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Revolution and Other Essays (1909). by: Jack London: Although Best Known for His Adult Fiction, Jack London Wrote in Almost Every Corner Available fro - 2846098274

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Revolution and Other Essays (1909). by: Jack London: Although Best Known for His Adult Fiction, Jack London Wrote in Almost Every Corner Available fro



Revolution and Other Essays - 2845155449

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Revolution and Other Essays



Letters from Prison and Other Essays - 2826902996

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Letters from Prison and Other Essays University of California Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The author sits in a jail belonging to the totalitarian regime, yet his first concern. In this book, his essays are a guide to the origins of the revolution, and, more particularly, to its innovative practices.


1960s Cultural Revolution - 2826896809

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1960s Cultural Revolution Greenwood Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Progressing at a dizzying, frenetic pace, the 1960s were synonymous with rebellion and conflict. No other decade in the 20th century was so tumultuous. This gripping and engagingly written guide to the forces that shaped the 1960s cultural revolution examines the New Left, the antiwar movement, and the counterculture. A narrative historical overview puts the decade in perspective. Essays follow on each of the above topics, and a concluding essay discusses the legacy of the era. The work also features a wealth of ready reference material-a comprehensive timeline of events in the 1960s, biographical profiles of key players, the text of important primary documents associated with the political, social and cultural rebellion, a glossary of terms, and a helpful annotated bibliography of print and nonprint materials suitable for students. The author, an expert in the social history of the era, examines the political activism, protests, music, and social conduct that made the 1960s such an extraordinary era. He also demonstrates that contrary to popular thinking, only a small minority of the baby boomers who came of age then were directly involved in student demonstrations, protests against the Vietnam War, or antisocial behavior that many Americans perceive as typical of the 1960s. Bringing to life the passion of the era are the texts of primary documents such as statements from the Students for a Democratic Society, speeches by leaders of the student protest movement and the Hippies, interviews, and responses from establishment politicians. The analytical essays, primary documents, and ready-reference material will help students to gain a deeper understanding of the period.


Unsigned Essays of Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story - 2834143957

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Unsigned Essays of Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

xxx, 387 pp. Written anonymously for the Encyclopedia Americana and now gathered in one volume, this work presents eighteen articles about major legal subjects by Joseph Story, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States and the first Dane professor of law at Harvard Law School. The articles are virtually unknown today because they were unsigned and never republished in any other form. Ranging from "Law, Legislation and Codes," "Common Law" and "Congress of the United States," to "Law of Nations," "Natural Law" and "Prize," these extended essays are fascinating distillations of Story's jurisprudence. The Encyclopedia Americana was edited by Story's friend Francis Lieber [1798-1872], who wrote the "Lieber Code" and was a distinguished professor at Columbia Law School who helped establish the field of political science in the United States. The book includes an introduction by Morris L. Cohen that describes the genesis of Story''s involvement in writing the pieces and some of their main ideas. The appendix offers texts of rare related materials. With an index. "After the American Revolution, the United States caught fire as a commercial republic. But adaptation of the common law to the needs of a trading nation required a broad erudition and a long view of America's role in the world. That combination was supplied by Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story, who was the faithful partner of Chief Justice Marshall and a New Englander who understood America's commercial future. Now - in a literary event that should excite every lawyer - these extraordinary essays, published anonymously in the serial volumes of the 19th century Encyclopedia Americana, are again available. The detective work of historian Valerie Horowitz in identifying the essays and the preface by Yale's celebrated law librarian the late Morris Cohen goes to show that antebellum legal history is still rich soil. Talbot Publishing has done a signal service in ensuring continued attention to Justice Story's foundational essays - which were the precursor to the modern law reform work of the American Law Institute and the Conference of Uniform State Law Commissioners."--RUTH WEDGWOOD, Edward Burling Professor of International Law, Johns Hopkins University "In this handsome volume, we have for the first time a reader-friendly edition of Joseph Story's little-known essays on American law published anonymously in Francis Lieber's Encyclopedia Americana. With the late Morris L. Cohen's learned introduction to guide us, we can detect, even more clearly than in his judicial opinions, the intellectual foundations of Story's jurisprudence. Written in plain English for laymen and professionals alike, the essays attest to Story's almost religious belief that only scientific law could save the republic from impending chaos."-- R. KENT NEWMYER, University of Connecticut School of Law, author of Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story: Statesman of the Old Republic (1985)


Ideas and Integrities - 2826778888

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Ideas and Integrities Prestel

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

R. Buckminster Fuller (1895a "1983) was an architect, engineer, geometrician, cartographer, philosopher, futurist, inventor of the famous geodesic dome, and one of the most brilliant thinkers of his time. For more than five decades, he set forth his comprehensive perspective on the world's problems in numerous essays, which offer an illuminating insight into the intellectual universe of this "renaissance man." These texts remain surprisingly topical even today, decades after their initial publication. While Fuller wrote the works in the 1960's and 1970's, they could not be more timely: like desperately needed time-capsules of wisdom for the critical moment he foresaw, and in which we find ourselves. Long out of print, they are now being published again, together with commentary by Jaime Snyder, the grandson of Buckminster Fuller. Designed for a new generation of readers, Snyder prepared these editions with supplementary material providing background on the texts, factual updates, and interpretation of his visionary ideas. A biography of Buckminster Fuller's "thought development," Ideas and Integrities presents an intimate self-portrait of the experiences and discoveries behind his groundbreaking ideas and inventions. Through in-depth essays like "Total Thinking," "Design for Survival a " Plus," and "The Comprehensive Man," spanning the period from his earliest writings to the invention of the geodesic dome and his explosion onto the world stage, he delivers a powerful manifesto for the comprehensive design revolution he had championed: "To make man a success on earth.... we must design our way to positive effectiveness." Buckminster Fuller's prophetic 1962 book Education Automation brilliantly anticipated the need to rethink learning in light of a dawning revolution in informational technology a " "upcoming major world industry." Along with other essays on education, including "Breaking the Shell of Permitted Ignorance," "Children: the True Scientists" and "Mistake Mystique," this volume presents a powerful approach for preparing ourselves to face epochal changes on spaceship earth: "whether we are going to make it or not... is really up to each one of us; it is not something we can delegate to the politicians a " what kind of world are you really going to have?"


Criminal Evidence and Human Rights - 2826734610

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Criminal Evidence and Human Rights Hart Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Criminal procedure in the common law world is being recast in the image of human rights. The cumulative impact of human rights laws, both international and domestic, presages a revolution in common law procedural traditions. Comprising 16 essays plus the editors' thematic introduction, this volume explores various aspects of the 'human rights revolution' in criminal evidence and procedure in Australia, Canada, England and Wales, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Scotland, South Africa and the USA. The contributors provide expert evaluations of their own domestic law and practice with frequent reference to comparative experiences in other jurisdictions. Some essays focus on specific topics, such as evidence obtained by torture, the presumption of innocence, hearsay, the privilege against self-incrimination, and 'rape shield' laws. Others seek to draw more general lessons about the context of law reform, the epistemic demands of the right to a fair trial, the domestic impact of supra-national legal standards (especially the ECHR), and the scope for reimagining common law procedures through the medium of human rights. This edited collection showcases the latest theoretically informed, methodologically astute and doctrinally rigorous scholarship in criminal procedure and evidence, human rights and comparative law, and will be a major addition to the literature in all of these fields.


Marx's Political Writings - 2834683714

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Marx's Political Writings VERSO

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Karl Marx was not only the great theorist of capitalism, he was also a superb journalist, politician and historian. In these brand-new editions of Marx s Political Writings we are able to see the depth and range of his mature work from 1848 through to the end of his life, from The Communist Manifesto to The Class Struggles in France and The Critique of the Gotha Programme. Each book has a new introduction from a major contemporary thinker, to shed new light on these vital texts. Volume 1: The Revolutions of 1848 Marx and Engels had sketched out the principles of scientific communism by 1846. Yet it was from his intense involvement in the abortive German Revolution of 1848 that Marx developed a depth of practical understanding he would draw on in Capital and throughout his later career. This volume includes his great call to arms The Communist Manifesto but also shows how tactical alliances with the bourgeoisie failed, after which Marx became firmly committed to independent workers organizations and the ideal of permanent revolution. The articles offer trenchant analyses of events in France, Poland, Prague, Berlin and Vienna, while speeches set out changing communist tactics. In a new introduction the major socialist feminist writer Sheila Rowbotham examines this period of Marx s life and how it shaped his political perspective. Volume 2: Surveys from Exile In the 1850s and early 1860s Marx played an active part in politics, and his prolific journalism from London offered a constant commentary on all the main developments of the day. During this time Marx began to interpret the British political scene and express his considered views on Germany, Poland and Russia, the Crimean War and American Civil War, imperialism in India and China, and a host of other key issues. The Class Struggles in France develops the theories outlined in The Communist Manifesto into a rich and revealing analysis of contemporary events, while The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte contains equally stimulating reflections on Napoleon III s coup d etat of 1851. In a new introduction activist and writer Tariq Ali examines the texts that have become essential works in Marx s canon. Volume 3: The First International and After The crucial texts of Marx s later years notably The Civil War in France and Critique of the Gotha Programme count among his most important work. These articles include a searching analysis of the tragic but inspiring failure of the Paris Commune, as well as essays on German unification, the Irish question, the Polish national movement and the possibility of revolution in Russia. The founding documents of the First international and polemical pieces attacking the disciples of Proudhon and Bakunin and the advocates of reformism, by contrast, reveal a tactical mastery that has influenced revolutionary movements ever since. In a new introduction the renowned Marxist David Harvey sheds light on the evolution of Marx s notions of democracy and politics.


Po Bábelu - 2839840489

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Po Bábelu

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Czeskie>Naučná literatura

Stezejni Dilo Jednoho Z Nejvyraznejsich Zijicich Literarnich A Kulturnich Kritiku Anglicky Mluviciho Sveta. G. Steiner V Nem Zkouma Fenomen Prekladu. Vychazi Z Zidovske Kabaly A Jazykove Mystiky Stejne Jako Z Moderni Hermeneutiky A V Protestu Proti Uzke Specializaci Uvazuje O Prekladu Jako Zakladnim Prvku Vseho Rozumeni, Interpretace A Komunikace, Vlastne Celych Kulturnich Dejin. G. Steiner Se Narodil 23. 4. 1929 V Parizi, Kam Jeho Rodiee Jiz Roku 1924 Presidlili Z Antisemitske Vidne. Rodina Se Sice Roku 1940 Dale Stehuje Do New Yorku, Steiner Ale I Zde Navstevuje Francouzske Lyceum A Poznava Na Nem Radu Prednich Francouzskych Intelektualu (J. Maritain, C. Levi-Strauss, Saint-John Perse), Takze Prirozenym Zakladem Jeho Polyglotstvi I Komparatistickeho Mysleni Zustane Spojeni Stredoevropskeho Humanismu S Francouzskym Univerzalismem. Vedle Toho V New Yorku Take Pristupuje K Bar Micva A Osobne Tak Za Dalsi Vychodisko Sveho Mysleni Prijima Zidovstvi. Studuje Na Univerzite V Chicagu (B. A. 1948), Na Harvardu (M. A. 1950) A V Oxfordu (PhD. 1955). Ve Sve Prvni Knize Tolstoj, Nebo Dostojevskij (Tolstoy Or Dostoevsky: An Essay In The Old Criticism, 1959) Stavi Steiner Proti Tolsteho Dejinnemu Humanismu Dostojevskeho Naddejinnou Presaznost A Vyzveda Pochopeni Tohoto Autora Pro Temne Stranky A Tragienost Eloveka. V Nasledujici Smrti Tragedie (The Death Of Tragedy, 1961) Konstatuje Zanik Tohoto Jedineeneho Zapadniho Zanru, Podkopaneho Osvicenskym Sekularnim Optimismem A Demokratizaci Spoleenosti. Ve Druhe Puli 60. Let Se George Steiner, Od Roku 1961 Fellow Cambridgeske Churchill College A Hostujici Profesor Na Americkych Univerzitach, Zaeina Soustavne Obirat Tematem Soa A Jeho Vyznamu Pro Smysluplnost Dalsi Kultury. Tato Fascinace Nepominutelne Osobni Povahy Se Objevuje Jak V Jeho Dile Beletristickem (nejprve V Souboru Povidek Anno Domini, 1964, Pozdeji Napriklad V Kontroverzni Novele Transport A. H. Do San Cristóbalu / Portage To San Cristobal Of A. H. / , 1981), Tak V Tvorbe Esejisticke - Poprve V Knize Jazyk A Ticho (Language And Silence: Essays On Language, Literature And The Inhuman, 1967; Esej Ustup Slova Vysla Roku 1975 Samizdatove V Prekladu Vaclava Eerneho). Skryte Osobni Kredo Obsahuje I Soubor Eseji Extrateritorialni (Extraterritorial: Papers On Literature And The Language Revolution, 1971): Zde Se Autor Znovu Obraci K Tematu Jazyka, Tentokrat Z Pohledu Jazykoveho Bezdomovi, V Nemz Se Ocitl Moderni Spisovatel (Beckett, Borges Ei Nabokov, Stejne Jako Steiner Sam). Predevsim Esej Jazykovy Zivoeich Svym Durazem Na Neoddelitelnost Eloveka Od Reei Jasne Predjima Opus Magnum Po Babelu. Jeste Predtim Se Ale Steiner Roku 1971 V Knize V Hradu Modrovousove (In Bluebeard's Castle: Some Notes Towards The Redefinition Of Culture) Soustavneji Vrati Ke Krizi Zapadni Kultury, Z Niz V Souladu Se Svymi Ranymi Pracemi Vidi Vychodisko V Sazce Na Transcendenci. V Roce, Kdy Vysla Kniha Po Babelu (After Babel, 1974) Autor Symbolicky Naleza Definitivni Pusobiste Jako Profesor Anglicke A Srovnavaci Literatury Na Univerzite V Zeneve (1974-1994). V Antigonach (Antigones, 1984) Se Steiner Na Prikladu Sofoklovy Hry A Jejich Predevsim Filosofickych Interpretaci Zabyva Tim, Nakolik Jsou Nase Vhledy A Vypovedi V Zakladu Ureeny Reckymi Myty, A Stale Nalehaveji Pred Nim Vyvstava Otazka Moznosti Jine Nez Sebevrazedne Koexistence Transcendence A Civitas. Jeho Celozivotni Zajem O Otazky Vztahu Bozskeho A Lidskeho Ho Vede K Uvaham, Zda Vubec Mohou Existovat Hermeneutika A Estetika, Ktere By Nebyly Zalozeny Teologicky Ei Zajisteny Transcendentne Danym Smyslem. Toto Tazani Vrcholi V Dalsi Zasadni Knize Realne Pritomnosti (Real Presences, 1989) A Pokraeuje V Gramatikach Tvoreni (Grammars Of Creation, 2001), Posledni Velke Praci, Zkoumajici Moderni Predstavu Tvorby Jako Einnosti, Jez Ma Eloveku Propujeit Bozsky Status. Steiner Je Rovnez Autorem Antologii (The Penguin Book Of Modern Verse Translation, 1966; Homer In English, 1996), Souboru Eseji A Elanku (On Difficulty And Other Essays, 1978; No Passion Spent. Essays 1978-1995; George Steiner At The New Yorker, 2009), Prednaskovych Cyklu (Nostalgy For The Absolute, Proneseno 1974, Knizne 2004; Lessons Of The Masters, 2003) A Esejistickych Knih S Autobiografickymi Prvky (Errata. An Examined Life, 1997, A My Unwritten Books, 2008).


Break of Day - 2826792257

95,35 zł

Break of Day University of Nebraska Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Originally published in France in 1934, Break of Day is Andre Breton's second collection of critical and polemical essays, following The Lost Steps (Nebraska 1996). In fewer than two hundred pages, it captures the first full decade of the surrealist movement. The collection opens with an essay composed in 1924 that examines key elements of surrealism and concludes with Breton's harsh revaluation in 1933 of automatic writing. Among the other essays in the volume are "Burial Denied" and "In Self-Defense," two pieces that, in translator Mark Polizzotti's words, "mark surrealism's conscious break from the mainstream and the beginning of its attempts to work alongside the French Communist Party." Also included are "Psychiatry Standing before Surrealism," which addresses Breton's complex, ambivalent views on mental illness and the emerging psychiatric establishment; "Introduction to Achim von Arnim's Strange Tales," which reveals surrealism's debt to such precursors as the German romantics and delineates a surrealistic aesthetic of the macabre; and "Picasso in His Element," in which Breton demonstrates his formidable talents as a critic of the visual arts. Mark Polizzotti is the editorial director of David R. Godine, Inc. He is the translator of numerous works and the author of Revolution of the Mind: The Life of Andre Breton. Mary Ann Caws is Distinguished Professor of English, French, and Comparative Literature at the Graduate School of the City University of New York and the author or editor of some forty-one books, most recently The Surrealist Look: An Erotics of Encounter.


Romanian academics - 2837117556

117,88 zł

Romanian academics Books LLC, Reference Series

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 101. Chapters: Horia Gârbea, Gheorghe Asachi, Emil Isac, Dan Voiculescu, Gala Galaction, Titu Maiorescu, Cristian Diaconescu, Miron Constantinescu, George Emil Palade, Iustin Moisescu, Nicolae Tonitza, Valter Roman, Nestor Ignat, Grigore Moisil, Ioan P. Culianu, Artur Phleps, Camil Muresanu, Ion Sân-Giorgiu, Dan Nica, Nicolae Paulescu, Daniel Daianu, Victor Babiuc, Raluca Turcan, Ion Nistor, Mona Musca, Razvan Theodorescu, Constantin Nita, Rodica Stanoiu, Gellu Naum, Sorin Antohi, Constantin Schifirnet, Emil Racovita, Ionel Sinescu, Cristian Preda, Andrei Serban, Simion Barnutiu, Heimann Hariton Tiktin, Ion Petrovici, Victor Babes, Károly Kós, Valeriu Tabara, Andrei Oisteanu, Mehmet Niyazi, Alexandru Ghika, Gheorghe Titeica, Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Stefan Dimitrescu, Alexandru Froda, Florin-Teodor Tanasescu, Áron Márton, Gheorghe Tattarescu, Miruna Runcan, Vasile Frateanu, Theodor Paleologu, Onisifor Ghibu, Dionisie Ghermani, George Murnu, Károly Molter, Matei Calinescu, Augustin Deac, Octav Bancila, Victor Neumann, Anton Anton, Cristian Pârvulescu, Vasile Puscas, Dan-Alexandru Voiculescu, Solomon Marcus, Paun Otiman, Gelu Neamtu, Misu Popp, Teofil Oroian, Ioan Cantacuzino, Petre Hârtopeanu, Wilhelm Knechtel, János Kemény, Alexandru Hâjdeu, Dan-Virgil Voiculescu, Codrin Paveliuc Olariu, Vintila Ciocâlteu, Ion Ionescu de la Brad, Carol Davila, Constantin Levaditi, Miron Nicolescu, Constantin Dimitrescu, Alexandru Moisuc, Sorin Adam Matei, Nicolae Darascu, Noemi Marin, Constantin Coanda, George Stephanescu, Nicolae Cajal, Stefan Bârsanescu, David Emmanuel, Aron Pumnul, Brindusa Armanca, Teodor Burada, George Serban, Constantin A. Cretulescu, Ion Dezideriu Sîrbu, Adrian Miroiu, Timotei Cipariu, Alexandru Roman, Constantin Bosianu. Excerpt: Horia-Razvan Gârbea or Gîrbea (Romanian pronunciation: ; born August 10, 1962) is a Romanian playwright, poet, essayist, novelist and critic, also known as an academic, engineer and journalist. Known for his work in experimental theater and his Postmodernist contributions to Romanian literature, he is a member of the Writers' Union of Romania (USR), its public relations executive and the head of its Bucharest chapter. Also recognized for his contribution to Romanian humor and his essays, he has published regularly in journals such as Contemporanul, Luceafarul, Ramuri and Saptamâna Financiara. His career in the media also covers screenwriting for Romanian television stations and the popularization of contract bridge. The author of several scientific works on engineering, Gârbea is also a faculty member at the University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. The recipient of several national awards for literature, he received critical attention for plays, short stories and novels which merge intertextuality and parody with neorealistic elements. In his work for the Romanian stage, Gârbea has primarily reworked motifs from Anton Chekhov, Ion Luca Caragiale, Gustave Flaubert, Costache Negruzzi and various other of his predecessors, addressing contemporary realities. He is also the other of tragicomedies with themes borrowed the 1989 Revolution and his country's post-1989 history. The latter focus is complimented by his works in novel and short prose, which often take the form of political fiction or satire aimed at his writer colleagues. Such contributions have consolidated Gârbea's success with the general public, but have divided critical opinion on the issue of their ult...


Days of Reading - 2826711665

26,18 zł

Days of Reading Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In these inspiring essays about why we read, Proust explores all the pleasures and trials that we take from books, as well as explaining the beauty of Ruskin and his work, and the joys of losing yourself in literature as a child. Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and comforted. They have enriched lives - and destroyed them. Now Penguin brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are.


Blackstone and His Commentaries - 2826943465

134,22 zł

Blackstone and His Commentaries Hart Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

One of the most celebrated works in the Anglo-American legal tradition, William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-9) has recently begun to attract renewed interest from legal and other scholars. The Commentaries no longer dominate legal education as they once did, especially in North America during the century after their first publication. But they continue to be regularly cited in the judgments of superior courts of review on both sides of the Atlantic, and elsewhere throughout the common-law world. They also provide constitutional, cultural, intellectual and legal historians with a remarkably comprehensive account of the role of law, lawyers and the courts in the imperial superpower that was England on the cusp of the industrial revolution. The life and character of Blackstone himself, the nature and sources of his jurisprudence as expounded in the Commentaries, and the impact of his great book, both within and beyond his native shores, are the main themes of this collection. Individual essays treat Blackstone's early architectural treatises and their relationship to the Commentaries; his idiosyncratic book collecting; his views of the role of judges, interpretation of statutes, the law of marriage, the status of wives, natural law, property law and the legalities of colonisation, and the varied reception of the Commentaries in America and continental Europe. Blackstone's bibliography and iconography also receive attention. Combining the work of both eminent and emerging scholars, this interdisciplinary venture sheds welcome new light on a legal classic and its continued influence. I Life 1 Blackstone and Biography - Wilfrid Prest 2 A 'Model of the Old House': Architecture in Blackstone's Life and Commentaries - Carol Matthews 3 'A Mighty Consumption of Ale': Blackstone, Buckler, and All Souls College, Oxford - Norma Aubertin-Potter 4 William Blackstone and William Prynne: an Unlikely Association? - Ian Doolittle II Thought 5 Blackstone on Judging - John H Langbein 6 Blackstone's Rules for the Construction of Statutes - John V Orth 7 Blackstone and Bentham on the Law of Marriage - Mary Sokol 8 Coverture and Unity of Person in Blackstone's Commentaries -Tim Stretton 9 Blackstone's Commentaries on Colonialism: Australian Judicial Interpretations - Thalia Anthony 10 Restoring the 'Real' to Real Property Law: A Return to Blackstone? - Nicole Graham III Influence 11 American Blackstones - Michael Hoeflich 12 Did Blackstone get the Gallic Shrug? - John Emerson 13 Blackstone in Germany - Horst Dippel IV Sources 14 Bibliography - Morris Cohen 15 Iconography - J H Baker and Wilfrid Prest Contributors -Thalia Anthony lectures in law at the University of Sydney. -Norma Aubertin-Potter is Librarian-in-Charge of the Codrington Library, All Souls College, Oxford. -J H Baker, Downing Professor of the Laws of England at the University of Cambridge, is Literary Director of the Selden Society. -Morris Cohen, Professor Emeritus and Professorial Lecturer in Law, is the former Librarian of Yale Law School. -Horst Dippel is Professor of British and American Studies at the University of Kassel. -Ian Doolittle, formerly a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford, is a partner in the law firm Trowers and Hamlins LLP in London. -John Emerson holds a Visiting Research Fellowship in the Law School, University of Adelaide. -Nicole Graham is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney. -Michael Hoeflich is John H and John M Kane Distinguished Professor in the Law School, University of Kansas. -John Langbein is Sterling Professor of Law and Legal History at Yale Law School. -Carol Matthews teaches in the School of History and Politics at the University of Adelaide. -John V Orth holds the William Rand Kenan Jr Chair of Law at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. -Wilfrid Prest is Professor Emeritus and Visiting Research Fellow in the Law School and School of History and Politics, University of Adelaide. -Mary Sokol holds an Honorary Research Fellowship in the Bentham Project at University College London. -Tim Stretton teaches history at St Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Companion to the Literature of German Expressionism - 2842368133

191,18 zł

Companion to the Literature of German Expressionism Camden House Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

More than any other avant-garde movement, German Expressionism captures the aesthetic revolution of 20th-century modernity in all its contrasts and conflicts. In continuous eruptions from 1905 to 1925, Expressionism upset reigning practices in the arts, most vividly in painting and the visual arts. In the literature, a heady intellectualism combined with dramatic gesture, graphic visions, exuberant emotions and urgent proclamations to forge forceful styles of verbal expression. Expressionism introduced into art both visual and verbal a shockingly new intensity with many facets and many faces. This volume presents the literature of German Expressionism, which is far less known in the English-speaking world, with essays by leading scholars on Expressionism's philosophical origins, its thematic preoccupations, and its divergent stylistic manifestations by writers whose common bond is intensity and whose lines on the page read like the gouges of a woodcut: Georg Kaiser, Walter Hasenclever, and Ernst Toller in drama; Gottfried Benn, Georg Heym, Else Lasker-Schuler, and Georg Trakl in poetry; Alfred Doblin, Carl Einstein, and Carl Sternheim in prose, to name just a few. Against the background of the journals, exhibitions, and anthologies, the cafe meeting places and public life of Expressionism, the volume's highly focused, intrinsic analyses of texts and comprehensive overviews of extrinsic contexts (and of the most up-to-date research) shows the fervor and complexity of the period and its effulgent literary formations. Neil H. Donahue is Professor of German and Comparative Literature at Hofstra University.


Night Walks - 2826764616

26,50 zł

Night Walks Penguin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Charles Dickens describes in "Night Walks" his time as an insomniac, when he decided to cure himself by walking through London in the small hours, and discovered homelessness, drunkenness and vice on the streets. This collection of essays shows Dickens as one of the greatest visionaries of the city in all its variety and cruelty.§"Great Ideas" Throughout history, some books have changed the world. They have transformed the way we see ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and comforted. They have enriched lives - and destroyed them. "Penguin" brings you the works of the great thinkers, pioneers, radicals and visionaries whose ideas shook civilization and helped make us who we are.


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