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Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf - 2826830439

360,32 zł

Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf I B TAURIS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Great Britain's decision to withdraw its forces from the Gulf was a turning point in the modern history of the Middle East. Now regional players had to find rules of common coexistence. With the US immersed in the Vietnam war and the Soviet Union pursuing a policy of caution, there was no world power waiting to succeed Britain. As a result, Gulf politics "went local". This book examines how Iran influenced efforts to reorder the Gulf's political landscape. Its central argument is that a better understanding of the new Gulf order can be achieved by emphasizing local concerns and the degree to which regional powers influenced the policy of external powers in those times.


The Syrian Conflict and its Grave Origins - 2834697699

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The Syrian Conflict and its Grave Origins LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What domestic factors created the Syrian conflict? How are the Syrian war and regional power connected? What are the causes and effects of the foreign-domestic relationships in the Syrian conflict? This book examines political relations within the Syrian conflict through a historical, theoretical, and economic lens. Many described the war as sectarian by nature; however, the conflict is primarily a by-product of competitive self-interest. Syrian integrity is fragmented due to the incongruence of a dictatorial state and a marginalized populace. Instability following the Syrian uprising allowed foreign intelligence services, militaries, and jihadists to influence Syrian fighters. Indecision by the greater international community enabled Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah, and Turkey to become heavily entrenched in the conflict. The chaos in Syria is spilling into neighboring nations, while also becoming another front in the battle for regional supremacy between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Out of necessity, Syrian rebels and government forces are temporarily proxies of regional powers. These alliances dually threaten international security and Syria's future as a unified nation.


Epicenter of Crisis - 2826687804

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Epicenter of Crisis MIT Press

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Epicenter of Crisis argues that six contiguous states epitomize the security challenges of a post-9/11, globalized, world: Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Characterized by a dramatically transforming Islam, ethnic conflict, civil war, failed states, and terrorism, this "new Middle East" is the epicenter of what some call an arc of crisis, stretching from the Balkans into Southeast Asia. The Epicenter of Crisis examines this geopolitically dynamic region, analyzing the changing role of Islam in these six critical countries, the dangers posed by potential failed states, and the evolving terrorist threat. The contributors, all specialists in Middle East or foreign policy, address such crucial issues as the relationship between the Saudi royal family and Al Quaeda, Syria's waning influence over Hizbollah, media coverage of the war in Iraq, a new U.S. strategy for dealing with Iran, Afghanistan's opium industry, and the effectiveness of U.S. multi-billion-dollar assistance to Pakistan. The Epicenter of Crisis challenges readers to reconceptualize the boundaries of the Middle East in a changed world. ContributorsJohn R. Bradley, Rachel Bronson, Daniel Byman, Derek Chollet, Craig Cohen, Larry Diamond, Emile El-Hokayem, Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brian Fishman, Graham E. Fuller, Husain Haqqani, Elliot Hen-Tov, Jorrit Kamminga, Nina Kamp, Alexander T. J. Lennon, Michael McFaul, Abbas Milani, C. Raja Mohan, Michael O'Hanlon, Gwenn Okruhlik, Carlos Pascual, Kenneth M. Pollack, Dennis Ross, Karim Sadjadpour, Ashley Tellis, Peter van Ham, Eyal ZisserAlexander T. J. Lennon is editor-in-chief of The Washington Quarterly, the journal of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). He is the editor of Reshaping Rogue States: Preemption, Regime Change, and U.S. Policy Toward Iran, Iraq, and North Korea (MIT Press, 2004) and other Washington Quarterly Readers.


Syrian Conflagration - 2826746329

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Syrian Conflagration Helion & Company

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Syrian Civil War, (the colloquial name of the ongoing conflict in Syria), has experienced an entirely unexpected transformation during its first two years. It started as unrest within the Syrian population and a series of mass demonstrations within the context of wider protest movements in the Middle East and North Africa in 2011, known as the Arab Spring. Contrary to events in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen, where oppressive governments were toppled by the end of that year, the government of Syria deployed the full force of its military, its intelligence apparatus, and para-military groups, launching an unprecedented crackdown that resulted in the arrest, detention and killing of many thousands. Despite its brutality, this effort back-fired: it provoked mass desertions of the Syrian military and then an armed uprising. The emerging insurgency was generally successful through 2012, although failing to capture Damascus, it did secure more than half of Aleppo and Homs, the provincial capital of Raqqa, and nearly all of north-eastern and north-western Syria under its control. Although propped-up by economic and military support from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation, the government of Syria was nearing the brink of collapse during the first half of 2013 when, prompted by Tehran, the Hezbollah - a Shi'a Islamic militant group (and political party) from Lebanon - entered the conflict on its side. Soon after, the Hezbollah was reinforced by significant contingents of Iranian-sponsored Shi'a from Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere, and then by volunteers from Iran, including crack units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Meanwhile, already split along the lines of Syria's complex demography, much of the insurgency transformed from a secular and non-sectarian movement into proxies of various foreign powers, foremost Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but also Turkey and Kuwait. Furthermore, foreign Jihadists motivated by al-Qaida joined the fray, aiming to establish an Islamist state and clandestinely cooperating with the government, they fell into the back of insurgency. Thus, an extremely complex conflict - which meanwhile not only spilled over the border into Lebanon, but is having a major impact upon Iranian-Saudi relations, and relations between the West, Iran and a number of Arab countries - came into being, the outcome of which is presently anything but predictable. Syrian Conflagration is the first instalment in the Middle East@War series. Drawing on extensive research, including first hand accounts it provides a compelling overview of the first three years of the ongoing conflict in Syria. The book features around 120 photos, 12-15 artworks and 3-4 maps. Middle East@War - following on from our highly-successful Africa@War series, Middle East@War replicates the same format - concise, incisive text, rare images and high quality colour artwork providing fresh accounts of both well-known and more esoteric aspects of conflict in this part of the world since 1945.


Understand the Middle East (Since 1945): Teach Yourself - 2826869503

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Understand the Middle East (Since 1945): Teach Yourself Teach Yourself Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Is this the right book for me? An essential guide to one of the world's most turbulent regions Understand the Middle East (since 1945) examines the origins and development of the events which have dominated the headlines for the last six decades. Covering everything from religion and politics in the aftermath of the Second World War to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, war in Iraq and the terrorism of the present day it will change the way you think about the region. Understand the Middle East (since 1945) includes: Chapter 1: The crossroads of the world What is the Middle East? The geography of the Middle East Peoples and Societies Religion Chapter 2: States and mandates: Middle Eastern politics to the end of the Second World War Ottoman collapse Three agreements The Arabian peninsula Iran Egypt Iraq Syria, Lebanon and Transjordan Chapter 3: The promised land Palestine Zion The British mandate The state of Israel Chapter 4: Gamal Abdul Nasser The First Arab-Israeli war A region of instability Nasser The Suez crisis Chapter 5: War to war The Suez war The consequences of Suez Between the wars The Palestinians The path to war Chapter 6: Divisions and developments 1967-73 The Six Day War The consequences of war Enter Sadat and Assad Palestine militant Sadat's patience runs out The Fourth Arab-Israeli War The oil weapon Chapter 7: Lebanon bleeds Uneasy peace Civil war Israeli intervention Israeli invasion Towards settlement Chapter 8: Camp David 'We can negotiate' Shuttle diplomacy A moment in history Camp David Chapter 9: Revolution and war King of Kings The Iranian Revolution The rise of Saddam Hussein Chapter 10: Intifada Fruitless negotiation The Palestinians Intifada The state of Palestine Hopes of settlement Chapter 11: Desert Storm Saddam bankrupt Operation Desert Shield Operation Desert Storm Repercussions and revolts Chapter 12: The 1990s: Searching for settlement Instability, religion and power The Declaration of Principles Struggling for peace A broader peace The peace process crumbles The Second Intifada Chapter 13: Decision time: 9/11 and the Arab world The Middle East in 2001 9/11 and America's War on Terror A new millennium: 1. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria A new millennium: 2. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Chapter 14: Tragedy and intransigence: Iraq and Iran in the new millennium Insurgency and democracy Towards settlement Twenty-first-century Iran Chapter 15: Israel-Palestine in the new century New century, old problems Peace plans and disengagement Olmert, Abbas and Hamas More jaw, more war . Learn effortlessly with a new easy-to-read page design and interactive features: Not got much time? One, five and ten-minute introductions to key principles to get you started. Author insights Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the author's many years of experience. Test yourself Tests in the book and online to keep track of your progress. Extend your knowledge Extra online articles to give you a richer understanding of the subject. Five things to remember Quick refreshers to help you remember the key facts. Try this Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to use it.


1979 Energy Crisis - 2841437691

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1979 Energy Crisis Alphascript Publishing

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The 1979 (or second) oil crisis in the United States occurred in the wake of the Iranian Revolution. Amid massive protests, the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, fled his country in early 1979, allowing the Ayatollah Khomeini to gain control. The protests shattered the Iranian oil sector. While the new regime resumed oil exports, it was inconsistent and at a lower volume, forcing prices to go up. Saudi Arabia and other OPEC nations, under the presidency of Dr. Mana Alotaiba increased production to offset the decline, and the overall loss in production was about 4 percent. However, a widespread panic resulted, driving the price far higher than would be expected under normal circumstances. In 1980, following the Iraqi invasion of Iran, oil production in Iran nearly stopped, and Iraq's oil production was severely cut as well. After 1980, oil prices began a six-year decline that culminated with a 46 percent price drop in 1986. This was due to reduced demand and over-production, which caused OPEC to lose its unity. Oil exporters such as Mexico, Nigeria, and Venezuela expanded production.


Shaping Global Islamic Discourses - 2840062730

419,99 zł

Shaping Global Islamic Discourses

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Humanities>Religion & beliefs>Aspects of religion (non-Christian)>Religious life & practice>Instruct...

Explores The Influence Of Centres Of Islamic Learning In Saudi Arabia, Iran And Egypt. This Book Claims That Saudi Oil Money Is Fuelling Salafi Islam In And Geographical Terrains As Disparate As The Remote Hamlets Of The Swat Valley In Pakistan And Sprawling Megacities Such As Jakarta.


In Whose Name? - 2822175900

172,00 zł

In Whose Name? Wydawnictwo: Thames & Hudson

WYDAWNICTWA ALBUMOWE > Fotografia > Tematyczna > Reportaż i dokument

In Whose Name? ISBN: 9780500543757 Autor: Magnum Rok wydania: 2009-06-15 Ilość stron: 272 Oprawa: twarda Format: 280 x 214 mm The Islamic World After 9/11 On 11 September 2001, the photographer Abbas watched the Twin Towers fall in New York - live on Siberian TV, thirteen time zones away. It spurred him to begin a journey through the Islamic world that would last seven years. The photographs published here are the final result of that project. Born in Iran, Abbas casts a sharp eye over a world seen by very few from the West until now. Seeking out people and places that have been overlooked by others, he reveals far more - and in greater depth - than photojournalists who focus on flashpoints or who race to break the latest news. Abbas is acclaimed for his special ability to freeze a moment in a particular social or political conflict, to frame actions or gestures that instantly become emblematic: what he calls


Historia Iraku - 2824298214

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Historia Iraku Książka i Wiedza

Historia świata

By zrozumieć Irak, trzeba przeczytać książkę Charlesa Trippa. Już od pierwszego wydania w 2000 r. stała się klasyczną pozycją w dziedzinie studiów bliskowschodnich, wysoko ocenianą przez studentów, wojskowych, polityków i dziennikarzy. Obecne uzupełnione wydanie uwzględnia ostatnią inwazję amerykańską na Irak, upadek i uwięzienie Saddama Husajna, a także konflikty wewnętrzne, które ogarnęły ten kraj. Można się również przekonać, że to, co nastąpiło po 2003 r., pokrywa się w większości z analizami zawartymi w książce. Tripp stawia tezę, że na obecną sytuacją Iraku złożyły się wszystkie wydarzenia w tym kraju  w XX w., proponuje też  alternatywne wizje przyszłości. Bez właściwego zrozumienia poruszonych w książce problemów - takich jak relacje patron-klient, przemoc zorganizowana, różnice sekciarskie, etniczne i plemienne - będą one nadal wpływały na przyszłość Iraku, tak jak to się działo w przeszłości. Charles Tripp jest profesorem bliskowschodnich studiów politycznych w Wyższej Szkole Studiów Orientalnych i Afrykańskich Uniwersytetu Londyńskiego. Opublikował między innymi: Islam and the Moral Economy: The Challenge of Capitalism (2006), Iran-Saudi Arabia Relations and Regional Order (z S. Chubinem, 1996), a także Iran and Iraq at War (1988).


Historia Iraku - 2828034126

31,90 zł

Historia Iraku Książka i Wiedza

Książki > Historia > Historia świata

By zrozumieć Irak, trzeba przeczytać książkę Charlesa Trippa. Już od pierwszego wydania w 2000 r. stała się klasyczną pozycją w dziedzinie studiów bliskowschodnich, wysoko ocenianą przez studentów, wojskowych, polityków i dziennikarzy. Obecne uzupełnione wydanie uwzględnia ostatnią inwazję amerykańską na Irak, upadek i uwięzienie Saddama Husajna, a także konflikty wewnętrzne, które ogarnęły ten kraj. Można się również przekonać, że to, co nastąpiło po 2003 r., pokrywa się w większości z analizami zawartymi w książce. Tripp stawia tezę, że na obecną sytuacją Iraku złożyły się wszystkie wydarzenia w tym kraju  w XX w., proponuje też  alternatywne wizje przyszłości. Bez właściwego zrozumienia poruszonych w książce problemów - takich jak relacje patron-klient, przemoc zorganizowana, różnice sekciarskie, etniczne i plemienne - będą one nadal wpływały na przyszłość Iraku, tak jak to się działo w przeszłości.Charles Tripp jest profesorem bliskowschodnich studiów politycznych w Wyższej Szkole Studiów Orientalnych i Afrykańskich Uniwersytetu Londyńskiego. Opublikował między innymi: Islam and the Moral Economy: The Challenge of Capitalism (2006), Iran-Saudi Arabia Relations and Regional Order (z S. Chubinem, 1996), a także Iran and Iraq at War (1988).


Football / 32 National Anth - 2839645097

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Football / 32 National Anth EMI


1. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Ribero, Rosema - 2. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Bravo, Mariel - A 3. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Jayney - Australi 4. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Lopes, Daniel - B 5. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Marin, Manuel - C 6. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Wilson, Tobey - G 7. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Maldonado, Mar - 8. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Zoe - Ivory Coast 9. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Bell, Emma - Engl 10. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Foxx'maid - Franc 11. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Annabell Owusu - 12. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Alavi, Hadi - Ira 13. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Casapietra, Bj - 14. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Amou, Akie - Japa 15. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Rajter, Dunja - C 16. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Villazon, Rola - 17. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Gerrits, Wim - Ne 18. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Roque Santa Cr - 19. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Mandaryna - Polan 20. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Calazans, Ines - 21. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Mohamed, El Fa - 22. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Wallen, Herman - 23. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Paloma - Switzerl 24. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Kalezic-radonj - 25. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Spain (Instrument 26. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Kim, Mee Eun - So 27. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Fakambi, Doude - 28. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Ferguson, Jim - T 29. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Jandova, Marta - 30. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Chiha - Tunesia 31. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Ruslana - Ukraine 32. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr / Youngblood, Sy - 33. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Angola (Instrumen 34. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Argentina (Instru 35. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Australia (Instru 36. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Brazil (Instrumen 37. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Costa Rica (Instr 38. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Germany (Instrume 39. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Ecuador (Instrume 40. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Ivory Coast (Inst 41. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - England (Instrume 42. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - France (Instrumen 43. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Ghana (Instrument 44. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Iran (Instrumenta 45. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Italy (Instrument 46. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Japan (Instrument 47. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Croatia (Instrume 48. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Mexico (Instrumen 49. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Netherlands (Inst 50. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Paraguay (Instrum 51. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Poland (Instrumen 52. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Portugal (Instrum 53. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Saudi Arabia (Ins 54. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Sweden (Instrumen 55. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Switzerland (Inst 56. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Serbia-montenegro 57. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - South Korea (Inst 58. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Togo (Instrumenta 59. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Trinidad & Tobago 60. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Czech Republica ( 61. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Tunesia (Instrume 62. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Ukraine (Instrume 63. Stabsmusikkorps Der Bundeswehr - Usa (Instrumental


Middle East - Trip Ar. . . - 2839505070

17,99 zł

Middle East - Trip Ar. . . TRIP AROUND THE WORLD

Muzyka>Muzyka świata

1. Artists: Anello Capuano/whirling Derwishes 2. Egypt - Raqset El Ha Wanwm 3. Saudi-arabia - Thwo Wedding Songs 4. Egypt - Taqsim Ud/samai Bayati 5. Middle East - Taqsim 6. Allah Yatik Bissabar/sennia Ul Bir 7. Iran - Rakset Zaibakly/kadife 8. Iran - Reng 9. Afganistan - Ay Jan-alap Robab/srang Srang 10. Middle East - Duff Solo 11. Uzbekistan - Taqsim Cura/love Song 12. Turkey - Hay Zirk


GCC and the International Relations of the Gulf - 2826994306

132,80 zł

GCC and the International Relations of the Gulf I B TAURIS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), made up of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is one of the most resilient sub-regional organizations in the world, and the most successful in the Arab world. it has been the forum through which much security cooperation in this volatile sub-region has taken place, as well as the main representative for the UAE's territorial dispute with Iran over the Abu Musa and tunbs islands. the organization aims to enhance defence cooperation between its member states. it also has significant potential to foster economic integration and to present an alternative form of leverage over the international oil markets. Very little is known however about how the organization really works: how decisions are actually taken, as opposed to how this process is formally articulated in its charter, and what the GCC's real impact on member states, the gulf and international relations is. Drawing on cutting-edge ir theoretical perspectives as well as unique firsthand access to GCC decision-makers, Matteo Legrenzi explains the mechanisms of Gulf cooperation - and its limitations - in the context of economic globalization, diplomatic regionalization and the rise of Iran. Combining historical context, primary source investigations and theoretical analysis, this is a comprehensive guide to the GCC and an indispensable resource for anyone concerned with the Gulf and the Middle East.


Reset Middle East - 2827034069

55,52 zł

Reset Middle East I B TAURIS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Peace and democracy in the Middle East have been the aim of world leaders for generations, yet the US, UK or their closest allies in the region have been behind nearly every war in the Middle East in the last century. How did the West get everything so wrong? In this concise and readable book Stephen Kinzer takes the reader on a tour of modern Middle Eastern history, highlighting the errors, alliances and betrayals all acted out for what was shortsightedly seen as being in the interest of Western states. His insight and historical knowledge culminate in the startling conclusion that the US has allied with the wrong Middle Eastern states. Rather than Israel and Saudi Arabia, America's natural allies- according to Kinzer's controversial but closely reasoned analysis- should be Iran and Turkey.


Arab Uprising - 2827083168

58,40 zł

Arab Uprising Perseus Books Group

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Barely a year after the self-immolation of a young fruit seller in Tunisia, a vast wave of popular protest has convulsed the Middle East, overthrowing long-ruling dictators and transforming the region's politics almost beyond recognition. But the biggest transformations of what has been labeled as the "Arab Spring" are yet to come. An insider to both American policy and the world of the Arab public, Marc Lynch shows that the fall of particular leaders is but the least of the changes that will emerge from months of unrest. The far-ranging implications of the rise of an interconnected and newly-empowered Arab populace have only begun to be felt. Young, frustrated Arabs now know that protest can work and that change is possible. They have lost their fear-meanwhile their leaders, desperate to survive, have heard the unprecedented message that killing their own people will no longer keep them in power. Even so, as Lynch reminds us, the last wave of region-wide protest in the 1950s and 1960s resulted not in democracy, but in brutal autocracy. Will the Arab world's struggle for change succeed in building open societies? Will authoritarian regimes regain their grip, or will Islamist movements seize the initiative to impose a new kind of rule? The Arab Uprising follows these struggles from Tunisia and Egypt to the harsh battles of Yemen, Bahrain, Syria, and Libya and to the cautious reforms of the region's monarchies. It examines the real meaning of the rise of Islamist movements in the emerging democracies, and the longterm hopes of a generation of activists confronted with the limits of their power. It points toward a striking change in the hierarchy of influence, as the old heavyweights-Iran, Al Qaeda, even Israel-have been all but left out while oil-rich powers like Saudi Arabia and "swing states" like Turkey and Qatar find new opportunities to spread their influence. And it reveals how America must adjust to the new realities. Deeply informed by inside access to the Obama administration's decision-making process and first-hand interviews with protestors, politicians, diplomats, and journalists, The Arab Uprising highlights the new fault lines that are forming between forces of revolution and counter-revolution, and shows what it all means for the future of American policy. The result is an indispensible guide to the changing lay of the land in the Middle East and North Africa.


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