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The engine's piercing whistle blast and the rhythmic beat of metal wheel upon metal rail in 1881 were the recognizable sounds of progress and prosperity for many wishing to push west across the American expanse. The advent of the railroad in the nineteenth century gave birth to hundreds of communities, and Rogers was one such town created by the extension of this iron network across a changing national landscape. Set upon the Ozark Plateau, Rogers evolved from a hunting ground of the Osage Indians into a bustling railroad stop, attracting scores of new people and industry into the northwest corner of Arkansas.With over 100 black-and-white illustrations, Rogers: The Town the Frisco Built documents the development of the community from its Native American roots to the present day and remembers the many people and events that shaped the town's unique identity and heritage. Exploring the downtown streets, residences, and businesses of yesteryear, readers will meet men like Charles Warrington Rogers, the general manager of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad and the town's namesake; W.H. "Coin" Harvey, a Liberty Party 1932 Presidential candidate and somewhat eccentric, local entrepreneur; and local resident Betty Blake, who was the wife and biographer of humorist and political satirist Will Rogers. Their contributions, combined with other stories of celebrated families and distinguished citizens, bring to life many elements of Rogers' remarkable history: a world of saloons, one-room schoolhouses, churches, resorts, apple orchards, chicken farms, the Daisy Manufacturing Plant, and Wal-Mart.


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