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Scam: Find Out All about Popular Online and Offline Scams and How to Avoid Them - 2851306603

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Scam: Find Out All about Popular Online and Offline Scams and How to Avoid Them



Scams and Scoundrels - 2846355551

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Scams and Scoundrels Elite Minds, Incorporated

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

There are plenty of books around that tell you how to buy and sell on eBay, but they send you off with a blissful child-like confidence that will only lead to heartache at best, you may even lose thousands of dollars or worse. What are you supposed to do if something goes wrong and you do not receive what you paid for or you sell to someone and the dishonest buyer files a false complaint, what if you received a worthless piece of junk instead of what you paid for? Unfortunately, most people accept the loss and move on because they do not know what options are available and most importantly, they did not know that almost all fraud on eBay could be avoided if they knew the simple warning signs. Don't be a victim! Almost all scammers, both professional and amateur, have certain elements in their auctions that can identify them as criminals before you even place a bid. There are almost 200 common scams on eBay and every one can be identified, IF you know what to look for. This entertaining and sometimes frightening book reveals how scammers work and how you can avoid them as both a buyer and seller on eBay. It relates personal stories about fraud and vindication. It also explains what you can do if you have been the victim of fraud plus what you can do to protect yourself should a purchase go bad. This book is for anyone who uses eBay. Even veteran buyers and sellers often don't know how to spot a fraudulent auction or recognize a buyer who will be trouble later. Your risk is much more than the $20 you might lose on a purchase as well. Professional criminals use eBay to gather victims for other scams. A $20 transaction could wind up costing you $20,000.00, zapped right out of your bank account before you realize it. Even intelligent members can find themselves victims of these polished and rehearsed scammers. Don't be intimidated by eBay. It can be safe, fun, and profitable, but only when you know how to use it safely. Read Scams and Scoundrels now to find out how to trade safely on eBay.


Vintage Microphone Handbook - 2826920971

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Vintage Microphone Handbook Music Pro Guides

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

With sales of microphones on internet auction sites yielding both bargains and rip-offs, this noted vintage microphone expert has assembled this amazing handbook to help you learn everything you need to know about buying, using, and maintaining your vintage microphone collection. You'll learn: What to look for when buying microphones, how to read through the hype of a sales pitch and pick the best models, get the best price, and avoid the scams online. The meaning of 'vintage' (what makes a microphone fit the description), a history of condenser microphones, some of the hits recorded with vintage mics, past and present. Discover the 'Big Five' all-time greatest vintage mics like Nuemann, Telefunken, and more and what makes them so special. Find out about reissues, clones, replicas, and how to choose a vintage mic model (rent, borrow, buy.) It offers information about the care and feeding of your new old mic and even find resources for service, parts, and restoration.


Pogue's Basics: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying the Technology in Your Life - 2844866714

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Pogue's Basics: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) for Simplifying the Technology in Your Life St Martin's Press

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Did you know that can you scroll a Web page just by tapping the space bar? How do you recover photos you've deleted by accident? What can you do if your cell phone's battery is dead by dinnertime each day? When it comes to technology, there's no driver's ed class or government-issued pamphlet covering the essentials. Somehow, you're just supposed to "know" how to use your phone, tablet, computer, camera, Web browser, e-mail, and social networks. Luckily, award-winning tech expert David Pogue comes to the rescue with "Pogue's Basics, "a book that will change your relationship with all of the technology in your life. With wit and authority, "Pogue's Basics" collects every essential technique for making your gadgets seem easier, faster, and less of a hassle. Crystal-clear illustrations accompany these 225 easy-to-follow tips.Tips include: Make the type bigger on your screen - Bring a wet phone back from the dead - The fastest way to charge an iPad - The 10 best apps to put on your phone - How to type symbols - Bypass annoyingly long voice mail instructions - Use map apps on your phone without an Internet connection - Sign a contract electronically - See what's in a file without opening it - The 12 best free services on the Web - Turn off automatic bullets, lists, and links in Word - Protect yourself from online scams and viruses - Set up an automatic backup system on your computer - What to do about junk e-mail - Send photos so that they don't bounce back - Print or email articles without ads - How to get money for your used electronics - Rename a bunch of files in one fell swoop - Make YouTube videos sharper - and much more.At last, you can lose that nagging, insecure feeling that you're not the master of your own gadgets. The tech tips in "Pogue's Basics "are all you need--the shortcuts to a happier technological life.


Telemarketing Fraud - 2836773155

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Telemarketing Fraud Forgotten Books

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Excerpt from Telemarketing Fraud: Putting Phone Scams on Hold; Hearing Before the Committee on Small Business, House of Representatives, One Hundred Third Congress, Second Session, Washington, DC, September 28, 1994 The committee met, pursuant to notice, at 10:20 a.m., in room 2359-A, Rayburn House Office Building, Hon. John J. LaFalce (chairman of the committee) presiding. Chairman LaFalce. The Small Business Committee will come to order. Our committee meets this morning to address telemarketing fraud, a problem of growing national importance both for American consumers and for the business community. At one time or another, most of us have been exposed to a sales pitch that was too good to be true, a sweepstakes in which we are proclaimed to have already won, or a free offer that we later learn contains more than a few catches and conditions. Perhaps because we are all familiar with these types of offers and deals, we assume that telemarketing fraud is an occasional annoyance, a minor event in the modem world of sales and marketing. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We are witnessing a new generation of telemarketing fraud, a landscape of high-tech boiler rooms and computerized phone lists of vulnerable victims. All told, these scam artists took in an estimated $10 billion from consumers in 1993. The total figure may be four times higher than that, as high as $40 billion, because so much of this fraud goes unreported. Welcome to a world where threats and harassment are common sales tactics, where profits are high but prizes are nonexistent. According to an award-winning series of articles that appeared last year in the Buffalo News, one telemarketing firm took in $40,000 per week and paid its workers as much as $250,000 per year. Another sweepstakes firm grossed $11 million per year, but gave away only one car as a prize during that time. In Iowa, a single senior citizen recently lost $167,000 to the telesharks. Today's hearing will focus on both the fraud against small business and on the effects of consumer telemarketing fraud on legitimate telemarketers and legitimate small businesses. In a few minutes, we will hear firsthand how these telemarketing sales pitches take place. It is no secret that the perpetrators of telemarketing fraud prey on the weakest and most vulnerable members of society. In matters of consumer fraud, this typically means senior citizens living on fixed incomes or a small savings account, many of whom are less able to withstand the high-pressure sales tactics of a teleshark. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.


THE HEIST Evanovich Janet, Goldberg Lee - 2847219493

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THE HEIST Evanovich Janet, Goldberg Lee Headline Reviev

KSIĄŻKI > obcojęzyczne > Literatura > kryminał, sensacja

FBI Special Agent Kate O'Hare is known for her fierce dedication and discipline on the job, chasing down the world's most wanted criminals and putting them behind bars. Her boss thinks she is tenacious and ambitious; her friends think she is tough, stubborn, and maybe even a bit obsessed. And while Kate has made quite a name for herself for the past five years, the only name she's cared about is Nicolas Fox - an international crook she wants in more ways than one. Audacious, handsome, and dangerously charming, Nicolas Fox is a natural con man, notorious for running elaborate scams on very high-profile people. At first he did it for the money. Now he does it for the thrill. He knows that the FBI has been hot on his trail - particularly Kate O'Hare, who has been watching his every move. For Nick, there's no greater rush than being pursued by a beautiful woman ...even one who aims to lock him up. But just when it seems that Nicolas Fox has been captured for good, he pulls off his greatest con of all: he convinces the FBI to offer him a job, working side by side with Special Agent Kate O'Hare. Problem is, teaming up to stop a corrupt investment banker who's hiding on a private island in Indonesia is going to test O'Hare's patience and Fox's skill. Not to mention the skills of their ragtag team made up of flamboyant actors, wanted wheelmen, and Kate's dad. High-speed chases, pirates, and Toblerone bars are all in a day's work ...if O'Hare and Fox don't kill each other first. Produkt poekspozycyjny lub końcówka magazynowa. Może posiadać nieznaczne uszkodzenia (np. metki cenowe, przybrudzenia, zarysowania, zagięcia).

Sklep: Składnica Księgarska

Homebuyers Beware - 2853395393

90,70 zł

Homebuyers Beware Financial Times Prentice Hall

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Everything you thought you knew about financing a house has changed. Your future depends on knowing today's mortgage and credit realities: Relying on older information could cost you a fortune or keep you from buying a house altogether. In Homebuyers Beware: Who's Ripping You Off Now? - What You Must Know About the New Rules of Mortgage and Credit, Carolyn Warren reveals the new realities of home financing and shows exactly how to take advantage of them, whether you're buying your first home, refinancing, struggling with imperfect credit, or planning to invest in real estate. Homebuyers Beware reveals new secrets homebuyers simply can't afford to miss and exposes new scams that target today's eager consumers--including new loans that look great on paper but are every bit as dangerous as yesterday's subprimes. Unlike other mortgage guides, this book fully reflects today's radically new mortgage requirements, in addition to the latest federal housing legislation and how to improve your credit rating. Warren covers topics from real estate negotiation, to powerful tips on getting lower interest rates, to avoiding bogus junk fees, and everything in between: * High-tech "smoke and mirrors" that can trick you into overpaying * Quick, easy, powerful ways to fix your credit * Uncovering the costly secrets of the Yield Spread Premium * The latest laws and credit rules and what they mean to you * New plans for recovering from bad credit, foreclosures, or short sales "Carolyn Warren is my go-to expert for mortgage industry information. She not only helps you avoid rip-offs, she helps you know what questions to ask and how to ask them. Full of tips, scripts, and sample letters, Homebuyers Beware is an extremely valuable book that I recommend to all my readers!" --Alison Rogers, "Ask the Agent" columnist, CBS "In this fun-to-read volume, mortgage industry insider Carolyn Warren tells you what real estate cheats and mortgage scammers do NOT want you to know: the tricks, the deceptions, and the outright frauds that would otherwise add thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars to your mortgage. Get it. Read it. And take it to the mortgage broker with you. You'll be glad you did!" --Clayton Makepeace, The Total Package, "In Homebuyers Beware, Carolyn Warren directs her keen eye at the mortgage and credit markets in the wake of the housing bubble. With an insider's knowledge, plenty of interesting anecdotes, and helpful reference information, Warren is a cheerful teacher leading readers down the path to homeownership and pointing out pitfalls along the way." --Ben Meyer,

Sklep: For Dummies - 2826640744

137,76 zł For Dummies Wiley

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Go from eBay beginner to eBay pro in no time! Whether you aim to browse, buy, sell, or open up your own eBay shop, this third edition of Britain's bestselling guide to eBay gets you up and running with everything you need to know. Fully updated and packed with new information on eBay apps, creating and running an eBay business, becoming a PowerSeller and much more, it covers every aspect of, from security issues and avoiding scams to making serious cash in your spare time or as a full-time eBay merchant. Get acquainted - from registering and setting up a homepage to organising eBay sales and communicating using the 'My eBay' page, you'll quickly feel right at home on eBay Bid and buy with confidence - discover how to search for and evaluate items, make bids and win auctions, or use the 'Buy It Now' option Sell like a pro - get the lowdown on how to choose and post items for sale, set prices and conduct auctions for maximum profits, as well as how to ship stuff and collect payments Keep the taxman happy - how to keep track of your earnings and comply with all the relevant tax rules and regulations, including the VAT Give your auctions pizzazz - get expert tips on how to spice up your auctions with pictures and graphics as well as links to other websites Stay safe and secure - learn everything you need to know about avoiding fraudsters, scammers and hackers and safeguarding your privacy and your identity. Open the book and find: how to register and buy and sell on eBay; advice on bidding and winning eBay auctions; expert tips on choosing items to sell and picking the ideal auction time; how to set up sale listings and monitor your transactions; tips for marketing your stuff on eBay. The lowdown on avoiding cons and protecting your privacy Guidance on setting up an eBay business account. How to open your own eBay shop learn to: make serious money selling your wares Bid, win and buy the easy way; build and expand your eBay business; stay safe on uk.


Shapely Ankle Preferr'd - 2844392608

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Shapely Ankle Preferr'd CHATTO & WINDUS

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

What do women look for in a man? And what do men look for in a woman? And how and why has this changed over the centuries? Every week thousands of people advertise for love either in newspapers, magazines or online. But if you think this is a modern phenomenon, think again - the ads have been running for over three hundred years. In 1695, a popular London pamphlet published the brave plea of a young gentleman who 'would willingly Match himself to some Good Young Gentlewoman, that has a Fortune of GBP3000 or thereabouts'. This was just the beginning. In the 1730s, papers carried regular ads in which income or respectability were the most desired qualities, though some asked for a 'shapely ankle' or a 'non-dancer'. By 1900 twenty-five British newspapers were dedicated solely to matrimonial ads. Shapely Ankle Preferr'd tells the story of ads of all kinds - from aristocrats and MPs, bus conductors and nurses, country squires and city swells, and even from a man who had lost a leg 'due to the kick of an Ostrich, in the East Indies'. The reasons are strangely familiar: the size of the city makes it hard to meet people; they're busy at work; they've just returned from abroad. Loneliness is not new. The surprising views of Lord Byron, Charlotte Bronte and George Orwell are revealed, and every ad is a snapshot of its age, from the criminal scams of the 1890s to the sad appeals of widows after the Second World War. In this fascinating book Fancesca Beauman uses newly uncovered evidence to answer crucial questions about how humans choose their mates. The result is a startling history of sex, marriage and society over three centuries - hilarious and heartbreaking by turn.


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