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Corolla Cosmo Rodewald Akanthina

Książki / Literatura obcojęzyczna

Cosmo Rodewald, who died in 2002, was Senior Lecturer in the History Department at Manchester University. This collection of essays is offered by former colleagues, pupils and admirers of Cosmo, as a 'garland to his memory'. Their writings range across the Greek and Roman worlds: "Xenophon the Rhetor" (Anthony Keen), "The Rein and the Spur", "Theopomus" and "Ephorus" (David Whitehead), "The Episode of Sphodrias as a source for Spartan Social History" (Stephen Hodkinson), "Plato's Anachronisms" (John Graham), "The Phokian Hierosylia at Delphi: Quantities and Consequences" (John Davies), "Q. Fabius Pictor: was he an annalist?" (Simon Northwood), "Polybius, Livy and the Disaster in the Macedonian House" (John Briscoe), "Sejanus: his fall" (Anthony Birley), "Observations on the inner faces of some auxiliary diplomas from the reign of Antoninus Pius" (Paul Holder), "Notes on Ammianus Marcellinus XVIII" (Robin Seager), "Arthur, Joshua and the Israelites: history and its purposes in early ninth-century Wales" (Nick Higham); and, biographical and tributary papers by Alastar Jackson, Nick Sekunda and Victor Sayer.


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