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Rosemary Conley's 3-2-1 Diet - 2826710705

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Rosemary Conley's 3-2-1 Diet CENTURY

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There really is a better way to diet. In this title, the author has devised a plan to suit the way you eat. She combines 'light' eating days (800 kcals) with 'normal' eating days when you can eat and drink what you like, including alcohol and high-fat treats.


Rosemary Conley's 3-2-1 Diet - 2840395413

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Rosemary Conley's 3-2-1 Diet

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There Really Is A Better Way To Diet. In This Title, The Author Has Devised A Plan To Suit The Way You Eat. She Combines 'light' Eating Days (800 Kcals) With 'normal' Eating Days When You Can Eat And Drink What You Like, Including Alcohol And High-fat Treats.


The Rosemary Conley's 3 - 2 - 1 Diet - 2845353521

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The Rosemary Conley's 3 - 2 - 1 Diet

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Health & personal development>Family & health>Fitness & diet>Diets & dieting

Research Has Shown That Overweight Or Obese People Can Be Characterised Into Three Types: Constant Cravers, Feasters, And The Emotional Eater. Whether You Are A 'constant Craver', A 'feaster' Or An 'emotional Eater', The Author Will Show You How To Diet To Suit Your Personality.


Rosemary Ferguson's Juices and Smoothies - 2826734843

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Rosemary Ferguson's Juices and Smoothies EBURY PRESS

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Model-turned-nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson firmly believes that what you put into your body should be both delicious and packed with goodness - food that fulfills and fuels you. As a working mum, she also knows how hard it is to fit a diet plan into everyday life. Juices and smoothies are one of the easiest ways that Rosemary packs vital health-boosting nutrients into her busy life and into the schedules of her clients. Her recipes are designed to tackle a range of common ailments with natural ingredients and no fuss. Rosemary's recipes fight colds and bugs, beat fatigue, lack of energy, stress, insomnia, irregular hormones and a range of skin conditions, while promoting weight loss, gut health and anti-inflammatory ingredients. By simply consuming the right natural, easy-to-find ingredients, you will change the way you look and feel. Incorporate Rosemary's recipes into your life at breakfast, as a mid-morning treat or post-workout boost or try Rosemary's detox plans. Rosemary shares her 1-day detox to cleanse and recharge, something she does every monday, or try her 2- and 3-day plans to tackle your health head-on, shifting weight and revitalising your health from the inside out. Includes: 100 recipes; expert and realistic nutritional guidance throughout; 3 simple detox plans; comprehensive ingredients index with full nutritional analysis - so you can customise your juices and smoothies and take control of your health.


Dear Love: A Beautiful. . . - 2844900880

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Dear Love: A Beautiful. . . Victory

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