missouri, Church of Christ, Cathedral of Saint Joseph, St. Stanislaus Kostka Church (St. Louis, Missouri), Saint Louis Abbey, Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, Basilica of St. Louis, King of France, Church of Christ with the Elijah Message, James River Assembly of God, St. Francis de Sales Church (St. Louis, Missouri), Episcopal Diocese of Missouri, Church of Jesus Christ, Community Christian Church (Kansas City, Missouri), Word of Life Church, Auditorium, St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church (Corning, Missouri), St. Mary's Parish, Bridgeton, Missouri, The Journey church, Upper Room Prayer and Worship Center, Episcopal Diocese of West Missouri, Quinn Chapel AME Church (St. Louis, Missouri), First Church of Christ, Scientist (St. Louis, Missouri), Christ Church Cathedral (St. Louis, Missouri), St. John's Episcopal Church (Springfield, Missouri), Faith Church St. Louis, Missouri United Methodist Church, Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows, St. Mary's Episcopal Church (Kansas City, Missouri), Stone Church (Independence, Missouri), St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, St. Louis, St. Ferdinand's Shrine Historic District, Third Baptist Church (St. Louis, Missouri), First Christian Church (Columbia, Missouri), St. Paul A.M.E. Church (Columbia, Missouri), Second Baptist Church (Columbia, Missouri), Holy Name Catholic Church (Kansas City, Missouri), Second Christian Church, Antioch Baptist Church (St. Louis, Missouri), Bond's Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, Belltower Chapel, St. Martin's Church (Starkenburg, Missouri). Excerpt: The Temple Lot, located in Independence, Jackson County, Missouri, is the first site to be dedicated for the construction of a temple in the Latter Day Saint movement. The area was dedicated on Wednesday, August 3, 1831 by the movement's founder, Joseph Smith, Jr., and purchased on December 19, 1831 by his colleague Edward Partridge to be the center of the New Jerusalem or "City of Zion" after he received a revelation stating that it would be the gathering spot of the Saints during the Last Days. The most prominent 2.5-acre section of the Temple Lot is currently an open, grass-covered field occupied in its northeast corner by a few trees and the headquarters of the Church of Christ (Temple Lot), which is not considered a temple by most adherents of that sect. No other structures (with the exception of monuments and markers and signposts) exist on the 2.5-acre section, although numerous important structures exist on the 63.5-acre section, such as the United Nations Peace Plaza, the Community of Christ Auditorium, the Truman Railroad Depot, the LDS Visitors Center, the Community of Christ Temple, an LDS Church stake center,, and the Six Nations Tree of Peace. The city of Independence, Missouri became important to the Latter Day Saint movement starting in the autumn of 1830, only a few months after the religion was incorporated in the State of New York in April 1830. The movement's founder, Joseph Smith, had received revelations designating this city as the "Center Place" of "Zion", and many early adherent...


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