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Theory of Hybrid Dynamical Systems - 2845104363

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Theory of Hybrid Dynamical Systems now publishers Inc

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Hybrid dynamical systems are a class of complex systems that involve interacting discrete-event and continuous-variable dynamics. They are important in applications in embedded systems, cyber-physical systems, robotics, manufacturing systems, traffic management, bio-molecular networks, and have recently been at the centre of intense research activity in the control theory, computer-aided verification, and artificial intelligence communities. Theory of Hybrid Dynamical Systems provides a tutorial introduction to this multidisciplinary research area. A number of fundamental topics, such as modelling, abstraction, verification, supervisory control, stability analysis, stabilization, and optimal control of hybrid systems are introduced and discussed. Additionally, more advanced topics are briefly discussed and references are given for further study.


Cyber-Physical Systems - 2826681059

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Cyber-Physical Systems PEARSON

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Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) offer valuable applications in a wide variety of mission-critical and embedded systems applications, in disciplines including computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, robotics, chemical engineering, civil engineering, nuclear engineering, and bio-medical engineering. This book compiles the newest CPS research and practice in one volume that will be indispensable both for software practitioners in commercial industry and defense, and for researchers and advanced students. The only book of its kind, Cyber-Physical Systems addresses CPS from three perspectives. First, it presents the challenges and innovations associated with this class of systems as they have arisen in a wide spectrum of application domains. Second, it describes the foundations that underlie CPS solutions, both in terms of what we know and emerging research challenges. Finally, it offers offer guiding principles for all levels, from specific design and analysis advice for practitioners to high-level perspectives that can guide the direction of new innovations. Part of the internationally respected SEI Series in Software Engineering, this book was authored and edited by three CPS pioneers, and contains chapter-length contributions from several additional experts.


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