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Us-Iran Nuclear Deal: Power Dynamics for Iran and Saudi Arabia - 2865647668

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Us-Iran Nuclear Deal: Power Dynamics for Iran and Saudi Arabia



Saudi Arabia and Iran - 2854483334

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Saudi Arabia and Iran I B TAURIS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In the wake of the 1979 Iranian revolution, relations between states in the Middle East were reconfigured and reassessed overnight. Amongst the most-affected was the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The existence of a new regime in Tehran led to increasingly vitriolic confrontations between these two states, often manifesting themselves in the conflicts across the region, such as those in Lebanon and Iraq, and more recently in Bahrain and Syria. In order to shed light upon this rivalry, Simon Mabon examines the different identity groups within Saudi Arabia and Iran (made up of various religions, ethnicities and tribal groupings), proposing that internal insecurity has an enormous impact on the wider ideological and geopolitical competition between the two. With analysis of this heated and often uneasy relationship and its impact on the wider Middle East, this book is vital for those researching international relations and diplomacy in the region.


Iran and Saudi Arabia: Potential for Conflict or Uneasy Peace? - 2862250554

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Iran and Saudi Arabia: Potential for Conflict or Uneasy Peace? Books on Demand

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The relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been a tenuous one following the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The research question investigates what type of threat Iran poses to Saudi Arabia and how the Saudi's will respond. This threat is not limited to a military one; it includes those to the Saudi economy and political instability. Iran seeks regional dominance; standing in its way is Saudi Arabia. It has rebuilt its military, sponsored violent organizations, and threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz. These threaten not only the security of Saudi Arabia but its legitimacy in the Arab world. The relationship of these two nations will continue to impact the region and possibly the world economy.


Saudi Arabia And Iran - 2870953987

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Saudi Arabia And Iran

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government>Regional governmentKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>H...

The Mesmerizing Story Of Two Countries Caught In History Whose Rivalry Can Destroy The World Or Restore Its Peace, This Is The First Book To Untangle The Complex Relationship Of Saudi Arabia And Iran By Rejecting Heated Rhetoric And Looking At The Real Roots Of The Issue To Promise Pathways To Peace.


Iran And Saudi Arabia - 2870808213

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Iran And Saudi Arabia

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government


Saudi Arabia and Iran - 2869758310

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Saudi Arabia and Iran Springer Palgrave Macmillan

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

In a riveting narrative based on accounts of her interactions with Saudi and Iranian politicians and rich archival material, a leading scholar on the Middle East unravels the mysteries of a contentious relationship. This seasoned observer of political and diplomatic worlds shatters the myth of the inevitability of sectarian conflict and that the diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Iran is exhausted. Instead, Banafsheh Keynoush argues that it has yet to be explored, by recasting the partnership from a US-centered point of view to one based on how Saudi Arabia and Iran see their roles. Who is to blame and how to fix it is part of this penetrating historic account which captivates readers through accurate, non-sensational, and objective analysis. Keynoush recounts it all: the fears, misunderstandings, prejudices, and ambitions that have hobbled efforts to build a lasting partnership, creating a work that is important to both the expert and the layperson.§


Saudi Arabia and Iran: Friends or Foes? - 2868141293

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Saudi Arabia and Iran: Friends or Foes?



Is There a Human Rights Double Standard?: U.S. Policy Toward Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Uzbekistan - 2864319113

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Is There a Human Rights Double Standard?: U.S. Policy Toward Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Uzbekistan



Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy: Conflict and Cooperation - 2869671370

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Saudi Arabian Foreign Policy: Conflict and Cooperation I B TAURIS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

As the only oil producer with sufficient spare capacity to shape the world economy, Saudi Arabia is one of the most significant states in twenty-first century geopolitics. Despite the enormous potential for Saudi Arabia to play a more robust regional and international role, the Kingdom faces serious internal and external challenges in the form of political incapacity and competition with states such as Iran. In this examination of Saudi Arabias foreign policy, Gulf expert Neil Partrick, and other regional analysts, address the Kingdoms relations in the Middle East and wider Islamic world, and its engagement with both established and emergent global powers. In doing so, he analyses the factors, ranging from identity politics to Iranian acquisition of nuclear weapons that determine the Kingdoms foreign policy. As Saudi Arabia prepares for a generational shift brought about by an ageing leadership, the rapidly changing balance of power in the Middle East offers both great opportunity and great danger. For students of the Middle East and international relations, understanding Saudi Arabias foreign policy and its engagement with the region and the world is more important than ever.A very welcome addition to the literature on Saudi Arabia a much needed overview of Saudi foreign policy for scholars and policy makers, while also being accessible to the wider public. - Gabriele vom Bruck, Senior Lecturer in the Anthropology of the Middle East, SOAS, University of London.This volume is terrific as a reference and also a good read. Michele Dunne, Director and Senior Associate, Middle East Program, Carnegie Endowment for International PeaceA timely book to help us understand the history and motivation ofthe major Sunniregional power. This collection of articles covers the whole gamut of Saudi's main external relationshipsincluding the role play by Islam and oil in shaping its foreignpolicy. - Sir William Patey, UK Ambassador to Saudi Arabia 2007-10


Communications In Iran - 2871970041

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Communications In Iran

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Niemieckie>Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik>Technik

Iran S Telecommunications Industry Is Almost Entirely State-owned, Dominated By The Telecommunication Company Of Iran (TCI). Fixed-line Penetration In 2004 Was Relatively Well-developed By Regional Standards, Standing At 22 Lines Per 100 People, Higher Than Egypt With 14 And Saudi Arabia With 15, Although Behind The UAE With 27.In Terms Of Mobile Provision In 2004, However, Iran Lagged All The Countries Mentioned Above Iran Has A Population Of 70 Million With Some 56% Of Iranians Under The Age Of 25.In 2008, There Were More Than 52,000 Rural Offices, Providing Telecom Services To The Villages Across The Country. The Number Of Fixed Telephone Lines Is Above 24 Million, With Penetration Factor Of 33.66%. Besides, There Are 18 Million Private Internet Users In Iran (over 23 Million When Counting Public/internet Cafe Users),making The Country First In The Middle East, In Terms Of Number.


Asian company Introduction - 2869349018

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Asian company Introduction Books on Demand

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Source: Wikipedia. Pages: 62. Chapters: ARY Group, Minor International, Airports of Thailand, Wilmar International, Superbus, Kazakhmys, Mapna Locomotive Engineering and Manufacturing Company, Ayala Corporation, Objet Geometries, Raimon Land, Great Wheel Corporation, Al Farooj Fresh, Dnata Travel Services, UBIS, International Petroleum Investment Company, Telkomsel, MTN Irancell, Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing, Hadeed, Vela International Marine, M. M. Ispahani, Aldar Properties, MediaCorp Raintree Pictures, Panin Sekuritas, JG Summit Holdings, Vinamilk, Thai Tap Water Supply, Samba Financial Group, Viva Entertainment, Yeo Hiap Seng, BreadTalk, DTAC, Metropoline, Ayala Malls, SMRT Trains, Old Chang Kee, Golrang industrial group, Al-Futtaim Group, Modernform Group, Mey Eden, PTT Public Company Limited, Petro Rabigh, Pyxle, Himalayan Bank, Abu Dhabi United Group, Eng Wah Organization, Salam International Investment Limited, Mustafa Centre,, Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, Kapro, Techlogix, Sano, DMI Trust, Aspial Corporation, Zain Saudi Arabia, CPG Corporation, Sheng Siong, Ministry of Power and Energy, ANS Group of Companies, Christiani & Nielsen, Keppel Corporation, Shilav Group, Lintasarta, HEPCO, Secured Dimensions, PetroVietnam Finance Corporation, ALV Talent Circuit, Jashanmal, Saudi Investment Company, Dana Gas, Carabao Dang, Yupi, Kawasaki Motors Philippines, Petrolimex, Compulite, Veredus Laboratories, Vietnam Electricity, FPT Group, Ionics EMS, Singapore Pools, Saudi Payments Network, The Erawan Group, Bee Cheng Hiang, Saudi Oger, FINE Brand, Shaw Organisation, Khon Kaen Sugar, Hemas Holdings, Lindeteves-Jacoberg Limited, Shamil Bank of Bahrain, Barqi Tojik, Neptune Orient Lines, Petrolimex Gas, TM Asia Life, SingTel Mobile, Colombo Yogurt, Tianjin Port Development, Kiatnakin Bank, Vinatex, Petrobangla, Moore Yaski Sivan Architects, Taliya, Mobile Company of Iran, Homa Hotel Group, Beijing Hualian Group, Mapa, Vietnam Software Association, Straits Trading Company, Nateev Express, Natrindo, Mapletree Investments, Advanced Electronics Company Limited, ABR Holdings, Southern Seed, Bengawan Solo, GES International, VES Group, Al Muntazah, Dragon Group, Hyundai Corporation, SembCorp Logistics, Economic Zones World, Sharq al Jazeera, Dolphin Energy, Yansab, Iran International Exhibitions Company, Al Bilad Bank, Dubek, Majid Al Futtaim Group, Phu Phong Glass Joint Stock Company, PJICO, Tamimi Group, Manulife Philippines, Middle East Internet Exchange, TPI Polene, Hoa Cam Concrete, United Engineers and Constructors, SembCorp Marine, Nadec, Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited, Neviot, Perum Peruri, VinaCapital, Jardine Cycle & Carriage, Hai Au Paper, Indonesian Bureau of Logistics, Aramco Financial Services Company, Bangkok Land, NTUC Income, Miya Records, Saudi Advanced Industries, Nuqul Group, Bumi Resources, Fitaihi, Lippo Group, SingHealth, Hunca Cosmetics, PT. Krakatau Wajatama, Vinare, Hanoimilk, Orpak, ASM Chemical Industries, Thai Global Network, Abdulla Fouad Group of Companies, Jihad Construction, Amidar, ENOC, Green Dot Capital, Equinox Digital Music Distribution, Megatech, AXIOO International, National Healthcare Group, Sin Tien Seng, Yousser Company for Finance and Investment, Haw Par Corporation, Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation, Nepal Spot Exchange Limited, Thai Rubber Latex Corporation, R1 Club, Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Co. Pte. Ltd., Venture Corporation, Concepcion I...


Gulf Military Forces in an Era of Asymmetric Wars - 2862049115

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Gulf Military Forces in an Era of Asymmetric Wars Praeger Publishers Inc

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The significance of the Persian Gulf to international peace and security and to the global energy market cannot be overstated. Events such as the attacks of September 11 and the rise in energy demand and prices have only highlighted the importance of stability in the Gulf to the health of the global economy. This book demonstrates that the nature of military and political threats in the Gulf states (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Qatar, Yemen, and the UAE) has shifted during the past three years. Although the threat from Saddam Hussein's Iraq, which produced three recent, major conventional wars-Iran-Iraq (1980-88), Persian Gulf (1990), and Iraq (2003)-has largely disappeared, it has been replaced by concerns over the asymmetric warfare conducted by terrorist organizations and over the proliferation of WMDs by both states and terrorists. These developments are affecting the defense planning and strategic posture of each country, and this book analyzes developments in the force structures of the Gulf states and their ability to deal with this shift in the nature of the threat. The military and security forces of the Gulf states must evolve to adapt to the changing nature of the threat and take into account the risk of the Iraqi insurgency and the uncertainty surrounding IraQ's future. The key areas covered in this book include the internal terrorist threat to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states; the impact of Iran's nuclear program and the risk it poses to energy and internal security in the Gulf area; and border disputes within the region that could develop into conflict. In addition, the book studies the impact of the Iraq War on regional security and the fear of the insurgency spilling over into neighboring states. Cordesman and Al-Rodhan demonstrate a shift toward using internal security services to deal with the threat of extremism and asymmetric warfare. They also suggest that high energy prices and export revenues provide the Gulf countries the opportunity to upgrade their military forces and deal with their undercapitalization as a result of low oil prices in the 1990s. Moreover, they insist that the future of Iraq, the strategic and nuclear posture of Iran, and the terrorist threat will remain major risks and uncertainties in the short to medium run.


The Syrian Conflict And Its Grave Origins - 2870801436

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The Syrian Conflict And Its Grave Origins

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Society & social sciences>Politics & government>International relations

What Domestic Factors Created The Syrian Conflict? How Are The Syrian War And Regional Power Connected? What Are The Causes And Effects Of The Foreign-domestic Relationships In The Syrian Conflict? This Book Examines Political Relations Within The Syrian Conflict Through A Historical, Theoretical, And Economic Lens. Many Described The War As Sectarian By Nature; However, The Conflict Is Primarily A By-product Of Competitive Self-interest. Syrian Integrity Is Fragmented Due To The Incongruence Of A Dictatorial State And A Marginalized Populace. Instability Following The Syrian Uprising Allowed Foreign Intelligence Services, Militaries, And Jihadists To Influence Syrian Fighters. Indecision By The Greater International Community Enabled Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Hezbollah, And Turkey To Become Heavily Entrenched In The Conflict. The Chaos In Syria Is Spilling Into Neighboring Nations, While Also Becoming Another Front In The Battle For Regional Supremacy Between Saudi Arabia And Iran. Out Of Necessity, Syrian Rebels And Government Forces Are Temporarily Proxies Of Regional Powers. These Alliances Dually Threaten International Security And Syria's Future As A Unified Nation.


Syrian Conflagration - 2826746329

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Syrian Conflagration Helion & Company

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

The Syrian Civil War, (the colloquial name of the ongoing conflict in Syria), has experienced an entirely unexpected transformation during its first two years. It started as unrest within the Syrian population and a series of mass demonstrations within the context of wider protest movements in the Middle East and North Africa in 2011, known as the Arab Spring. Contrary to events in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen, where oppressive governments were toppled by the end of that year, the government of Syria deployed the full force of its military, its intelligence apparatus, and para-military groups, launching an unprecedented crackdown that resulted in the arrest, detention and killing of many thousands. Despite its brutality, this effort back-fired: it provoked mass desertions of the Syrian military and then an armed uprising. The emerging insurgency was generally successful through 2012, although failing to capture Damascus, it did secure more than half of Aleppo and Homs, the provincial capital of Raqqa, and nearly all of north-eastern and north-western Syria under its control. Although propped-up by economic and military support from the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation, the government of Syria was nearing the brink of collapse during the first half of 2013 when, prompted by Tehran, the Hezbollah - a Shi'a Islamic militant group (and political party) from Lebanon - entered the conflict on its side. Soon after, the Hezbollah was reinforced by significant contingents of Iranian-sponsored Shi'a from Iraq, Lebanon and elsewhere, and then by volunteers from Iran, including crack units of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Meanwhile, already split along the lines of Syria's complex demography, much of the insurgency transformed from a secular and non-sectarian movement into proxies of various foreign powers, foremost Saudi Arabia and Qatar, but also Turkey and Kuwait. Furthermore, foreign Jihadists motivated by al-Qaida joined the fray, aiming to establish an Islamist state and clandestinely cooperating with the government, they fell into the back of insurgency. Thus, an extremely complex conflict - which meanwhile not only spilled over the border into Lebanon, but is having a major impact upon Iranian-Saudi relations, and relations between the West, Iran and a number of Arab countries - came into being, the outcome of which is presently anything but predictable. Syrian Conflagration is the first instalment in the Middle East@War series. Drawing on extensive research, including first hand accounts it provides a compelling overview of the first three years of the ongoing conflict in Syria. The book features around 120 photos, 12-15 artworks and 3-4 maps. Middle East@War - following on from our highly-successful Africa@War series, Middle East@War replicates the same format - concise, incisive text, rare images and high quality colour artwork providing fresh accounts of both well-known and more esoteric aspects of conflict in this part of the world since 1945.


Social Media During The Egyptian Revolution - 2870798935

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Social Media During The Egyptian Revolution

Książki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economics, finance, business & management>Business & managementKsiążki Obcojęzyczne>Angielskie>Economic...

Text Sample: Chapter 3, The Context: Egypt And Its Media System: 3.1. Country Profile: Abdallah States That Egypt S Revolution Is, To A Significant Extent, The Outcome Of The Media S Relationship With Politics And Democracy . While It Remains To Be Proven Which Role Exactly The Media And Especially Social Media Played, This Claim At Least Underlines The Need To Take A Closer Look At The Country S Political Opportunity Structures And Socio-economic Development Before Entering Into The Empirical Part Of This Research. 3.1.1., Population And Socio-Economic Development: Geographically, Egypt Belongs To The Region Of The Middle East And North Africa (MENA) Which Spans From Morocco In The West To Iran In The East. The So-called Arab Republic Of Egypt Is Located Between Libya, Sudan, And Saudi Arabia, Jordan And The Gaza Strip. The Country Consists Of 29 Governorates And Is Divided Into Lower Egypt In The Northern Nile Valley And The Nile Delta Of Upper Egypt In The South. Over 40% Of Its Population Live In Urban Areas With 10 Million In The Capital Cairo. Notably, The Country S Population Has More Than Doubled In The Last 40 Years From 35 Million In 1970 To Approximately 81 Million In 2011. A Vast Majority, Namely 90% Of The Population, Are Muslim. There Is A Minority Of Around 8 Million People With Christian Belief. 9% Of The Total Population Belong To The Coptic Orthodox Church And 1% Belongs To Other Christian Groups. Copts Are One Of The Oldest And Largest Christian Communities In The Region. They Have Suffered From Religious Discrimination And Persecution For Centuries. Sectarian Violence Against Copts Increased Drastically In The Year Prior To The 2011 Revolution In Egypt. Regarding The Economic Development Of The Country, The World Bank Emphasizes: The Region S Economic Fortunes Over Much Of The Past Quarter Century Have Been Heavily Influenced By Two Factors The Price Of Oil And The Legacy Of Economic Policies And Structures That Had Emphasized A Leading Role For The State. Egypt S Oil Resources Are Scarce In Relation To Its Population And Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Country Produces 600,000 Barrels Per Day, But Exports Only 89,000. That Means, Most Of Its Petroleum As Well As Its Natural Gas Stays Within The Domestic Market. Due To The Large Population This Translates Only Into US$32 Per Person And Thus Represents A Significantly Low Figure When Compared To The Regional Average Of US$1,605 Per Person In The Middle East. Political Scientists Claim That The Probability Of Going Through Democratic Change Is Much Higher In Oil-poor States Such As Egypt And Tunisia Than In Oil-rich Countries. Following This Line Of Argument, It Is Crucial To Inquire About The General Status Of The National Economy, Particularly With Regard To The Distribution Of Wealth. To Start With, Egypt S Economy Is The Second In Size After Saudi Arabia, Depending Mainly On Agriculture, Tourism And Remittances From Egyptians Working Abroad. Compared To Other Countries In The Arab Region, Egypt Has A Highly Diversified And Developed Economy. After A Period Of Aggressive Economic Reforms Opening The Market To Foreign Investments Between 2004 And 2008, The Egyptian Economy Has, Especially Since The Global Financial Crisis, Experienced A Constant Decline. Due To Rising Budget Deficits And A Decline In Export Revenues And Income From The Suez Canal, The GDP Growth Fell To 4.6% In 2009. However, In 2011 Public Investments In Infrastructure And Exports Lifted The GDP Growth Rate Back Up To 5%. The UNFPA Describes Egypt As A Middle-income Country With A Gross National Income (GNI) Of US$2,070 In 2009. Nevertheless, Per Capita Income Remained Unequally Distributed. The Most Current Gini Index Available For 2005 Shows A Considerably High Inequality Of Income Distribution. The Lowest 10% Receive Only 3.9% Of All Household Income, Whereas The Highest 10% Consume Almost One Third Of It. Egypt S Human Development Index (HDI) Has Witnessed A


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