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Szkatułka styropianowa owalna do decoupage 75x155x115mm (CPS00118) - 2844312108

9,05 zł

Szkatułka styropianowa owalna do decoupage 75x155x115mm (CPS00118)

Książki & Multimedia > Książki

Nazwa - Szkatułka styropianowa owalna do decoupage 75x155x115mm (CPS00118) Kod EAN - 5900310155771 Wydawca - APAX Podatek VAT - 23%


We Never Asked for Wings - 2835033042

35,10 zł

We Never Asked for Wings Random House US

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

From the beloved New York Times bestselling author of The Language of Flowers comes her much-anticipated new novel about young love, hard choices, and hope against all odds.§§For fourteen years, Letty Espinosa has worked three jobs around San Francisco to make ends meet while her mother raised her children-Alex, fifteen, and Luna, just six-in their tiny apartment on a forgotten spit of wetlands near the bay. But now Letty's parents are returning to Mexico, and Letty must step up and become a mother for the first time in her life.§§Navigating this new terrain is challenging for Letty, especially as Luna desperately misses her grandparents and Alex, who is falling in love with a classmate, is unwilling to give his mother a chance. Letty comes up with a plan to help the family escape the dangerous neighborhood and heartbreaking injustice that have marked their lives, but one wrong move could jeopardize everything she's worked for and her family's fragile hopes for the future.§§Vanessa Diffenbaugh blends gorgeous prose with compelling themes of motherhood, undocumented immigration, and the American Dream in a powerful and prescient story about family.§§Praise for We Never Asked for Wings §§"Deftly blends family conflict with reassurance: Wings is like Parenthood with class and immigration issues added for gravitas." - People (Book of the Week)§§"This poignant story will stay in readers' hearts long after the last page. . . . Diffenbaugh weaves in the plight of undocumented immigrants to her tale of first- and second-generation Americans struggling to make their way in America. Moving without being maudlin, this story avoids the stereotypes in its stark portrayal of mothers who just want the best for their children." - RT Book Reviews (Top Pick)§ §"Diffenbaugh is a storyteller of the highest order: her simple but poetic prose makes even this most classically American story sing with a special kind of vulnerable beauty." - Bustle § §"[A] gripping, heartfelt exploration of a mother's love, resilience and redemption." - Family Circle § §"Satisfying storytelling . . . Diffenbaugh delivers a heartwarming journey that mixes redemption and optimistic insight [and] confirms her gift for creating shrewd, sympathetic charmers." - Kirkus Reviews §§"I was hooked from the first breathtaking pages of We Never Asked for Wings , caring about this exquisitely vulnerable family, hoping right along with them on every page that each heart-rending, impossible choice would lead them somewhere better together." -Lisa Genova, New York Times bestselling author of Still Alice §§"Vanessa Diffenbaugh's We Never Asked for Wings propels us into a mother's heart as she and her family travel down a rocky path to understanding and forgiveness. With breathtaking imagery and lyrical prose, Diffenbaugh makes Letty's growth from a troubled young mother to a responsible woman who learns to put her children first, but also allows herself the possibility of love, entirely believable. Hers is a hard-won victory you will cheer even as you wish this graceful, moving book would never end." -Melanie Benjamin, New York Times bestselling author of The Aviator's Wife §§From the Hardcover edition.


The Christmas List. Der Weihnachtswunsch, englische Ausgabe - 2836096251

94,78 zł

The Christmas List. Der Weihnachtswunsch, englische Ausgabe Simon & Schuster UK

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

A heartwarming and inspirational Christmas novel in the tradition of The Christmas Box, Grace, The Gift , and Finding Noel . The New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Box and The Walk series returns with a holiday novel of hope, love, and redemption.§Dear Reader, §When I was in seventh grade, my English teacher, Mrs. Johnson, gave our class the intriguing (if somewhat macabre) assignment of writing our own obituaries. Oddly, I don't remember much of what I wrote about my life, but I do remember how I died: in first place on the final lap of the Daytona 500. At the time, I hadn't considered writing as an occupation, a field with a remarkably low on-the-job casualty rate. §What intrigues me most about Mrs. Johnson's assignment is the opportunity she gave us to confront our own legacy. How do we want to be remembered? That question has motivated our species since the beginning of time: from building pyramids to putting our names on skyscrapers. §As I began to write this book, I had two objectives: First, I wanted to explore what could happen if someone read their obituary before they died and saw, firsthand, what the world really thought of them. Their legacy. §Second, I wanted to write a Christmas story of true redemption. One of my family's holiday traditions is to see a local production of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol . I don't know how many times I've seen it (perhaps a dozen), but it still thrills me to see the change that comes over Ebenezer Scrooge as he transforms from a dull, tight-fisted miser into a penitent, "giddy-as-aschoolboy" man with love in his heart. I always leave the show with a smile on my face and a resolve to be a better person. That's what I wanted to share with you, my dear readers, this Christmas -- a holiday tale to warm your season, your homes, and your hearts. §Merry Christmas


BEYOND THE VEIL - 2826619838

64,21 zł

BEYOND THE VEIL Lightning Source UK Ltd

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

When we enter the temple, we enter heaven (Orthodox idea). When we go to church, we enter the kingdom of heaven. Heaven and earth are made one. It is the marriage of heaven and earth. At Christ's incarnation and at his death and resurrection, the cosmos was redeemed. The fall unraveling. We still must carry our cross and die daily, eventually physically. But there is great hope. When we follow Christ, we are transformed in this life and at the resurrection. Grace has become incarnate in Jesus Christ. Grace transforms us as we follow him. Beyond the Veil is a fictional tale of these theological realities. The story is a Dantean tale revealing that sin destroys, but the greatness and goodness of God's forgiveness, grace, and love mends all things. The medieval cosmic structure is the backbone of the story. Even C. S. Lewis shows up disguised as N. W. Clerk. The story's purpose is to instill wonder and delight in the reader. Wonder and delight of the cosmic redemption; the beauty, truth, and goodness of what God has created. The created order is in disarray but will be renewed as on the day of its creation. In addition to the story, the Appendix features several poems complementing the ideas of the tale. C. N. Dudek is a writer and editor. He is a graduate of Eastern University and is finishing his Masters in Ministry. He writes for beliefnet and enjoys theology and literature.


Dark Brand - Book 1 of the Forge of Atuma - 2840797418

78,60 zł

Dark Brand - Book 1 of the Forge of Atuma

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Once, the Migan man known as Duncan Runehand had been a master thief: a night stalker with gifts so strange that the very shadows called him brother. He took what he wanted and cared for nothing but slaking his own avarice. Then on one accursed night he stole the Black Diamond, an ancient relic tied to an otherworldly horror. His theft would trigger ten years of nightmare and fear that would savage the wondrous land of Aderet and see a living blasphemy set loose to devour the land and the souls of its people. Now, unable to bear the consequences of his greed, Duncan seeks redemption by hunting down his fellow thieves. But his past is not finished with him. Hunted by assassins, stalked by supernatural evil, and watched by powers beyond his ken, Duncan will step beyond self-reliance and learn the power of the greatest authority of all. With a strong spiritual vision and inspirational message, Dark Brand chronicles a tale of hope and redemption that will alter the destiny of a world.


Nightmares of Terror - 2834136818

114,99 zł

Nightmares of Terror Resource Publications (CA)

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Nightmares of Terror, continuing the saga that began in Days of Purgatory, is set in and around Dodge City in 1882. Several characters are having their sleep disturbed by dreams that are flares from the past or harbingers of the future. Deacon Coburn, flint-eyed and tenderhearted, aids others and comes to terms with hardscrabble troubles by applying gritty faith. An outlaw is on the rampage; his life has been violent and he's realizing that hell is a real place. A former prostitute is seeking a new life, while a teenager stretches her wings. One strong man is having a crisis of faith; another is in a mess of troubles not of his making. Two women are expecting and due at roughly the same time. A Texas cattleman arrives in the Queen of the Cowtowns to conclude a business deal, which unbeknownst to him, forces a onetime slave to come face to face with a seedy episode from bygone days. All these threads are woven together in a compelling narrative in which the supernatural is commonplace and real. An overarching theme is voiced by Eliza Weitzel: ""Faith is all about having confidence that whatever will be will be, and by God's grace we have the hope that he sustains and supports us no matter what."" ""As a youngster, I grew up toward the end of an era of classic Westerns and remember being mesmerized by such heroes as Matt Dillon (Gunsmoke), Lucas McCain (The Rifleman), and Jim Crown (Cimarron Strip). Abell adds one more to this list of emulate-able heroes by taking us back to the frontier trails and streets of the 19th century, and introducing us to Deacon Coburn. With a heart toward heaven and boots firmly grounded in the dust of the Old West, Coburn is a light of hope and redemption to troubled souls, even while haunted by his past. Picking up where Echoes of Evil leaves off, Nightmares of Terror wrestles with the questions of faith that many feel, yet most are afraid to ask."" --Timothy W. Fisher, author of Where Heaven Meets Earth ""There are no signs of flagging or fatigue in the fourth installment of the Deacon Coburn series. Nightmares of Terror continues Abell's starkly real examination of spirituality and mysticism meeting at the crossroads of faith in the unknowable. Each character who is plagued by the titular nightmares must face their deepest fears, and these supernatural touchstones are often premonitions or omens of calamity. Upheaval and change are abundant as character arcs and plotlines conclude only to reveal new beginnings. A tautly-paced tale that had me tearing through the final forty pages in breathless anticipation and fearful wonder."" --William D. Hastings, author of Behind Prison Walls Ken R. Abell resides in New Mexico with his wife, Anita. They serve the Overcomers Program at Navajo BIC Mission. Among other projects, he is writing the fifth installment of this western epic. His work can be found at or


Star Wars Trilogy - 2836094631

94,94 zł

Star Wars Trilogy Del Rey

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

More than twenty-five years after the groundbreaking movie "Star Wars: A New Hope first hit the silver screen, "Star Wars remains one of the most beloved sagas ever told. Together, the three original "Star Wars movies-"A New Hope, "The Empire Strikes Back, and "Return of the Jedi-told one epic: a heroic tale of innocence lost and wisdom gained, of downfall and redemption, of the never-ending fight between the forces of good and evil. Read the story of the movies-all three in one trade paperback volume-and rediscover the wonder of the legend that begins: "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away . . . Luke Skywalker lived and worked on his uncle's farm on the remote planet of Tatooine, but he yearned to travel beyond the farthest reaches of the universe to distant, alien worlds. Then Luke intercepted a cryptic message from a beautiful, captive princess . . . and found himself catapulted into the adventure of a lifetime. Luke Skywalker, proud Princess Leia, and headstrong Han Solo . . . merciless Darth Vader, wise Obi-Wan Kenobi, loyal droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, and the inscrutable Yoda . . . Chewbacca the Wookiee, shifty Lando Calrissian, and the vile Jabba the Hutt . . . all the vivid characters from the "Star Wars universe spring to life in these thrilling pages. The" Star Wars Trilogy is a must-read for anyone who wants to relive the excitement, the magic, and the sheer entertainment of this legendary saga-now and forever.


Different Seasons - 2825763016

48,50 zł

Different Seasons Hodder And Stoughton

Powieść zagranicznaHorror, literatura grozy

Hodder are boosting Stephen King's backlist with new covers, new author branding and a marketing campaign which directs readers to the right King title for them.In this classic collection of four novellas, the grand master takes you on irrestistible journeys into the far reaches of horror, heartache and hope.Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption is the story of two men convicted of murder - one guilty, one innocent - who form the perfect partnership as they dream up a scheme to escape from prison.In Apt Pupil a golden schoolboy entices an old man with a past to join in a dreadful union.The Body sees four young boys venture into the woods and find life, death . . . and the end of innocence.The Breathing Method is the tale of a doctor who goes to his club and discovers a woman determined to give birth - no matter what.


Different Seasons - 2826632239

52,73 zł

Different Seasons Hodder & Stoughton

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In this classic collection of four novellas, the grand master takes you on irrestistible journeys into the far reaches of horror, heartache and hope. Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption is the story of two men convicted of murder - one guilty, one innocent - who form the perfect partnership as they dream up a scheme to escape from prison. In Apt Pupil a golden schoolboy entices an old man with a past to join in a dreadful union. The Body sees four young boys venture into the woods and find life, death ...and the end of innocence. The Breathing Method is the tale of a doctor who goes to his club and discovers a woman determined to give birth - no matter what.


Fergus Lamont - 2826915328

52,73 zł

Fergus Lamont Canongate Classics

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

'Half Scotland sniggered and the other half scowled, when in letters to the Scotsman and the Glasgow Herald, I put forward my suggestion that prisoners in Scottish jails be allowed to wear their kilts as their national birthright if such be their wish.' From his origins as an illegitimate child in the slums of Glasgow, Fergus Lamont sets out to reclaim his inheritance and to remake his identity as soldier, poet and would-be aristocrat. Covering the years from the turn of the century to the Second World War, Fergus' unforgettable voice recounts a tale of vanity, success and betrayal which shines its own sardonic light on Scotland and the cultural and political issues of the day. At odds with his origins and unsettled in his aristocratic pretensions, Fergus Lamont reaches middle age before he is offered at least the hope of redemption in a love affair with an island woman. How it turns out and what he learns too late, adds a tragic dimension to the scathing humour of this, Robin Jenkins' most searching exploration of the modern Scottish psyche.


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