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Economy of the Sacred in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor - 2837895053

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Economy of the Sacred in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This original study challenges the idea that sanctuaries in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor were fully institutionalized within the poleis that hosted them. Examining the forms of interaction between rulers, cities, and sanctuaries, the book proposes a triangular relationship in which the rulers often acted as mediators between differing interests of city and cult. A close analysis of the epigraphical evidence illustrates that neither the Hellenistic kings nor the representatives of Roman rule appropriated the property of the gods but actively supported the functioning of the sanctuaries and their revenues. The powerful role of the sanctuaries was to a large extent based on economic features, which the sanctuaries possessed precisely because of their religious character. Nevertheless, a study of the finances of the cults reveals frequent problems concerning the upkeep of cults and a particular need to guard the privileges and property of the gods. Their situation oscillated between glut and dearth. When the harmonious identity between city and cult was disturbed, those closely attached to the cult acted on behalf of their domain.


Anatolia - 2826723187

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Anatolia Oxford University Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

This is the first comprehensive study of the history of Asia Minor in antiquity to be written for nearly fifty years and the first attempt to treat Anatolian history as a whole over the millennium from the time of Alexander the Great to the hey day of the Byzantine Empire. The first volume is in two parts. The first examines the region in the Hellenistic period, when it was dominated by Celtic tribes who settled in the interior of Asia Minor in the first half of the third century BC. The second covers the period of the Roman Empire and looks in detail at the changes brought about by imperial rule. Two relationships dominated every aspect of Asia Minor's history throughout the period: that of the people to the land and that of men to the gods. An enormous quantity of information derived from written sources, archaeological remains, inscriptions, and coins make it possible to explore these relationships at a level of detail which is hardly possible for any other part of the ancient world. Both themes have a significance which reached far beyond the boundaries of Anatolia.


Cremna in Pisidia - 2826941122

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Cremna in Pisidia Classical Press of Wales

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Cremna, a ruined city of southern Turkey, has one of the most spectacular sites in Asia Minor, high in the Taurus mountains. For long a stronghold of hellenised Pisidians, Cremna was re-founded as a veteran colony by the emperor Augustus. From the age of Hadrian until the early third century ad the colony enjoyed a boom in public buildings, whose remains still adorn the site. Disaster struck in the late third century when Cremna became the centre for a regional insurrection against Roman rule. Roman forces staged a major siege of the city, and recaptured it in AD 278. A bishopric in Late Antiquity, Cremna was abandoned in the sixth or seventh century. This book gives a detailed reconstruction of Cremna's life and history, based on an intensive survey of the archaeological remains between 1985 and 1987. There is a lively account of the survey itself. The book also traces the story of the rediscovery of the site in 1833 and the contributions of early travellers and archaeologists. There is a full study of the public building programme of Cremna from the first century BC to the third century AD; of the aqueduct, water supply and domestic housing; and of church building in Late Antiquity. The highlight of the archaeological survey was the discovery of numerous remains of the Roman siege of AD 278. The siege of Cremna demonstrates classical techniques of Roman siege warfare, which hitherto were best known from Josephus' account of the Jewish Revolt in AD 66-73. Cremna in Pisidia is written in a style accessible to general readers as well as to specialists. It is not only a definitive account of an important city of the Roman East. It is also a case study exploring many of the common characteristics of civic life in the Roman world.


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