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Human Recognition at a Distance in Video - 2844858491

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Human Recognition at a Distance in Video Springer, Berlin

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Most biometric systems employed for human recognition require physical contact with, or close proximity to, a cooperative subject. Far more challenging is the ability to reliably recognize individuals at a distance, when viewed from an arbitrary angle under real-world environmental conditions. Gait and face data are the two biometrics that can be most easily captured from a distance using a video camera.§This comprehensive and logically organized text/reference addresses the fundamental problems associated with gait and face-based human recognition, from color and infrared video data that are acquired from a distance. It examines both model-free and model-based approaches to gait-based human recognition, including newly developed techniques where both the model and the data (obtained from multiple cameras) are in 3D. In addition, the work considers new video-based techniques for face profile recognition, and for the super-resolution of facial imagery obtained at different angles. Finally, the book investigates integrated systems that detect and fuse both gait and face biometrics from video data. §Topics and features:§Discusses a framework for human gait analysis based on Gait Energy Image, a spatio-temporal gait representationEvaluates the discriminating power of model-based gait features using Bayesian statistical analysisExamines methods for human recognition using 3D gait biometrics, and for moving-human detection using both color and thermal image sequencesDescribes approaches for the integration of face profile and gait biometrics, and for super-resolution of frontal and side-view face imagesIntroduces an objective non-reference quality evaluation algorithm for super-resolved imagesPresents performance comparisons between different biometrics and different fusion methods for integrating gait and super-resolved face from videoThis unique and authoritative text is an invaluable resource for researchers and graduate students of computer vision, pattern recognition and biometrics. The book will also be of great interest to professional engineers of biometric systems.§Dr. Bir Bhanu is Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Director of the Center for Research in Intelligent Systems, at the University of California, Riverside, USA.§Dr. Ju Han is a Specialist at the Energy Biosciences Institute, a joint appointment with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley, USA.


Tantric practices - 2844572699

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Tantric practices Books LLC, Reference Series

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Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 88. Chapters: Kundalini, Prayer wheel, The 36 tattvas, Kaula, Chöd, Mahamudra, Pointing-out instruction, Gankyil, Tantra techniques, Sex magic, Seventeen tantras, Subtle body, Tummo, Dream yoga, Ganachakra, Shakti, Ashtamangala, Six Yogas of Naropa, Kapala, Reverberation of Sound, Longchen Nyingthig, Anuyoga, Ösel, Shaktipat, Vamachara, Kum Nye, Lung, Vima Nyingtik, Great Auspicious Beauty, Oddiyana, Prayer flag, Nirvikalpa, Japa, Snow Lion, Prakasa, Rainbow body, Empowerment, Zhitro, Phowa, Siddhi, Union of the Sun and Moon, The Mirror of the Heart of Vajrasattva, Venus Butterfly, Yab-Yum, The Mirror of the Mind of Samantabhadra, Panchamakara, Sand mandala, Shining Relics of Enlightened Body, Maithuna, Self-arising Primordial Awareness, Dakżiżacara, Trikona, Self-existing Perfection, Maha Ati, Array of Jewels, Blazing Lamp, Piled Gems, Direct Introduction, Self-liberated Primordial Awareness, Sixfold Expanse of Samantabhadra, Necklace of Precious Pearls, Lion's Perfect Expressive Power, Jivamala. Excerpt: In Kasmir Saivism, the 36 tattvas describe the Absolute, its internal aspects and the creation including living beings, down to the physical reality. The addition of 11 supplemental tattvas compared to the allows for a richer, fuller vision of the Absolute. Going from siva to we find the process of manifestation, the creation of the universe; going the opposite way we find the process of spiritual evolution culminating with the dissolution in Siva. Tattvas divide into three groups: Ashuddha, or impure (material, sensorial, the organs of action, the mind and the ego), Shuddhashuddha, or pure-impure (the soul and its limitations) and Shudda, or pure (internal aspects of the Absolute). The impure tattvas are the domain of objectivity and duality, the pure-impure tattvas are the domain of knowledge and the pure tattvas are the domain of transcendental unity and non-differentiation. The five mahabhutas are the ingredients of the physical world. They represent the final point of manifestation, where light (Prakasa) is condensed into matter, yet, at the same time, the mahabhutas remain identical with Siva. is produced by gandha tattva (medium for olfactory sensations). It is also the abode of , the energy that resides in potentiality at the base of the spinal column. is identical to Para Sakti when it emerges and rises to the top chakra. According to the material world is created by Prakasa (spiritual light, uncreated light). Kasmir Saivism describes the reflection of the top principle (Siva tattva) right into the lowest principle () - an idealist monistic world view where transcendence is present right in the middle of physical. Thus, there is no dualism between spirit and matter. signifies concreteness, stability, patience, strength, abundance, nurturing and protection. is symbolised by the Mother Earth - a universal symbol for fecundity, inexhaustible creativity and sustenance. 's specific shape is square, the specific color is yellow-brown. Its corresponding force cent


Holographic Imaging - 2826784945

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Holographic Imaging Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons...

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The only all-inclusive treatment of holography-from fundamental principles to the most advanced concepts While several existing texts cover different aspects of the field of holography, none provides a complete, up-to-date, and accessible view of its popular, scientific, and engineering aspects. Now, from an author team that includes one of the world's pioneers in the field, Holographic Imaging fills this need with a single, comprehensive text that covers the subject from traditional holography to the cutting-edge development of the world's most advanced three-dimensional holographic images, holographic printing, and holographic video. Written in an engaging and easy-to-follow style, Holographic Imaging promotes a hands-on approach to making holograms and provides readers with a working understanding of how and why they work. Following a brief introduction to the fundamentals of light and diffraction, coverage includes: the diffraction efficiency of gratings, "platonic" holography, a ray-tracing analysis of holography, holographic lenses and in-line "Gabor" holography, off-axis "Leith & Upatnieks" holography, non-laser illumination of holograms, phase conjunction and real image projection, full-aperture transfer holography, white-light transmission "rainbow" holography, practical issues in rainbow holography, in-line "Denisyuk" reflection holography, off-axis reflection holography, edge-lit holography, computational display holography, holographic printing, and holographic television. Helpful diagrams and equations that summarize the mathematical and physical principles for each technique discussed make this an approachable resource for readers from a variety of backgrounds, including undergraduate and postgraduate students with an interest in optics, optoelectronics, and information display, as well as researchers, scientists, engineers, and technology-savvy artists.


Stochastic Processes - 2826910087

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Stochastic Processes Springer, Berlin

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From the reviews: "While this book is oriented toward students of physics, it could well be appreciated by a wider mathematical audience [ ] The text offers a rare opportunity to have a unified and modern treatment of stochastic processes in physics and finance." Bulletin of Mathematics BooksIn the canonical theoretical physics course starting with classical mechanics and electrodynamics we become used to deterministic thinking. Even quantum mechanics, although statistical in nature, is often presented from a deterministic point of view. It is not until we get into contact with statistical physics that probabilistic concepts enter into the physical world. Probabilities evolving in time, i.e., stochastic processes, are rarely treated, despite the wide - and interdisciplinary - applicability of the concepts. A diffusion process description applies in the classical Brownian motion problem, in path (-integral) descriptions of non-relativistic quantum mechanics as well as in the celebrated Black-Scholes theory of option pricing in the financial market. This book aims at providing the student with a self-contained introduction (from a physicists point of view) into the basic mathematical concepts of probability theory and stochastic processes and their application in physics and finance. Emphasis is laid onto contrasting the ubiquituous Gaussian distribution and standard Brownian motion with fat-tailed or Levy-stable distributions and Levy-flights, which are at the center of many modern developments in statistical physics as well as in econophysics.


Biodeterioration of Stone Surfaces - 2841666424

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Biodeterioration of Stone Surfaces Springer Netherlands

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This is a timely volume in view of the considerable interest currently shown in the preservation of our cultural heritage and the extensive and growing literature on the subject. Unfortunately, the latter is to be found in a wide variety of published sources, some aimed at a very specific readership. The present volume draws together a spectrum of biodeterioration work from across the world to provide an overview of the materials examined and the methodologies employed to elucidate the nature of the problems, as well as an extensive and current bibliographical resource on lichen biodeterioration.§Generally, we do not think of rock surfaces as particularly conducive to the growth and development of living things. Occasionally, we may encounter grasses or forbs or even more rarely a small shrub or stunted tree growing from a crack in a large boulder or rock wall; but for most people, rock is perceived as dry, sterile, impenetrable, and generally uninviting. However, to the experienced eye rock surfaces are often teeming with life lichens, bryophytes, a host of small invertebrate animals, as well as a vast array of microscopic organisms including bacteria, cyanobacteria, algae and non-lichenized fungi. The longevity and structural stability of most rocks superficially suggest that rock surface inhabitants are benign; however, slowly and steadily all rock dwelling organisms contribute to the relentless decomposition of rock surfaces augmented by the natural physical forces associated with changing seasons, weather patterns, and in some localized settings the caustic effects of air pollution. Rock dwelling communities vary in complexity and composition depending on the specific structural and chemical features of the rock. Even human manipulated or manufactured stone supports to some degree a living community and herein are found the real issues and concerns related to biodeterioration of rock substrata. In a natural setting biodecomposition of rock is accepted as normal and even desirable integral to the process of soil development; however, in the human environment biodeterioration of monuments, buildings, artwork, statues and gravestones is counted as a serious problem. Even in natural settings, culturally significant prehistoric and historic rock art is subject to the same processes of biodeterioration.§In this volume the editors have compiled current papers from leading experts dealing with various issues related to biodeterioration of rock substrata. Topics range from biodeterioration effects on prehistoric rock art as well as culturally significant, historic rock structures. This is the first treatment of the subject of biodeterioration that includes a careful consideration of the role of related disciplines including geology, archaeology, crystallography, cultural conservation and resource management. This combination of disciplines makes this book valuable not only as a solid scientific treatise but equally important as a serious resource for evaluating both impact processes and preservation options related to biodeterioration of culturally significant rock substrata.


Foundations of Complex Systems - 2834691441

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Foundations of Complex Systems World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

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Complexity is emerging as a post-Newtonian paradigm for approaching a large body of phenomena of concern at the crossroads of physical, engineering, environmental, life and human sciences from a unifying point of view. This book outlines the foundations of modern complexity research as it arose from the cross-fertilization of ideas and tools from non-linear science, statistical physics and numerical simulation. It is shown how these developments lead to an understanding, both qualitative and quantitative, of the complex systems encountered in nature and in everyday experience and, conversely, how natural complexity acts as a source of inspiration for progress at the fundamental level.


God Conclusion - 2826925659

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Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Discover why ...Plato was not a world-hating totalitarian ...Aquinas's Five Ways are not so bad after all ...Kicking stones cannot refute Bishop Berkeley ...Schopenhauer was not quite an atheist ...and other refreshing new perspectives on spiritual thinking in western philosophy. This entertaining book posits the theory that philosophy, far from being the enemy of religion, has more often than not supported a non-materialist view of the universe. Keith Ward re-examines the works of western philosophy's greatest thinkers - from Plato and Aquinas to Kant and Hegel - and suggests that the majority accepted 'the God conclusion': that there is a supreme spiritual reality which is the cause or underlying nature of the physical cosmos.


Foundations of Complex Systems - 2826823989

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Foundations of Complex Systems World Scientific Publishing

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This book provides a self-contained presentation of the physical and mathematical laws governing complex systems. Complex systems arising in natural, engineering, environmental, life and social sciences are approached from a unifying point of view using an array of methodologies such as microscopic and macroscopic level formulations, deterministic and probabilistic tools, modeling and simulation. This book can be used as a textbook by graduate students, researchers and teachers in science, as well as non-experts who wish to have an overview of one of the most open, markedly interdisciplinary and fast-growing branches of present-day science.


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