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Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare - 2826749573

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Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare LIPPINCOTT WILLIAMS & WILKINS

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Develop the skills and knowledge you need to make evidence-based practice an integral part of your clinical decision making and everyday nursing practice with Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing & Healthcare. Written in a friendly, conversational style, this Third Edition of the authors' gold standard textbook covers all the information you need to use evidence-based practice to improve patient outcomes. Real world examples and meaningful strategies in every chapter show you how to take a clinical issue from inquiry to sustainable solution that drives a preferred standard of care. You can enhance your understanding of the EBP process through Making EBP Real features at the end of each unit that present real world case stories and EBP Fast Facts that highlight important points from each chapter. You can master the content of the course with critical appraisal checklists, evaluation tables, and synthesis tables. You can further develop evidence-based practice knowledge and skills using handy web alerts that direct you to helpful Internet resources. You can take your learning beyond the book with a wide range of online resources, including the American Journal of Nursing EBP Step-by-Step Series, which provides a real-world example of the EBP process, plus learning objectives, journal articles, and checklists, templates, and evaluation tables.


Health Communication - 2827039299

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Health Communication Springer, Berlin

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In recent years health professionals have developed a growing appreciation of the critical role that communication plays in healthcare. The effective communication of information on medical conditions and healthy lifestyles has played an important part in the improvement of the health status of the American population. At the same time, it is hard to ignore the negative impact that ineffective communication can have within the healthcare arena. We only have to note the contribution of poor communication to malpractice suits, misdiagnoses, failures in patient compliance, and cross-cultural misunderstandings to see the role that communication plays. This recognition of the impact both positive and negative of communication in healthcare is generating growing interest in the field of health communication.-Basic theory and concepts underlying the health communication field-Real-world strategies for designing, implementing, and evaluating programs-Up-to-date coverage of print, broadcast, digital, and interactive health media-Profiles of target populations with specific health needs-Case examples illustrating what works and what doesn t-Sidebars, glossary, Web links, and other toolsThe benefits of good health communication are many, from better relationships between providers and patients to improved treatment compliance to reduced inequities of care.By combining comprehensive background with detailed applications, this uniquely practical reference serves professionals involved in health care marketing or administration, health communication specialists looking to adapt to emerging technologies or new audiences, and advocacy groups. It can also be a valuable classroom textfor communications, public health, and related courses.


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