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Setting Up A Successful Photography Business - 2841479497

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Setting Up A Successful Photography Business

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Setting Up A Successful Photography Business Is A Practical Handbook Which Covers Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Photography Business.


Starting and Running a Successful Gastropub or Brasserie - 2826706014

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Starting and Running a Successful Gastropub or Brasserie HOW TO BOOKS

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Gastropubs are Britain's version of the French bistro, brasserie or Spanish tapas bar and have grown into a vibrant and essential part of all that is good about British food, cooking, style and hospitality. This book is aimed at those who would like to get into the gastropub business, and at those already in the pub business wishing to trade up.


Starting and Running a Business All-in-One For Dummies 2e - 2837313288

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Starting and Running a Business All-in-One For Dummies 2e Wiley

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Written by a team of business and finance experts, Starting & Running a Business All-In-One For Dummies is a complete guide to every aspect of setting up and growing a successful business. Featuring straight-talking advice on everything from business planning and marketing, managing staff and dealing with legal issues, to bookkeeping and taking care of tax obligations, this book is your one-stop guide to turning your business plans into profit. With Starting and Running a Business All-In-One For Dummies, 2 nd Edition , you'll discover how to: Identify new business opportunities Put together a business plan Find the money you need to get started Keep track of your finances -bookkeeping and forecasting Find, manage and retain good employees Deal with the legal aspects of running a business Market and sell your product Use new technology Grow and expand your business


Mumpreneur Guide: Start Your Own Successful Business - 2826880773

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Mumpreneur Guide: Start Your Own Successful Business Lean Marketing Press

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Get the secrets of successful business mums and dads so you can grow a great business too. This essential guide takes you step by step through starting and running a successful business. Read interviews with mumpreneurs who have started small businesses and those who have gone onto achieve BIG success. Determine what success means to you and use the practical exercises to help you plan and achieve your goals. The Mumpreneur Guide is easy to read whether you have toddlers playing at your feet or are waiting to collect the kids from school.


Starting and Running Your Own Horse Business - 2826968218

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Starting and Running Your Own Horse Business Storey Publishing LLC

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Includes a section on safety, tips for operating a riding school or horse camp, strategies for launching a carriage business, tax and insurance advice, and suggestions from successful equestrian entrepreneurs and enterprises. This title offers instructions for developing a herd health plan, encouraging readers to practice good preventive care.


Running a Bar For Dummies - 2826625512

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Running a Bar For Dummies John Wiley & Sons Inc

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Get insider details on how to operate a successful bar Running a Bar For Dummies, 2 nd Edition shows established and future bar owners how to establish and maintain a successful business. Using clear, concise language, this For Dummies guide contains all the information you need to start your bar off on the right foot. From grand opening to last call, you'll discover the insider tricks that keep the business end running smoothly and the customers happily engaged. With updated information on marketing and social media, the book walks you step by step through the entire process, revealing the nitty-gritty details most new bar owners only discover after starting. The bar business continues to grow; however, securing running capital and having knowledge about the business are cited as the two biggest reasons new bars fail. Running a Bar For Dummies, 2 nd Edition shines a light on these issues to help bar owners prepare properly. The book helps you find your way through the maze of licensing and permits, developing a business plan, and preparing for your grand opening, plus offers clear, no-nonsense guidance on dealing with tough customers. Every step of the way, Running a Bar For Dummies, 2 nd Edition is a reference you can count on. Understand the bar business and important legal issues Stock the necessities, including equipment and inventory Promote your business using marketing and social media Manage expenses and control cash flow When run correctly, a bar can be an extremely profitable business, but the key to success is knowing exactly what you're getting into. By recognizing common problems and teach you how to adapt quickly to changing conditions, Running a Bar For Dummies, 2 nd Edition provides the information you need to develop those skills, and get your bar started.


Running A Bar For Dummies - 2840042415

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Running A Bar For Dummies

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Industry & industrial studies>Service industries>Hospitality ...

Get Insider Details On How To Operate A Successful Bar Running A Bar For Dummies, 2 Nd Edition Shows Established And Future Bar Owners How To Establish And Maintain A Successful Business. Using Clear, Concise Language, This For Dummies Guide Contains All The Information You Need To Start Your Bar Off On The Right Foot.


Successful Event Management, a Practical Handbook - 2827089704

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Successful Event Management, a Practical Handbook Cengage Learning

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Now in its fourth edition, this tried-and-tested guide for both students and practitioners combines a rigorous theoretical grounding with practical insights into every aspect of the organizing and running of events. It is presented in two engaging parts: Part 1 provides a comprehensive overview of the events business including market demand for events, the role of suppliers and the social and economic impact of the event business. Part 2 focuses on aspects of event organization including planning an event, financial management, logistics, legal aspects, marketing, public relations and legacies. The text considers event management from an international perspective, with a particular focus on Europe but also encompassing the Middle East and Africa. "Successful Event Management" is essential reading for all undergraduate and post-graduate event management students and is also an ideal resource for active practitioners looking for both a practical guide and a rigorous overview of the subject.


Run A Successful Charity: Teach Yourself - 2839968692

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Run A Successful Charity: Teach Yourself

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The Only Practical Course For Anyone Running Or Starting A Charity.


Million Dollar Launch: How to Kick-Start a Successful Consul - 2827062781

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Million Dollar Launch: How to Kick-Start a Successful Consul MCGRAW-HILL Professional

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[Weiss is] one of the most highly respected independent consultants in the country. § New York Post §If you re an aspiring entrepreneur, you ve come to the right place. In Million Dollar Launch , bestselling author and superstar consultant Alan Weiss shows you how to get your business up and running fast! Step by step, Weiss reveals how to create a revenue-producing practice quickly and successfully while funds last and while support systems remain passionate. This is an indispensable guide to those critical first 90 days.§Alan Weiss is the bestselling author of Million Dollar Consulting . He belongs to the Professional Speaker Hall of Fame and is the recipient of the National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award for Excellence, representing the top 1 percent of professional speakers in the world.§


Running a Restaurant For Dummies - 2826928440

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Running a Restaurant For Dummies Wiley

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The easy way to successfully run a profitable restaurant Millions of Americans dream of owning and running their own restaurant -- because they want to be their own boss, because their cooking always draws raves, or just because they love food. Running a Restaurant For Dummies covers every aspect of getting started for aspiring restaurateurs. From setting up a business plan and finding financing, to designing a menu and dining room, you'll find all the advice you need to start and run a successful restaurant. Even if you don't know anything about cooking or running a business, you might still have a great idea for a restaurant -- and this handy guide will show you how to make your dream a reality. If you already own a restaurant, but want to see it get more successful, Running a Restaurant For Dummies offers unbeatable tips and advice for bringing in hungry customers. From start to finish, you'll learn everything you need to know to succeed. New information on designing, re-designing, and equipping a restaurant with all the essentials--from the back of the house to the front of the house Determining whether to rent or buy restaurant property Updated information on setting up a bar and managing the wine list Profitable pointers on improving the bottom line The latest and greatest marketing and publicity options in a social-media world Managing and retaining key staff New and updated information on menu creation and the implementation of Federal labeling (when applicable), as well as infusing local, healthy, alternative cuisine to menu planning Running a Restaurant For Dummies gives you the scoop on the latest trends that chefs and restaurant operators can implement in their new or existing restaurants.


Digital Wedding Photography - 2826752691

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Digital Wedding Photography Wiley

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Fully revised and updated! Full-color guide to capturing great wedding images and building a successful photography business This full-color book from acclaimed professional wedding photographer Glen Johnson not only teaches you how to take memorable photos, it also shows you how to start a wedding photography business. Packed with great tips and savvy advice, this new edition helps you set up efficient workflows, choose camera equipment, manipulate images, make impressive presentations, and launch smart, photo-based marketing strategies to build your business. Best of all, it's loaded with new, superb photos that illustrate photography techniques. Shows you how to set up and capture beautiful photos, posed or candid, in all kinds of settings, for weddings and other special events Offers practical marketing strategies for building your own photography business, including how to build a fantastic Web site that attracts clients Covers current camera equipment and accessories, post-shoot digital darkroom techniques, digital editing software, and how to print your images successfully Gives you invaluable insights and tips from the author, who is one of the country's top wedding and special events photographers Capture better pictures of some of life's most memorable events-and build a sucessful photography business-with this indispensable guide!


Successful Property Investing - 2839895291

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Successful Property Investing

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Finance & accounting>Finance>Property & real estate

Multi-millionaire Property Investor And Business Entrepreneur, Steve Bolton, Shares The Secrets To Creating Financial Freedom Through Property - In Record Time. Learn How To Sidestep The Pitfalls That Trip Up So Many Inexperienced Investors And Set Yourself Well On The Path To Running A Successful Property Business.


Food Styling & Photography For Dummies - 2826841232

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Food Styling & Photography For Dummies Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Discover how to style and photograph food like the pros Whether you're taking shots for a foodie blog, advertisements, packaging, menus, or cookbooks, Food Styling & Photography For Dummies shows you how to take the next step in your passion for food and photography. This attractive, informative, and fun guide to the fundamentals of food styling provides information on the tools and techniques used by some of the most successful industry professionals. Food Styling & Photography For Dummies provides you with the fundamentals of food styling and gives you the inside scoop on the tools and techniques used by some of the most successful industry professionals. Shows you how to translate taste, aroma, and appeal through color, texture, and portion Includes techniques such as extreme close-ups, selective focus, and unique angles to create dramatic effect Detailed coverage on lighting and composition Tips for choosing the proper equipment and mastering the use of camera settings, lenses, and post-production software Advice for creating a professional personality and getting your food photography business off the ground Whether you're an amateur or professional food photographer, Food Styling & Photography For Dummies is a fun and informative guide to photographing and arranging culinary subject matter.


Essence of Photography - 2826752513

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Essence of Photography rocky nook

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

There is a lot more to photography than simply picking up a camera, pointing it toward something, and tripping the shutter. Achieving a great photograph requires thought and preparation, an understanding of the photographic process, and a firm grasp of how light and composition affect a photo. There must be personal involvement and personal expression. There must be experimentation, with the recognition that only a small percentage of experiments end successfully. In this book, best-selling author and world-renowned photographer and teacher Bruce Barnbaum explores these seldom-discussed issues by drawing upon his personal experiences and observations from more than 40 years of photographing and teaching. In addition to photographs, Bruce also uses painting, music, and writing, as well as the sciences and even business, to provide pertinent examples of creative thinking. These examples serve as stepping-stones that will lead you to your own heightened ability to see and be creative. Creativity is a topic that is almost wholly ignored in formal education because most instructors think that it cannot be taught or learned. To the contrary, Bruce has proven that photographic seeing and creativity can be taught, learned, and improved. This book expands on the ideas that are central to Bruce's method of teaching photography, which he has used in workshops for the past 41 years. Included in the book are in-depth discussions on the following topics: Defining your own unique rhythm and approach as a photographer How to translate the scene in front of you to the final photograph The differences and similarities between how an amateur and a professional approach photography The differences between realism and abstraction, and the possibilities and limitations of each Learning to expand your own seeing and creativity through classes, workshops, and associating with other photographers Why the rules of composition should be ignored How to follow your passion When to listen to the critics and when to ignore them The book is richly illustrated with over 90 photographs taken by Bruce as well as other photographers. Seeing and creativity are difficult to teach, but not impossible. This very different, perhaps groundbreaking book is sure to inspire photographers of all skill levels-from beginners to seasoned professionals-to think deeply about the issues involved in creating successful photographs.


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