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Quick and Easy Korean Cooking CHRONICLE BOOKS

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Korean cooking is one of the best-kept culinary secrets, enjoyed by the adventuresome few who seek out barbeque houses and noodle joints famous for their deliciously complex and fresh flavors. Now, with Celia Hae-Jin Lee as your guide, Korean cooking becomes as simple to make at home as it is satisfying to eat. More than 70 recipes for favorites like spicy Kimchi and Barbeque Beef Ribs give busy home cooks wonderfully succulent meals that can be prepared in a mere 30 minutes. Using ingredients that are readily available and techniques already familiar to the average cook, these Korean specialties can easily be dinner any night of the week. Imagine sitting down to a sumptuous and fragrant dinner of Dumpling Soup with Rice Cakes after a long day of work. A hot summer afternoon just begs for a picnic basket filled with Chilled Cucumber Soup, delicate Chicken Skewers with Green Onions, and Seaweed Rice Rolls. Impress your friends with enticing Spicy Stewed Mussels accompanied with Red Bean Rice and Garlicky Sauteed Eggplant.


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